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505141505141B00063411AA3H3QV718EHRUXS. Bauman1151194048000excellentThis is great if you work long shifts and have a small dog. I have a 7 lb bolognese dog and the breeder litter box trains the dogs from the puppy stage on. We got her home and she just jumped in the litter box and went. She has used it now for a year with very little accidents. It's great and I only replace the litter every 7 - 10 days!
505142505142B00063411AA1YXUMRT3BBTI2Sue0051349827200Great dog litter...My dogs will not go out in the rain so they use the litter box. I tried using other less expensive litter, including cat litters, but my girls said "NO". This is a great dog litter and my girls love it. It costs much less on Amazon than at PetsMart.
505143505143B00063411AA10EE5GYYW94PEBeachLover0051341446400Life Saver for rainy days or anyone w/ an injuryIt took a while to train our miniature poodle to use litter because she was first trained on pads. But, she's now 100% litter trained and it's terrific. The trick was to put some litter in the box with a pad on top. Once she got used to that I cut the pads down until they were about 5" x 5". She tried to stand on them, but of course she ended up going in the litter. I still put a tiny piece of pad in the box as a sort of X marks the spot, but it's rarely soiled. The trick for me was to scoop the poop ASAP because she would not use the box again until it was cleaned. (The litter absorbs and deodorizes urine.) Yes, she's a prissy girl!

She also likes to crack the fresh litter like a nut and spit out the pieces. Fine with me, it's easy to pick up. Since my husband developed a hip problem, the litter has been a life saver since he can't walk her as much as she needs and we live on the second floor.

This product is perfect for any small dog, especially if trained on it from day one. I notice that some breeders advertise that their dogs are litter trained.
505144505144B00063411AA1WKZQUNXJCKNAsher0051336089600Give it a shotI normally don't write reviews because I'm busy, lazy, and short on time.

I tried this product in a desperate hope of finding a cleaner, no smell alternative to pee pads and the potty patch.

I have a 6 month old pomeranian puppy and love her dearly. When she first came at 2 months, I tried using the "Potty Patch" - the faux grass thing you can buy at Petco. My brother, who also has a pomeranian, loves the Potty Patch - one key difference - he lives in a house and I live in an apartment.

The Potty Patch gets pretty nasty after a few days, no matter how good you are at picking up poop without smearing it. It also smells after a month, no matter how much you clean it. Also, living in an apartment, I had no place to clean it outside, so my only options were my shower/bathtub or a sink. For germ-phobes like myself, these are not options at all (I'm not even that bad of a germ phobe). There is also the problem of finding a place to "hang" the faux grass so that it dries effectively but doesn't drip all over the floor. The whole process was not fun at all - carrying the bin to dump the pee, etc. etc.

I then tried pee pads, which are much cleaner because like diapers, after use, you throw it out. However, some cons are that unless your dog pees right in the middle of the pad, some pee seeps onto the floor - leaving you to have to clean constantly. My dog also refuses to use the pee pad "economically" - that is, if there is a clean spot on the pad which already has been used, she won't go - I have to put a new one down. This gets costly as my dog pees at least five times a day. There is also the smell issue - even though I bought the pricier pads.

So I tried Purina dog litter. I couldn't find any dog litter pans (checked internet as well) so I bought a carrier case and used the bottom part as the pan - the carrier case is good because the bottom part has sides and a low entry way for the dog - something cat litter boxes do not have. At first I only put a little of the litter in the box but my dog would slide all around in it. I put a lot more (about an inch) and she no longer slid all over (she is 4.2 pounds fyi). Once she peed a few times, it helped keep the pieces in place better, too - in part because the litter bits get a little bigger with liquid and they get less "shiny" - I think the shine comes from something in the litter bits that helps keep its shape or helps control odor.

There is no smell either - so I can leave it for a week and then change the pellets out. Because its in the pan, no pee on the ground. A couple of pellets do fall out occasionally when my dog exists the pan, but it's not a big deal. My dog is still not trained to go poop in it, so I don't have any first hand knowledge of how that works, but I imagine it shouldn't be a problem and I will get a scooper to scoop those sections out.

I think one of the cons is that the bag is kind of big (for an apartment) and dogs may take some time getting used to it (they may not be used to stepping onto a non-smooth surface). However, I am a fan and will continue to use it.
505145505145B005ASF2D2A2X1AXIZD3N10BAnna3351332979200Best choice for sweet potato chips!These are by far the best sweet potato chips. Check out the nutrition on these things....they have the best ingredients of all sweet potato chips, being mostly the sweet potato with a little oil and salt. Not too shabby. I LOVE these and so does my family, including my 2 year old. GREAT snack.
505146505146B0025UNUZKA29AC3MYFT1OV9NKR90051323734400Everytime, Fabulous RisottoRisotto can be time consuming and tricky - sometimes hard/sometimes mush. As a caterer, I found this product to be failsafe. I could not find it in my local grocery stores, I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. In just a few minutes you can actually make the best risotto ever. You can reheat leftovers and it is still fantastic. If you love risotto you really have to try this!
505147505147B000V0F00OA38MSW9026QJ6KDavid P. Mays4451269475200Popcorn best eaten watching a movieGood Health Half Naked Popcorn (HNP) has a soft flavor without the harshness of salt and butter. It does not make me thirsty like other commercial popcorn. Yet, it satisfies my desire for popcorn. Chips and dip taste great but adds pounds, HNP help keep the pounds off while the tummy gets full.

