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505360505360B001PMDYXWA3OT1RIV0CRKDQCheryl DC "Cheryl DC"414721269561600Excellent product... until Amazon ships it!I want to start by saying that if I was reviewing the food alone, it would get 5 stars easily. It's a quality product and my picky eater cat (as in, he would literally rather go hungry for days on end than be coaxed into eating something he doesn't like) loves it.

Having said that, I won't buy this (or any other canned product for that matter) from anymore, unless they were to significantly change their packaging method. Normally I only review a product all on its own because other factors are incidental, but this time it seemed fitting to comment on shipping too because it drastically affected the overall quality of the product and is an unavoidable part of getting it to any customer.

The product arrives in a small cardboard flat with 2 layers of 12 cans each, then the whole thing is shrink-wrapped in plastic. Then they put it in a shipping box and put 3 air pillows on top. Exactly 1/2 of the cans arrived dented (the entire bottom tier of the flat), many of them so badly that it looked like they had been run over by a car. customer service is great and responsive - they shipped the replacement out with complimentary next-day shipping... and it arrived in exactly the same condition. In the end, I got everything I paid for, but 1. do I want to go through this every time I order it? No. And 2. it's hugely wasteful because of course the dented cans are unusable because the seal could be compromised, offering the perfect breeding ground for botulism.

I can fairly say that this is typcial for canned products in general from Amazon, too. I've gotten black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, tomato sauce, and tomato paste from them, and there wasn't one order among them that didn't have the same problem. Again, customer service was great and sent quick replacements (again with a high damage rate), but it's not worth the hassle and waste. If it ever occurs to them to pad the entire order and not just the top of it, I'll return to using them because the free shipping and convenience of subscription auto-order (and subsequent additional savings) really are nice.
505361505361B001PMDYXWA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"101051254873600Happy whiskers and two paws way up!*Note to,

Pretty please put this Liver on Subscribe and Save! You have the beef & liver and the beef available for S&S but not the Liver yet. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now on to my review...

My cat has been slowly switching to Newman's own beef products over from Wellness brand cat food (which is a great brand and will still be reserved for treats occasionally). I was ecstatic that there was a totally NO grain-and-NO fillers ORGANIC cat food I could feed my 9 year old cat who is prone to crystal formation in his bladder and also plaque build up on his teeth (even though I brush his outer teeth every evening).

So far I've tried the beef & Liver and the Liver and he LOVES it. I just ordered the beef today for him which I'm sure he'll love too.

This product *IS* very thick and concentrated (the beef liver alone has the consistency of a concentrated pate' and the beef & liver has the consistency of a gelatinous, thick beefy oatmeal), so I scoop it into his bowl and blend a bit of hot water to the product to warm the fats and make more of a 'gravy' for him (he also prefers to eat his food a bit warm anyhow). He barely wants to nibble at his Wellness brand cat food now (which I've had him on for over four years, so I guess that means he's one 'sold' cat. It might be unusual for a cat to love beef so much but my cat goes crazy for beef (especially if I make him steak when I can afford to). So, for me to find him a organic, no grain, beef based line of cat food made his day (and one of his nine lives no doubt)!

Anyway, if you know your cat already loves beef and beef liver then he/she will probably be just peachy keen with this product.

Here is the ingredients list for Newman's own canned beef cat products:


Organic Beef, Organic Beef Broth, Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Carbonate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Iodate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Taurine, Vitamins (Vitamin A, E, E, D3, B12 and K Supplements, Choline, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Biotin).


Crude Protein..................12.0% (min)
Crude Fat.........................4.5% (min)
Crude Fiber......................1.0% (max)
Moisture.........................82.0% (max)
Ash.................................1.0% (max)
Magnesium.....................0.02% (max)
Taurine..........................0.07% (min)


As fed (Kcal/3oz can)...........156


Organic Beef Liver, Organic Liver Broth, Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Carbonate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Iodate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Taurine, Vitamins (Vitamin A, E, E, D3, B12 and K Supplements, Choline, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Biotin).


Crude Protein..................11.0% (min)
Crude Fat.........................2.5% (min)
Crude Fiber......................1.0% (max)
Moisture.........................83.0% (max)
Ash.................................1.5% (max)
Magnesium.....................0.02% (max)
Taurine..........................0.07% (min)


As fed (Kcal/12oz can)...........129

Beef & Liver:

Organic Beef, Organic Beef Liver, Organic Beef Broth, Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Carbonate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Iodate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Taurine, Vitamins (Vitamin A, E, E, D3, B12 and K Supplements, Choline, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Biotin).


