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505402505402B001PMDYXWA3D13WR5CYOS2CMo Gareau (Ringey) "Mo Gareau (Ringey)"1151308528000Great Deal, Great Product, but Confused About Auto-Ship OrderingI put my OCD to efficient use in researching the best organic cat food at the best price and this is what I found, and with which I am utterly delighted, BUT for one thing (there's always a thing) -- when I signed up for this auto-ship service it stated that I would be able to change the frequency and duration of my auto-ship order at any time.

I LOVE the auto-ship service as it saves 15% and you receive free shipping but I DON'T love doing errands. At all. And especially in these cruel and seemingly-endless winters. It's a fabulous idea and saves running to the bodega in the scary 'hood at midnight when I realize that my princely master (I have learned that the adage -- 'people have dogs and cats have people' is all-too-true, though I am struggling to remain in charge) is out of food. I also seem to really love parenthetical asides, but that's beside the point.

Anywho,(here's *that* thing) when I received my first shipment and realized that this was far more than my cat (this is my first cat, a stray whom I had no choice but to take in -- so I am new at cat-ism, previously being a dog person) would eat in a month, I immediately logged in to change the frequency and/or amount of the auto-ship order and it seems my only option is to cancel. This is pesky and bothersome because that leaves me with two choices, as I see it; cancel the auto-ship, or, let the cat food pile up till I have enough cat food to last a year and then cancel. So I give the product 5 stars because my finicky little Prince Wonderfluff loves it and it is healthy and free of the chemicals which are all-too-present in food in this country, but I think Amazon needs to fix the auto-ship options so that when you click on the impending subsequent shipment, you can make such changes to frequency and amount. There may be an existing way to do this but I can't figure it out and I make web sites for a living so I can generally figure out how to do such things.

I suppose a third option is to contact Amazon Customer Service but that's not a quick and easy task and I am busy trying to maintain order and earn a living.
505403505403B001PMDYXWA25ZJAZX57JZ5KWest Londoners1151307404800Best wet food!Nice to know my 15 year old cat is eating healthy organic food (and has done for years) AND he is crazy about the taste. He is very picky and wont even touch the other flavours. But we found this one, and he has been crazy about it for years! Why though is there a limit on how many times you can buy this? :/
505404505404B001PMDYXWAPCCQU5XB9DE8Rachel Jones "nana-fan"1141304294400one cat loves it, the other...not so muchI bought this as a gold-box deal, so I got a good price for this cat food; I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise, since it's a tad bit on the expensive side. I try to buy healthier food for my cats. Since they both liked the liver and beef food from science diet, I figured they'd like this too. It turns out that only one of my cats like it, but the other won't touch it. I'm glad that at least one of them will eat it, otherwise, this would've been a waste of money. Other than that, this product seems to be good, and I like the fact that it's organic.
505405505405B001PMDYXWA3BEUYDL73CV8Mk Jackson "Karenbearj"1151298937600Excellent Food for CatsI can't even call this a product it is food real food "Whole food" and organic, my cats love this excellent food, and I feel safe feeding it to them.
Thank you Newmans Own!
505406505406B001PMDYXWA1XHDMS5TGMKQPGreg Riegler "Photographer"1141292284800Great Price for Healthy Cat FoodI'd give it 5 stars, however the cats don't seem to like it nearly as much as the previous brand we used, though this is much healthier (and probably why). The unit price is good, especially with subscribe and save. And knowing the ingredients will allow my cats to eat healthy!
505407505407B001PMDYXWA1B36OB1RV3XHWLisa1151279670400Picky Cat Loves ItAdvised to switch to wet food due to small amount of crystals in urine. Tried several brands/formulas most of which cat literally refused to touch. Cat loves this formula and will eat an entire can in one sitting. Plus, no noticeable change in the odor of her litter box creations :D

