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506290506290B000UXY2EMA35N7XFUPBTEXRL. Shelton "Dr. French"2351238371200Delicious!Anchovy-stuffed olives are the best stuffed olives of them all, and no, the anchovy cream has a very mild taste and does NOT taste as strong as the canned anchovies you put on pizzas. A perfect balance between the saltiness of the olive and the creaminess of the filling. These are my husband's favorites, and he doesn't even like anchovies!
506291506291B000UXY2EMA9DCI54KVZKN8David C. Alley0051350604800Roland stuffed olivesI used to get these from my brother who was working in Spain and would bring them back. Went into withdrawal when he moved back to the states. These are the real deal and with prime not too expensive. I love the flavor on salads, so I buy salad olives and use a can of these to marinate the cheaper (already slice) salad olives. Works great.
506292506292B000UXY2EMA15D3TG0C7GUWDC. Kucic0051344729600Just like in Basque CountryAfter reading several mixed reviews I decided to try these. These olives taste great. You will not see any pieces of fish inside. These taste just like Espanola olives you buy in Spain. They have similar taste to the ones you buy in pinxto (tapas) bars in basque region of Spain/France. A great snack!!
506293506293B000UXY2EMA1C9GNT3ZXJAOGkarcone "karkar"0051324684800Awesome olivesI am happy to get this online nad shipped, my daughter loves these and we go thru them pronto,
so good many thanks and good product and shipping
506294506294B000UXY2EMA7CU8LJ2MNBYPDavid J. Atkinson "David"0051319241600I'm an addictYears ago on a visit to Spain with my wife we discovered manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies. When you can find them (the ones from Spain, nowhere else), BUY THEM. They are an exceptional appetizer and a tasty snack that is good for you! How special is that?
506295506295B000UXY2EMA3T6AKNRHE6ON6travel gal0051309564800Best olives ever....My husband and I traveled to Spain and we enjoyed olives with all our meals.... they were great tasting... finally I got someone to tell me what made these green olives so different... they were stuffed with anchovies... can not be... I don't eat anchovies... but that was it... and we were hooked.... so glad to find them we never go without them in our house... and each time I taste them they take me back to Spain and a wonderful trip....
506296506296B000UXY2EMA1YE4BSKOM5ZCDKees Vanprooijen "Kees van Prooijen"0051306281600great findOlives like these were our favorite at the olive stand on the "Albert Cuyp" market when we still lived in Amsterdam. So happy I found these online.
506297506297B0027EJM10AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson7751265241600Experience the Taste!Some time ago, my wife came home with a small container of Mediterranean Sea Salt. I was somewhat taken back by the price, but it was an excellent salt, of that there was no question. Well, that salt is now almost gone, but we were wandering down the spice isle in our local warehouse store and there was a grinder/bottle of Kirkland Signature Mediterranean Sea Salt. Well, we just had to try it. As for the cost, the Kirkland salt was under half the cost on a per ounce basis.

The Kirkland Signature Mediterranean Sea Salt is excellent. The flavor is bright and crisp and wonderful, just like the other sea salt we had. It's just marvelously salty! I wondered, what makes this stuff so good? After all it's just salt and salt should taste like salt no matter what. Yet, this Mediterranean Sea Salt is markedly better than our Diamond Crystal Salt which we have generally used for cooking as well as a table salt. Well, I looked at the Diamond Crystal list of ingredients. In addition to salt, there's sodium silicoalluminate, dextrose, potassium iodide and sodium bicarbonate listed. Well, no wonder the salt tastes different! The Diamon Crystal salt is full of additives! I suppose Morton's is the same way, although I've not had a chance to check it. The only ingredient listed on the Kirkland Signature bottle is Mediterranean sea salt.

Well, we're planning on using this as a table salt from here on out. Once you've experienced the taste, you just can't go back. Try it. You'll lke it.

Gary Peterson
506298506298B0027EJM10A3M5WMS1ZEI98UL. Brown1151298937600Very good flavorI saw these at a friends house, and tried them....The flavor and freshness of the condiments (salt and pepper) is wonderful...very good.
506299506299B0027EJM10A3OM2ZYN3IOJITcanadianconsumer0031339545600Kirkland Sea Salt GrinderThe salt is passable, but there is no indication of its provenance on the label.

That is: where does the salt come from? From 'the Mediterranean' perhaps, which is somewhat large body of water.

