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505501505501B000VTQB6WA322JU7DXMBCNZAmber J. Mahrou5551237766400Excellent food, and my dog LOVES itWhat can I say? This dog food is one of the best, among the relatively short list of dog foods on receiving their maximum rating of 6 stars. The ingredients are top tier and carefully chosen with your dog's well-being in mind. And apparently it's also delicious, because my dog LOVES it! When I set her food bowl down, she drools on the floor if I wait even just a few seconds to tell her she can eat. She had never ever done this before, and she started doing it the day I started mixing it into her food and has done it since.

Plus, it's great for her. I'm not even halfway through this bag and already her coat is improving! I transitioned slowly from her old food and she has had no negative reactions to it whatsoever. If your dog tolerates this food (all dogs are different of course), you can be confident they will thrive on it. Oh and lastly, Wellness is more readily available than most other holistic grain-free foods, which is very convenient--I buy mine at Petco.
505502505502B000VTQB6WA7G9M0IE7LABXKevin4451311984000Great dog food. Palatable & good ingredients!Few things good about this product:
1. Made by Wellness. No recalls of any kind thus far. I am really paranoid about having a sick pet with a 3-4 figured vet bill, so that is something I look out for a lot.
2. Ingredients is a lot better than most foods.
3. Palatable. My dog kinda hates Wellness but would eat down Wellness Core products literally right away.
4. High Fiber. 7% if I am not wrong. What made me try this food was that my dog had constantly soft stools at one point in time. So I saw the high fiber percentage, and I decided to try this out. My dog had really solid poop after that! It helped a lot for me so hopefully will be the same for you.
5. Relatively reasonably priced. About $1.80/pound.
6. No ethoxyquin preservative used.

Way(s) this product is "sub-par" compared to the "very top" products. (This is really no biggie at all, but I just decided to write this because for some it might be an issue)
1. Dried varieties of certain products as opposed to fresh ones, such as dried ground potato instead of fresh ones.
2. Canola oil used instead of salmon oil which is a cost cutting measure used by the company. Dogs can't digest canola oil so the omega levels provided by it are pretty much just for marketing purposes only.

Overall, I wouldn't really be concerned with the "cons" of the product if you even consider it as a con to start with.
This is a really good product that is priced pretty reasonable for its quality.
I would feel safe about feeding my dog this based upon the manufacturer's reputation of not having any recalls in its history.

Hope this helps!
505503505503B000VTQB6WA1HOKD3CGLRW07Dawn Able "Mastiff Mom"4441211500800Mastiff MomGreat allergy food!! I was feeding my 200lb English Mastiff TimberWolf Organics (Ocean Blue) until they changed the formula by adding cheaper ingredients like Chicken fat to replace fish oils. I found this formula by Wellness and my dog loves it! Good quality food. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish they made a bigger bag for people with larger dogs like mine that go through 6-8 cups a day. :)
505504505504B000VTQB6WA2JZ8T64YZDQSI~purplemoon~ "The Quiet Corner"3351315180800This food rocks for our pooches!We've been using Wellness CORE Grain-free (original) dry dog food for several years and it really shows! We began a grain free diet with one of our dogs about 15 years ago due to seasonal allergies (the vet had actually recommended going grain free). There are other really great brands of grain free out there, however, we've just stayed with Wellness CORE because it works. We get so many compliments one how our dogs have super soft, shiny coats and their eyes are clear and bright. They love their CORE and we only feed them dry. It is so worth the extra cost to feed a high quality dog food ~ grain free or not. Their bellies are full with great food ~ no additives, by products, etc. Both dogs that we originally started on CORE have since passed...but lived to the ripe old age of 17 and 19. Hopefully, our two current dogs (7 years and 9 months) will do the same! Highly recommend this food.
505505505505B000VTQB6WAFP4JWY3HV7WRC. Boling "doganddisc"3351304035200A True Five Star Dog FoodI tried everything with my female Border Collie before I found Wellness. She came to my family from a rescue where she was fed Innova. She wasn't doing well on the Innova, so we switched her to Solid Gold. That didn't work out, as she was having an excess of bowel movements after six months of being on the food. From Solid Gold, we switched to Orijen, which was fantastic but very expensive and didn't have the same result as Wellness Core. This is the only food I use now- I swear by it. After taking in thirty foster dogs, I have fed exclusively Wellness Core and have never had a complaint about the high quality of the food.