Crude Protein..................10.0% (min)
Crude Fat.........................3.0% (min)
Crude Fiber......................1.0% (max)
Moisture.........................82.0% (max)
Ash.................................1.0% (max)
Magnesium.....................0.02% (max)
Taurine..........................0.07% (min)


As fed (Kcal/12oz can)...........140

Here's to Kitty's health!
505362505362B001PMDYXWA360EFJOE4L7IZPersistent "Patricia"8851211846400Fine Food for Diverse CatsI have two special needs cats. One is very small and could stand to gain weight. The other is too large and needs to loose weight.

The smaller cat likes this food. The overweight cat does not over eat on the food, which is a plus for us.

We tried Wellness, C&P Organix, Innova Evo (they loved the dry food), Pet Promise, the Whole Foods brand and a few others. Our cats did not like those brands of food. Some they wouldn't even eat.

They prefer the chicken and salmon brand to the other Newman's Own canned cat food flavors.

* Organic
* Peace of mind for the cat owner
* Liked by cats with 'special needs'
* Preferred over other brands by two very different cats
* When I open some canned cat foods, the smell nauseates me. The smell of this brand doesn't have the same effect.

* None that I can think of

Bottom line: This is a good organic canned cat food. Cats differ in their food preferences. It's a good idea to give this one a try. By the way, for a while, one or more of the flavors were only available in the smaller cans. If that is still the case, you may want to try those flavors as well.
505363505363B001PMDYXWAHW33LYPMQ8DBScarlett7751247529600"Best Canned Cat Food", says cat. :)This is the only food my cat will eat. She is very picky. Since eating this better, organic food exclusively, she has had much better health. (She is quite an old cat.) For some reason the "Turkey Formula" flavor is her favorite. If I try out a different food, she runs up and down the hallway yelling, until I give her "Newman's Own" canned (turkey flavor) food again. (I never try out new foods with her anymore.) :) Must be good stuff! BTW: I also add in fresh organic greens and green powders for her too. She loves it!
505364505364B001PMDYXWA2VI53GHHGRBK2J. Kwan7751242950400Newman makes nutritious pet foodIt is sad to see people rating on a pet food product based on whether or not their pet likes the taste, but not based on the ingredient of the good. When their cat doesn't eat, they give one star. When their cat loves to eat, regardless of the nutrition of the food, they give 5 stars. It is unfair to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this seems like the trend of pet food rating.

Newman always make good healthy and nutritious pet food. They contains no corn gluten, animal by-products, etc that will be harmful to cats. Yes, they are pricey because they are organic. Once a while Amazon runs a promotion on Newman's Organic cat food, and it will be the good timing to stock them up.
505365505365B001PMDYXWA2NQQ1CDUJOFBLPamela Rasmussen5551243382400Wonderful!!My 15 year-old cat was on a special diet for digestive problems and she also has diabetes. When she stopped eating her usual special-formula food, I tried about 10 different kinds of catfood, and this was the only one she liked. It is easy on her digestion and doesn't interfere with her diabetes. Thank you, Newman's Own!!
505366505366B001PMDYXWA236TTA6PZ9WOSSam E. Grosz5551238371200Cats approved!Two increasingly finicky cats approved my leap-of-faith purchase of Newman's Own Organics Chicken & Brown Rice Formula by cleaning up their bowls.
505367505367B001PMDYXWA3RU3PJ3NUCN2JMurky's Mom4451213401600It took a couple tries, butMy indoor cats were initially wary - but the third time I served it, they ate it with relish - and have ever since. The outdoor cats [all volunteers, now neutered] took to it right away.
505368505368B001PMDYXWA14RZUPW44KCPFfelisfanaticus ""The smallest feline is a...3351317945600Happy Cat House!ALL my cats like this food...and I normally can't say that! No menadione bisulfite complex (also known as synthetic Vitamin K) in this formula either.
505369505369B001PMDYXWAF42HX1CY5TTAE. McGinnis3351311724800My cat's favoriteMy cat is prone to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, and needed a good quality canned cat food to prevent blockages. Newman's was the first I tried, and he loves all of the flavors except the Beef and Beef and Liver.

I recently tried to switch him to Wellness, which is grain-free, and smells much better. But instead of cleaning his plate like he does with Newman's, half the can of food was left untouched. So I'm now subscribing to Newman's because I think it's a great deal for organic cat food (which Wellness is not) even if it has grains. I guess my cat just likes grains!

