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506101506101B000FFRTVIA37GDOUVSLWLLJables1211319068800Yuck!This soup tastes terrible and looks like hamster food mixed with water. I would never recommend this to anybody. I'm very disappointed.
506102506102B000FFRTVIAVZB9SGVE1APFComfortFirst1231279411200a nice tryNot the usual spin on tortilla soup, but a great alternative to high fat and sodium varieties.
506103506103B000FFRTVIA3UB9LNE9X1LTBM0151296172800A+I've lived on TexMex and New Mexican foods. There is no sacrifice when consuming this product. It is very good. It has a nice flavor w/o being too hot, it is seasoned nicely w/o being overpowering. It is just right.
506104506104B000FFRTVIA3LF2SJ3U6LADUANK1311314230400Beware of the odd tasteI bought this product along with Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Vegan Curry with Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf and Dr. McDougall's Hot & Sour Noodle Soup and I must say that I waste my money behind Dr. McDougall's products. All three products I bought taste very awful and worst food I have ever ate so far. I have never experienced this kind of bad taste in my life. Now I going to throw out all 15 cups. if McDougall can give me money back I for sure return all my items.
506105506105B000FFRTVIA2245BFM3BFKA3A. Parsons1541174089600Spicy!I'm so used to watered-down "spicy" in Pennsylvania I wasn't prepared for this. It's not burning hot, but it's spicy enough that my nose was running. That said, I still like it. The tortilla basically turns into a grit on the bottom of the soup cup, but it still tastes quite good and it's great for taking on-the-go.
506106506106B001NCKEDMA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"1111239667200YukI fear that I must report that my experiences with this product mirrored another reviewer's here. I too ordered this stuff through a local store, for a party I was giving. It arrived and it was a complete disaster. My friend and I tried some (thank goodness) before the event and it was horrible. I am not sure what they did to this poor fish, but what ever it was should be illegal. There was a definite overwhelming after taste that took four brushings and a half a bottle of Listerine to somewhat erase. It had sort of a chemical flavor to it. The fish was very poorly prepared and had the consistency of mush smothering corn husks. I fed a portion to the five feral cats that live on our street and they would have nothing to do with it either. Now this is not a lot of money for this product, but you certainly would expect more.
506107506107B001NCKEDMA3C4P61UFJM0PMK-Squared "KK"1111232755200Blech!I love salmon. Fresh salmon, smoked salmon, any kind of salmon. So I was pretty psyched when I ordered the Norwegian Hot Smoked Peppered Salmon from the Gourmet Food Store. Unfortunately, this salmon should have stayed in Norway. It was terrible. Dry in the middle, overly moist on the edges, it formed a gummy paste with every bite. Add to the fact that while it had some kind of colored sprinkles on top it was, by no stretch of the imagination "hot" or peppered. (Smoked yes. I'm still tasting the overwhelming smoke flavor and I'm sure I will be tasting it for the next few days...) Especially for the price, this salmon is a terrible disappointment.
506108506108B0014136DMA2W8LHCNBFBG0FJ. Cooney "Green Tea GuRu"0151231804800Japanese Loose Leaf Green TeaThis is just what I thought it would be. I purchased this as a gift for my boss for Christmas and he and his family really enjoy it.
506109506109B0011FKT68ASLGSORFY81B0Kevin Riggle2231275350400okay, possibly underripeI bought these to snack on while studying. They're edible and a good sugar delivery mechanism. Something about them -- the variety of mango used, the drying process, or (my guess) starting with underripe mangoes makes them smell and taste... green. They're not particularly flavorful. I much prefer Phillipine brand, myself, with SunMaid a close second -- much closer to the flavor of actually eating a good ripe mango.
506110506110B002Q6WX10AHWEI4IDWY9LSmy5651311379200Great giftI ordered this to be delivered as a birthday gift for someone whom I knew loves Starbucks coffee & tea. Never saw it, but received big thank yous from the recipient & family who were very pleased with it. No issues with the vendor - went out on time & arrived within their stated date range.
506111506111B002Q6WX10A1VXYRK0KWUDP4Sara0051338249600YUMMMGot this for valentines day for my coffee enthusiast husband. He loved it. there was two of all the individual things it was the perfect little gift for both of us. the cups are bigger than normal tiny cups. I can't stand a 4-6oz coffee cup. these are 8. everything tasted wonderful just like i got it from starbucks
506112506112B002Q6WX10A2ITEFSXGHDI1QSarah A. Frazier0051327104000Was a Gift for my Mother and She love it!I bought this as a gift for my mother and she loved it! Had her favorite coffee, she loved the mugs and the chocolate too that came with it. Well she's not really a chocolate person. I ate most of the chocolate lol. We both approve of this product!
506113506113B001EPQYP0A3PZNO3WOTMZR4midwestguy "midwestguy"0051270252800Good StuffI enjoy both the Avid Norquist Classic and Mellan coffees. The Classic is somewhat lighter, and since I prefer darker roasts, I actually favor the Mellan. However, the Classic is a very nice change every now and then. As for the service I would rate it as excellent - it seem to actually arrive several days before I thought it would.
506114506114B001EPQYP0A1QQ5CRXY5H4OHV0051266969600Really good coffeeIt is for everybody who likes medium roast European coffee.
Good for french press.
506115506115B001SB0XRUA1OBN39KSS5Z8RJohn4451282521600A PREMIUM PRODUCT WITH GREAT PACKAGINGI meant to buy Coco Lopez and accidentally picked this up. I am not disappointed. It's packaging is great, just like a squeeze bottle of ketchup, and it doesn't require refrigeration. But best of all. I couldn't tell any difference in my smoothie in which I've always used Coco Lopez.
506116506116B001SB0XRUA33K5BB89DOXMPthe old man1151309910400Great creamy tasteI bought a case of this last year and it arrived in a timely manner. This product makes smooth creamy pina coladas every time. The bottle is more convenient than a can, as you just simply snap the lid closed and it's ready for next time. You only need to refrigerate this item if you plan on leaving it out for more than a week. We use Malibu rum when making the coladas which just makes them even better.
506117506117B001SB0XRUA1P086IKE1LIAMcocktail mistro0311334620800cocktail mistroProduct was dark when opened and very watered down. Complained to the company but no response. Do not buy this product there is better product out there
506118506118B001SB0XRUASVOTLEWRPJE4Dan0911308182400Non Responsive CompanySent company an email requesting why it was taking so long to ship my item...No response. Sent a second email and still got no response. This company is very unprofessional and I will never buy from them again!! BEWARE!
506119506119B002RJB2TAA3TU3XWGVU3YSGD. Donnell "Make -up Junkie"0051271203200Great taste & value!I purchase this rub from Barry Farm once just to give it a try, & now I'm so glad that I did. It has a mixture of brown sugar, sea salt, chilli powder, paprika, & organic black pepper. It's an excellant marinade for the brisket and helps tenderizes also. I'm glad Barry Farms puts this spice in a bottle instead of the little plastic bags. Love it, and highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.
506120506120B002ND6S30A36K8DLXYRUMBRAmber M. Anderson1151270512000#1 favorite salt everIf I knew I couldn't get more, no one but me would be allowed to use's that good! It's got such a fantastic delicate shape and flavor...almost sweet and it crunches so lovely. Great on everything, especially on bread or toast and pasta.