Otherwise, it's a handy implement to have around - the grinder is built right in to the top of the plastic container of salt and it works very well. It's easy to 'grab for' when you're in a hurry or doing a time-sensitive cooking operation that needs salt 'lickety-split'.
506300506300B0027EJM10A38GPJ7GC707F5PhotoVirginia1511319673600Was broken when received product...I really like this product but was very disappointed that it was broken when it came. I can still use it but I bought both the pepper and salt so they would match and one of them has tape on the top of it now. It was just too much trouble to send it back when I still could use it. The Sea Salt itself is amazing, I use it for everything.
506301506301B000JSSNW0AAG231B9RSSINDarby7741208304000Loose 'English Breakfast' style Tea (assam), at a good priceIf, like my wife and I, you're blessed with soft tap water, and like a good robust "English Breakfast Tea", I've found that this blend (mostly dark assam) is a pretty decent choice, and a good value. I believe it's packaged by the same company that makes "PG-Tips" in the handy pyramid bags. The quality is comparable. I generally buy the brooke bond loose for making everyday tea by the pot, and I buy pg tips pyramid bags for travelling.

Anyway, I buy the Brooke Bond loose on a regular basis - either online, or at a local indo-pakistani grocer. I've also bought the Taj Mahal label by the same company, but they appear to be interchangeable, and differ only by the art on the box. The loose tea is in small granule form, and comes sealed in a foil pouch, for freshness ... it's not flushed with neutral gas, and they dont vaccum pack it because they dont want to crush the tea, but otherwise the quality is pretty decent. It comes in a variety of sizes, buy the most common size I buy is 900 grams (2 lbs) or 1800 gr (4lbs).

The resulting tea is not quite as floral as some assams I've had (hey, it's bulk tea), and there's often a modest amount of tea dust in the bottom of the pouch, but the dust is easily removed by pouring the dry tea into a fine strainer, and tapping the strainer over the garbage (to winnow it), before brewing it.

In my household, I generally buy loose tea in bulk, de-dust it, then repackage it in one or more 40 fl oz glass jars using a univeral vaccum sealing lid (see Tilia Food Saver), and then I use those to periodically refill a smaller 16-24 oz convenience container that I keep near my stove, for whenever I want to brew a fresh pot of tea.

I've found that 1/4 cup of loose tea is sufficient for a 6 cup pot, and 1/4 - 1/3 cup is sufficient for 8 cups. After brewing is done (3-5 mins), I pour the brewed tea through a fine tea strainer into serving cups, and the surplus goes into a lidded glass carafe that gets stored in the fridge (after it cools) for subsequent reheating by the cup (re: microwave), or for use in iced tea by the jug (just add some simple syrup and fresh lemon juice to taste, and some optional bruised mint leaves, and you're good to go).

Bottom line - for an inexpensive loose bulk tea, this brand is very decent all purpose choice, suitable for both hot and iced tea. Recommended.
506302506302B000JSSNW0A2FV2CFZWTXSRHSameer Sharma1131300838400Too Costly, can get the same tea for $7.00 at any grocery storeYou can get the same Tea at most of the Asian Groceries at around 7 dollars. The tea is good, but at $18, its a rip off.
506303506303B000JSSNW0A3FSJSVVCG21GMA. You "lja"0051345680000Great full-bodied teaI was thrilled to find this tea. It has a wonderful robust flavor. Do yourself a favor and go to your local Indian grocer. I bought a box of this brand loose tea for $18.00 ... for a 3Lb 15oz box! I would say that is a much better buy than here!
506304506304B000JSSNW0AJDPZ3SRBU9P5David L. Gallego0051313193600GreatI have bought this product many times. Always consistent. I use it to make ice tea and it works great. Less expensive then the name brand tea bags and better quality. It is a strong tea so a box lasts.
506305506305B000JSSNW0AAJF8SZP4BESFSidd0051307836800very goodWe have bought it now 3-4 times from amazon and enjoy it everytime we buy it. If you like really strong tea, this brand will be my number one recommendation to you. Shipping and pricing is amazingly great.
506306506306B000JSSNW0A2NOW4U7W3F7RIrpv0151331596800Awesome teaThis is review for the tea, Red label tea has been around in India since ages and is awesome when fresh (make sure it is not expired). Traditional method is
-- boil water with team
-- add flavors fresh cinnamon sticks, clove, ginger
-- filter and set tea apart
-- warm 1% milk
-- add 75% mild, 25% filtered tea
-- enjoy with biscuits!
506307506307B000JSSNW0A2RWERYD80H25UChristopher Richards0141242691200Good tea, but check for freshnessI've enjoyed this tea for years. However, when I last bought some from my local Indian store I couldn't decipher the code on the box. I was looking for a "best before" date stamp and there was none. Sadly, I had to throw the tea out because it was old. I'd buy again, but only as long as I understand how fresh it is.
506308506308B005HF3XJ8A32COFN28520E0Johnny L6651319673600Quest for Great Coconut WaterRecently I've taken to trying out different brands of coconut water whenever I get a chance. Been through Goya, Taste Nirvana, Zico, and One, then I found Mira Azul which is my favorite. It is the perfect level of sweetness that the others didn't have. I would say De Mi Pais, an obscure brand I found in a latino grocery store in Brooklyn, is close, but borders on too sweet.

