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506382506382B001C15JCUA2ZEWPVKU60JKXdeblue2311346803200Beware! Comes from China - check out FDA websiteI cannot belive this product is still being sold at Amazon, Costco etc. The FDA has put out numerous warnings about chicken jerky treats from China. Go to their website to see. I would not feed this product to any animal. PERIOD. Yes dogs like them, but is it worth the risk? There are jerky treats made in the U.S.A. or better yet, you can make them yourself. Either in the oven or in a dehydrator. I use the oven method, cut chicken breast into strips, hang from metal scewers and bake at 200 for 4 hours and you have dried chicken jerky. Easy, less expensive and good for your pet.
506383506383B001C15JCUA1LI05UXREHI1GBaba Ganoosh0011348012800Don't risk your dog's life!Why are they still selling this stuff if it can kill your pet!?! Buy treats that are made in the U.S. or make them at home yourself. Don't give this trash to your animals.
506384506384B001C15JCUA2CJ5APOLMG1V9Chafu0031344556800UndecidedI have 3 dogs. A 2yo fox terrier, a 5yo shitzu and a 10yo cocker spaniel, all rescues. I have been purchasing this product from Costco for the past 2-3 years. I feed them one piece in the mornings for break fast. I have not noticed any negative side effects. The two younger dogs love the treats but the older cocker is not so enthusiastic anymore. Maybe she knows something I don't. I have even tried them myself and they are not bad, although it does say "Nor for human consumption" on the bag. I have often wondered what it is about them that makes them "unfit" for human consumption!

I have read a lot of reports here stating that their dogs started to vomit or have bloody stools after consuming them. I have noticed that the treats are quite hard and difficult to chew. Most dogs do not bother to chew anyways, especially something as delicious as a piece of chicken, so could it be that they are swallowing the treats whole and this is what is causing the distress? This is a reasonable hypothesis and should be studied further. It's hard to believe that Costco would sell a knowingly tainted product so for the time being I will proceed with caution.
506385506385B001C15JCUA3CCEPOWN5KAMSReader0011343692800Risky - irradiated chicken jerky from ChinaI was fooled by the "100% Natural Ingredients" (given you can label almost anything "natural") and the "Premium dog treats" so clearly labelled on the packaging.

Google: FDA cautionary alert for chicken jerky made in China. Look online and you will see many complaints concerning this and similar products.

I bought a bag of this without doing any research. I think that vendors that continue to sell product this despite the FDA alert are acting very carelessly. Although my small puppy didn't show symptoms after two pieces of jerky, I will not feed any more of it to him. In fact, I gave puppy a course of Denosyl and milk thistle, to help support his liver function just in case it was compromised - with the prior approval of my vet. You should check with yours.

Nutramax Denosyl for Small Dogs and Cats, 90mg - 30 Count

Herbsmith Milk Thistle Herbal Blend for Dogs and Cats, 75 grams
506386506386B001C15JCUA3CE84JB2Z577UVBL "mom"0011338249600Don't risk your pet's life with these "treats"We just put our 9 month old puppy to sleep Monday from kidney failure. Two days in ICU with aggressive treatment but couldn't pull through. After trying to figure out what the cause was, our vet asked if we had fed him chicken jerky from China. That was the only thing we could come up with that could have caused this. And we have come across many postings complaining about this specific product. For those commenting on portion control: he weighed 45 lbs and the recommended amount for his weight was 3 treats a day. At most he was fed only one a day, if that. Why would you ever risk feeding your pet these treats when there is a chance that they are unsafe?
506387506387B001C15JCUA30A8EDX754O55Jim R. Hughes0051335225600chicken jerkyI think this is a great product at a great price. My dog (large over 90 lbs.) has consumed this product for 2 years with no problems and much enjoyment. In fact I've even had a client from my fishing guide business eat a couple of em out of the lunch cooler (I'd packed the treats for the dog) and report they were not bad but could use some more salt.
506388506388B001C15JCUA3BNS1LS9ZUOETotg0051303171200Chicken JerkyThe product serving size doesn't seem to be as standard as I remember the Costco ones, but I and my pup both like being back. And I will be back.
506389506389B001C15JCUA3LOS21GAFJ4R6Izzy0051281744000Izzy' treatsI started buying this product at Costco and they stopped carrying it and then I found it at! My baby "Izzy" won't eat any other treat except this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
506390506390B001C15JCUAJG74M1DMKQERmame0051278288000yumMy little old adoptee doxie absoltely loves these treats.! I have rewarded him with one a day for the past three years with no bad heath effects.
506391506391B001C15JCUA2XS47PLY6ITGGRichard0051277769600Wonderful productMy dogs love them. I have five dogs in my house, and I have tried all sort of treats for them before, so far this one is the best. My dogs just go crazy for these jerky. I feed them once a day, about one bag a day... Highly recommended!!!
506392506392B001C15JCUAE169VRY0N31KP. Maynard0051270857600Oreo's MomOreo loves them. That is all I needto know.He also have a sensitive stomach and he has no problems with this product.
506393506393B001C15JCUA3QCMQD3GF3LY2Melissa "discriminating taster"0051270684800Good treatsThis is a big package with lots of jerky treats. My dogs love them.
506394506394B001C15JCUA2K1XX14JZUI30MD1211346544000DO NOT BUY! LINKED TO HUNDREDS OF DOG DEATHS!Just go to this article [...]

