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506071506071B000FFRTVIA1HEB27ZZOLNN0LWarren4441334534400Tortilla SoupI usually make my tortilla soup from scratch, but it's great to have this around. It's rather tasty, and surprisingly so for an instant soup. I always have this in my kitchen in case I don't have a lot of time to cook.
506072506072B000FFRTVIA2B64ZHKVQBKBSmitty "mitty"111521173830400DisappointedI bought this particular soup because I'd tasted and enjoyed [very much] the black bean and split pea soup. This one was a disappointment. It was a little too watery, which I suppose could be solved by not adding the required amount of water, but I didn't care for the taste either. It was bland and the texture was too hard. The little bits of vegetable were too hard even after soaking longer than required.
506073506073B000FFRTVIA1GQSBLU2QXDC9T. Rathbone2251322179200Great tasting soupMcdougall's Tortilla soup is perfect for those days you want something quick and easy. It tastes very good and is quite filling. Sometimes I only get a 20 minute break at work so I will make this soup in the morning and put it in a thermos to take with me. The fact the this soup is gluten free, vegan, and low fat is a triple bonus!
506074506074B000FFRTVIAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra2231310428800Goes to 5 stars with some tomato paste...As is, it's okay, but tastes a little watery. I added a squeeze of Amore Italian Tomato Paste (that comes in tubes) and that really made it right!
506075506075B000FFRTVIAI668JGSDLZSPF. Palmour2231306972800Filling but not as tasty as expectedFirst off, this soup will fill you up well because of the beans and rice. But I can't get over the sour flavor that
this soup has. It has lime in it so I figure that is what I am tasting, but its too much lime flavor and it gets in the way of the spices that are otherwise very good in this soup.

Not so sure I'll order this one again but I might try a different flavor from the same company.
506076506076B000FFRTVIA3K397NPAK6SNDLeeann "Montana Lady"2251272758400Dr. McDougall's Tortilla SoupFor an instant soup I find this really not that bad. It is quick and easy just add hot water and wait a few minutes. It is really not that spicy, but you can always doctor it up. I so far like all the flavors.
506077506077B000FFRTVIA318I3WEVPDA7Jlongtime vegan "veganforlife"2251236384000Yum!I'd never eaten tortilla soup before this, but I really liked this soup.
I thought it was delicious! I also had the black bean, which I thought was almost as good as this one. These taste much better than Fantastic brand IMO. Great to take to work or school.
506078506078B000FFRTVIA1ZWSU46NAX24HRene Twaite2241228694400Pretty good.I found this to be pretty good, not amazing, but good for the value and it has very good nutrition for a instant meal, It had about 200 calories total, and no scary ingredients like food dyes or hydrogenated oils, etc. ( I am no food nut, but I try to avoid the obviously bad for you ingredients where I can).

When I opened the paper lid to the cup there was a little foil packet inside, that I had to use seizors to open...maybe I am just not good at opening little packets. This was pretty messy and the only reason I did not give this product 5/5 stars. I wish they had just mixed the flavor packet with the rest of the food, though I am sure they have their reasons for putting it in a separate packet. The veggies in mine cooked well. I used 200 degree f. water for this. If you like cream of wheat you might like this, because the "tamale" turns out to be more of a cream of wheat texture, but with a nice spicy touch that reminds you of tamales. There are crunchy chips in the soup which were good. I felt satisfied after eating this with a bag of carrots and a cheese stick. I buy this product weekly with a few other Mc.Dougall soups for my lunches at work. Don't get me wrong though, I probably would never have tried Mc. Dougalls products if I had not been recently diagnosed with a disease that has made me take a gluten free diet, not because I want to, but its my prescription! lol. I am glad that I did find these products, because for the price, easy to prepare, and good nutrition they have, it's hard to beat them. So all in all I recommend them to anyone.
506097506097B000FFRTVIA6SN0JEQY2MZXJessJJ0051305158400Tasty Tortilla SoupThese soups in general are good (albeit somewhat small) work lunches, and are surprisingly good quality for the price. I've tried tons of these cheap noodle bowls - Ramen, Trader Joe's soups (spring onion), Annie Chun's, packages of miso, Simply Asia, etc. What surprised me is that these are a lot better than Ramen, but still a lot cheaper than the Annie Chun/ Simply Asia varieties. I think that Trader Joe's is still the freshest tasting (and my favorite), but I like how these soups have a variety of ingredients in them. The tortilla has some corn, tortilla pieces, and some other mixed veg. It's not too spicy, but you could add chili. Sodium-wise I think it's a little high as with a lot of these packaged soups, but you can always leave out some of the seasoning and substitute with chili or the like to cut down on salt.
506079506079B000FFRTVIAGEXC9QFQVNHFMilo1141314230400not as good as many other Dr McDougall'sbut still pretty good. And relatively health and cheap. If you want a fast soup for lunch, these are great. Just add hot water, stir and wait. All the varieties I've tried taste great, but I would put Split Pea and Black Bean and Lime at the top (with this 3rd or 4th).
506080506080B000FFRTVIA1O63RQFHZJAX6Rose1151289865600Very TastyI was skeptical of buying this soup at first but it by far surpassed my expectations. It tastes soooo good!
506081506081B000FFRTVIA4I02MH6FS4NQG. Conway "G Conway"1151289606400Great flavor~!This and Pad Thai Noodle soup are my favorites, they pack lots of flavor. It seems best to stir a second time a few minutes after the first stir, then I leave a few minutes longer than it says on the label. Unquestionably Five Star.
506082506082B000FFRTVIA31D5HQ8EQZ293bobbysgirl1141285113600pretty goodI've had other McDougall products I like better but this is ok. I usually add extra corn to is a little bland but for a snack it's not bad.
506083506083B000FFRTVIA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"2331297900800Good and reasonably healthy (but high sodium)This soup met my expectations. At first, I thought it was a bit light on flavor, but the flavor developed as I ate it and by the time I finished, I was pleased with it. I used the "boiling water" method which I prefer to micro-waving and let is set for about 10 minutes. It is "soupy" but there was enough texture and bits of veggies to satisfy and I found it filling enough for a lunch. The only problem I had was the top covering which was hard to peel back and tore apart, so I just covered it with a saucer while "cooking" for the 6-10 minutes.