I found Azul at my supermarket in a glass bottle (like Orangina) and was addicted. It should be known that the water in this can tastes not as good as in the glass.. less sweet.. but it's still a great enough taste that I don't mind it.
506309506309B005HF3XJ8A3RJXL5O42WXMRS. Saiauskie "SandyCane"2251332374400Wow! :)I tried this coconut water and it is great! I had some family over this past weekend and we all enjoyed drinking Mira coconut water while outside on the deck. I have tried other coconut waters and this one is by far the best, and it has less calories and sugar than the other brands!
506310506310B005HF3XJ8A36S1JDGK0LOGCJames Cai1151339632000Best coconut water ever!!!!!!I've tried different types of coconut water, and I have to say that this is by far the best in terms of its taste, sweetness and pulp, which some people dont like. But I don't really mind having the pulp since it makes the coconut water taste like "coconut". A big thumb up for those who play sports and want to stay hydrated during any regular routine work!!!
506281506281B001LQPW9GA33NA08NRM2NUDStephany Ray "Goddess"0051259712000pasta loverAfter researching the best tasting, organic pastas, I found MonteBello. Everything I've tried of theirs- organic capellini & the organic fusili was absolutely delicious. This is now the only brand pasta I will buy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
506282506282B000UXY2EMA2032LF6FWWK8EJay Riemenschneider5551255737600If you are looking for anchovies, look elsewhere.Sounds from my title that I am going to trash these olives. I love green olives and the anchovies just sounded worth trying. They honestly don't taste like there are any anchovies in there. Even when I pick out one of the things they claim are anchovies, they don't really taste much like anything. The olives more than make up for any lack of stuffing. Some green olives are fairly firm and kind of bitter. These are soft and buttery with a mild flavor. And they are some of the best olives I have had. The cans are kind of small as they are only 3 oz.
506283506283B000UXY2EMA3505MH7AUIGUWcentrarchus4451280188800Roland anchovy stuffed olivesI was introduced to this product at Central Grocery, New Orleans where I bought a huge can. They are simply superb in the small cans, too. I use them in salads, martinis, and just as a "toothpick" appetizer.

The olives are less salty than most pimento stuffed olives but with the subtle kick of anchovy paste in the center.

Taste sensation. Try a flat. I give the small cans as gifts. Bargain on Amazon.
506284506284B000UXY2EMA1YXYGI70RVOU3Frank Halstead "Old Guy"3321268352000DisappointedI had hoped these oives would be similar to those I usually get in Mexico. Unfortunately they're not. These olives don't taste like they are stuffed with anchovies, they don't look or taste like they are stuffed with much of anything. The olives themselves are pretty good, but if you are looking for real anchovy stuffed olives, look somewhere else.
506285506285B000UXY2EMA395SOCRNS9S5FDENNIS CARL KESTNER1131336867200tasteless olivesRoland Anchovy olives I purchased for the zing and flavor I expected in full bodied Anchovy olives. The olives are OK for those that do not like Anchovy taste. My opinion, the olives need more Anchovy taste.
506286506286B000UXY2EMAWH94HPRD31E6terb1141336780800Roland Stuffed olivesThe olives arrived fast and were delicious. The cans are small but are perfect for one person. The best olives with anchovies are the La explandia gourmet olives in a black can. They are kinda expensive so these olives are the perfect compromise to the premium brand.
506287506287B000UXY2EMA334SQ32OI43NLSoCalCustomer1131324684800I wish these olives tasted betterI love olives, but these are not up to par. There is an aftertaste, perhaps due to the added chemicals?

The juice, however, is wonderful, so be sure to save it for a drink--I like it as is, but it would be great in a dirty martini*.

It was difficult to discern any anchovy taste (or texture), but these are quite passable with a dollop of cream cheese. It seems to cut the aftertaste.

Wish I liked them more, I really wanted to...but had I seen the ingredient list, I wouldn't have bought them.

If you love green olives and anchovies, buy some of each and stuff them yourself.

*If you're stuck with most of the 12-pack, throw a martini party, one can per drink :) Let them add their olive juice and olives. If they like olives, after the martini they will eat them :)
506288506288B000UXY2EMAW42L700P3SOOP. Billingsley1151282608000Excellent OliveAn exchange student from Spain got me hooked on these - he had his family ship them over from Spain. I've looked for them ever since...
506289506289B000UXY2EMA151AUIXYRV7KCIsabel Anschutz2351259539200the best olives everyou cannot eat just one. they are the best olives i hav ever had. try it you will like it.

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