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505741505741B000RHXIJQA366AFBQ9J3GZVT.P.C.1151301616000Quite PleasedBoth the quality of the product and the experience of this sale have warranted my highest rating.

I never realized how much lavender 2 lbs really is. But when it was finally delivered, I was pleasantly surprised. The lavender was so potent I could smell it through the packaging before it was opened--from several paces off, even. From what I've seen and used of the product, it contains only trace amounts of leaf (non-flower) matter, which is very nearly perfect, and the color of the flowers is very intense and consistent throught. I am very pleased with the quality and condition of the product. This will last me quite a long time.

When I ordered, I mistakenly thought that the product was in stock. However, the seller promptly notified me of the situation and what options were available. All throughout the process of getting the product delivered to me, they were always prompt in their responses to my inquiries and very thorough in their communication. Despite the snag in the delayed delivery of the product (which was out of the seller's control), their constant communication and updates made this quite a positive experience. For this reason alone I would purchase from them again.
505742505742B000RHXIJQA3I3WT1U3X9QXSKarin Chafetz0051264291200lavendar for cookinggreat product for special drinks, ice cream & cooking. Delivered very timely and alot for my money.
505743505743B005HGIVV2A3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden1141332547200Pretty tasty, yet subtle.I dont know that these Naked coconut waters are the best on the market. I have found that i personally like Vita better, but that doesnt mean these arent bad. Far from it. They go down quite easily actually, and are very refreshing. One thing i have noticed about the Naked brand of coconut waters in general, and this lychee one specifically, is the additional flavor is more of a complementary flavor than a standout one. So, in this beverage, the lychee, while noticeable, is pretty much a 50/50 blend with the coconut water flavor. Very pleasing. I would note also that coconut water can be an acquired taste, especially for people who generally drink sodas and the like, and blends like this can help a person ease their way into drinking straight coconut water. As a final observation, i think the 11.2 ounce portion size is perfect. Just enough to satisfy me personally.
I can even forgive that this is a PepsiCo product. Actually, i kind of hope the mega corps see the profitability in producing actual healthy beverages and will start (or continue) to provide these as alternatives to the other C@#p on the market.

505744505744B005HGIVV2A3OA6K4Y26H1HWcosmo1151331424000coconut water with lycheei wanted to add coconut water to my diet and recently read about the health benefits of lychee fruit, so finding this product was great. it tastes yummy and refreshing. i just ordered my second case. plain coconut water is nice, but the added lychee takes it to a much more pleasant level. try it, you'll like it.
505745505745B005HGIVV2AMYYREE9H64SVpreggerlady0051349308800I like!I really like how the lychee juice is not too apparent in the drink. It's there and you have a hint of it but it doesn't overpower the coconut water flavor.
505746505746B005HGIVV2A1C7ZLC5GWMVRose Speirs0051347494400Naked is the best coconut waterNaked coconut water is an excellent product. It helps keep my legs cramps at bay. I drink one every day! Auto ship is the way to go.
505747505747B005HGIVV2AD9Y4VOU9OB7PKent0031339977600lychee what?what lychee taste, aside from the picture on the box carton and the label that says lychee, it surely isn't inside the drink itself. the coconut juice isn't bad, but why even add the lychee label? this is less expensive than the naked pure coconut, so I guess it is some filler of some sort.
505748505748B005HGIVV2AV2UFKKRKN5H6Marissa0011339459200naked juicethis juice has a terrible bitter like taste. it doesn't taste anyhing like lychee and certainly tastes nothing like coconut. will never order again. will continue to order plain coconut from other brand.
505749505749B005HGIVV2A6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper0031336694400It's okay if you don't expect Lychee taste.Honestly I couldn't tell if this was regular coconut water or one with Lychee. I don't even taste a hint of Lychee. Since I love regular coconut water, I don't really mind not having Lychee flavor to it, but if you expect this to taste like Lychee, then you should buy something else...
505750505750B005HGIVV2A3SIZC600PA0AWmiss-honesty "Tiffany"0051335484800It blends nicely with the green coconut water.I bought this flavor because it was cheaper. I love coconut water because of all of its potassium and naturally hydrating traits. The lychee is a sweet, bland flavor that balances the sometimes bitter tang of green coconuts. This brand is not as sweet as VitaCoco's water and adding lychee did not make Naked's overwhelming by any means. It was less invasive than say, adding pineapple juice. For me, that worked.
505751505751B00139ZSDGAURV9JIGDKQWHkk0151346457600These are goodConvenient, well packaged and just enough cheese for all the crackers. Cheese has nice flavor. Great for lunches or snacks for travel.
505752505752B00139ZSDGA5IRH1LSLM34Ljatnj "Janet"0151342224000Handi SnacksI've loved these my whole life. It's nice to have a bunch of them in my pantry to just pick up and snack on.
505753505753B00139ZSDGA2P2TW0V9PTREWcsb0151291680000Cheaper than the grocery store!We eat through these in our house pretty quickly. Amazon's price makes them pretty economical, plus they are delivered right to our house.
505754505754B00139ZSDGAX7CVSALJOO75AAAAMAN21311310688000UHMMMDONT THEY SELL THIS AT THE STORE FOR 50 cents EacH ? wouldent it be cheaper to just buy it at the store ?
505755505755B000L8CB76A1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff3351242864000Wonderful, bold flavored Earl Grey tea.One of my favorite blends of the Harney teas. It's a great bold flavor, but not bitter. If you like your tea strong, I would recommend trying this blend.