The thing I *really* like about the soup is that it is filling, but only 200 calories and 2g of fat. Only 20 calories are from fat. Zero saturated fat or cholesterol.

I took away a star for bad product info on the pkg where the values shown look really good until you realize that they consider one cup to be 2 servings, so you have to double all the figures shown. I found this misleading and questionable. One cup of soup for two people? I don't think so.

This soup has 620mg of sodium, but lots of vitamin A, so it's a reasonably healthy meal. I also like the Nile Spice soups, they also tend to be high in sodium, but they are honest about it and call out 1 cup as one serving.
506084506084B000FFRTVIA1DVIW06QACDQIM. E. Kelly2331281225600Average tasteI wish this one was a bolder flavor. It really isn't a southwest flavored as I'd like.

Sometimes, following package instructions, the beans don't soften enough. Requires longer 'sit and soak' time.
506085506085B000FFRTVIA1WN97BEPZL974Michele J. Raja "tallgirl"2351254268800maharajaThis soup is delicious. Sometimes vegan food doesn't have a lot of flavor, but this one really does. I take it to work, and it's very fast and easy to prepare.
506086506086B000FFRTVIA2JRPZQRPCWBLDB. Wightman "joyful vegan am i"0041349136000Delish snack or lunchMy hero, Dr. McDougall, has quite a selection of soups on the market. You usually pay $1.99 in brick and mortar stores for this particular one and that's why I bought them from Amazon by the 6-pack at $1.87 each. The tortilla soup is very good and I agree that if you follow the directions for preparation and stir well and wait 6 minutes while all the flavors marry, you'll have yourself a nutritious, delicious lunch or snack. Can't go wrong for just 200 calories (the whole cup). Heck, you could even add a handful of your own crushed tortilla chips and still have a lo-cal, good-for-you meal.
506087506087B000FFRTVIALPH9BXNWKMGYAmber0051349049600Yummy!My husband and I got these soups and were very pleased with them. Its nice to have a healty product also be delicious!
506098506098B000FFRTVIA391RJ8646SYY1Tom Barrister0041261267200Good flavor for a vegan productThis is a generic review of all Dr. McDougall RightFoods food cups, not this specific one.

UPDATE Feb 6, 2012: Right-foods was bought-out by another company. While the ingredients are still vegan, they aren't always organic anymore.

I've been a customer of Dr. McDougall's Rightfoods for the past five years. During this time, I've bought and tried every food cup that they offer. The food cups are good for a quick snack or poured over pasta, rice, bread, or a baked potato. The food cups are a bit pricy, but that's to be expected for a vegan, mostly-organic product that appeals to a relatively small market.

Preparing a food cup is easy. Boil water, fill the cup to the line, stir, and let it stand for five minutes. The cups (containers) themselves are 100% "food grade", meaning that no nasty chemicals are used in making them. In each cup are the freeze-dried product (i.e. rice, vegetables), and a separate, sealed flavor packet (i.e. spices) in powder form. The latter is a very good idea, as it keeps the powder mositure-free. The ingredients are vegan (no animal products), often (but not always) organic (the product will be marked as organic if it is), low-fat, and moderately low in sodium. Each flavor tastes more or less like what each represents.