I like the price of a box and often order them two at a time. They store well and after 100 or so bags I have only found good popcorn.
505148505148B000V0F00OAI30FRNT33PHZMark Rocchio3311331337600No TasteI love popcorn. That said, I won't be eating the remaining 11 bags from this case. I found the Good Health Half Naked Popcorn to have no taste at all. I was quite disappointed since I'll eat almost any popcorn any time.
505149505149B000V0F00OA1M3T4SPPX1HWOS. Ferguson "StacyEF"3351293926400The only pre-popped popcorn I've likedI'm not a big fan of bags of popped popcorn but got this on sale at Whole Foods because the "hint of olive oil" appealed to me. This popcorn tastes unusually fresh for pre-popped popcorn. I can just barely taste the olive oil (which I like) and the salt level is great. There's just enough salt that I don't feel like it's "missing" but much less than any other packaged snack foods I've tried (aside from unsalted versions, which usually are too flavorless for me to enjoy.) I'll definitely start buying this regularly.
505150505150B000V0F00OABUV8FG5SQTXZKate B.2251239235200Tastes homemade!This popcorn tastes like old-fashioned, homemade popcorn. It's crisp and tender right out of the bag. As someone else mentioned, it isn't overly salty and it isn't greasy at all. You get a LOT of popcorn for one serving too!
505151505151B000V0F00OAWCL7W08OVKXAAdmin1151266278400Delicious and arrived quickly!This is my favorite popcorn- and a favorite for the kids at school- lightly salted and not oily.
505152505152B000V0F00OAOX75QIKCPUAVL. Alexander1151259625600Best Storebought Popcorn EVER!I really cannot say enough good things about this popcorn. It is absolutely perfect - fresh, not salty, not greasy, but very flavorful. It really closely duplicates home-popped popcorn. So good!
505153505153B000V0F00OA3G874SVX5VGGIS. Hardin "MaMaHardin"1151259539200LOVE THIS POPCORN!!I love this popcorn! I got hooked on it and then they stopped carrying it in my area. When I found out I could get it through Amazon, I bought myself a case of it for my birthday! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy snack with little sat. fat.
505154505154B000V0F00OA35ILQ2O0WU6F7manda1151231372800yummy!this popcorn has a very well balanced flavor. It has just enough salt to keep the flavor but it is not greasy like other popcorns. honestly it's good as a snack even if you aren't concerned with the calories. it's a plus that it's healthy!
505155505155B000V0F00OARY12IMZXD6TZM. Mark D. Wexler "primefitness"1141219708800crispy and tastyGood healthy lo-cal snack, if you can avoid eating the whole bag at once. Could use more taste, but is adequate for a quick convenient snack. Does not have an olive oil taste. Probably mentioned as a selling point as most are aware that it is a "good fat."
505156505156B000V0F00OA1R0WW3R3VUWMEReviewer10041345420800Light on the stomachGood stuff. It's very light on the stomach, making it hard to not go through the entire bag in one sitting. I like the fact that it's lightly seasoned with olive oil. A tad bit more might impart a little more taste, but that's a small matter for the overall quality of this product.
505157505157B000V0F00OA1KF00J49W2YSXjhix0051345334400Great for dieting snacking...I am on a diet and love this popcorn - It is great tasting, just perfect. Others who don't like plain popcorn don't like it tho -
505158505158B000V0F00OA3GS2R352A41KVSD0011341878400Bad Half Naked PopcornI have purchased this popcorn many times. But this must have been a bad batch.
It was dry and tasteless. I don't know whether the manufacturer changed the formula,
but I doubted if I will be purchasing it again.
Good Health Half Naked Popcorn with a Hint of Olive Oil, Gluten Free, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
505159505159B000V0F00OA2RSZLJO9XV0P1Tippy from NYC0051333497600Loved itI love popcorn but do not like buttered popcorn. Therefore, when I discovered the Good Health Half Naked Popcorn, I had to try it. I am not sorry - it is tasty, just the right amount of salt and guilt free - the only problem is knowing when to stop. Ordering it through Amazon is not only economical, but it is so convenient to have it delivered to your door step. I have recommended this to many people and suggest you give it a try - what is there to lose - one time and I hope you get hooked as I did.