It is true that not all dogs have the same nutritional requirements, so I am sure there are plenty of dogs who do well on Innova, Solid Gold, or Orijen and do not do well on Wellness Core. However, this is one of the few companies I trust to deliver consistant quality and high standards of healthy dog food for my pets.

Well done Wellness!!
505506505506B000VTQB6WA2DFKW1JKR8F0YRocky3351300320000FantasticBought this food after reading others reviews for my schnauzer who suffers from pancreatitis -- it really did the trick for him, since being on this food he hasn't had one day of trouble. A GREAT food.
505507505507B000VTQB6WA23ME0HN2NV5QKen R3351277337600Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe,Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe is a wonderful product. I have a German Sheppard guide dog and she has allergies to rice, it was hard finding products that didn't contain any rice or grain products. I tried the Wellness Core and my dog loved it and had no stomach distress.
It cost approximately $9.00 less than what I paid at the store, and no shipping charge. However on my second purchase they wanted to charge a shipping fee of $10.00. Needless to say I went to the store to purchase it.
505508505508B000VTQB6WA3UHQ78W3K3QCEG. McWhorter3351276387200Awesome GRAIN free dog foodSince I switched my dog to wellness, he has had no digestive, coat or allergy problems. You do not see dogs running into a field to eat an ear of corn, so why do we feed them dog food primarily made from it? They are not vegetarians. He is happy and energetic. I've tried several different grain free foods and he loves this one the best.
505509505509B000VTQB6WA1O36AEC6THWTXHolland Crosby3351263686400A great kibbleMy dog loves this food and so do I. Ever since I have been feeding her this, she has had the softest fur and overall better digestion. Ive tried her on a few different foods but this is the one that Ive stuck with.
505510505510B000VTQB6WACV5AB5RT915MElexa Cole2231327968000Food Great - Handling CrapThe food is awesome. Even though it is just for my 14 year old that has weight issues, all my dogs love it.

The problem I had was the bag arrived with a huge tear in it that had been taped shut. The box was undamaged so it was clearly shipped this way. The tear was a good 8 inches long, down the front of the bottom half of the bag. I was wary about using it, but we were running out of our previous bag.

Now I am 1/3 of the way through (the bottom 1/3 of the bag because we dump the bags into airtight containers) and I find this huge wad of molded kibble clumped together. Clearly it got wet while it was ripped open! Where are they storing these bags?! And clearly whoever taped it shut either ripped it and knew it got water in it, or was not the one that ripped it and taped it at a later time not knowing what could have possibly happened to the food in the time between. Both are unacceptable practices. Are they so stupid they don't realize they could kill dogs doing stupid stuff like that?

So now I have 2/3 of a bag of kibble I cannot feed without risking making my dog sick, and I have nothing here to feed him. I'll have to buy something else local and switch him cold turkey which is going to upset his digestive system. Wasting my money isn't cool. Making my dog sick isn't cool.

Having seen another review that said their bag arrived ripped on another brand, and now having gotten a ripped bag with moldy food in it, I am INCREDIBLY wary about ordering food from Amazon ever again. Which sucks because that puts me back to seeking affordable shipping or buying local which is very limited.
505511505511B000VTQB6WA3JGQ6B8N5NB7ND. Tapp2251326844800Well, That Was Easy!I've been a horrible Dad to my two-year-old minpin.

I inherited him from the breakup of a friend's household, and knew next to nothing about the breed. Since he and I joined company, I've kept up the habit of feeding him moist chunky meals from pouches, just because he liked them so, and turned up his nose at everything from a "premium" can that I tried.

My co-workers and my vet finally convinced me that, next to scraps from the table, I was employing the worst possible strategy for keeping him fit and healthy. So, based on the reviews, I ordered a small bag of this as a test.

Frankly, I'd been dreading the switchover. A highly-experienced dog owner at work warned me that I was probably headed for a war of the wills, and that I should prepare to tough out a day or two...or maybe three...of Max practicing his best Oliver Twist looks, trying to get me to relent.

I poured out the first helping of this yesterday morning, Max ambled over to sniff around and take one test bite...and then practically swan-dove into the bowl.