Note: This is NOT a urinary tract health formula.
505408505408B001PMDYXWA2H1PZXDIEN6OMdmh1151278979200Kitty approvedI have a senior cat (18 years old) and her teeth are not in great shape. I switched her to an all wet food diet about 2 years ago, and Newman's is the best wet food that I've found on the market. She is also fairly finicky, and LOVES the Chicken and Brown Rice formula. I've tried a lot of other high-end cat foods, some more costly than Newman's, and several of them she has had problems digesting. Not Newman's! She really seems to enjoy this food and I don't have to worry that it is upsetting to her delicate stomach. I've also found that it doesn't have that stench that some other wet cat foods seem to have. The food is a lot cheaper here on Amazon than in my local store. Shipping and delivery was fast and pain-free, the box was well packed and none of the cans were dented. I highly recommend this product.
505409505409B001PMDYXWA1I8XTYJHWX6N2Gypsi Phillips Bates "bilbiophile"1151269475200Favorite of Muli Cat HouseholdI have three cats and with Newman's Own chicken and rice I have finally found a brand and flavor that all three love. Granted it has a foul smell, but then. . . it's cat food. What do you expect?! I'm happy that they are happy with it and it is much healthier for them than most cat foods.
505381505381B001PMDYXWAFS8GLUYZIE58Coddington "coddington"2251264464000great high quality foodPros: organic, grain free and a reputable company that gives back to the community
cons: my cats needed a few days to get used to this. yes the meat looks grey. but that is because it is all natural.
What I do is mix a 3 ounce can with half a can of Wellnes Beef and Chicken. (so its 3/4 meat and only 1/4 chicken) This seems to work. They love this combo. If I just give them the newman's, they eat but don't finish it. Out of all of the grain free beef canned cat foods, I've had the most success with this. My cats didn't like Nature's Variety Instinct or by nature organic. (Both great brands) But its really important to rotate protein sources so that my cats don't develop allergies (my six year old cat recently developed a seafood allergy after only eating seafood for 5 years...) so I push the beef on them.
Give it a shot. It might take some work or creativity but eventually you should win. Both my cats are v finicky and I found a way to make it work. Organic beef! I don't even eat organic beef all the time! LOL! ITs a bit pricey but its worth it. Healthy food = healthy cats=longer life=less disease/health problems.
505410505410B001PMDYXWA2HCTHV11FYJA9Kathleen R. McKee1151263081600Firm stoolFollowing a year with my adopted 8 year old Persian mix and his incredibly loose stool, three weeks after adding Mr. Newman's to his diet he has a firm stool. We tried Science Diet IM and WD a combination of wet and dry. I continue to feed him the WD dry with a 1/3 of a can Newman's twice a day. Not that this cat is a picky eater but he cleans the bowl with Newmans and he always left a bit behind with ID. My cat is happier and I am so happy that his obligatory butt cleaning scoots have ended.
505382505382B001PMDYXWAO7OI98T0OOBEmuir2251239062400Cat Likes Better Than Newman's Turkey FormulaPros:
-Good first 5 ingredients: Organic Chicken, Water, Chicken Liver, Salmon, Ocean Whitefish
-My cat likes it better than Newman's Turkey and Vegetables formula

-Expensive (but organic)
-A top pick for my cat, but noticeably not as much as her favorite: Natural Balance (similar top 5 ingredients: Chicken, [Water], Chicken Liver, Duck, Salmon)

So in the organic category, this is a 5-star pick. But if you're willing to go non-organic consider Natural Balance.

Here's another food review as well:
505383505383B001PMDYXWA29S4OB7TZ7GGXSusan Payne "Susan Payne"2251233792000Newman's Own Turkey & Vegetable CatfoodI have four cats with differing tastebuds/likes. They all enjoyed this product, and there was no waste. The supplier sent the wrong size, the smaller 3-ounce cans, but Amazon immediately rectified this in a highly satisfactory manner. I use the recurring order option for an additional discount, and there is no tax levied on this product (like in stores) on Amazon's site. I would recommend this product for anyone considering it for their cat(s)
505384505384B001PMDYXWA1W4NB35VQPKKXVivian L. Slabaugh2251224028800Fast DeliveryAfter ordering on line, we had a fast delivery, which was much appreciated. The Newman's Own Organic Cat foods I could not find in my local stores. My 19 year old cat is finicky and we had finally found a food with nutrition in that she would eat. Thanks
Vivian Slabaugh
Kingston, Tn.
505385505385B001PMDYXWA2KB51686Z80I9nerkles2241211760000cats loved iti opened the can and thought... "if i were a cat, i'd be pretty excited about this"... they inhaled it like there was no tomorrow.
505386505386B001PMDYXWA33R3QWWD5E6GBS. E. Bartlett "FYXTIONpublishing"4551215561600Cats meow for itOur 2 Cats enjoy breakfast with Newman's Own and somedays they seem to be smiling. Definte good attitudes result and their fur keeps smooth. No upset stomachs!
505387505387B001PMDYXWA2S7MFZVV9IP43A. Frankenfield1111344384000Cat won't eat itI feel really bad writing this review since I am a big fan of the Newman's Own brand for human food. Their salad dressings are amazing. However, my cat would not eat this product. I purchased the beef flavor because she loves her beef flavored cat treats. I give her organic dry food most of the time, but after talking to some other cat owners, they informed me that I should be mixing some wet food into her diet because wild cats get most of their moisture from their food in nature and don't drink a lot of water. I thought it couldn't hurt to give this to the cat as a treat a couple times a week, but she won't even touch it. I tried mixing her regular dry food into it to give it some texture, and she just ate the dry food around it. I am not sure if this is just a textual preference for my cat or if it is this particular cat food.
505388505388B001PMDYXWA3SA94UQ3AZMEUCatLady1151339632000The bestI have tried every "good" cat food on the market. My babies only would eat the dorito's of the cat food market, F**** F****. Usually chicken sometimes turkey sometimes beef, sometimes I would have to go thru all three flavors until they honored me with eating.... I know, I am a mess. The two adult babies (6lbs and 17lbs) would eat 4-5 cans a day with dry also available. The poo was horrible smelling.

