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506424506424B000PIJXA0A14F15S82DZZB6Michelle Kennedy "snarky one"2251242864000Cats go crazy for Ziwi Peak!My cats love the Ziwi Peak "Good Cat" treats. In fact, my youngest loves them so much that she will bite and destroy the bags to get to the treats. They're flat and small, like pieces of jerky, and some cats take a little time to figure out how to eat them. I've given them to friends and family with cats, and all in all, every single cat likes them...
And they're grain free, all natural treats, so you don't feel guilty about giving them to your kitties!
506425506425B000PIJXA0A2P0Y85C896QIBThomas Raven0051325894400My Cat's Favorite TreatsMy cat goes nuts for these, unlike any other treats. Oh, she'll gladly eat the other treats, but she purrs from the moment she smells these and then she sniffs around for ten minutes after she's eaten the last one, hoping to find more. The only real downside is the price, but the bag lasts quite a while if you only feed your cat a few of these at a time.
506426506426B000PIJXA0A3T7OSRKNCQM3PJen0051323475200My kitty goes nuts for these!I purchased a bag of these for my kitty to try because I liked the all natural quality of this treat. You get a fairly good portion of little jerky "bits". My cat is a pretty picky eater but absolutely LOVES his ziwipeak treats. He goes nuts if he sees one of us walking anywhere close to where we keep them, he even tries to grab the treat and the bag out of our hands as we are trying to give them to him. He would eat the entire bag in one sitting if we let him! I would recommend keeping the bag tightly sealed after opening because the portion is so large and lasts so long, I think they might start to dry out too much if not tightly sealed. This time Im ordering three bags, one of each flavor for him to try!
506427506427B000PIJXA0AIPSO41738I4IClaire C0041267401600Healthy treat?It's a pretty big bag- it'll probably last me a while since I don't give out treats too often. Little meaty bits look tasty and less "processed" than the grocery brands, which I really like.

One of my cats (4- yr old neutered male) likes it, the other doesn't (2-yr old spayed female). But then again, she seems very wary of any treats so I'm not surprised (very strange, indeed). I'll bet most cats will like it.
506428506428B000ER5D9WAHHD8KF1PTZGUwinodamo2251322524800Kiddo loves it!We use jar baby food to supplement what we make homemade...sometimes you just need the convenience. Our 8 month old LOVES this. She'll eat between a half and whole jar in the morning. Earth's Best is a great, no GMO's...all that good stuff. Every kid is different, but this one is a winner for us.
506429506429B000ER5D9WASDCYQT0UQ1ZFDanielle M. Smith "The1stdaughter"2241255824000Best Organic Baby Food by FarEarth's Best Baby Food
My favorite brand of baby food by far. Both my son (who is now over 2 years old) and my daughter (now almost one) have used a wide variety of foods from Earth's Best. I am a huge proponent of feeding children primarily organic and/or locally grown foods to promote proper nutrition and growth. But I do not feel that all organic brands are equal. I've tried many varieties (including store brands and others only available through internet purchase) and found that Earth's Best is by far the best for your money.