Understand that you won't be getting restaurant quality food here, nor will it be as good as homemade. Neither is practical in a mass-produced freeze-dried product. However, the taste is good under the circumstances. My advice is to go to your local specialty foods store (many full-service supermarkets carry these---Wal Mart, of course does not) and buy one cup of each flavor to find out which you like. If that's not possible, I would recommend buying only one case (6 cups) of each that interests you.
506088506088B000FFRTVIA3IPSHGBM41YAGBen0041340755200Good Veggie Soup!finding vegetarian "ramen-style" easy-soups ain't easy, so I was happy to find these. The price is about the same as my local Co-op (which I found them at later) so I probably won't by them on amazon again.

Good enough to keep by my desk when I forget my lunch. Easy to make with boiling water. This flavor is allright, tho kinda watery for me. I prefer the Black Bean one better.
506089506089B000FFRTVIAPGQ01TK0P3UQPip0021329782400Very Bland even hot sauce didn't help! lolI am giving this 2 stars because some people like bland food, but for me it has no flavor. I loaded it with hot sauce and it still did not help it out at all, lol! If you are diabetic or don't eat much salt this will be for you~ :)
506099506099B000FFRTVIA3NITES609Z2LNJenn L0041235001600Okay..I like this product but it is not the best. The vegetables tend to be dry and it can be gritty if you do not stir it around. I am on a gluten free diet, so I guess I can't be too picky. I prefer the pad thai flavor (also, more filling) but I still order this for variety.
506090506090B000FFRTVIACM14APG4GC9IMiché0011329523200Disgusting and Soggy Tortillas
506091506091B000FFRTVIAGXYIAC3USOM2pezman0051328832000McDougall's Tortillia SoupI have tried many types of fast soups or noodles but...
This is the Best cup-o-soup I have ever had.
It is filling and has a fantastic flavor.
I also like to add 1 teaspoon of A-1 sause to the soup after it is ready to eat.
It adds a little zing to a already great soup.
Give this one a try!!!
506100506100B000FFRTVIA9079SQDB6AOKAlison Whitson "Ali"5811223424000GrittyI've tried and liked other McDougall's soups, but this one was awful. The beans and vegetables were still way too hard after letting set for double the suggested time. Also, it was extremely gritty, like there was dirt in it! I threw it out after two bites because I thought I might break my teeth out on the grit. I recommend the Miso soup and Vegetarian Chicken Ramen... maybe they just haven't worked out issues with the dehydrated beans?
506092506092B000FFRTVIATMMHGCOW9BDVCarly Bob0031326758400Eh..I was really hoping this would be tastier than it is...Not terrible but definitely not a favorite. By the time it's ready, all the tortilla chips go completely mushy...not really my thing :(
506093506093B000FFRTVIA24UVSID9TS8FWBlack Hills Lady0051324166400My new favorite!I was looking for some new items to add variety to my daily lunch routine and came across Dr. McDougall's items. As they seemed to be reaonsable insofar as calories and sodium, I gave this one and the Black Bean & Lime Soup a try. The Black Bean is plenty thick and but is unremarkable when compared to other black bean soups I've enjoyed in the past (I'm adding seasoning to kick it up a bit). But this Tortilla Soup has a seasoning mix that absolutely tickled my taste buds and left me wanting for more (though I did find it plenty filling)! I'll now certainly look forward to those days when my lunch rotation turns back to the Tortilla Soup--as I said, my new favorite!
506094506094B000FFRTVIA340T3DDR0ZTZ6T. Littleton "Corndotz1"0041313280000YummyI love this soup. It is necessary to let this soup sit for 10 or 15 minutes after heating it to make sure all the vegetables are fully cooked. It is amazing how tasty these vegan products are. One container is not really two servings, as indicated on the label. It is a very filling serving for one person, but it is low calorie, low sodium, low fat and vegan.
506095506095B000FFRTVIA3TI4WWZJQ94ZBJGJoy0031312329600Extremely blandThe ingredients and ease of preparation are great, but it's just too bland. To me, it's inedible without adding salt and hot peppers of some sort. I didn't have a problem with the texture, and the ingredients are great. But I can't recommend it because of the underwhelming taste.
506096506096B000FFRTVIA2M8K7Y89HNBQA. Dey0051305763200Full of flavor and freshnessI was hesitant to buy this because other reviewers had said it was bland, but boy were they wrong. This soup is packed with flavor. It was super delicious. You can taste the tomatoes separately and the spices taste really fresh. I loved this and will continue to buy it. I buy McDougall's soups and breakfasts for work and they are fantastic for ease of preparation and filled with flavor.

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