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505081505081B004W5REAIA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051336694400A lot more convenient than a communal dipping dishI frequently entertain guests who enjoy my cooking, Many of my guests have some to enjoy an dipping sauce for their bread, so I set the table with these.

While some restaurants that bring out a bread and a dipping sauce use a communal dish, I prefer to allow my guests to have more control over their sauce. Each guest gets one of these saucers, and I place the following on the table for their own mixing: a high quality olive oil, Alessi Dipping Spice Grinder, 0.76-Ounce (Pack of 6), Alessi Whole Mix Peppercorns, 1.12-Ounce Grinder (Pack of 6) and Alessi Grinder Sea Salt, 5.64-Ounce (Pack of 6). For those who love to mix in basalmic vinegar I have a special treat awaiting them on the table: Gia Russa Balsamic Glaze.

Another way I use these is when I am measuring out spices for some dishes. I will measure out each spice into one or more of these saucers and mix them before adding them to whichever dish I am preparing. This prevents accidentally over spicing the meal because you can always pour too much spice back into its container a lot easier than removing it from a boiling pot!

The saucers are heavy duty (I love their heft), easy to care for and convenient. I have always cleaned mine in a dishwasher with no adverse effects, so I am reasonably certain that they are dishwasher-safe.

I usually do not entertain more than three people for dinners, so this pack is more than adequate for me. If you are used to larger parties, by additional packs.
505082505082B000LKTASMASV0OW29CRSFAPub 17 "Pub 17"7751217894400The Pride of SangerMy wife is from Fresno and brought this into the marriage. The big country-style ak-mak is ten times better than the little crackers. Break off a chunk the size of a credit card, spread it with unsalted butter, and cover it with a vegetable-peeler shaving of romano cheese. Serve it to a room full of church ladies and they'll body-check each other into the boards to get the last piece.
At Amazon's price for the Country Style, it's way cheaper than Triscuits. And I'd much rather give the money to the Soojians than to Nabisco.
505083505083B000LKTASMA17GK9E70O7Y9RGrandma in Oregon5541173398400Only reduced a star because of no description.I wasn't sure what "Country Style" meant so I looked it up.

These are large sheets of flat bread that can be stored in the cupboard and used as needed. All it takes is a few seconds under the cold water tap on each side, five minutes in a zip-top plastic bag, and the bread is soft and ready to go.

Besides great taste, you'll get three grams of fiber -- three times as much as two thin slices of white bread -- in each third of a sheet. And thanks to the whole wheat, you'll also be getting the vitamins E and B-6, chromium, copper, and phytochemicals that are milled away when flour is refined. [...].

My only remaining question, is whether it can be used a cracker. I wasn't able to find that, so I will continue to buy just the "Plain".
505084505084B000LKTASMAINMH0NREF9GMJay R. Gordon1121223769600Not as good as the smaller boxesI like AK Mak crackers. I bought this size box because the AK MAK crackers I usually buy were not available on Amazon. I regret my haste.

These crackers are far bigger than the regular size crackers. This size difference compounds a problem that also exists in the smaller box size; i.e. the lack of a resealable package. All of the crackers are in one big package, but because the nature of how they are packaged, it is not easy to reseal them.