If I could only have one salt in my kitchen (ha, ha...) other than my every day koshering salt, this would be it.
506121506121B002ND6S30A2FIZ75BHZKFL7flower girl0051285718400Very Nice!This is a very good product! It really is flaky, as opposed to some of the other hard textured sea salts. It still has a nice, light crunch, and is great on a salad with a vinagrette dressing, or crusty bread dipped in olive oil. I would add it to a seafood dish as well. The texture is very unique, and a good addition to a sea salt collection.
506122506122B0034ZYJ6OA1NZNKCJHGPMFERah Lee Mac "Mac Man"0051331942400Movie Time, On TimeItem arrived sooner than expected. I am very happy with the shipment and the merchandise. Merchandise was wrapped very professionally. Very delicious
506123506123B000928T9IAD1G8HEJ3DILIAlexandra Lee "Opinionated Lady"4451209686400Perfection in Cake FormI sampled this cake as offered from Biscoff 1 month ago and fell in love. It is extremely moist and is most delicious when sliced thin to accompany a cup of coffee. The ingredients are perfectly blended as no one taste is overpowering, but you are able to taste each individual ingredient. If you are looking for a great coffee or tea accompaniment, please give this cake a try!
506124506124B000928T9IA1VT0SJZ85V3LJKristina2251234915200So this is how I got fat...This is the moistest, most delicious cake in the world. if you like almond tarts, marzipan, that kind of taste, you will be in love with this cake. Normally I think packaged cake is awful, by the way. This one is amazing.
506125506125B004FH8JGQA2K8QH6K647EZ2C. L. McCauley0041342656000A safe rawhide chew!We have a toy poodle and he loves rawhide chews. At first we bought the little ones with the ends tied in a knot, but as he got older he could chew the knot off and he would swallow them. Had a near death experience where it caused an intestinal blockage and that ended that - no more knotted bones!