The Harney tea sachets also give you the convenience of a tea bag with the flavor of a loose tea. I would highly recommend this tea and am a repeat customer for 3 years now of Harney Teas.
505756505756B000L8CB76A2D4A6OP2U8ZQWM. Landau2231316476800More aromatic than flavorfulI had high hopes when I opened the tin and was greeted by the aroma of tea and oil of Bergamot. The aroma of this tea is just spectacular. Unfortunately, the taste doesn't live up to the smell. It's okay, but somewhat bland, and nowhere near the transport of ecstasy promised by the aroma. From now on I'll stick with the foil-wrapped Bigelow earl gray teabags from my local grocery store, which don't smell as good but which taste much better than this tea.
505757505757B000L8CB76AQDA3Y6VZB1BOElle481151325808000Harney and Sons Earl Grey SupremeEarl Grey lovers will certainly enjoy this tea. The tin keeps the sachets fresh (and it's useful when emptied). Experiment with brewing times to find your personal preference. I do not use cream, lemon, or sweentener so I prefer a quick steeping. A friend gave me my first Harney & Sons tea, and I've become a convert to their brand. Tropical Green, Wedding, Paris, and everything Earl Grey, all outstanding.
505758505758B000L8CB76A2W6XC9DQW778QDenis Altudov "Denis"1151325635200Excellent teaHarney's and Sons make my favorite tea, and this partilcar one is as good as all the other ones they make. If you like Earl Grey teas, you will certainly like this one.
505759505759B000L8CB76AQ37JK57WN62UJ. Austin1141325289600Nice packaging, flavorful teaI first discovered Harney and Sons tea at a local, trendy gourmet shop. I have since sampled several of their teas and have found the Earl Grey and the Wedding Tea to be the best. The packaging is very attractive and when I finish the teas I use the empty tins to house my daughter's growing art supplies. This particular Earl Grey is flavorful and warming. One time I did purchase a H&S tin that was labeled "Special Earl Grey with Silver Tips". That one was the absolute best but this one is a close runner up.
505760505760B000L8CB76A3DRFWD0NBIW73MovieGuy1151314748800You cannot beat Harney and Sons Supreme Earl GreyI have tried over 2 dozen varieties of Earl Grey Tea and always come back to Harney and Sons. I first had this tea at Ruth's Chris Steak House and still remember the first cup. A reasonable price for a premium tea. Even if you just have it for special occasions it the one to have on hand to offer your tea loving friends.
505761505761B000L8CB76A13VL2NDA5DYD8Lifenpuzzle1151303948800This makes me a tea lover AGAIN.I found this at a local store and I picked it just because the tin was so pretty even though I did not like earl grey tea.