If it's this good for him and he's this happy with it, I have zero qualms with the price.

I am a very happy new customer. And let it be trumpeted throughout the realm: Maximus the Mighty is pleased.
505512505512B000VTQB6WA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood2251315958400My dog's main food going on 3+ years.I supplement this with some Blue Buffalo occasionally up to 50%, but this is my dogs main food for the most part and he is a thriving and happy wheaten. Did a fair amount of research and this seems to be a safe and reliably sourced food. I supplement more from a human desire to change things up for him rather than any real need. The bag also has a ziploc closer which is kind of handy.
505513505513B000VTQB6WA3CC26ZE0N39A4Roxy2251312934400Best dog foodOur boxer had horrible skin alleges and threw up all other foods starting about age 7. Since changing she has no allergy medications and only has stomach issues when she eats food my kids drop! I highly recommend this!
505514505514B000VTQB6WA15OWKNO30Z4YSJacqueline "Jackie"2251310083200Finally! A dog food for MY dog.My one year old Westie has almost never had solid stool. It was always semi-watery (sorry if this is TMI) and he had THE WORST gas. I must have gone through about 10 different foods, always gradually changing between brands: Chicken Soup, Solid Gold, Wellness (not Core), Nature's Recipe, By Nature, just to list a couple. I thought they were all high-end foods, but he still seemed to have an upset stomach after each one. He also didn't seem too eager to eat his meals. I switched to Wellness Core about a month ago and my puppy has been thriving ever since. He enjoys eating, always has solid stool, and I can't remember the last time he passed gas. His coat is looking better than ever, and almost everyone who pets him shrieks, "He's sooooo soft!" - It's great to hear considering Westies are notorious for skin problems. I'm still not sure if it was the chicken that was giving him problems, or the grain, so I'm going to try Wellness CORE original and see how that goes since it's less expensive. Two cons: Price (kind of lofty for a grad student...) and smell. Has a strong shrimpy/fishy odor - he seems to like it though. I will try to update on the Wellness CORE original.
505515505515B000VTQB6WA17PMJZYDJPDQ0S. Levanduski2251309219200Great for Allergic dogsI have a dog with skin allergies and after a year of trying everything finally figured out that he needs a high protein low carb diet. I was cooking his food for a while but the smell of the liver cooking was too much for me, so I started looking for a dry food that was low carb high protein. He eats it - he isn't in love with it, but who would be after having home cooked meals for months! I still give him home cooked meat and cooked green veggies for breakfast, and the dry food for dinner. His fur has grown back and although he still gets itchy sometimes, his condition has improved 95%.
505516505516B000VTQB6WA3SG2N77KI8365John Mooney2251308700800Great company, Great food!I've done my fair share of research on dog food. I went from the Wellness Super5Mix, which was a good dog food but gave my dog some bad gas and still had fillers in it. Then I thought I was crazy for spending so much money on dog food, so I went to Beneful, which eliminated the bad gas but I felt bad feeding such garbage to my dog on a daily basis. So I found this one and I haven't looked back! Granted my dog will eat anything, but his coat looks brighter, shinier, and his poop doesn't even really smell, which I find unusual (Can't complain with that though).

Cheapest to buy on Amazon, especially with Free Shipping.

