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505261505261B002YZXVLOA363IZN7QH8CINPanda's Heart1141311811200Something for the rest of usRegular Altoids pack a bit too much punch for me to use them regularly. The Cool Honey flavor is delightfully refreshing without assaulting my taste buds. While I wish they had a bit more honey flavor, they are wonderfully unique and we enjoy them regularly. Indeed, we make sure each vehicle has a tin that is readily available. A bit hard to find in local establishments, ordering a case via Amazon proved to be a good deal.
505262505262B002YZXVLOANL4FGMVWPQ6KLeopard7260051345507200I love these!My dad had these sitting in his drawer for about a year or so and was about to throw them out. He asked my mom or I if we wanted them and my mom didn't but I thought I'd try them to see what it tasted like since I'd never heard of Cool Honey Altoids before. I LOVE THEM! I'm sucking on one right now and I love the peppermint in it but it's not too overpowering.
505263505263B002YZXVLOA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao0051330128000Altoids cool honeyI found these mints to seem more lemony than tasting like honey, but I like them even more because of that--that they taste unique compared to other mints. And they have that strong, cool aftertaste that's characteristic of Altoids.
505264505264B002YZXVLOA2SR3H36YAP978Keith Volk Lachance "Keith LaChance"0051329436800Nice ChangeNot bad, These have a little bitter taste to them. They are a good change from the norm though and will be picking them up here and there. I like mints :) little ocd thing going on here.
505265505265B002YZXVLOAENPASK3TQMF4Lyn0051322179200Love these mints!Altoid makes some great mints and I really like these a lot. They may not be as intense as the other flavors, but they are really good. My grandkids will eat these. They won't touch the ones that aren't 'yellow'. I was really disappointed when they quit selling them in the stores. Hope they come back again next spring!
505266505266B002YZXVLOA3DM5RBBE3K01ZDroppin 'doze billz0051318636800Favorite flavorI love altoids but I got bored of the regular mint flavors (original, wintergreen). Cool honey is my favorite of the crazy flavors (ginger, cinnamon, cool honey, etc.). This was a good price per package compared to buying individually at the store.
505267505267B002YZXVLOA3MCJ1Q5J3WIV9motheriowa0051315180800best candy everThese mints are great !!!! I am addicted to them big time. If I hadn't read the ingredients I would have to assume there was crack in them.
505268505268B002YZXVLOAWE5GUGIMH9Q0L. Looper0041313625600Not Too Strong, Not Too SweetI'd never tried this flavor before ordering them from Amazon, but I'm glad I did! The honey flavor isn't too sweet or overpoweing, with the cool flavor I've come to enjoy with peppermint.
505269505269B002YZXVLOAVHZ3ZFGXHX7Baputerlady "aputerlady"3551275264000not too sweet not too powerful - just rightThese combine the power of altoids with the buffer of honey. Fresh tasting without being sweet.
505270505270B002YZXVLOA1XX4535B40B0Aheather. "heather."1251314921600Super tasty.These mints are so good. They have a very slight honey flavor, and they are less potent in mint flavor than your usual Altoids. Super tasty.
505271505271B002YZXVLOASOOYVBM0UTF1Mark Heffernan "Mark Heffernan"0141331769600Great product if you like the tasteIf you love the cool honey then this is the cheapest route to get them - I had tried them before and thought I loved them, but was wrong. They are a bit too "medicinal" for me.