Also google this issue.

The Chinese company that made this product will not allow the FDA to obtain a sample to be submitted to a test facility, they insisted that it be tested in labs only in China.
506395506395B001C15JCUAP0DI0EB0Q9RCR. Preston "bchlvr"1211346371200NEVER BUY THESE!!!PLEASE do your homework... any chicken treats or any treats at all for that matter that are made in China are sure to get your dog sick and possibly kill him/her! As one reviewer mentioned... just google chicken treats from China and you will find hundreds of articles linking the terrible treats to kidney failure and ultimately death! The FDA is sure to eventually ban these from being sold. I was guilty myself of buying these treats made in China until I started hearing of all the deaths and did some research. I threw away what I had left immediately! I was fortunate to find a replacement chicken treat made in the USA and my dogs are crazy about them! I may pay a bit more for them but it's certainly worth it knowing that they're safe and seeing how much my dogs absolutely love them. I highly suggest them... Bodo's Yum Yums... 100% pure chicken breasts with no additives made in the USA. I found them online at [...]. If you don't get those than at least make sure that whatever you do choose to get for your dog is not made in China!!!... only the USA.
506396506396B001C15JCUA1ZB7K3R7SZDG3Tif1211345766400My Dog is ill from this jerkyI am devastated. Tuesday night, I fed my dog this Kingdom Pets jerky and shortly thereafter, about an hour, she started vomiting. I was up with her all night. Shortly after vomiting she started having bloody diarrhea. I didn't know what to do. I do not have money for a vet. I started googling the symptoms and was shocked to find out about the jerky. Yesterday, Thursday, she seemed to be better and was wagging her tail and then today she is vomiting and listless, again. I am so sad. She is like my child.
506397506397B001C15JCUA1TI7YOM5BFQX9Pepper1251330387200They're great.I have been feeding these treats to my dogs for several years without any problems. I have two dogs, 60+ pounds, who get one to two treats a day. They love them and have never had any vomiting or bloody diarrhea issues related to the treats. I don't know if people are feeding them to much, or if the dog is swallowing the treat to quickly and it scraps the esophagus, or maybe the specific dog had a difficult time digesting all the protein. Of note, if the bag is left open to air, the treats do get very hard quickly, maybe that is part of the problem.
Anyway, love the treats - not thrilled they are made in China, but what isn't these days. I have done some research on the products as well. On the products website they have put copies of their inspection reports. Also, after reading many replies from Costco (who carries this product), they do testing on the product not only in China, but once it is in the USA as well.
As for the 70 dogs killed, I could never find an accurate source to verify that. All I see is the rumor mill which went crazy reporting the 70 dead dogs.
506398506398B001C15JCUA3OYX56JBS5YA5Carl Melville "^Carl."1211322870400My Greyhound loves theseIGNORE MY PREVIOUS REVIEW BELOW: This product is from China and was among Chinese pet food products to be found UNSAFE for your pet. If you have any, return them to the merchant. Do not feed them to your pet.