A must have purchase for me!
505517505517B000VTQB6WA36CSHD22N3SXQCMS2251304553600Excellent Nutrition in Small QuantitiesBruno is the youngest member of my family, he is an eight-year-old Standard Schnauzer. From early on, he struggled with getting to like and benefit from the many different brands of dry foods that he tried. He was under Veterinary's care eating prescription food since he was ten weeks old. Yet, he still had a difficult time eating his food. After paying so much on prescription food, I came across Core Grain-free dry food, it was amazing, prior experience taught me when I would switched his food he would get diarrhea. However, when I change his food to Core Grain-free, he actually finish his food, No DIARRHEA, and he always looks forward his meals. Prices are competitive in most places, however, amazon is least expensive place that I have come across and most times I get free shipping.
505518505518B000VTQB6WA37IL03PPA9SLWS. Lamarsky2251300838400Just what my dogs needed!I was feeding both of my dogs 1st- Costco Brand food. Next moved to IAMS. My dogs had so much gas it was CRAZY! Wellness CORE stopped the gas completely. Their energy levels have risen too. One of my dogs was always scratching, she had stinky breath, was really gassy- she has a more sensitive system then the other dog. This dog food fixed everything. I can hardly believe it. I will always buy my sweet dogs Wellness CORE from now on!
505519505519B000VTQB6WAFBWXR6SXJDO8rating ranger2251296518400Dog Is in LoveOur dog had to go on a grain free diet due to stomach issues and no longer has any bowel or stomach issues to speak of. This is the real deal as far as healthy pet food goes.
505520505520B000VTQB6WATU5A4CLX74ZHAleesha Burgess2251294099200Best dog food everI have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he has been on Wellness Core for about 4 weeks. His coat has never looked or felt better. He had a bit of an itchy dry skin problem so I tried adding fish oil to his previous dog food but he hated it. So, I needed to find a better dog food. As soon as the bag arrived he was after it. He loves the food. He is healthy and happy and I just can't say enough about how this dog food does wonders for the skin and coat! He has long fur and on the Wellness One it stays smoother and softer longer and is easier to maintain with a brush. His coat is also thicker and stronger. He looks amazing and it's due to Wellness Core. I recommend it to anyone who loves their pet but especially if you have a long-haired breed. He has fewer stools and is less gassy as well. I'm sure this food is a lot easier for him to digest and I know it tastes better because he can't get enough of it. Try it, you'll love it.
505521505521B000VTQB6WAUBASW2DOSAG9A. M. Russell2251290729600Great Dog FoodSwitched to this after two years of Science Diet. I couldn't believe that SD has by-products, so I switched and my dog loves this. I also use the regular wellness wet-food, which he devours, too.
505522505522B000VTQB6WA1PP5Q6E9K3ZWYMikesgirl2251278720000Wellness means top qualityWe have tried a number of different Wellness dry dog mixes, and our Wheaten Terrier loves them all, but this one is his favorite. I love the fact that it isn't 90% grain, which most cheap and expensive dog foods seem to feel is great filler. Our little guy doesn't digest grains well, so this mix is especially wonderful for him since it is grain free. We plan to try the Ocean Core some day also.
Thanks Wellness for making a truly 5 star dry dog food, healthful and tasty!
505523505523B000VTQB6WA1I50148ISIP21Heather J. Webb "simply living"2241274572800Quick AND free shippng!This product works perfectly for my pups-one with a grain allergy. It is very easy for us to purchase, as we would have to travel 45 miles to get grain-free food where we live. It is also cheaper than if it were purchased at the store. PLUS-free shipping!
505524505524B000VTQB6WA3SJUCPMB971EJC. Pizzolato2251264550400Extremely satisified with this foodAfter careful research on the best dry food for my dog's diet, I chose Wellness Core Reduced Fat. My mixed breed dog is low energy and has a tendency to put weight on easily. It was very difficult to find a dog food that does not compromise quality ingredients to make a food low fat. Since my dog is low energy (by no means a sled dog), her diet does not require her to have extreme protein intake. This food is the prefect balance of protein, quality meat sources, fat content, as well as important sources of fruits and vegetables and fish oils. Her eyes are bright and coat is shiny. While she hasn't lost any weight, she hasn't gained any either, which is a good thing!

You get what you pay for when it comes to dog food. When purchasing this brand, one is paying for high quality food (meat content, veggies, fruits) without fillers or extreme levels of protein.
505525505525B000VTQB6WA2GJOYX2AOTHQDBuck1141347321600Great product for dogs that can handle the high proteinIn short, our experience has been that this is awesome food for adult years.
Two dogs:
Male GSD on Core from five years old to 10-1/2 years old.
Female Rottie, On a mix of 1ea 26lbs bag Core and 1ea 35lbs bag Canidae All Life Stages formula at five years old, still on it at seven years old.

All dogs are different, so your results may vary.

Took a bit more than 9 days for a smooth transition for the GSD, with a bit of loose stool during the transition (off Purina One).
The Rottie, had no problems, and made the switch in an easy 7 days.
For the GSD senior years, it is too much protein.
GSD eats about 2.5 cups a day.
Rottie eats over 4 cups a day.

