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505891505891B001ELL512A1RBM1YEVI686YRetiree1141308182400I Like Italian Roast!I like a bold coffee that isn't bitter and this one meets my requirements. I keep trying other blends but am never disappointed when I come back to Italian Roast!
505892505892B001ELL512A1KART6GW5YJPQNana "Educator Nana"1151285804800Good Morning CupLove my Keurig Coffee Maker for convenience, but hard pressed to find a K-Cup that is strong enough for my first morning cup without a bitter taste. Tully's Italian does the job. I drink my coffee black and like a rich coffee taste, Tully's Italian does the job. Shipment arrived promptly in good condition, although the packing box was damaged, torn and crushed. A book was packed on the bottom without padding and was badly bruised and rumpled, but the coffee came through okay. I complained to Amazon but never heard back from them with a sorry or offer to replace the book even though I explained it had been purchased for a gift and was now unfit to use as such. I explained it was a poor job of packaging a soft cover book, since there was no padding or buffer under or around the book and it was jammed into the bottom of the box -- Amazon never responds to complaints about damaged goods.
505893505893B001ELL512AQ3NZI9CPCEUgokimon1151273190400WOW! I can taste the differenceFirst of all- I am not a sophisticated coffee connoisseur.

I actually think that McDonald's coffee is far more drinkable than Starbuck's burnt rubbish.

Anyway, as far as K-Cups, I used to buy "Timothys" and it met my needs.

But when I tried Tully's Italian blend for first time today, wow!!- this is very appealing and is so easy to drink. Just the right strength and kick.

I noticed that the lids on the k-cups I received today (May 7th) from Tully bulged out quite a bit - clearly they have packed a lot of N2 in these cups. Expiry date is Dec 2010.

I recall Timothy's cups do not bulge out as much - but I did not check how far those were from expiry dates.

I do not know if the "bulge" out factor impacts coffee taste or freshness but perhaps it helps if you plan to store the K-cups for a long time.
505894505894B001ELL512A1WD9DNSLLB9KZJ. Truett0031350345600Is okI am still a full fan of the Barista Prima Italian Roast. I figured I'd try this brand to see how it was because it is cheaper than the other, but it looks like I'm going to have to pay what I get for...ha ha.
505895505895B001ELL512A2ED5FA94BL2P1brwnigrl0051349654400consistenly goodI like a more robust flavored coffee and try a few different ones. This Tullys Italian Roast consistently delivers. The breakfast blend and French Roast is also a good choice. If it is too strong you an always choose a larger cup size on your brewer. The taste is comparable to what I would purchase out shopping for a nice pick me up.
505896505896B001ELL512A1BJHZE41QWBX6Sharon Pipke "Sharon"0051349568000Tully's Italian Roast K-Cup packs for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)I received this order on time. I was late in getting this review out. I drank all the coffee already. I love the favor of the coffee.
505897505897B001ELL512A3EZVJ0EM3PVYAfree2bpbh0051349222400Great cup of Joe!I just bought this coffee and I think I am in love! This is the perfect cup of coffee for me, very smooth, strong, and aromatic. I had been drinking another brand and had it on subscribe and save, but I changed to this after buying my first box. There is absolutely no bitter taste or aftertaste with this coffee. I am one satisfied customer!
505898505898B001ELL512A3EFA2GQ6QSN6RA. B. Vaughan "44"0051348963200Tully's K-CupsExtra Bold and Smooth ! Great coffee. I'll be ordering more of this. I like an extra bold cup and this certainly fits.
505899505899B001ELL512A1J2RVQ0NG7JSXxndr0051348876800Favorite so farDelicious. Good and strong but slightly less bitterness than Tully's French roast. Out of all the dark roasts, this is the best K-Cup I've had yet. Just hoping these things get a little cheaper now that the patent's up!
505900505900B001ELL512A157D45S986MRUMary0051347235200Tully's Italian roastThis a great coffee ! We have it as a regular cup and have tried it in the smallest cup as espresso delicious! Give it a try!
505901505901B001ELL512A2ABQ5AAVFUOURJohn MacDonald0041346889600One of my favorite K-CupsTully's Italian Roast is a full bodied cup of coffee without bitterness. Great with dessert or after dinner. Good flavor at mid-size cup or next size up. Too weak at the largest cup size. Now, if we just get the price down a bit. . .
505902505902B001ELL512A356ALXAC5COJ2anknight0041346716800Tasty coffeeI love Italian roast coffee. While this is not the "best" cup of coffee I've ever had it is very good for a Keurig cup. The roast is nice and dark, but no bitter aftertaste, and does not have the almost burnt taste of some dark roast K-cups I've had. It still has a robust flavor when you use it to brew the largest size. This is a good cup of coffee.
505903505903B001ELL512A1Y3AXGZLYDKPFRhonda Schellin0051346371200FABULOUS!!This is a GREAT price on k-cups! My coffee was shipped promptly and arrived quickly!! I am DEFINITELY going to order again!!
505904505904B001ELL512A39RXNM2NGUZ1JVicki0051345939200Best coffee ever!Tully's Italian Roast K-cups is the best coffee I have ever had. Each k-cup is vacuum sealed to give it it's optimal freshness. It's bold flavor makes a perfect cup of coffee every time. It was received within a few days after ordering from Amazon. Fifty individual k-cups are packaged in a cardboard box. Thanks Amazon for the convenience and I now am able to kick back and just enjoy a great product.
505905505905B001ELL512A36H23IFD2CEIESOCA Dog Lover0051344816000Great Deal and Great CoffeeI love buying these in bulk because it's much cheaper in the long run. I got tired of buying the smaller boxes for $10 when I could buy 50 for $29. And having it delivered was even better!