505160505160B000V0F00OASKWQ299GKCIASam0051332374400SUPER STUFFHalf Naked popcorn is the best popcorn I have had out of a bag. It tastes so good you just want to keep eating. I cannot say enough good things about it. The only problem is the trouble finding it locally. The calorie count is wonderful too. It is good that it is not oversalted as most bagged snacks and crackers seem to be.
505161505161B000V0F00OA3KT5NNNKWTBGPArona K. Henderson "Arona"0051331596800could easily eat the whole bag of popcorn!My daughter introduced me to this low calorie popcorn snack. It is far better than most popcorn snacks because it is not greasy, it is not overly salted, and is delicious and all the kernels are perfectly popped. Love it!!!
505162505162B000V0F00OA5PC6KU9TQFRYGeorge Carte "Knik Wind"0041320710400If you can't eat the good stuff...This air poped corn is bland, but one of the better low fat, low salt popcorns I have tried. For people who have no diet restrictions for salt and fat, you will probably not like this product. But for us who must restrict such intake, give it a try.
505163505163B000V0F00OAXGD2GAGHJFE3Cassandra "reading teacher"0051320537600Healthy PopcornThis popcorn is a healthy snack for those of us that don't like plain popcorn. It has a hint of olive oil and a little bit of saltiness.
505164505164B000V0F00OA2LMKHUUZ1DCYURockin' Robin0041300752000Yummy!I first enjoyed this popcorn while on vacation in Vegas, but couldn't find it in any stores in Indiana....Amazon of course had access to it and my love of it was rekindled! Very, very tasty with less guilt.
505165505165B000V0F00OA3M6SZX3ZWNUSJBen0051292371200Great texture; nice, subtle flavorI got this popcorn in order to make caramel corn. Most, if not all, of the kernels are fully popped, which is a huge improvement over microwave and other home-popped corn. I am also really happy with the light and fluffy texture. The flavor is very subtle, which is perfect for making caramel corn or adding your own seasonings. At first I thought the popcorn had no flavor of its own; but the more of it I eat, the more I appreciate it plain.
505166505166B000V0F00OA1HXNTLMBA881WKaren Wachenheim0051218585600popcornI love this popcorn. It has such a good taste and it is low calories!
505167505167B000V0F00OA1J5M5DPBBLVDFarzo0221278460800Usually awesome-not this time.I have ordered this product quite a bit. It is usually very good. This time one of the shipments (12 bags of popcorn) must have been in an error on the line because the salt was 3 times the amount it usually is and I had to throw it out. I would have sent it back but I did not want to deal with the hassle of returning etc....
505168505168B0050IM27QA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051335398400Healthy and naturalThis is significantly healthier than processed sugars, and even artificial sweeteners (many of which are carcinogenic). I use either this or honey in cooking where regular sugar is called for, or in beverages such as tea.

The granular form in this packaging is chemically identical to the block form called panela that is popular in Central and South America (and called Jaggery in India and other Asian countries), such as Goya Panela Brown Sugar Cane 1 Lb - Redonda. The ley difference is the form - the panela is a block that must be grated or shaved to obtain a serving, while this form is conveniently ready to use as is.

If you consume processed sugars or artificial sweeteners, consider this (or panela) as healthier alternatives. I will not use any other type of sweetener except honey.
505169505169B004PE5HNWAD6NWL31HV6FQErica Froistad "Belshers Books"0051335398400Perfect for Dark Chocolate Lovers!I found this cocoa at Whole Foods and thought it was expensive, but I splurged and bought it. I had never heard of cocoa with pieces of dark chocolate in it. I like to make mine with whole milk or 2%. I do have to add sugar because it is too bitter for me without. Having to add sugar doesn't bother me much because I keep lots of different sugars in the pantry and I like being able to customize a little. Sometimes I use a dark muscavado sugar or coconut palm sugar. I do have to keep stirring my cocoa before I drink it because if not the dark chocolate bits drift to the bottom of my cup. Then I end up with chocolate sludge when I am done. Another reviewer mentioned heating the milk appropriately solves that problem. However I am not sure I want those tasty bits melted completely as I like the bursts of bitter chocolate they add to the my sweet cocoa.

I should say that my roommate also loves this cocoa and would rate it 5 stars too, but she is not the review writing type. She also like her coffee without sugar and prefers this cocoa without sugar too. She prefers to use fat free or 1% milk.

I later found it a couple bucks cheaper at Sprouts and even cheaper yet on Amazon if I am willing to buy 3. I can't help but wonder if regular cocoa powder and a little shaved dark chocolate might perform the same though. It would be loads cheaper too.
505170505170B004PE5HNWAM1BZ6HHT1SXDC. Noble0031332115200OkayThere's something that doesn't taste right. You have to add quite a bit of sugar to take the bitterness away. I found melting some dark chocolate bar into water or milk tastes better for hot chocolate.

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