However, this was amazing!

If you are not a big fan of earl grey from other companies, try this. You would feel like you are holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers but it does not have strong fragrance. Try this! It is amazing!

I have not drunken black tea for a long time and this makes me a tea lover again. This is amazing, seriously.
505762505762B000L8CB76AK7245T90PSS2J. L. Lankford "everything amazon"0051335916800Excellent ChoiceI discovered Harney and Sons Earl Grey Tea a few months ago at the Embassy Suites in Frisco, TX. Earl Grey had always been one of my least favorite teas until then! The smell and taste was phenomenal! That very week I ordered 50 sachets from their website. Since then I've made one other order. All flavors have been superb. I told a friend of mine whose wife's birthday was coming up about the company; he order tea for her. And she loves it as well. Great company, great product, and fast shipping.
505763505763B000L8CB76AN9A6WWUNFDC0Ann R.0051334793600great teaI am not a fan of Earl Grey tea, but this tea is wonderful! Great flavor and the tin keeps tea fresh.
505764505764B000L8CB76A2SHQISZ23TI9NOranges "with Cheese"0041334793600Very good teaVery good robust flavor. Excellent with milk or cream. I would go with other comments and err on the side of steeping it longer than instructed on the box for maximum flavor.
505765505765B000L8CB76A2HCKBBEXELJ3RPampeliska0041334707200Makes nice cup of tea, not as flavorful as I expectedAs other reviewers pointed out, these tea bags in a tin smell delicious and very inviting and appetizing, however the taste is a bit lacking, does not quite match the aroma... it leaves bit to be desired, as compared with other brands of Earl Grey.
I like it OK, but would look for other options to experiment with next time.
505766505766B000L8CB76A21OFO5SB43TAATwins Rock "Twins Rock"0051331856000Love this productI love this tea. It's been one of the best kinds that come in bags. Gives more real tea taste than other ones from larger brands. Suitable for drinking straight without anything added.
505767505767B000L8CB76A2MCKKUDV1XH6HAlice0031316736000smells great, tastes blandThe steeping instructions say to leave tea bag in the mug for 5 minutes for best flavor - I say it's more like 20 mins. It smells really great, but there just isn't that much flavor. On the otherhand, from the texture of the water, at least it looks like they don't cheat by coating the tea leaves with oil to enhance the flavor.
505768505768B001MOQI0YA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"4451234742400Heaven in a cup of teaI enjoy a good cup of tea and my absolute favorite is Earl Grey. Twinings Early Grey is among the best on the market, alongside Rishi loose leaf. A traditional English tea, Earl Grey is a black tea whose principle flavor is from the rind of bergamot oranges. Although there are various accounts of its origin, it is most likely was an Indian recipe (China is also a commonly attributed with creating the recipe) which made its way to England in the early 1800s. Named after Lord Grey, the tea is a flavorful black tea that is best served nearly boiling hot with or without lemon. It is NOT served with cream.

Twinings is one of the oldest conveyors of Earl Grey and still use the same recipe as they have for well over a hundred years (soon to be two-hundred). Their tea is also endorsed by the 6th Earl Grey and his signature appears on their packaging. Not that this means the tea is superior because of any endorsement; in this case the tea speaks for itself.

While I do prefer loose leaf teas, these tea bags provide nearly the same flavor profile as the loose variety and will not disappoint the Earl Grey enthusiast. If you've never tried Twinings, you owe it to yourself to do so. Enjoy!
505769505769B001MOQI0YA1046ICIMHENBNtom0611319587200tea time troublesthe pic on line of the tea is not what arrives on line it shows a yellow box of twinings tea what arrives is a black box of twining tea also with the shipping cost it came out to cost more then if i had bought it at a store localy
505770505770B004PUGR94A213KSWHEPIY8MLinda0051333065600My favorite flavorI love Timothy's coffee regular and flavored, but German chocolate is my absolute favorite flavored coffee.. you can go wrong with Timothy's cofee

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