Love me the ginger ones though.
505272505272B007NOJ58EA3NABEOMI286JCMrs. Morales0031346198400recommended by the dentistNot a good a Sweet-n-low candy but is much better for your teeth. Orange and yellow flavors are the best tasting
505273505273B007NOJ58EA1MZQEH2WQN1CUSusan Turley0011345766400DO NOT BUY THESE CANDIESI purchased these on July 14, 2012. They are awful. They do not do what they are supposed to, they have no flavor and they don't last long. At the time I purchased them they were $11.99 plus shipping. Buyer beware because if you don't like them you cannot return them, so I am stuck with this bag of candy and they are not even worth handing them out to people in my church or anyone else!!!!
505274505274B000AF0A78A10FT0YE5WTAKGCathyB232351302739200By the end of 1 cup my bloated belly was half its size!I have been suffering from a bloated stomach--looking like I was ready to deliver any minute--for going on 2 yr. I have had MRIs and blow-in-the bag tests and gastric emptying tests and upper GIs and on and on and none showed a reason for the bloating. Even had my gallbladder out since everyone (me too) thought that was the fix, but the bloating remains long after the gall bladder is gone. So here I was bloated like a pig with pressure and pain and general misery, searching for yet another solution. Doctor had none. I ordered the fennel tea thinking yeah, sure, but what the heck--a total skeptic. It arrived this morning. By the time I finished the first cup at least 70% of the bloating was gone, taking the pressure and pain with it. A couple of hours later I am practically "normal." So I am a believer (although I need to see if it continues to work) I am not good at putting things in my mouth that taste "funny" but this is not a bad taste at all (as in I didn't have to gag it down). I am going to be excited to see if this really continues to work. Right now I am thinking it is magical. Oh as an extra bonus--their customer support person was terrific, competent, kind, and American.
505275505275B000AF0A78A2Z84ME11UTVHWL. Long "Lisa K"212151163030400Fennel TeaI love this tea. It is mildly sweet. It certainly calmed my system down. I have IBS-D for 20 years. It isn't a cure and won't stop a bad attack but it relaxes the spasms and is calming. They only con that I have is that you have to let it steep for 10 minutes or more to get a good strong cup.
505276505276B000AF0A78A1YIWCDQZI1FIPLevon Shahbaghyan "lyoff"131551155600000Great for colicy babyThis natural cure was hard to find, but ultimately helped us resolve a lot of gas issues our 1 month old son had.
505277505277B000AF0A78A3T5FTKZ9UA12IJ. Rolston91051167868800great teait tastes like licorice! very good tea. doesn't really do all that much for my stomach thoough.
505278505278B000AF0A78A2CTJY3BTQXF06JL5551307404800Excellent Product...Love ItFortunately, I do not suffer from IBS (my sympathies to those who do); however, minor health issues and a diet that includes sugar-free products and a lot of fruits and veggies often lead to uncomfortable bloating and an upset tummy. Further, I've been trying to lose weight and haven't had much luck with a few stubborn, remaining pounds. So, when I stumbled across a website that heralded "Heather's Tummy Tea Fennel" as beneficial for bloating, it tweaked my interest. After further research revealed fennel's usefulness for tummy pain and, possibly, weight loss I decided to give this product a try.

So far, I love this tea. It works like a charm on stomach problems and my tummy has felt much better while on my current diet. Although I've only used this tea for two or three days, I've already noticed slightly less tummy bloating and the scale was down a couple of pounds this morning. So, for my money, this product has been doing exactly what users claim it does.

In fact, it also yielded a very unexpected benefit in my case. I've suffered with chronic muscle pain for 8+ years following an on-the-job injury. I've been having an especially bad flareup with my shoulder for the last several days. The usual treatments--heat, massage, painkillers, stretches, etc--have not been helping so I've been in agony. Then, yesterday, I drank a cup of this tea for my tummy and promptly forgot about it on my way out the door to do errands. About an hour later, I suddenly realized that my shoulder and neck weren't hurting anymore. Since I hadn't done anything else to help the pain that day and had not taken any pain medication, I can only assume the fennel must have helped relax the spasm in my shoulder and neck. Whatever it did, I was most grateful.