Buy the smaller package size.
505085505085B000SVAIJYA1W4917E82UYQ4queenloveshoes2251287446400TankandJd's momThis is the best dressing ever!! I can no longer find it in the grocery stores, so I went on line and has it. I ordered it in January of this year 2010. My oldest son was over a few weeks ago and I had made a salad, he used it felled in love, went to Wal-Mart could not find it, called me and I told him I have two bottles left and that he could have one of them. He was over here just the other day and said that his wife loves it, asked me if I had order any more. I promise you, you will not be displeased with this dressing. I just ordered a case and plan to share it with my son. This is the greatest of the greatest in sun dried tomato vinaigrette dressing. I just put it on my index finger and eat as is, I'm sure it's taste just as good on the other fingers, good on salads also. I hope NEVER discontinue this product, it would be a living shame and disgrace for The Kraft family,, and my family. Keep up the great work!!!!!
505086505086B000SVAIJYA3LUR71ZGZG46FMom to 23451212710400Good Seasons Sun Dried Tomato dressingThis is the best dressing. I don't know where I purchased it from because I can no longer find it locally & am looking online for it. It is awsome! Much better than the Kraft version (& the Kraft version is pretty good).
505087505087B005URF7VAA1PJN4DFMW9PBEGlobal Gal0051343347200Love it!I bought my first bag in Vegas! Love the taste! Great healthy snack!
Mrs. May's Roasted Seaweed Rice Stix box of 12(4oz)
505088505088B005URF7VAA21RZ4WLBI1HQOSANDRAKE0051336435200Mind, Body, Spirit...Bliss!This is a crunchy rice snack like no other! I found it in Ft.Lauderdale's airport coming home from our Honeymoon. I saved the package. I found it on amazon. one case for Me Please!! :) Mrs. Mays sweet&crunchy almond rice stix, roasted seaweed (nori). Oh YUMM!!!
505089505089B000LKTXIOA32FK5VU7EIWXKEveline E. Zwig "Eveline"5551258070400Great BreadI love this bread. First, I was concerned that it might arrive in million pieces but every package was in perfect condition and no slice of bread had crumbs. I am buying this bread since years and we eat a lot of it.
505090505090B000LKTXIOA1RK1BZWMGK5Q7Terry H "humdinger"5611314576000NOT Gluten Free!This came up in a "gluten-free bread" search. We ordered, but the label reveals this bread contains barley kernels. Gluten is contained within the kernel. So while it may be "wheat free" this bread is Not Gluten-Free!
Really cannot comment on taste, will have to return.
505091505091B000LKTXIOA1WGDI746TJ0NFKirsten Weinoldt "coracao brasileiro"2251311465600YummyI grew up in Denmark and was raised on whole grain bread which I then never found here. But this is just like what I grew up with. Great.
505092505092B000LKTXIOAFCKOPDSCERCYMML "--"2251309996800One of my favorite foods!I am addicted to this bread! Ever since I tasted it in Germany more than 4 years ago, I have been hooked and love the convenience and value of buying it on amazon. I have tried other varieties offered by Mestemacher, including Fitness Bread and Sunflower-Seed Bread but the Three-Grain is hands-down my favorite. I love how there are NO preservatives or chemicals added- just delicious and nutritious whole grains (which yeast and salt).
505093505093B000LKTXIOA3RYNPE2X3XHL1Wilhelmine Shuck2251289520000Finally!!!Finally we have access to some good German bread.
We live in rural Arkansas and do not have access to stores like Whole Foods nor to specialty bakeries, so our ability to secure this bread through Amazon is a godsend.
The bread arrived fresh, generally well sealed - a couple of the 36 loaves got mildew on them within a few days.
When considering a healthy diet, this is the best you can get, I think, in terms of bread.
Generally we make open-faced sandwiches. We also cut these sandwiches into small squares to serve on a platter to guests.
The bread contains no "undesirable" additives such as dough conditioners or preservatives.
505094505094B000LKTXIOA4SJK7JHCAUJSTom G. Gambill "Tom G"2251257120000Wonderful product!!!I was a bit hesitant ordering this because you have to buy so much at once. BUT, the bread is wonderful, and because my daughter is allergic to wheat it has been a great relief to her. It is most wonderful toasted, and freezes/recovers well.
A great product - high fiber, high nutrition, etc. Thanks!!!
505095505095B000LKTXIOA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"6841267747200N O T......B A D...............B U T........It is delightfully convenient to buy bread on! It is also very nice to be able to buy EUROPEAN bread. I don't remember what health-food book I read this in, but, in passing, this book mentioned that Americans, (especially American children), who visit Europe are often heard to joyfully be saying: "Have you tasted the BREAD?!!!!!"

MESTERNACHER THREE-GRAIN BREAD is my first European bread. It is tasty, (I was afraid I wouldn't like the taste) -- yet, my American taste still would like a sweeter bread. Still, not bad tasting at all. The truly wonderful thing about this bread, however, is that IT CONTAINS NO WHEAT! Wheat has its place in the diet, I suppose...but limiting it is important, because, amongst other things, wheat is said to be bad for people with arthritis of ANY kind, and wheat is also said to be bad for ANYONE'S eyes. I'm not too knowedgeable about wheat's good and bad qualties -- but I do know the above two facts. I also have heard bad things about wheat GLUTEN. Presumably, wheat products without the gluten are better than those with gluten. Mestermacher Three-Grain Bread, however, has NO WHEAT AT ALL. So, one does not have to worry about any bad effects of wheat, at all!

What does this bread have in it, if it doesn't have wheat? The ingredient list is:

Whole Kernel Rye
Wholemeal Rye Flour
Oat Kernels
Barley Kernels
Oat Fibre

It is mentioned underneath the ingredients list that this bread containes Sesame. Obviously, some people are allergic to sesame. And, perhaps, some of the other ingredients? Anyway, the ingredient list is above...and, of course, on each loaf wrapper.