I recommend this food, but keep in mind that cats are finicky (well, most cats anyway). Buy one or two trial cans before committing to a 24-pack!
505370505370B001PMDYXWA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"33313036896003 for chicken& brown rice- 0 for beef flavorBoth of my cats like the chicken & brown rice and Newman's dry food flavors which I buy when they are heavily discounted. Neither of them would touch the beef flavor I bought on a gold box special. It has a faded milky slightly greenish pale brown hue, not medium brown as one would expect and oddly not much of an odor (I know why complain about that, but my point is is should have some type of aroma or odor to it.) Because of the color I did not donate it or feed it to the strays as I think it may be a bad batch. The reason for the 3 stars is for chicken & rice is at the price point there are better organic cat food values that do not contain so much brown rice. I like Organix and By Nature ingredients and my cats do too. Sometimes I'll buy Natural Value or Natural Balance canned foods since they offer more variety of flavors.
505371505371B001PMDYXWA2G9M92C9FBUEPGrasshopper3341290038400Good quality food, but Amazon's ingredient listing is incorrectWe have a cat with a liver problem who needs a low-purine diet. As a result, we are trying to switch her off of her Wellness food and find poultry alternatives that do not contain any organ meat.

The ingredients listed on the site are accurate except that they exclude "chicken liver" as the second ingredient in the chicken and brown rice food and "turkey liver" as the second ingredient in the turkey and vegetable food. Thus, I just bought two cases of food that will not meet my cat's needs at all!

Other than that, it seems to be a high quality food. It is a pate-style food with a meaty, but not unpleasant odor. Cats ate it right away when offered. Will be donating ours to the local animal shelter, where I am sure it will be loved!
505372505372B001PMDYXWA1YSJWHU1OBFMRuby3351243555200Worth the PriceSure it costs a bit more, but all five (yes, cinco gatos!) of my cats love it. Plus it's organic so you know you are feeding them the best and you know it's good for the earth.

Has the brown rice grains around the outside of the can which is great because it allows the food to easily slip out of the can onto your kitty's plate. No wated food left sticking to the sides to scrape out.
505373505373B001PMDYXWA2BU7G7P3BA5OJenna J. Mcclay "Jenna J"3351239321600Bestest cat food ever!I own one picky Siamese who will not eat anything but Newman's Organics Chicken and Brown Rice formula.

That is the recommendation...If Rheeboot eats it, it must be good!
505374505374B001PMDYXWA1PTPE899WLMP7S. Platt2251332028800Super high quality for the ones you loveBesides the fact that it's the only food my fussy bunch of four agree they like...there are other reasons why I love Newman's Own. Check the label. The first, and most abundant ingredient is organic turkey. In fact, ALL of the ingredients are organic. When others pets were sadly dying from contaminated food connected to China, I could rest assured my cats were OK. Again, check the label...Newman's Own meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO...a factor my vet cautioned me on when I went looking for a high quality food. Finally, I buy it because Paul & Nell Newman produce a great line of products. If you want to treat yourself, pick up a package of Newman's Own Organic Cookies. It doesn't matter if you go for the Newman O's or the Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies...they're all terrific.
505375505375B001PMDYXWA2RDLSG5LGD12EJean2251329523200Cat HeavenWonderful product in many ways. Cats coat are shedding less and beautifully silky. They love the Turkey and vegges flavor. Price is not bad for the quality. Highly recommend.
505376505376B001PMDYXWA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell2231305849600My cat wouldn't eat the beefThis is the first catfood I've had in a can that didn't smell strong of aromas when I opened it, and perhaps that is why the cat wouldn't eat it. Catfood is notorious for having artificial aromas added to attract finicky cats. This stuff is all organic and even when hungry, the cat just walked away from it.

