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505861505861B001ELL512A1SS9UZ49EZ76NWendy Brady "Wendy"0251290816000Excellent!!!!This is one of the best coffees I've ever had. I love strong, bold coffee. This was all of that and very smooth. The service was excellent also. I got my shipment within 2 days of when I placed my order. I would love to have the decaf version of this product.
505862505862B001ELL512A2S2A21AC5O76CDiana Ramirez1411307836800poor packagingthe coffee was all loose inside the box. Don't know what happened, but unable to use. Perhaps the box was crushed?
505863505863B001ELL512A2FMH70WTSIDF6Whimsy0331304726400Not at all what I expected.I did not want an extra bold coffee. This is not listed as extra bold, but that is what arrived at my door. Stuck with it, I've been drinking it, but not at all enjoying it. If you like extra bold, maybe you'll like this. Not me. Tastes like old coffee grinds to me.
505864505864B001ELL512A3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"323351230940800This is "the one"I have been taste-testing so many brands and roasts of k-cups to determine our favorites that I feel like a 'lab rat.' The Tully's Italian Roast immediately stood out from the rest--love at first sip! The other reviews are accurate by describing it as aromatic, smooth and flavorful, not bitter nor weak. I make my first cup of the morning by using one k-cup on the large cup setting, then I make my add'l cups of coffee using one k-cup and a combination of both the middle and smallest cup; that way I get more coffee using one K-cup. It still holds a robust flavor but just not as heavily as the first, which is what I like to do after drinking sev'l cups. I use cream & sugar, so this routine works for me. You may or may not tend to tweak your ritual the same way, but it just goes to show you that you can "think out of the k-cup."
505865505865B001ELL512AE1EJCOW4WD9NCoffee Lover121351191974400Delicious, aromatic coffeeI LOVE this delicious coffee. It is full-bodied but not bitter or acidic, plus it is wonderfully aromatic. It's become one of my three favorites k-cups (along with Timothy's Italian Blend and, for those decaf evenings, Gloria Jean's Special Blend Decaf).
505866505866B001ELL512A1W8M57U8NKEECChinaLake "China Lake"111251230595200This is the reason to own a Keurig!My first "pod" coffeemaker was a Senseo, now relegated to the garage. Limited coffee options. Weak tasting coffee. Bought the Keurig based on Amazon reviews and liked it from the first. Now I love it, because I found a dark, deeply satisfying roast that makes my day. Full on coffeehouse flavor with no bitter aftertaste. It's one of three featured varieties in our office-- Timothy's Breakfast Blend, Coffee People Black Tiger, and Tully's Italian Roast. We have all three on subscription and they're a hit with both staff and client partners. BTW, my personal choice is almost always this one.
505867505867B001ELL512A2CH86UUU5R4F4srg "srg"6651191456000My mornings just got betterWith the italian roast, the flavor is neither too strong or nor too light. Perfect for the mornings. I use cream and with Half-n-Half it tastes best. If you find Starbucks coffee little bit strong, italian roast is worth trying.
And if you love the "filter coffee" taste (folks from India should know it) then you would love this. Just about every guest who tried italian roast at my house agree!
505868505868B001ELL512A2I5M1X863QB8LCharles Montgomery5551311465600My new favoriteI ordered this coffee when Amazon had it on their Friday special because it was one of the few advertized as 'bold'. I like a strong cup of coffee that's not bitter.
This one hits it. The taste is really nice with no bad after taste.
I've had my Keurig for about 2 years now and this coffee and Obsidian are my two favorites so far. Tully's Italian Roast gets the top spot because it is less expensive.
I will keep it on my list to not run out of.
505869505869B001ELL512A1SMPUB4Z62KJFLosAngelesMD4411314403200Tully's DEFECTIVE K-cupsYou should stop selling these DEFECTIVE Tully's products!

I bought 2 packages of Tully's Italian Roast K-cups (48 cups) on July 20, 2011. I quickly discovered that all were defective. The airtight seal on each and every K-cup was broken and, when put into the Keurig coffeemaker, it spilled coffee grounds into both the coffee and the machine.

I contacted Tully's customer service line, explained what'd happened and they couldn't have been more rude, condescending and unhelpful. They refused to send a refund or coupon through Amazon (to eventually credit my account) unless I sent these two boxes back and they inspected them. By the time these were opened a month later, the Amazon packing was long gone and these crappy K-cups were despoiling our pantry. My wife tossed them in disgust.