---- old review begins here ---
I have one of the pickiest eaters you could imagine. She likes very few treats. She loves these.

At 74 pounds, she a big female Greyhound. We watch her weight carefully. She's within ounces of her track weight - which is important for joint health. It's another reason we like these treats.

Since they are made from sweet potatoes and a bit of chicken jerky, they are healthier than most other pre-packaged treats you can give a dog. (I've toured pet food plants - you have no idea how low the standards are for on non-human foods)

By contrast, these treats are of a very high quality. I've read a few other reviews here and it seems like some pets had a bad reaction to them. Every dog is different, but mine has no problem with them at all. They are by far her favorite treat.

My Costco used to sell them but stopped carrying them. Luckily they are on Amazon.

Give them a try.
506399506399B001C15JCUA13IA4SMRVBQV5Brian1211284076800PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THESE TREATS!!!!I have been feeding my puppy small amounts of these treats for about 3 months. She has had two severe bouts with diarrhea, about 2 months apart. I have had to take her to the vet, each time her tests have come up negative for anything but she was given Metronidazole and Cerenia and it helped heal her sickens. Her last case of diarrhea, was VERY severe. There was blood actually dripping out of her. I did not catch on that it was the treats until I started reading other reviews stating the same situation. Yes she love the treats but I think they definitely causes this!!! Please do not risk it.
506400506400B001C15JCUAX6NFTIRGTPIUR. Slobodnik2421233187200Stale and unusableI've used this product by this manufacturer before. The item came from the seller stale and dried out. We had to throw the entire package out. I'm giving two stars only because the product is good when fresh,the problem was with the seller. Do not buy from DAB Nutrition.
506371506371B001C15JCUAZ94YLS5XWJNVAlex Lin4551277251200Remember, everything in moderation!My dogs love these treats. "Treats" is the operative word here. I have seen terrible reviews about this product. However, my dogs have never had a problem. They have them twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. Advice: if your dog is small give smaller pieces; if your dog is large give larger pieces. Adjust accordingly. I have one of each. Everything in moderation!!!!!
506372506372B001C15JCUA1TL832V1WZ4AXCheryl L. Masters "Mrs Masters"1111344816000not "Made in USA"When I did a search on your website "chicken jerky made in USA" this product came up second on the list. When I received the package and checked it; the package states "made in China". Item description does not state "Made in China"
506373506373B001C15JCUA8A376N680VGYJanet1151335312000Kingdom Pets chidken treatsI have used these treats for years. I give them to my dogs on days that I am going to be gone longer than usual as a special treat. They love them and they are healthy.
506374506374B001C15JCUA2NUEV97Y4U355bpiraino1111331078400**WARNING** DO NOT BUYKingdom Pets Premium Dog Treats, Chicken Jerky, 48-Ounce Bag

I purchased this product at Costco and gave my 8 lb toy fox terrier one.I would like to mention that I gave her one that was much larger in size than normally. Two days later my dog was diagnosed with high toxic levels within her liver and also has pancreatitis. Have no idea if she will make it. I just got off the phone and they assured me that their product is safe and harmless to animals...REALLY.............REALLY...... They told me that their product would never effect the animals liver. The packaging Lot No.# VWKPCK03NO38.

We live in a world of "take no responsibility" and "nobody cares"

The packaging is very deceiving to say the least. "No artificial colors, flavors". "WHOLESOME & NUTRITIOUS" .....ALL 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. ABSOLUTELY FALSE if you ask me.
506375506375B001C15JCUA16ZB3UHCYUVKAD. Cappelli "deecapp"1111329782400Imported from ChinaYour dog may love this treat but the product is made in China and could possibly be slowly poisoning your beloved pet (see: [...] or[...]). The back of the bag states it's made in China even though the search criteria I used on this web site was "Chicken treat made in the USA". This has been an ongoing problem for a least two years but the FDA has not yet made a decision (they're very understaffed and under budgeted). Do more research before you buy this product -- take a look at this web site <[...]>. It's better to be safe than sorry -- and your pet depends on you to make choices in his/her best interest.
506376506376B001C15JCUA35RHWIJQ7JLIQlalique1151329436800bewareKingdom chicken jerky dog and cat love them . I thought this was made in usa when I went to the web site. I just read the news article about Chicken Jerky Treats made in China causing animal deaths. Im stuck with this since I dont want to hurt my animals.