So the case I bought for the cat literally went to the dogs, who all gave this stuff two paws up. The dogs saw the small cans as special treats and would woolf it down fast.
505377505377B001PMDYXWA2VKNBXNN7HHEBAmy Ann Hamilton2241303430400Fresh & naturalGreat product. Even my very picky kitty (has digestive problems)liked this flavor. She always loves salmon-flavored wet food but not usually chicken-flavored wet food, so I was apprehensive about her reaction. It took her a few days, but she got to like it (not love it). It looks different from the wet food we're used to, but that's apparently due to the lack of artificial preservatives. Also, I feel good about buying it since proceeds go to charity.
505378505378B001PMDYXWA2UJBVR563E39ERenee M. Martin2231296172800Cat would not eat it.I really cannot give this product a bad review. My cat would not eat it, so I gave it to someone else and their cat loved it.
My cat is an adopted stray that was eating the birds in my yard. I started feeding him Purina Cat Chow in a dish on my breeze-way. Ordered the Newman's so he would get more protein. He just didn't go for it.
505379505379B001PMDYXWA28K26FLMXKHHNC. Marshall2251278720000Chicken and SalmonMy six month old kitty (Tinker) loves the Newman's Chicken and Salmon moist food. I was buying another commercial brand and even though he would eat some most would be left to dry up and most of the can was being wasted. So paying a little more for a quality organic diet and not a bunch of by-products is well worth it. Plus the Newman's organic brand certifies that ingredients have been grown on farms that have not used artificial fertilizers or pesticides. I have bought two other flavors of the food but this one is his favorite.
505380505380B001PMDYXWA3977OZLNA8LCBCarol Lynn2251273795200No more tummy troubles for my kittyI have a cat with tummy/bowel problems but not any more! He loves this food and all his irritable bowel problems are over! Also no worries about him eating the chemicals and junk in other foods-obviously things that were causing his problems. Expensive? Yes, but no more vet bills for tummy medicine!
505351505351B001PMDYXWA18Q7QC9D36EYDCathyHarrington1311327104000avoid!!!my cats hate this cat food. I have never seen them turn their nose up at anything. It's terrible. I had it on recurring delivery and cancelled it and was shocked when it arrived again. They refused the return! I am very disappointed. My cats won't eat it and I can't send it back and didn't intend to reorder a second time. GRRRR
505352505352B001PMDYXWA2L2O9KVGGWSZ0NN1331316908800smells awfulMy cat does not seem crazy about it and I don't blame her.... man it smells like dog poo. I am always wary of food which is mashed to the point of being unrecognizable. There are no chunks of meat or vegetables. My cat and I will have to live thru finishing the 24 cans I bought. I will be cancelling my subscription.
505353505353B001PMDYXWA29G1QXA8NU22JL. Niles2511337040000Nasty StuffThis stuff is pretty nasty. I live in a household with two cats. I supplement their diets with wet food and thought I'd make the change to a organic brand.

First of all, this stuff turned my stomach upon opening it. It smells disgusting, like something died in the can. The consistency was gross too. This stuff was sloppy and fibrous. It looked like spoiled tuna salad and smelt even worse. I thought it had possibly gone bad but the date on the can indicates that it's still quite good and nowhere near the expiration date.

I really shouldn't have given this to my cat but I gave him a portion of it (not the whole can) to see how he took to it. He actually did eat it very happily, gluttonously in fact... But he was ill after and the remnants of this come up all over the kitchen floor. That's the first time I've ever had this happen when sampling a new food.

