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505171505171B004PE5HNWA2RLC77WIKDAW0A. Martinez "Cynic"0051310342400Wonderful Drinking ChocolateThis drinking chocolate makes one nice cup of hot chocolate, the taste is somewhat bittersweet but if you like dark chocolate then this is perfect. I make it with milk, and it seems that to get it perfect you must heat the milk adequately to melt all the chocolate pieces (after all it is the chocolate pieces that make this a drinking chocolate not your average cocoa). Compared to ghiradelli cocoas, this wins both in price and quality. Miles better than Swiss Miss.
505172505172B004PE5HNWA27L60JENYODDVHarvey Woodmeadow1231341100800Dagoba's nutritional label is fraudulentI have to agree with others that the flavor of this product is superior, especially their Xocolatl variety (with chili and cinnamon in the mix).

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has provided grossly misleading information on their web site and on the product packaging. Both claim that a tablespoon of the product weighs 5 grams. However, in truth a loose, level tablespoon of the product actually weighs about 10 grams.

The packaging lists the serving size as 4 tablespoons, and explicitly states the total number of servings per container as 17, while their web site lists a serving size as 3 tablespoons, which implies a total of at least 22 servings per 340g container.

In fact, the actual number of servings per container is half what the manufacturer claims. A 340g container of mix is sufficient for 8 cups of drink prepared according to the instructions on the packaging.

Far be it from me to tell someone else they shouldn't pay $1+ per serving of hot chocolate mix. If a person feels it's worth it, more power to them. But they should at least be aware that they are doing so, which they won't if they believe this product's packaging.

Caveat emptor!
505173505173B006J0WNHIAFM65NU0UXIGPAshton P. Johnson "Zepaw"1141329782400Good, not greatI love the original lemonade & Black Tea Rehab so I gave this a try. It has the same light and non-syrupy taste and texture which is great. The taste is lacking, just a bit too dull. It is a mildly sweet taste. I could easily detect the pineapple juice which was good. Worth picking up a gas station to try but it would not be the top drink I would recommend.
505174505174B006J0WNHIA1T1BT6B345Y6EGT2341335657600Good taste, less "fake sugar" taste than usualNormally I can't drink "diet" or "low-calorie" drinks because I can't stand the taste of the artificial sweeteners. And while it's not completely missing from this drink, the flavors in this drink do a great job of concealing it and I actually rather enjoy it (I still hate the taste of all other diet sodas).

Energy drinks replace coffee in my life, so I typically drink one a day, and this one allows me to do it without all the extra sugar. So huge thumbs up for cutting out unnecessary sugar.

And while it's becoming more and more common to find this type in stores, I'd still rather have a case of it around the house, even if the price could be a little better.
505175505175B006J0WNHIA10PP6U16C84OAsnipe2351331424000My favorite Monster flavorLove the green tea flavor. It's nice and light, not too sweet, and no energy drink aftertaste. I drink this stuff because I love the taste, since I drink too many of them for them to actually give me energy anymore. :P Love the lemonade+tea flavor as well, but it occasionally gives me heartburn.
505176505176B006J0WNHIA1RS1RS25YVS0UG. Holt Webb0041349395200wowI've been having trouble sleeping lately, and go in to work dragging, so I tried a Rehab to wake me up. I drank it around 5pm (I work evenings). I was buzzing like a bee until about 10pm when I began to crash. But it was a good crash. The kind that says, "Hey, it's time for bed". When I got home, I slept.

I tried it again the next day, and sure enough, same thing. I got to bed at a decent hour, slept through the night and woke up early.