Also listed are special attributes of this bread:

No preservatives
Kosher = K parev
High Fibre
Cholesterol Free
Natural Ingredients
Long Shelf Life
Wheat Free

The second-to-the-last attribute, "Long Shelf Life" is due to the fact that THIS BREAD IS PASTEURIZED. (But, as mentioned above, it still tastes pretty good, unlike many other pasteurized products....) The expiration date on the bread I have bought, is 12 - 12 - 2010 -- NINE MONTHS from the day I first opened the package, (YESTERDAY), and ate my first piece!

Opened loaves, (there are 12 in the package), must be refrigerated, and eaten within 4 days. But each loaf contains only 7 slices! This makes it easy to eat the entire (nice and thinly-sliced) loaf in the required 4 days. It' interesting that there are SEVEN pieces in each loaf. Usually, of course, it takes TWO pieces of any type of bread to make a sandwich.....

But this bread is NOT shaped square-ishly, like most American breads. No, as can clearly be seen from the photos here, it is RECTANGULARLY shaped. This would seem to make it easy to simply slice the bread in half, and make a small sandwhich from the two pieces. However, the texture of this bread will not allow this. Or, at least the texture of the bread I bought will not allow this. As I said, the bread I have has a shelf-life of NINE months (left?). I have no idea how long the bread's shelf-life is, when it first is baked. IF it is one year, than I am missing three months -- and the bread, though fresh(ish?) is very, (very) slightly brittle. As a single-slice, it breaks off neatly, but if I was to try to cut it in half, and make a sandwich, I'm sure many, many crumbs would result. Maybe this would happen even if the bread were at its freshest: the picture on the wrapper shows an OPEN-FACED sandwich "serving suggestion", using only one piece of bread....

Or perhaps, because of the ALL-natural ingredients, no "dough conditioners" or other ingredients to make the bread soft enough to "fold", as most American breads do. I wish a natural dough-conditioner, (or other ingredient), could be found, so that this fine, natural bread, would be as pliable as American breads are.