Wally world was clearing this out one day so I bought a couple cans. OMG they both scarfed it down. I went back to get the rest but it was gone. No longer were my babies interested in the bad food. This is shocking since I had tried everything after the pet food debacle a few years ago (even tried the frozen meat) and they wouldn't eat anything else. I only use one of the larger cans a day and their poo smell has drastically lessened.

I cant get this local so am thrilled to find it here with free shipping. I LOVE Amazon, anything I need I come here first and what is better than having your purchases delivered to your door???

I cant say your cats will eat this but if they are not hyper picky they should. (I tried turkey/chicken and no go, has to be chicken rice) And you really DO feed a lot less with this food! I am saving money and getting better food. YYYEEEEAAAHHHH!
505389505389B001PMDYXWADN80KF01A8QHSandra Bayes1141336953600Souxsie's foodMy cat loves Newman's Own Organic Turkey & Vegetable Formula for Cats! She had a picky eating problem and I simply could not find the right food that she would eat regularly. After trying about 8 brands of cat food I finally landed on Newman's Own. My cat, Souxsie has never looked better and even her vet has remarked how well Souxsie looks and how perky her behavior is. Souxsie is 18 years old!
505390505390B001PMDYXWA2S9BQNR9DT1AGJ. Kosco1151336867200favorite foodThis organic beef is by far my cat's favorite can food. He gobbles it down instantly, which is not true with any other can cat food I give him. I don't use this everyday (about every 3 or 4 days) because I like to feed a variety of foods to Butch. I also feed him dehydrated raw food, but at a separate time from the can.
505391505391B001PMDYXWA2ALUWRXIJB18JWren1151336521600Great food, Great price, and no more food allergies!!!My cat had the worst food allergies. The way she dealt with it was by vomiting on an almost daily basis. Getting special foods (i.e. Science Diet or Purina from the veterinarian) didn't help at all. Finally I tried Newman's Own dry food figuring it couldn't be any worse. It worked like a miracle! No more allergies and no more carpet cleaning except the occasional hairball. When my cat got older I started supplementing her dry food with the Newman's Own wet food and she loves it. She's been eating this for several years, same flavor and everything, and she still comes running when she hears the food being prepped. If you want a healthy pet don't look any further than this! It's organic and there isn't a single ingredient that I can't pronounce. That's definitely something I want when I'm feeding my cat.

The price through is cheaper than buying in the stores and the cans come well packaged and undamaged. I won't be going to the store for this again. Thanks Amazon!
505392505392B001PMDYXWAY95YFL66L91BAccordingly1151336089600the proof in truly in the pudding (Newman's Own- Chriken formula)"Only my hair dresser knows for sure," Well I don't know about that, but the folks at Amazon know how much cat food I order (on account), both dry & wet foods. Before I even offered Newman's Own Organic Chicken & Brown Rice formula to my five cats, I could see the difference. Upon openind the first can, I was so pleased to see real chicken broth (organic of course). It was clear broth just like boiling chicken on stove top. It was really fresh looking too., So then the real test when offering to the three indoor cats. All three approved. I given only small portions at one time, yet my kitties cleaned the bowl, eating right up! Never, ever do I recall when my kitties have been so accepting of their wet food. I've owned and cared for cats for over 25 years, and this food really impresses me! I now order it via "Subscribe & Save" (Amazon program) and it will be delivered at regular intervals. The first case was damaged in shipment (3 or 4 cans were damaged so bad that the contents were running and dripping from the carton. I contacted Amazon and they were gracious as usual and are sending a new case for my accomodation. The only concern I have at this time is that this particular formula is "out of stock" and currently not available from Amazon, though it can be purchased from I also make purchases from and though their prices are slightly higher (most of the time), they are also a great company and have a good variety of foods for both Cats & Dogs, as well as other pet items.