Fruit & Whole Grain Combo, Peach - Oatmeal - Banana
This variety was a huge hit with my son and was given to him most every day until about a year and a half. My daughter on the other hand hasn't taken to it. All children are not created equally and each has their likes and dislikes. I'm still hopeful that she'll take to this, but for now it's a no go. That's why I'm giving it four stars as opposed to five. Although, I would say this flavor is definitely worth a try for any child who has moved passed the basic stage one foods.
506430506430B000ER5D9WA34BONVNM07TRGWebmama1151326067200My boy's favorite!Very delicious and great for on the go too. Goes well with breast milk and my son just loves the taste. If he gets into one of those finicky moods, then I pull out one of these jars, warm it up quickly, and he's good to go! Sometimes, I even mix it with a bit of Earth's Best rice/oatmeal cereal to thicken it a bit.
506401506401B001C15JCUA10SJDDUG85M6MMyntsmom0151350000000Delicious treats - good for the dogsMy two chihuahuas love these treats! I like the fact that they are natural treats and nutritious. They are a little pricey but they are worth it. We have also tried other Kingdom Pet jerkies and the dogs liked them just as much as these!
506402506402B001C15JCUAEDCB80WGC768Xena &0151303084800Dogs insist on this treat!
Your dog will suffer from kidney failure! Do not buy! I started using these as training treats for my dog and within 3 day she had the most horrible kidney and bladder infection. There are also reported deaths from this so called treat. Do not buy ANYTHING that is made in China.
506404506404B001C15JCUA194ADD1IGA4REresQme0111278892800Please don't feed these to your dogs, especially small breedsMy dog became very ill from this product. There is lots of information on the web linking these treats and other brands also made in China to illness in dogs, especially small breeds. Not worth the risk!
506405506405B001C15JCUA1SKR5WXGC01VRC. Tyler0131270857600Has salt in themMy two dogs get a chicken breast filet at bedtime each night. They love them. I have tried many different brands; they love them all. This particular brand has one thing I really like; they are fairly uniform in size. However, the ingredients list vegetable glycerin which I don't see the point of in a jerky type treat but also provides some carbohydrates. This may be good or bad, depending on if you are looking for a pure protein source. The reason they get 3 stars, and the reason I probably won't buy again, is they contain salt. Why? Other brands are only chicken breast filets with no additives. And yes, they are made in China, but most are. Just have to use good sense; they are a treat and should only be a small percentage of the dog's daily intake.
506406506406B001C15JCUA2OST1P8U5RAAOEd Cline "v/r Susan"0151242777600Pet Kingdom SalesThis Seller is A+++++ Excellent and can always be depended upon. THX once again for great product and great price. v/r Susan
506407506407B001C15JCUA2LCZ3QCHCTVXRCindy M. May0141237075200Too ExpensiveThe product itself is good, the dogs love it but at Amazon they are charging way too much, plush Shipping and Handling on top of the $28 pricetag. Costco Warehouse sells the 3 lb bag for $16.99 and no shipping and handling!
506408506408B001C15JCUA3N0P5AAMP6XD2H B1351338940800Made in China, or not; My dog LOVES them!Okay, no matter what treat I bring her, sausages, hot dogs, pork hide, she ALWAYS takes these first!

I don't know why, but she prefers them over any other. My dog is a mix between a Labrador, and a black retriever.
She's 6 months old.
I guess she loves to chew on her food. These treats are dried meat, chicken hide, and other things. They're NOT dry or hard, but more like chewy hard leather!

My wife tried to taste it, she says she does not understand why the dog likes these, as they are flavorless.

A bag like this lasts us almost 5 months.

Whether or not they are made in China, or elsewhere, I really don't care.
My dog loves them, and they're tested by the food agency and inspection.

If they pass the food inspection agency of the USA, they can get imported, and will be sampled regularly. If they are found unsafe, they will be recalled. Usually you will be aware within a few weeks, to a few months. By that time you may have given her only upto a quarter of the bag.
To many it may sound like you've poisoned your dog, but that's not true.
Chances are very small you'll get your dog sick,as long as you don't feed her this instead of food, only give one or two to her a day as a treat, the levels of toxication are far below anything dangerous.

There are people freaking out that they might kill their dog, and perhaps, there is a 20% chance that your dog will die of cancer in the future because of this treat you gave her; but then perhaps that cancer could come from a barbecued hotdog too!
So either way, I'm not too worried about it. as long as it looks safe, isn't full of fungus or maggots, or weird colors, and it passes the food administration service, I'm fine with this.

Again, if you keep these to a maximum of 2, 3, maybe 4 treats a day for a large dog, the chances of intoxication are so low, that they are virtually non-existent.