I guess this "unfoldability" is my main complaint about this bread, and why I give it only 4 stars. It is, however, quite good tasting, (minus the American-type sweetness I, personally, so enjoy), and it does make one feel good that one is NOT eating wheat, and is enjoying all-natural ingredients, and a high-fibre content, whilst eating this tasty bread!
505096505096B000LKTXIOA36SBCMO7RIJYLRainy1151318118400Mestemacher Three Grain BreadI love this product since I have used it before but it arrived with half the packages in crumbs and I am not happy.
505097505097B000LKTXIOAVF37Z7R023GVPetra Densborn1151309564800excellent german vollkorn brot for good pricei highly recommend this german whole grain bread. it is moist, chewy and tastes great cold or slightly toasted. the hardest part for a german living in the USA is to find good bread, because we are spoiled by the 100+ varieties in our home country. besides baking my own bread it is nice to have something ready to eat. i keep the 12 packages in our fridge and share them only with good friends who appreciate the taste of dark bread. the Mestemacher breads are the best deal on because you get 17.6 oz packages (500g)...that's a german lb of bread in each package. i recommend cheeses, sausages etc as toppings, or just plain good butter. personally i do not like sweet toppings like jelly, honey on this bread.
505098505098B000LKTXIOAGGMFB90XJ0GQMG1121250553600shippingLove this bread but maybe it's not something that should be shipped. I received the 12 packages and every pkg was mostly in crumbs. I was able to salvage a part of each slice. Also maybe it was too warm to be shipping.
505099505099B000LKTXIOA3W0UYDGX1A9OJkhatfield0051350604800Taste changeRemove the hot toasted bread and immediately rub garlic on both sides which generally takes one whole pealed large clove. We also place sheep or goat cheese on it in the toaster oven until the former is melted completely. This lead us to make mini-pizzas which we also enjoy since normal pizzas are wheat flour based. Don't forget Mestemacher also has this an ORGANIC three-grain bread which is about a third higher in price for those of you who try to keep to an organic foodsource regimen. This is a great way to enjoy both worlds at the same time. I can't tell any difference in taste between these two breads. Dr. Hatfield
505100505100B000LKTXIOA26GGDMNPTSDZOUsaa "fr1t2"0051330560000Great breadThis bread is just what the "Doctor Ordered".
I was looking for this type bread in the local stores and was not happy
with what I found.
So, I tried Amazon. Sure enough there it is, Good Price too.
505101505101B000LKTXIOA1VGV5SHSBYO1FHealing Hands "Buecherwurm"0051271203200very, very goodI just like bread that is natural, gives you something to chew and not bite off a piece sqeeze it between toung and gum and swollow it. The chewing process is so important to the whole digestive procedure. Besides that the bread also has NO preservatives and still stocks very well. My kind of bread, I LOVE IT SO DOES MY FAMILY.
505102505102B000LKTXIOA1ROGX5R8Y3YREHerman Stein0051268956800Good as alwaysI like this kind of bread and will order as long and as often as I can afford it. I came from Europe and am use to this kind of bread. Try it you may just like it too.
505103505103B000LKTXIOA1Z09P1J7NS7MIFr. Ed Jansen0051268352000This is not Wonder BreadWonder Bread this is not! Authentic German-style bread it is. (Exactly what we eat when we're in Germany and Austria). For me, it's nutty, flavorful and healthy. Sometimes I spread olive oil with freshly ground basil (pesto) on it with a little Parmesan cheese on top, then lightly toast it in the toaster oven. It doesn't get much better than this! (Maybe you have to acquire a taste for it, but I love it).
505104505104B000LKTXIOA39FCPRLJAEA78M. Crumpton "somegoodbooks"0051251072000AddictedI love this bread. Toasted with butter or just with some raspberry jam spread on it the tart rich flavor is an awesome treat that is actually good for you.
505105505105B000LKTXIOAOQ1EP8WZ5J49evaluna "lisa"1251246665600makes excellent toast, gluten freeLove this brand of bread. High in fiber, tastes great, makes the best toast. Like the wonderful breads you find in Europe
505106505106B000LKTXIOA1OR6LTOP3M0OEconnie1411324857600mestemacher 3 grain breadThis was the worst bread I have ever tasted in my life. I do not believe the German people actually eat this stuff. Since I was stuck with 12 loaves, I gave one to my brother, my sister, my nephew and a friend and they all hated it. Fortunately, my dogs like it so I am using it as dog treats. Of course they both have coprophagia, which might explain why they like it.
505107505107B000LKTXIOA1YTPPAOQFM5VZStrawberry Wireless1911268265600Worst Bread Ever!!!My husband bought this bread for us to try and save money. When it arrived, the package was really heavy. Too heavy even for 12 loafs of bread. When I opened it, There were 12 packs (7 slices and very thin) of the bread. Each one weighing almost a pound. I took a bite and had to spit it out. It was AWFUL. Dry and tasteless. I really wish we could return the product. I DON'T recommend this product at all!!! Save your money!
505108505108B005N0ZGM4AINS4MD29YX23David S. Worth1151332201600Barcelona's Mole - simply delicious!I'd give this sauce six stars if I could. Most bottled mole sauces are bland and predictable - not this one! Barcelona's is the real deal - all the heat and chocolate/cinnamon flavors of the best home made. A real winner!
505109505109B005N0ZGM4AUSUXT59FJ2LJCarolyn Tsuneta1251316736000Gourmet sauce, incredible convenience.Anyone who has prepared mole poblano from scratch knows that it is a very labor intensive process, involving lots of ingredients and many steps before achieving the final result. Barcelona's Mole Poblano eliminates the hard work and allows you to be a creative chef in an instant. Whether you want to impress guests at a dinner party or simply want to dress up some leftover chicken or turkey, this delicious sauce adds an authentic Mexican flavor to any meal. This recipe has been in the Riquelme family for generations and they take great pride in using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Barcelona's Mole Poblano is more complex than most commercially available mole poblano sauces and the flavors open up on the palate like a fine wine. Although it is recommended as a topping sauce, it also makes a spicy and unique fondue dipping sauce. And even though it is recommended for use with poultry, it is equally delectable on hearty winter vegetables like roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash. A simple bowl of brown rice becomes an exquisite snack with a drizzle of this sauce. If you are a fan of mole poblano, I cannot recommend Barcelona's Mole Poblano highly enough.
505110505110B005N0ZGM4A350ZDNP9PWX7SThomas Tsunami "BassmanT1"0151316736000So Delicious, So Easy!Bring home a plain roasted chicken, make some Spanish rice and a green salad and you have a Gourmet meal, literally in minutes! Heat the sauce up and just spoon some over the chicken and serve.I love mole,but I don't love making it from scratch.This is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a party. Delicious! I've had this sauce many times as well as the other flavors of Barcelona Sauces. Each one is phenomenal! Enjoy!

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