Taste wise - this coffee is bold, strong and isn't bitter. Tully's Italian Roast never disappoints and is my favorite.
505906505906B001ELL512A2HSQ44YJXSVAXElizabeth A. Bentson "LBE"0031343865600Good coffeebut not great (IMHO). Not quite as strong / robust as I like my coffee. I do like Tully's - French Roast in particular. I have friends who like their coffee a little less robust so this will be good for their visits.
505907505907B001ELL512A3QMATP0PJVSXVclark irwin0051343606400Good coffee.Wasn't sure how this coffee would be but it is excellent. Nice and bold without being bitter. Not as bold as say the Big Easy, Emeril coffee, or Sumatran, but still plenty of taste.
505908505908B001ELL512AYOGH5XOK8AESTrue-to-life0051341792000Tully's.....the best!I have been drinking tully's for a while now and I have finally taken the time to type a review. If you are looking for a strong, yet smooth and refined coffee this is it! It is not bitter nor does it leave an after-taste. I have turned so many of my friends and family on to it, that they only drink this brand themselves; many of them switching over to a Keurig just for it. I am an extreme coffee drinker and have experienced the bitter and waterty varieties of coffee, so I know bad coffee when I taste it. Tully's is my favorite coffee and is absolutely the best I have tried and the only kind I will buy.
505909505909B001ELL512ANLQ06JQG553NMsMeliss0051340236800I smile in the mornings nowIf you enjoy smooth, strong, DELICIOUSNESS, please please please don't waste your time with other Keurig K-cups. I've tried a huge variety of them, and many of them taste harsh, acidic, and straight out of 7-11 (I'm looking at you, Green Mountain). This coffee has a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness and none of the bitterness going down. I could not recommend it more. This morning I felt compelled to write a review on these simply because I woke up actually looking forward to drinking Tully's Italian Roast vs sleeping in. Italian Roast got me out of bed, folks, and that's hard to do on a Thursday at 6AM.
505910505910B001ELL512A2EXT8FXO9E24ELarry8 "Larry8"0051340150400Tullys the bestThis is one of the best coffees that I have bought. If you like strong, full flavor coffee then this is the one to buy. I'd definetly buy it again.
505911505911B001ELL512A3TBRIKIL37J59Eyeleankirby0051339891200Tully's L-cupsWonderful!! Delicious, strong and a great deal :) the flavor of the cups was amazing. Strong and bold but very smooth. The price was JUST RIGHT TOO!! I will definitely be ordering these again ;)
505912505912B001ELL512A1Q2T4THAK5R9NCraig Biertempfel "btezra"0041339718400EXCEKKENT value - great tasteI recently bought a 50 pack of the Tully's Italian Roast K-cups and could not be more pleased w/ my purchased...all of the cups were intact, none were damaged and I have yet to experience any of them exploding in the Keurig machine.