My dog's happy with them, and I'm happy with them. I add them as a variety to the other treats she gets, like pork hide, cookies, and chew sticks.
506409506409B001C15JCUA1HY7TIMZRCFWUKRISTIE VARGAS1311322438400RECALL!! 70 DOGS DEAD!!!WARNING TO ALL DOG OWNERS!!!!!! I just saw this posted and I am re-posting this WARNING!!!!! It was on Fox news earlier that 70 dogs have died as a result of eating chicken jerky treats made from chicken that has come from China. Kingdom Pets brand from Costco is one of them. Also certain Blue Buffalo brand pet foods have a recall for the same thing. Please re-post and make sure all your doggie friends are aware of this....
506410506410B001C15JCUA276U0DF1GO16Rmomofmadeleine0211322179200PRODUCT RECALLEDThis brand of chicken jerky has been causing kidney failure in dogs and has been recalled as of November 2011. Do Not Buy.
506411506411B001C15JCUA2QH7U3N6D91HXJames0251304726400Pups beg for these -- no problems!I am appalled by the negative reviews of this product! I have two Jack Russell terriers and they just love these jerky strips. They each get a half strip about 2-4 times a day, and have for their entire little lives (4 years). Absolutely no problems, whatsoever. One of my Jacks is allergic to wheat and corn, so finding treats he could tolerate was a big problem. Almost all dog foods and treats have wheat flour. These jerky strips are pure chicken -- nothing else. I have given a few strips to friends for their pups, and all of them are now purchasing these treats. Haven't heard any complaints, only praise. Pups are like people -- we can't all eat the same things. I can't eat shellfish, but do I want all shellfish banned? Of course not. Just be careful with anything new that you feed your pets (or family), and respond accordingly. FDA says they have not found anything wrong with this product, and can't explain why some pet owners are reporting problems. Irradiation only kills microbes, and leaves no residual radiation in the product irradiated. Heck, almost all dogfoods are irradiated, and have been for decades. Bottom line is my pups have no problems with this product, and chances are favorable that your pups won't, either. Two thumbs up and five stars for chicken jerky!!
506412506412B001C15JCUA1257Q5S2IT3UMGeorgia Gruver "Peach 14"0211236902400This product could cause big problems!We have been feeding this treat to our dogs for about 6 months and now find that our older dog (12) has developed some liver problems which the vet says may be linked to the chicken jerky from China.
He has had 6 dogs in the last year with similar problems all caused, he believes, by the "Kingdom Pets Original Chicken Jerky" which though "distributed" by Kingdom Pets in Los Angeles, CA is actually "Made in China."
We have stopped feeding these treats and are returning them to the store where we bought them.
Even though there is no "scientific" proof as yet (the FDA is working on it,) we would rather be safe than sorry. This is why we give this product 0 stars.
506413506413B001C15JCUACI2J6Q9Y1UB2sally1451312588800These treats are not sold at Costco!!!These treats are NOT sold at Costco! So if you bought treats at Costco and they made your dog sick, then they were a different brand. Be sure to write a review for the correct product. These are only sold online or in very small pet stores.
506414506414B001C15JCUA1AY4RYEB58VMQGregory J. Campbell1411253404800Pet Health RiskWe have a dachshund mix that had a couple of seizure about a week ago. In the process of looking around for a cause, we wondered if it could be something that the dog ingested. We had been giving him the Kingdom Pet Chicken Jerky that I had bought at Costco about a month ago.

In looking at the bag, and I'm embarrassed that I didn't do this when I bought the product, I noticed that there was not a clear description of the ingredients on the bag and that the product was made in China.

In email conservations with the packager I was told that the ingredients are on the bag and that they were chicken breast, chicken and natural flavorings. This is on the bag but not as formal ingredients statement but more as marketing fluff. I had to send a second email to ask what the natural flavorings were and they came back with salt and vegetable glycerin. I was also told that the packaging conforms to standards set by the "Association of American Feed Control Officials." I looked up this organization and it appears to be a trade association with the purpose of influencing regulation concerning animals feed products.

I find it interesting that a packager that claims that their product is natural is not utilizing the marketing advantage of that fact by stating on the package exactly what the product contains and that is all that it contains. Because of the lack of disclosure and the chatter I see on the internet, it seems to me that there is something up with this product? Perhaps it is just that the packager doesn't really have any control of what goes on in China in the manufacturing process and is trying to avoid legal liability for statements on the packaging that they have no way of insuring.