I think I'm going to stick to my usual brand. This stuff was not worth it! I am very disappointed and quite disgusted.
505354505354B001PMDYXWA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"2521331510400None of the five cats will eat itI looked closley to see what the stars meant with one meaning "I hate it." I. personally, do not eat it, but none of my 6 kitties,including 2 ferals (last time I wrote, I had only one feral, but now have two and neither feral will eat this. They may be wild and not let a human close to them, but they know their cat food tastes. Two stars means "I don't like it, and since I am the one doing the buying, I figure it is OK if I state that that "I don'tlike it" because I do not like buying something that the 6 cats that I feed will not eat it. I feed the ferals outside the back door and I can watch them "eat or not eat" by watching through the window. My kitties always announce the arrival of the ferals by jumping up and down at the window when my regular "orange and white kitty" and my "sometimes I deign to eat here 'black and white Kitty'" arrive for dinner! My, My, What an exciting life I have!!!...The high point of my evening being watching the ferals eat and then writing a review of their eating habits up on Amazon!
Anyway, I have made it clear as to how I keep tabs of the ferals and their eating habits. The inside kitties are pretty easy to manage. When trying a new variety of food (new to us) I just put that bowl in the kitchen where "the special eating" bowls go. Dry food and water are in the kitchen and whatever "speciality of the evening" is also located there. No, they do not get a new flavor every night! But one bowl goes there so they always go "aLookin" in the kitchen area for their night's extra bowl of wet food! Spoiled??? Yes!!!! Then I know if it is eaten or not. The specialty bowl gets 3 nights of trial...not in a avoid "nose sticker uppers." But kitties know a wet bowl is always placed alongside the water and the dry in the kitchen. Water and dry are also located elsewhere, but the kitchen ONLY gets the wet nightly special got trial/accuracy purposes. Nothing is TOO much for the trial and accuracy information for Amazon!
It has been 3 weeks now with the Newman Chicken and Brown Rice. There is no question. None of my cats eat it. Not even the birds seem to care for it...or any other the birds generally eat the dried out left overs and if the bowl is chewed to death, it means a coyote has been by, but I haven't had any coyotes all winter.(Somebody is putting out vittles more to their liking somewhere else, or they have gone further south this winter.
So, there, my friends, is how I ended up at this choice of stars for Chicken and Brown Rice Rice Formula Newman's Own. Oddly enough, everyone likes the beef and brown rice:Newman's Own Organics Adult Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, but that is a whole "nother" story for a different time.
Sorry that we have a disappointing story to tell: Gabby, Trinity, Wisdom, Mercy, Orange and White Kitty and Black and White told to and documented by "Cindy O". Bye for now on the cat food trail tale until we "come upon" something else good ole mom thinks should be tried.
505355505355B001PMDYXWA137Y8DXKXIEJe1411302134400took a gamble on this product.. and lost....i was wondering why it was so much cheaper than the other flavors... now I know... my cat wouldnt touch it. He acted like it stunk and backed away.
he then went over to eat his day old dried cat food rather than eat this junk.
Im concerned that someone wrote it might be tainted and be recalled later. well ill save it in case it does get recalled-maybe then i can get a refund. i dont like how amazon wont let you return food items(unless recalled), especially when they are just unopened cans.

alot of people gave it good ratings but alot of people didnt.. I think if you only have one cat like me, the odds are bad... and you shouldnt buy it.
505356505356B001PMDYXWA2KB51686Z80I9nerkles1521217203200DO NOT WANTBoth my cats say "DO NOT WANT" when I give them this flavor. They love the Newman's Turkey & Veg though.
505357505357B001PMDYXWA1NSZ5JUXSJZ8CMort Guffman1611290902400Dented cans, stinky foodMost of the cans were dented even though they were in the original case - makes me wonder if they were repackaged. The food is pretty stinky - the dog wouldn't eat it, and she loves cat food. However the cats scarfed it right down.
505358505358B001PMDYXWA3FBC2AVXDY57TFauxDiva XX212151232409600Multi Cat Family - All Of Them Love Newman's Own Pet FoodWe switched to Newman's Own dry and wet food several years ago. We have noticed a huge difference in our pets. Yes, we have cats and dogs all who are rescues. Because of their early history, many have health issues. Since switching them to Newman's Own most have leveled out and we spend less time at the Vet. The food cost less in the long run, because of better health for your animals. We also noticed that all of our animals love this product. Some of them like the dry better than the wet and vis-versa. Some of ours where picky eaters and needed to gain weight. Not anymore, they all show up for dinner eager and ready to eat.
My brother-in-law has a 14 year old Siamese who was on Science Diet Food for diabetes. He looked like he was on his last leg, the cat not my brother-in-law. Anyway, we started supplementing his food with Newman's Own and I swear the cat looks 2 years younger. He is more active, his eyes have cleared up, and he has lost weight. The vet is amazed as well, as his sugar levels are better. I am not suggesting anyone use this food as a replacement for what a Vet has suggested. But if you have an animal who is not responding well, it is worth a try to add this product to their diet.
505359505359B001PMDYXWA8VP6U6IE2GT6Rabbit with watch202051215561600Cat loves the flavorKitty loves it! Happily eats 1/2 can in one setting (13.5 lbs cat), 2-3 times a day. His fur does look fluffier after 2 months on this food and he seems more content and alert. Wet food does make him urinate more (he used to get a dry/wet mix of Urinary SO prescription diet), but I am glad, because this should help to keep his urinary tract healthy.

I researched various options before settling on this one. Among other brands (wet food only), he wouldn't even touch "Organix;" he likes "Evo" fine, but not as much as Newman's own and leaves one-third of food uneatten in the bowl. As far as other flavors of Newman's own, he didn't like the Brown rice flavor (too much rice--the cat kept picking out individual grains out of his food one by one), and strangely, after eating a few cans of store-bought Chicken&Salmon flavor, he refused to eat the same flavor from Amazon.

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