Our first and last purchase from Tully's. Shame on them for such lousy customer service and for failing to stand by their products!.
505870505870B001ELL512ABUXAESDNAY17Meryl Lawrence4451235088000Great Strong CoffeeWe LOVE this coffee. It's strong but not bitter. It's full bodied and tastes excellent. We've tried many Keurig coffees and this one is among the best!
505871505871B001ELL512AQBMB9JN87G6EJoshB3331323302400Exactly what I expected, just expiredLove my K-Cups. Thought this deal was too good to be true, so I snagged it.
I guess the only drawback was that the product had outlived it's shelf date. I wouldn't mind it as much if I were totally aware of it when purchasing. I still would have bought it, but I felt a little cheated when it arrived. So far the product tastes the same, I am just glad I bought it for me personally instead of for work or friends.
505872505872B001ELL512A1BHJ6FK9MDFIZJoan Molee3321313625600Great coffee, horrible cup designI love this coffee, but will never buy it again. More than half of the cups tore open on the sides during brewing - the foil cover pops open on the sides. The coffee spills out the sides, the coffee grounds end up in my coffee, it splatters all around the machine as it's dispensing. Very disappointing.
505873505873B001ELL512A3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer3351306454400Excellent! This is one of my favorites.I love Tully's coffees. I usually drink French, sometimes Kona, and recently I tried Italian. I thought at the time I had not tasted anything so good! It was my new favorite. It turns out that I need to switch things around. When I do that, they all seem to taste better. The Italian may not be as bold as the French or Kona, but it sure tastes good. I'll be keeping it on hand along with my other favorites.