If you've never read Newman's Own QA report and product description, be sure to do so. I think you'll be impressed. I was.
505393505393B001PMDYXWA2T65KGMS423RTconleed "conleed"1121335744000Cats didn't like itI have 5 cats and for some reason -?- Not a 1 of them would eat this food. I personally am impressed with Newman's products. Not so much the beef cat food though
505394505394B001PMDYXWA29T9EWY6GISOZRS1151330387200Cat loves this food!My cat loves this food and it makes his coat so shiny! The price for a flat of cans is also really good.
505395505395B001PMDYXWA3J0MRYJSZJP56Irene M. Dudley1151330041600Cats Like itI have been feeding my cats dry food that is supposed to be minimally processed. I have found that they have been much healthier. Recently I took in my moms cats that are geriatric. I was looking for something minus all the by product and fillers that was a soft food for them. Newmans seemed to be it but at Wal-Mart it was 1.35 a can. I was able to get it here for about 1.00 a can with free shipping with Prime which made a small savings buying by the 24. The cats like it and as I have found with the other dry food they tend to eat less and go longer between feedings before they get hungry again. I am happy with the product and will definately continue to buy in the future.
505396505396B001PMDYXWA8CQJZB4GCXD2preparation1141328486400Cat foodThis canned cat food is my cat's favorite, and I'm happy to be able to feed it to her. Given what I have read about non-organic cat food, I hope this continues to be available. She also likes the Newman's organic turkey canned cat food, but that's just her second-favorite.
505397505397B001PMDYXWA101P2KHWCU0G6nardfran1141325116800Why the fillers and guar gum? SighUnfortunately, I can't afford a raw food diet for my cats and they want nothing to do with Felidae, the only affordable truly healthy food that has an ingredients list that makes me feel comfortable. My cats love both turkey formulas of Newman's brand. I always have dry food available which they like but they become vocal to be feed this stuff, they are Siamese so I must do their bidding or the racket doesn't end. I always smell the open product and for six months now, no irregular smells or coloring.

Concerns are the fillers that I see in the ingredients, brown rice and oat bran are better than wheat and corn I agree, but it still irks me that a company makes such a commitment to be organic and then uses fillers. Also, Guar Gum makes me a little nervous, though guar gum is one of those fibers that are everywhere, it is basically a thickening agent (think cornstarch) and like any fiber it has its positives along with its negatives. A plus for this brand is that its carried in my local supermarket which is very practical and the price I find reasonable for an organic brand.

Since I don't want them to become dependent on any single brand I also feed them Natural Life (same filler issues) which they like but don't love as much as Newman's Turkey flavors. To balance my concern that perhaps there are too many carbs in their diet, I insure that the dry food I purchase is low in carbs such as Before Grain dry food.
505398505398B001PMDYXWA2LUU9SFDSXQ44austin1151322438400pancreatitis cats2 cats have pancreatitis and one of which has a chicken allergy (we think) and this is the only brand of food other than the prescription only stuff that the furballs like and is ok for them
505399505399B001PMDYXWA2OYGTISD5WFN6M. Christian "Mallard"1151316995200Pets deserve good food too.Why didn't I realize sooner that the animals I love deserve food that is wholesome and nutritious? I recently switched to a top quality dry cat food which I give to our 3 cats daily, but I supplement that with canned "wet" food every 2nd or 3rd day. The cats have adjusted to this new feeding method and really like their new foods. Newman's Own Organic Chicken and Wild Rice is a fine product and I've ordered it through Amazon's subscription program so that it is sent to me on the interval that works best, and shipping is free. A very great deal all around.
505400505400B001PMDYXWA18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"1151314662400Cat Loves it!We got a new kitten in June and have been trying out different foods for him since.
As for the canned foods, Newman's Own Turkey has been his absolute favorite.

A nice thing about this food is when you open the can, there is no overpowering smell to it.
Also, scooping the litter box is no big deal. Not an overpowering 'cat poo' smell to stink up the entire house!

His coat is super shiny and soft, lots of energy, we're happy all around!
505401505401B001PMDYXWA3DMXJMKZ35TNXKate1151311379200yummy!!!! says marmalade!my kitty loves this food!!! she's a talker and verbally meows her approval! great price, esp. with regularly scheduled shipping! just wish that in a case order that i could mix flavors so she has a variety........

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