The tone of the emails from the packager were defensive and my inquiries to Costco as to their policy as to the labeling of this product have gone unanswered. At any rate, we threw away the remainder of the product and our little dog has been seizure free. Not strong evidence that the product was tainted, but it makes one wonder. I will not be buying any further dog food products that are not clearly labeled or that are made in China.
506415506415B001C15JCUA3R2P2DVZMC6CLJarin0351322524800Don't listen to the misinformed massesThere have been no recalls on this product. The FDA re-released a warning about chicken treats from china. There have been no actual links made yet which is why there is no recall. Fox news reported the same thing and I doubt anyone posting here with a 1 star has actually watched the story. I encourage you to go to Fox new's website, search for chicken treats, and actually watch the story. Also I find it laughable when people say 70 dogs have died. 70 is the number of complaints the FDA has received this year of illness or death. Illness or death, which does not mean 70 dead. It means probably 68 dogs have had the runs when introduced to a new foreign food. My dogs get the runs every time they get into the cat box. Recall the cats! Anyways, it's up from 56 last year which is why they released the caution. Which is in my opinion a just in case save their bacon response. Stop listening to facebook and if you hear there is a news story go actually watch it before you flame a good product. My dogs will be getting one chicken treat each when I get home.
506416506416B001C15JCUA2MAU41V5LD2I0Danny1611304208000I laughed when it said low fat in the listIts 65% fat. This is not a healthy product for your pet. You need a lot of protein, not fat. You will make your dog very obese with this. Of course it tastes good. ITS CHOCOLATE!!
506417506417B000W738SWA2HTNVHMB7KD6EApril Woods2251272844800My Favorite Curry Powder!I adore this curry powder. If you add a little, it's not got much heat but has fantastic complexity of flavor. Beware though, the heat becomes exponential as you continue adding, so go slowly!
506418506418B000W738SWA2UWRKSQUT4KH4NJ2321257379200NOT HOT AT ALL!I ordered this product both the mild and the hot last year and they both tasted the same, mild. I loved the quick shipping but was so disappointed at the blandness and the lack of heat.
506419506419B000W738SWA54PVNTRSZ1FOMatt0021322179200Too saltyThis curry powder contains too much salt, when it should contain none. You can't use as much as you would like because it is full of salt (filler).
506420506420B000W738SWA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0051309392000A great base to start any curry adventure from.This is not designed to blow the top of your head off, you want it hotter then add more chiles.

Now, this is an island curry, not an Indian curry, so the flavor is much less complex. What you
can do is make a great mild Butter Chicken or Fish Curry with this in a snap, and just a few minor
additives. A cornerstone in any aspiring foodie's kitchen.

BTW, I make a Catfish Curry with this that is fan-f'in-tastic, and it only has 4 ingredients! I love
this powder.
506421506421B000N8ODZ2A3PPGML4MK2D40Gregory Motes "FA53"4451232236800Perfect textureThe texture and size of this salt is perfect for adding a few pinches to your cooking - and it sticks to the food you want to season. I am in Korea, and I haven't found any quality kosher salt here. I did have to get this shipped to Korea by a family member, but I was happy when it arrived - definitely adds to my cooking.
506422506422B000N8ODZ2A1OVBGVXFY0QGGCarolyn H. "Carolyn H."0031346976000Over pricedI recently purchased 2 jars of these Kosher salts and was disappointed that the jars didn't have a shaker top. Also they were not as large of jars as I thought I was getting. I realized that I paid $8.00 per pound for this salt! The salt was good but too pricey!
506423506423B000PIJXA0A3BWJUI2NCO409Liz G.2221261872000She'll eat 'em... eventually.After buying my 16 year old cat a bunch of different natural cat treats for Christmas for her to try, these were the only duds. They sounded like they'd be great but, as another reviewer pointed out, some cats have issues figuring out how to eat these - that would be my cat. She'd pick one up and it'd drop back out of her mouth onto the floor and then she'd leave it there and walk away or stare at the cabinet until I gave her something else, which is quite rare because normally she happily gobbles up most of the treats I give her right away. She also wasn't enticed by the scent of these as with the other treats I got her, where she was licking the packaging or meowing to have some, and these she seemed like she could care less. Hours later after she dropped the treats, she eventually went back and ate them but it seemed to be in a way that said, 'Meh, it's better than nothing.' I don't know if she doesn't like them because she's not used to jerky treats and will be in due time or if she just simply doesn't like the taste, but if she continues to be this unenthusiastic as we go through the rest of the package I won't buy them again.

Edited to add: After a couple more tries, my cat refuses to eat these at all. Didn't even make a dent in the package! Will give them away to another cat owner so they don't go to waste and hope they have better luck with them.

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