UPDATE: I just had several cups of Tully's Italian Roast K-Cups after being out of it for several months. I remember now why I never wanted to be without it. It's really good.
505874505874B001ELL512APDFWFH0KQ7DPLori Sulli "worknmom"3351240790400Excellent bold roast!This is an excellent bold roast. Perfect for a morning wake-up. I've tried many other K-cups and Tully's is my favorite. Amazon has the best pricing I've found and they ship fast. I will order this again!
505875505875B001ELL512A1EPAEMY4QG0ZBNightengale "Florence"3351217548800Tully's Italian Roast K-cupsTully's Italian Roast coffee is a favorite after an evening is rich, robust and plain delicious!
My brother also loves this and unable to get it near his home...
I just sent him a package of 48 cups...he is so thrilled with it...
I will also continue to order this from Amazon...
505876505876B001ELL512A2JS7QUISWJ8DNSkye Lark2231340496000Prefer BarristaThis coffee is just ok; personally I prefer Barrista Italian - it's just more robust. Barrista may cost more, but the flavor is far superior to Tully's.
505877505877B001ELL512A2KJ8U6RVOAJ8QWILLIAM A. WARREN2231323216000Tully's Italian Roast outdatedI love Tully's Italian Roast. It is my favorite of all the robust coffees available. I bought this 50 pack and when it arrived there was a note that it was "outdated." I was given the opportunity to return it for a refund, but I don't have time to fool around with returns unless absolutely necessary. This coffee was good enough to keep, but no where as good as it usually is. The coffee is excellent, but the company from whom I purchased this should have not sent me outdated coffee. Obviously, I will never by from this company. I will, however, continue to buy good Tully's Italian Roast.
505878505878B001ELL512AZBQ1ONTA73S8Kevin L Ravaioli2251303862400The best K-Cup flavor - Tully's Italian RoastWithout question the best coffee available for a Keurig brewer! Consistently delicious! This box of 50 only lasts about one month in our home and this is not the only K-Cup flavor we purchase! Tully's Italian Roast, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)
505879505879B001ELL512A2UNZ2KMW26MXKMKG12241271894400My favorite k-cup so farAgree with other reviewers - if you find other k-cups lacking the strength of flavor and boldness of coffee-house coffee, but french roasts are too strong/bitter/burnt-out for your liking, then you must try this.
505880505880B001ELL512AXQA8YU9YIMV4M. Lawrence "MAD"2251260316800HUBBY'S FAVORITEWe have tried MANY of the different flavors of coffee but the ITALIAN ROAST is my Husband's favorite. May cost a bit more then others but WELL WORTH THE Price. Give it a try if you like a stronger but NOT oily coffee
505881505881B001ELL512A16D4QM60L8OLEHarmon H. Johnson "Butch Johnson"2251240790400this is the best coffee I have ever had and it is consistent in its tasteI've had my Keurig coffee maker for a year and a half and discovered this blend shortly after I got the machine. It is my everyday coffee now and I cannot find anything to compare. It is a full, dark roast. It is similar to Starbuck's Cerona, but richer.
505882505882B001ELL512A2YZMSV2NIZ4QZTim Fulton4531293840000A little weak....I'm an avid drinker of bold coffees...Coffee People's Jet Fuel and Timothy's Midnight Magic are my two favorites. I love to sample new flavors. I tried Tully's Sampler which included Italian Roast, French Roast, Kona and House. In the sampler package I found the Italian to be the strongest and most flavorful with French Roast a close second. I could get a nice bold flavor with the largest cup setting on my Kuerig. Recently due to a back order situation on Jet Fuel I ordered Tully's Italian Roast to hold me over until Jet Fuel arrived. Much to my chagrin I found the 24 count package of Italian Roast produces a much weaker flavor than the one I received in the Sampler Package. I could still get a bold cup but only using the medium setting on my Keurig. If you like a bold coffee and have family members who prefer medium roast I'd suggest the sampler rather than 2x24 count Italian Roast. You'll get House and Kona which are both very medium along with two good strong/bold flavorful brews in the French and Italian.
505883505883B001ELL512AWX6ODOEINYRUTim1151348617600AwesomeThis coffee is awesome. I like bold, stout coffee and this did not disappoint. Smells great too. If you like weak or mild coffee, it may not be for you.
505884505884B001ELL512A3IZ5Q5S1JVPX9ChadHH1151348531200Great CoffeeI had never tried this brand before, so I was worried about the quality. It tasted great. A very nice smooth rich full flavor. Its my new favoret.
505885505885B001ELL512AK2XM3SGY2S6GValerie Tolson1141348012800Great coffee, great convenience, thanks Amazon!I am spoiled with the great taste of good Italian coffee. I discovered Tully's Italian Roast
and just can't say enough good about it. Also love the convenience of home delivery! Thanks, Amazon! and Tully!
Val Tolson
505886505886B001ELL512A3JWR9A2ZPUYAYGforce1151329696000Great coffee - bad customer supportThis is a great coffee. This is not in its original packaging. I will assume this is shipped from bulk as the k-cups are thrown into a shipping box. The order is for 50 pieces. I counted the k-cups (only due to the way they were packaged) and the order is short 3 pieces. The contents were only 47 pieces. I contacted the seller but got no response. I will update as this evolves.
505887505887B001ELL512A1AVPWGPV8ZOGZmalcolmstewart1141329177600Almost my favorite K CupI still think that the Keurig idea is the best thing for coffee since the grinder. I have had my problems mechanically with the machines but I put up with them because of the good coffee I can get and Keurig does a great job with customer service in my experience. I've been buying Tully's Itailian Roast for quite a while now and love it's full flaver and aroma. In fact I pretty much only buy Tully brand coffee now. I love the Kona blend and that is my favorite right now although I still haven't tried all the ones I'd like to try. It is of course especially good when Amazon puts the Italian Roast on sale because then I really stock up. Try it, you'll like it!!
505888505888B001ELL512A31B049UPN0OX5Kev721141324252800Good CoffeeGood coffee but I definitely prefer the their French Roast.The Italian is not quite as strong as I like it.
505889505889B001ELL512A3570UXMSXQGYKMichael C. Feiner "Harley's Rule!"1111316995200Tully's Italian Roast K CupsDo Not purchase these! 90% of the cups burst spilling grounds into the mug. I called the Company directly they really had no cares. They told me to contact Amazon to send them back. Amazon does not accept food product returns. Amazon was great enough to refund this portion of my order. I will not buy these ever again. I sent Tully's an email expressing my displeasure and I have not heard back from them. Lousy customer service!Tully's Coffee Italian Roast, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)
505890505890B001ELL512A18FCLG8S3L3FFSmitty1141311552000Excellent coffee, bad k-cupsThe coffee tastes great. It's bold enough flavor wise without any bitterness. However, we have an explosion with about every other k-cup. The foil seal on the top breaks and coffee and grounds spew out the top. Wouldn't be surprised if shipping in the summer heat weakened the adhesive that seals the foil. I'd buy it again because I like the coffee so much, but be prepared to clean up messes if you get a batch of k-cups like we did.

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