Fed Super-Mutt (the GSD) on this for about 7 years, until he was 10-1/2. He did great on it for all that time. Great coat, firm stool, easy to maintain weight, and great blood tests at his yearly check-ups. We were extremely active, with daily runs and walks, play at the park, etc. But digestibility was always a bit on the low side. If I cut the volume of food down, he would loose weight before any noticeable decrease in stool size.
I could also use the kibble for training, as he really liked the flavor.

My Girl Friend's Rottie is on a mix of this with Canidae All Life Stages. She is a high drive, work-aholic! Honest, you would be hard pressed to find a more active dog. She does amazingly well on this. Stunningly beautiful coat, great digestibility, easily maintained weight. She has been on this mix for about 2 years now, and she is seven. No kidney issues with high protein, but we will watch as she ages. Her focus, and attention seems more rock solid too on this mix...

At Super-Mutts yearly check-up (when he was 10-1/2) we noticed kidney functions were out of whack. So as a test I switched him to a senior food (Chicken Soup for the Soul), this is much lower protein. This change brought his kidney functions back to normal, and digestibility is better. So he is enjoying his senior years on "senior food".
505526505526B000VTQB6WA1Y3B5I5SKHLIYandrea j laired1151344988800Excellent food -from a pet professionalI started using Wellness Core Ocean about 3 months ago. I have English Bulldogs, and work very hard to make sure they eat the best food available. Even though a number of my co-workers at a veterinary hospital were skeptical, I was told to report back and let my colleagues know of my results. I am very impressed with this food. My dogs who are confined in the house for most of our brutal Arizona summers are heavy all summer long... not this year. Their coats are spectacular, no swollen tail folds and face wrinkles... shedding is down to a minimum. I have not bought the food from Amazon, but I will try it next month... at this price, why not?
As for the recall, it has nothing to do with diamond foods, Core is separate. The only food effected by the recall will never be made with that partnership again. It's best not to get hysterical about something that simply is not going to effect you. Some people love to frighten others.
In my almost 30 years of looking at skin and coats, I've never seen results like this. I can buy a large selection of foods at a deep discount, a perk at our veterinary hospital, but will not choose that road.
I will report back on my shipment quality when I get it.
505527505527B000VTQB6WA1NJ6O43UZAXMIkag50791131320019200Liked it until they changed the formula!This was one of the best dog foods on the market, hands down. First four ingredients were meat, only two were "meal" and absolutely no grain. I've been feeding it to my dog for probably a year and he has the most beautiful coat, healthy disposition, and good weight. Plus as a finnicky eater, he downed it no problem!


The most recent bag I bought seemed... off. My dog didn't want to eat it (he did eventually) and he started to have loose stools. It smelled different. I realized, after some sleuthing and, more obviously, checking the back of the bag, that Wellness changed the ingredients! No notice, just changed them. They got rid of some of the meat, there is more fat, and slightly different percentages of nutrients. I'll grant that my dog's stomach probably got upset because of a rapid food change (unbeknownst to me, obviously), but I'm still very disappointed that they changed the formula.
505528505528B000VTQB6WA2ANGK0RIBD99IRussell J. Rabenberg1151311811200Wellness Pet FoodFirst class food for my pups. Fair price and about as convienient as is comes. Definitely the way to purchase your pet food.
505529505529B000VTQB6WA2AK9RR1FP32AZNeil Fordham1151311552000Mini Dachshund ApprovesWent from Eukanuba to Royal Canin. Good move.

Royal Canin to the best, Wellness Core. Best move ever for my mini dachshund who's a vicious lil monster.

My dog also attacked the Amazon box, just like that big brack dog pictured above.
505530505530B000VTQB6WA1YBJOPVC7VP26M. Haddad1151309219200Great change from Science DietWe used to feed my dog Science Diet Nature's Best but it is being discontinued and we had to find something new. After much research we decided to go with Wellness CORE. I have a 2.5 year old Golden Retriever and immediately we noticed a huge change in her appetite. We always assumed she was a finicky eater before because she seemed disinterested in her food and wouldn't eat her full meal. As soon as we switched her food to CORE she started eating her entire meal and shows way more eagerness while waiting to be served. I'm glad we made the switch to CORE and my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.

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