Searched high and low and couldn't find a chew that didn't come apart in chunks. These bones just slowly wear down and keeps Teddy happily chewing for days. When it gets to a certain size I just toss it so he can't swallow it. Now we're both happy!

I would have given them five stars, but they are made in China and that causes me some concern, but I can't find one Made in USA that is made this way.

I highly recommend this product.
506126506126B003Z6W3LKA2VEXGHZN55VJMG. Recipient0051348185600GOOD JUICE.This welch's red grape juice is very good.
It has a really delicious grape flavor and is nice and fresh.
we freeze it in the summer and make healthy grape popsicles.
506127506127B004XVZACAA3JEZDADG4F6VEJohn Washington "GT Racer"0041342051200Great CoffeeIf you like folgers but your significant othter has issues in the measuring department this is the product you need. It makes a great pot of 10 cup coffee. The wife and I drink a pot a day. This makes it easy for planning jsut cut the bag and put in filter. It makes 42 pots of coffee so for us thats less then a dollar a day.
506128506128B004Y332AOA17O9AHKHK66AIL. Gildart0041328140800Apparently, it's deliciousI would give this food five stars if it were priced just a little bit more reasonably. I've got a feral queen who's dealing with CRF (kidney failure), and I'm at the point where I'm thrilled with any food that she will eat and that doesn't make her immediately sick. So far, she eats this right up and keeps it all down. Two for two. But cat food really shouldn't cost more than a can of premium human-grade tuna fish.
506129506129B00852YW7MA2ZI5EAO8C66PELi'Laqua Well0051350864000My Romancei discovered this product 15 years ago and have bought it by the case since > i cannot be without it! not only deliciously spicy-hot > but sooo flavorful! i eat it on hot cereal (along with nutritional yeast, tahini, coco nut butter, and a splash of umi vinegar!) all soups, tofu, stir-fries, steamed vegies, mixed with tahini and miso for a deeply satisfying spread > i have shared many a jar with a variety of folks over the years of my addiction > and every one has said it is the most delicious spicy condiment ever tasted! i keep a jar of youki in my car > i do not leave home without it! when i ran out recently, living on the hiwai'ian island of kaua'i, i had to enlist my daughter to send me some from washington dc > no problem finding it there! my local korean import shop cannot get it from their supplier anymore so i am having to order it on-line! also the large 7oz size appears to be no longer available! i cringe to even imagine what would happen to me should youki become impossible to find! horrors! ah, but heaven for now!
506130506130B005HQVEXOAA5H4VV4WFV9Hsherry wiseman1151317340800Refreshing Light Sangria...This Arbor Mist Sangria is a lovely light refreshing Sangria....
It has a freshing delightful taste.
I freeze a glass of the Sangria everyday & eat it as a slushy every night...
It's fun & refreshing...Try it...You will love it...

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