I purchased some from Costco, although my Aussie loved them, she started having urinary tract problems. I immediately threw out the open bag and am returning the unopened bag. I say a prayer every day, and hope she hasn't been hurt by this product.

PLEASE do NOT feed your pet anything that is made outside the USA!! There are many great products made right here in the USA, yes they may cost a bit more, but Is your pet's health and life really worth saving a few $$$?????

506378506378B001C15JCUA1X7KZT9M5PMWDAnna1111282089600Please bewareI bought these for my little West Highland because they looked so good. When I opened them I thought I would eat them because they smelled great.

These jerky strips made my dog VERY VERY SICK. I am taking him to the vet AGAIN today. He is a tough little dog. It takes a lot to cause him problems.

I started giving them to him about 3 months ago and he has not been well since. I haven't given them to him for 2 1/2 months. It took me a couple weeks to track the source to his sickness.

I posted this on my local craigslist and I received several replies regarding people who had dogs that have been very ill after eating these.

You should have the strips evaluated at a lab like I'm doing. It speaks for itself. Don't take my word for it - but your dog might wish you did!

If I can help people protect their dogs I will do it. Obviously if someone is buying these for their dogs it's because they want them to have the best! If you want that for your dog - please pass these up!

I gave this product one star because I couldn't give it zero. I guess the one star would be for the great aroma and texture of these toxic treats.
506379506379B001C15JCUA2EKQ1PR3S08FPDog's Best Friend5751264118400My pomeranian loves this stuffOk my dog goes crazy each time I walk past this bag of chicken jerky. He'll kneel and bark untill I give him his daily treat. I've purchased this product from [..] several times and they have great customer service.
506380506380B001C15JCUA3DNVK2NH1WT6KT. Mar "TerKa"5711238889600DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!I bought some of these at Costco and have been feeding my miniature dachshund these off and on in small amounts for several months. She has had several gastrointenstinal issues which we have had to take her to the vet - vomiting, diarrhea. We feed her Innova Evo and Evangers kibble so I know it's not the kibble! She just was vomiting and had diarrhea last night after giving her more than her usual amount of this product. I Googled this product and found lots of info about how it is making other dogs very ill. Some even dying! Better safe than sorry...I'm definitely reporting this and throwing it out!
506381506381B001C15JCUA1S3DCJ9T7GAKJustine A. Lee "Dr. Justine Lee"5711234569600Possible Chicken Jerky Treat RECALLI've had a client develop an adverse reaction to this product/brand. Please read the FDA warning below! I've also posted more information at:


Dr. Justine Lee
Author of "It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet" and "It's a Cat's World... You Just Live In It"

FDA Continues To Receive Complaints about Chicken Jerky Products for Dogs and Cautions Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers of a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats. FDA continues to receive complaints of dogs experiencing illness that their owners or veterinarians associate with consumption of chicken jerky products. The chicken jerky products are imported to the U.S. from China. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.

Australian news organizations report the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the chicken jerky product was manufactured in China.

FDA believes the continued trend of consumer complaints coupled with the information obtained from Australia warrants an additional reminder and animal health notification. Chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet and are intended to be used occasionally and in small quantities. Owners of small dogs must be especially careful to limit the amount of these products.

FDA, in addition to several veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the U.S, is working to determine why these products are associated with illness in dogs. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses. FDA has conducted extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified any contaminant.

FDA is advising consumers who choose to feed their dogs chicken jerky products to watch their dogs closely for any or all of the following signs which may occur within hours to days of feeding the product: decreased appetite, although some may continue to consume the treats to the exclusion of other foods; decreased activity; vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; and increased water consumption and/or increased urination. If the dog shows any of these signs, stop feeding the chicken jerky product. Owners should consult their veterinarian if signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi syndrome (increased glucose). Although most dogs appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved dogs that have died.

The FDA continues to actively investigate the problem. Many of the illnesses reported may be the result of causes other than eating chicken jerky. Veterinarians and consumers alike should report cases of animal illness associated with pet foods to the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator [...] in their state.

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