Shipping was rather quick and yes, they did come in a box, they were not in any type of holder inside the box but that was not an issue.

For the $$$ I paid I found this purchase to be a very good value.

My recommendation, buy this and enjoy great tasting coffee from your Keurig.
505913505913B001ELL512AMXEJKNQQHGPCA Geeky Mom0051339372800Super yum for dark coffee loversPurchased this after receiving a Tully's sampler in the mail. This brand hadn't been on my radar at all until then since we usually alternated Black Tiger or Jet Fuel. This is a new favorite and we will definitely purchase again!
505914505914B001ELL512A1A27WKWL8JRR8Craig E. Poley "deionychus"0051338768000Good coffeeThis is one of our favorite blends. The k-cups themselves seem to be well-made (no exploders--least so far). Italian is between medium and strong. It's a fairly stout blend without being too smoky (some french roasts go too far into the smoke spectrum for my tastes). This is one of our go-to cups.
505915505915B001ELL512A2MOJANFPX353GKen M0051337990400My favoriteI bought a Keurig brewer last Christmas and have been sampling all the different varieties. I enjoy being able to have a variety of good fresh coffee on hand. I like the darker roasts like French and the 'Jet Fuel' brand which is a good roast. This Italian Roast is my absolute favorite, strong and full of flavor. :) I am ordering another box of 50 today.
505916505916B001ELL512A90PS331H0LODkovupixie0051337904000Good Buy and Amazon really deliversBought this with Amazon's 2 day guaranteed shipping. It was 9pm the second day, no show. I was a little disappointed with Amazon until I received a text that the package was delivered.
Sure enough, it was on my front steps....delivered close to 10PM on the second day! Amazon delivers and does not disappoint! Of course, it is such a great buy I got so many of them for a low price ...drawback, I'm tired of the taste and ready for a different flavor....but still, I highly recommend this for the great taste and value.
505917505917B001ELL512A1BC2KSZCNC86Ybdubs0051337558400Tully's Italian Roast Rules!Great choice for a K-Cup Coffee! Great flavor is in these Kups! I've tried sampler packs and this one stands out as a great Kup any time of day! I praised my Cuisinart for years with fresh ground beans but TIR is so easy in the Kurig and the taste is superior!
505918505918B001ELL512A13V5NU6SRBAGYDamian0051337472000Great CoffeeI ordered this coffee having never tried it and I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great aroma and a very nice taste. I would recommend this coffee to anyone.
505919505919B001ELL512A1MJFZ975LIEHETHE REAL REVIEW "Only 100% truthful Reviews"0051333324800Love itLove it...Very very nice...Great flavor......One of my favorites for sure, although I do have quite a few favs I really like....Which is cool...Something awesome and different every cup I make....

I see some reviews talk about the kcups either arriving damaged or bursting open when used leaving grinds everywhere....I have yet to have 1 single kcup come apart during grinds to grinds in cup...makes a great cup every brew...

Oddly, I have had a few issues with opening a new box in this 'type of packaging' with 50 kcups all loose in the box and finding 1 or 2 damaged with grinds in the biggie at all...a 3 minute call to amzn and they ship you another box right away while letting you keep the original box (they should since it cant be re-sold and it does take time cleaning the grinds off the rest of the kcups)....but oddly, i've not had a problem with tullys italian getting damaged in this type of packaging.....

anyway, a really great coffee....wonderful flavor, perfect balance....drinking a cup right now.....
505920505920B001ELL512A9BXUK4ZHEYMAMichelle Talarico0051331942400Love Tully's Italian RoastI am a very picky coffee drinker. I don't know or follow what critics may view as the best coffee, only my own taste buds. There is just something great about the aroma and taste of this Italian Roast. As mush as I didn't want to give any of mine away, I wanted others to try it and hear if they agree and THEY DID. I had everyone asking where I bought it so they could get their own. Now I am out and need to buy more. I thought it would be no big deal b/c I have more of another brand to drink, but it's just not the same, coffee in the morning can make your day and if it's not the right one....well, you know. I will continue to buy Tully's Italian Roast and so will my friends and family whom have tried it.

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