I won't be drinking this every day (it just isn't good to shock your body like that all the time), but I will certainly keep it in my fridge for those slow days and sleepless nights.
505177505177B006J0WNHIATB2A9KA9K96WBancky0031335484800Great until price went up.Love this product. Had the subscribe and save option send me a case every month. Then the price went up almost %40. I had to cancel this. So sad.
505178505178B006J0WNHIASGOIJXLMK9XDKevin W Lape1251336176000These things are greatI like the red rehab also, but the yellow rehab is just ok. The green rehab is delicious, and very low sugar. I work night shift, and these are great.
505179505179B006J0WNHIAWPOWZJNQ2PHHBrian McGrath the Carny31111346371200my neighbor was sent back to rehabGreetings fellow amazonians I purchased these for a party I was having with for one of my neighbors. He had just got out of rehab so I felt monster was a good substitute for the beer and tequila that we normally had. Well the party was going great
505180505180B003P4XS2UAB2TKS3GEMOKOLee Welch0051347408000Tea for natural cleansingThis is a great product, but it is difficult to find in local stores. It is not carried by many merchants. This natural product does help with digestion.
505181505181B001FXQ9RYA2QSKQYEA493BYL. Downie4451309046400Wonderful gold food paintI don't have an airbrush, but I used it to paint on the fondant with a brush. It did a great job, will be buying other colours.(That's how we spell it where I come from)
505182505182B001FXQ9RYAKLT9KJIBWAIVBB21111343779200NOT metallicThere is nothing metallic about this color. It is gold in the fact that it is yellow, but that is it. There isn't any sheen or sparkle. I was bummed.
505183505183B001FXQ9RYA2EN37RUJTLFYLJanstar0021342396800not the sameI bought this product thinking it was a gold sheen as seen on the bottle being sold by amazon. It has no sheen to it at all it doesnt even say sheen,its just "gold"
505184505184B001FXQ9RYA3PJD1PGZXD5TFMissy0051324339200Lovely color, great to work withThe most important thing (to me at least) is that the color of this gold is great. It may look greenish in the bottle, but on icing or fondant it has a nice warm color, not too yellow, not brassy, just really nice.

I also like the different effects you can get through layering. One coat produces a pearly gold shimmer, sort of like an Art Noveau enameled brooch. 2 + coats will get you a bolder solid gold look. It's not going to come out like polished metal, but the effect is still VERY pretty and impressive.

I wouldn't recommend this paint for writing or drawing on icing or fondant (you have to stroke over it repeatedly to produce crisp lines), but it's GREAT for "highlighting" raised areas and adding a beautiful something extra.
505185505185B001FXQ9RYA14UUJMRQ6ULRVShaunnaMichelle0051323216000Just what I neededThe AmeriColor AmeriMist Edible Paint and Airbrush Color Gold Sheen worked great with my airbrush or you can just spray it on. Awesome color, just as in the photos.
505186505186B001FXQ9RYAYJ33PQ0H8A7PBrandi0011322784000Is this a joke? If I could give it a 0, I would.First of all, I am aware that this is made for the gun, however after reading the reviews I purchased it and let me say I have never been more dissapointed. In the picture the gold is brilliant, bold, and intense. When I got this product it was oily in appearance and looked like vinegar in color. I used a paintbrush as I read in a previous review. The color is a yellow, maybe a copper tone---nothing like gold. I used part of this for an anniversary cake--I had to drive to the arts and crafts store to purchase Wiltons Gold shimmer to attempt to cover this disaster. I thought $15 was pretty expensive in the first place, but after using the product I am sure it is not worth a single cent. I cannot believe how grotesque this color is. If I wanted a copper/yellow tone I would have just used edible dye---I sure would have saved the money for something else. I bake hundreds of cakes each year, and I am confident to say that this is the worst item I have ever used. Garbage. I have another bottle that should be arriving in the mail in a couple days for the silver color, I will be sending it right back and getting my money back for sure!
505187505187B001FXQ9RYA1K0TEFCRCKU9BChelas Cakes & Fruit Arrangements "Chela"0051322179200Blue Pearl Sheen, AmeriColorEverything AmeriColor that I have purchased works great! I was looking for some lighter tone colors, everything I had was pretty bright. These sheen colors are light with a pretty sheen, it's great! Thank you!
505188505188B001FXQ9RYAUHEZA8AYSXOEVera0051321920000Love itLoved it. I didnt have an airbrush so I just shook it real good and painted it on. Came out beautiful I had to do a couple coats though.
505189505189B001FXQ9RYAKGIHE73N0HJWjennifer0051301875200Love this product works amazing!!!I love this product, first it was supose to get here between the 5 and 20th which made me mad, but it actually got here on the 3rd. So that was awsome!!!! Also some people say that its to thin to paint with, not at all it paints amazing!! Looks great works great and came fast, in one word...........perfect
505190505190B001M1YWBYA16NN54ESNY77GMelissa C. Jurgensen1151315872000Best Decaf Ever!I can find this at a grocery store near my home but I am happy that Amazon now stocks it because it is somewhat inconvenient to run to the grocery store every week or so when I need a new can.