Anyway, even if Heather's fennel tummy tea didn't do anything at all to help my various pains and discomforts, I would still love it because it tastes fantastic. I steep it for 10 minutes--as the package directs--and then add Splenda sweetener and a bit of is sooo tasty and is a real treat for someone who can't eat sugary goodies. I also love that it's all natural and uses whole seeds. When the majority of products these days are overly-processed and/or have sugar and other crap added, it's really nice to find something that has been left the way Mother Nature intended. I very, very highly recommend.
505279505279B000AF0A78A23XF7KT6AKIC6ethereal girl7821257638400Not that greatI don't like the taste of this tea, and it wasn't as helpful for digestive symptoms as I would have hoped. Trader Joe's makes a cheaper (but still very high quality) organic tea with fennel that tastes better.
505280505280B000AF0A78A2OLNROT1FKPOCVery pleased4451315699200Like a miracle!I had gone through a very stressful year, with a divorce, a move, and also the death of my father. I had lost about 20 lbs, which for me, was a lot, because I was pretty thin to begin with. I was then diagnosed with anemia. To try to boost my iron level, I totally modified my eating regime, to include red meat and wheat. Not sure if this was the cause, but not only did I get back to a normal weight, I was EXTREMELY bloated. At first I thought it was just weight gain, but it was all in my lower abdomen and no where else on my body. I looked pregnant. I walk several miles a day, so I really didn't think I had just gained weight. Even though I don't have full blown IBS , I have been known to have digestive issues, so I thought I would give this a try. Not only did the bloat completely go away in about 2 days, I feel less hungry and just overall better. I drink a cup before each meal. Don't experience any side effects. I am so thankful I found this!!
505281505281B000AF0A78A2O4POX13LFTWGWendy Heilman4451259539200Great Stuff!I just love this stuff!!! This is my second purchase of it and I drink it like there is no tomorrow. Although I don't suffer from IBS, I fly alot and tend to bloat and this helps to regulate me! I would definately recommend it to anyone who has tummy problems!
505282505282B000AF0A78A1QYB7F590SZUXMichael Carey "KYAus"4451204329600High quality fennel teaI agree with "splendidcakes" - this is a much better tea than seelect. I would recommend this product, especially those who are drinking this for controlling their IBS
505283505283B000AF0A78A3MHXIY8KFE6HYAngie3351326240000I.B.S. Tummy TeaBuy this product! As a person who has suffered from I.B.S. since 1997, I can speak from experience in using this tea! It has settled my stomach, gut area, and colon a great deal! I've wanted to do a review for a while now, in order to help others who might be hesitant to try items that are designed to help I.B.S. symptoms. This is my fourth purchase of this tea, and I will plan to buy more when I get low!
505284505284B000AF0A78A2IKB2CPQ340O0drosophila2251317427200i love this teaI have been suffering from IBS for a while now and this tea is the only thing that works for me when I am having cramps. I think IBS is a very personal problem and non of us have the same issues and solutions as the next person. For me fennel in general has been a great relief and I like Heather's tea bags because they taste good, they smell good and there are enough seeds in each tea bag to prepare tea in a big mug. I also tried their soluble fiber and that was a great product as well. Overall I recommend Heather's products and especially this tea if you are on the d-IBS side and need relief from cramps associated with it.
505285505285B000AF0A78A1KY15Q238DSLIMom to 42241306800000Nice compliment to healthy digestion!Although I am not an IBS sufferer I am gluten intolerant and have had many digestive issues. This tea really helps! I actually enjoy the taste and usually make a second cup with the same teabag right after I finish the first cup.
505286505286B000AF0A78A1MNILAY3860SCS. Ronnberg2251305590400Very fresh. Quality tea.Fennel has so many health benefits, but the main reason I purchased it was the help with congestion and loosing phlegm that I started having problems with after quitting smoking. These symptoms are getting better as my lungs are healing, but this along with drinking Nettle tea are a big help. I have noticed it really helps me with water retension and bloating also. I havent tried any other brand of Fennel tea but as an avid tea drinker of all sorts, I can say this is of very good quality and I will purchase it again.
505287505287B000AF0A78A3AOQXR2IXDAKATBL4551212796800Infant and GasInfant and baby had a lot of gas. I breastfeed and this seemed to help....
505288505288B000AF0A78A2SE3DOCP1ZBOOsplendidcakes "splendidcakes"4551195948800Excellent producctThis product is stronger to aid with IBS, please disregard the reviewer who unfairly gave 1 star.
505289505289B000AF0A78A32G6EWM9QD2LLMiddyBlue1121344297600I didn't like itI really didn't like the taste of this tea. I am not sure it did anything for my stomach troubles either. I had read the reviews with folks saying the taste was off putting, but I was desperate for relief. So I tried it and lesson learned. I should really pay attention to other reviewers!
505290505290B000AF0A78A1009L47IQR00QAlexia1151340323200Great product, a life saver for people with IBSIf you have digestive problems and have tried anything modern medicine can make for you this is your life saver!! I have IBS and I am gluten intollerant as well. After seeing doctors and took all kind of prescriptions (which it helped a bit) I decided to go the old fashion way and try fennel tea. This is the good stuff!! the package came quickly, the tea is real seeds very fresh and organic. I can finally have a peacful meal without dreading the consequences. My tummy is calm and my digestive system is back on track. Its like pouring water on fire :-) For best result follow the instruction.
I looked every local food store and could not find a decent organic fennel tea . I was also impressed by the quantity you get for the price.
Thank you Amazon !

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