Anyway, this is the BEST decaf espresso coffee I've ever had. (Outside of Italy, of course.) It is much better than brands such as Lavazza because it has a very robust flavor. Very coffee-like and I have a hard time believing it is decaf. There aren't many decaf espressos out there to choose from.

It is a fine grind and it makes wonderful espresso and cappuccino in my DeLonghi EC155. I only buy/use/drink Italian coffee.

You won't be sorry you purchased this!
505191505191B001M1YWBYA39X0TSDWHCN4ULynn T.0051350259200DELALLO Decaf CoffeeI am so glad that Amazon carries DELALLO decaffeniated coffee, because our local grocery store quit caring the decaf one, only the regular. With everyone being so conscious about health and him being a heart patient, he needs the decaffeinated one. He loves it. THANK YOU!!!
505192505192B001M1YWBYAO1CJIEIX3GN5AnLe0021337817600A blended coffee?I prefer Arabica beans, no blends. The information on the can says this is a blend--which suggests it contains several different beans. Once brewed, there is a bit of sludgy taste to the coffee. I will no longer shop around; my first experience with home-brewed espresso was Lavazzo. The label clearly states it is Arabica coffee and there is a clean taste to the espresso.
505193505193B005F43ZPIA6H5LPM03JSYCT. Shepard "FIREMARSHALTIM"0051346457600AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!I have tried alot of different rubs but this one may the BEST ONE YET!! A GREAT FLAVOR, worked GREAT on beef and pork!!
505194505194B000XE6A84A22J92A80WI059curl girl1111216598400Sharp edgesNot the best for stuffing a Kong or other toy--the edges are sharp and not fun to handle. Plus, my dog doesn't really like them.
505195505195B000XE6A84A1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"1111214265600uh-ohwhen i first opened these i thought they did not smell good,after my dog ate a couple,she became ill.i will not buy them again.
505196505196B000XE6A84A3CFQUJ6FKGOGOJamie Crochet "J. Crochet"0021224374400Too BigI didn't have a problem with the smell or the edges of these treats. I had a problem with the size. I thought they were entirely too big to be considered training treats. You need to have a big dog to use these treats for training. I have a maltipoo and peekapoo and these treats take them at least a minute to eat. By the time they finish the treat they've forgotten what they were praised for.
505197505197B001D1YLCIA5XPVYRF6LNDSJ. Cagle "xClimber"0021347062400Not a Representative Sumatran CoffeeI purchased this thinking it might be a replacement for the FIrst Colony Sumatran which is currently unavailable. Pretty disappointing in the flavor department; it has a flavor mildly reminiscent of Folgers - not as bad as Folgers, but not representative of a good Sumantran.
505198505198B0054MO4XIA3C843L2634FC1Fuddz1151319241600Breakfast you want to get out of bed forSaid it in the title. Really love this mix, and it does make mornings more fun. It's quick, easy and tasty. I drank it frequently years ago, and then couldn't find the mix anymore. I used to get it all the time at Von's. I found another brand the other day, which wasn't nearly as good. 'Caused me to use the internet, and see if I couldn't find the "Real McCoy";)
505199505199B000LQJKDQA3PWSR9HSNIY7QC. Byrnes "Christine"2351216080000The BestI discovered this product while vacationing in Switzerland and have been addicted every since. Unfortunately, stores rarely sell Toblerone at all and when they do, it is only the milk or dark chocolates. The white has the smooth and creamy taste that is the best treat around. All too often it seems Amazon is out of the white along with other on line vendors so when I see it, I stock up. I recommend you do the same.
505200505200B000LQJKDQA23S2XQWIHADPTKogie870031326499200Great product but OVERPRICEDI was having trouble locating the white Toblerones at stores so I ordered this overpriced one, then a week later found it at Walmart...

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