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506521506521B0002ARRCCA28AV3TUISLGJDCreatures "Cat friend"191911155686400Not for smart cats!I have a half-Siamese and he got the food out of the balls in record time. If you cat is smart, try plastic soda bottles with a few holes punched in them. These balls are just too easy for MENSA cats.
506522506522B0002ARRCCA2TB4E6PPJA73OCate Smith141451140652800These do the trick!Great way to limit the amount of dry food your cat eats in one sitting as he/she needs to work to get his/her food out.

Plus, it provides a bit of a challenge to them, therefore combatting having a bored kitty - a large problem with indoor cats.
506523506523B0002ARRCCA1A2JTUUKNGU4ASusan Cregg6641202256000Lots of funI agree that this isn't terribly tricky and that cats can get the treats out relatively quickly, but they still love it and get very excited when they see me filling up their "treat balls." Because of the ease of getting the food out I usually fill these up with their regular kibble and let them use it to get some or all of their morning meal-definitely more fun and more active than the usual hovering over the bowl.

Instead of giving each of my cats their own treat ball, I've started to put one treat ball out at a time-it makes it more challenging and fun for them to have to chase and battle for access to the treat ball (assuming your cats get along as well as ours do.) They make it like a game of soccer, and its very funny to see them trying to steal the ball from each other and to block the ball from being stolen while they chomp down the food that they have earned. One of my cats even has figured out how to "guard" the ball by sitting on it while he is busy eating the treat that fell out. Another has perfected the "swat".
506524506524B0002ARRCCA1J9HOVLISSS8FA. Hanson "annh53182"4451153785600Trixie would give it a thumbs up! (if she had thumbs)I bought these for my cat to play with while I am at work, and she thinks they are great! She gets very excited when I fill them up in the morning, and when I get home in the evening they are always empty. She has a great time batting them around. Highly recommended!
506525506525B0002ARRCCA1X5UPI5RXJ1PRR. Vance3351171065600Treat ballThese treat balls were intended to make my fat cat less lazy. Unfortunately, she has no interest even with her favorite treats inside. My other, more curious and active cat loves it and will roll and roll the ball until empty. Note: Don't fill up at before bed, will keep you up all night!
506526506526B0002ARRCCA3PX5KVDKCQ95DDavid G. Latour3341229990400An engaging toy for food-fixated catsSaw this at a friend's house and knew it would be great for one of our cats (he's very fond of his food). After a few minutes he had the thing figured out and was dispensing his supper gradually. A great distraction for a food oriented cat. A little tricky to fill, and dispenses small round food pellets best.
506527506527B0002ARRCCA3BSDPJQU959RBM. Woszczyna2241236124800Better than eating out of a bowlI use this with regular dry cat food instead of putting it all into a bowl. With some cat food (like the Royal Canine Allergy versions) it's not quite so trivial to get the food out - maybe 1/2 hour to get a 1/6 of a cup out of one of these. Cat seems to enjoy the activity.

With smaller round-shaped cat food (Wellness), the food comes out too easily.
506528506528B0002ARRCCA9RJF8PB4OKK6Blake Bobit4521207353600Good Idea, Bad DesignThis is a good idea for a product, but the design is poor.

After I had ordered the 2-pack for around $7 with shipping, I found a 4-pack at the 99¢ store, so I felt that I paid too much.

The design makes it difficult to put the two halves back together once you have loaded the food or treats.

I would recommend cutting a small hole in a tennis ball. That is what I have done and my cat seems to like it better.

If you still want this product, let me know, I'd be happy to send it to you for the price of the shipping.
506529506529B0002ARRCCA3V6AZKCAXWGO0Dee1131270080000Plastic too brittleI bought this because my cat likes to eat and has figured out how to cheat a non-ball type automatic food dispenser. The balls came in a package of 2 and upon trying to open one of the balls to put the treats in, the plastic broke. So, I filled the 2nd one and it took her about 5 minutes to get all the treats out. I think she enjoyed it though, so will continue to use it. Any little challenge is better than none for this smart kitty. Why do they make cat toys out of such cheezy materials?
506530506530B0002ARRCCA265YMOSDJUHKRB. Lam "nyc gurl"1131263168000Simply toy, good for a bored, food-motivated kittyI bought this as a way to get my food-motivated kitty to eat his food slower, and it does the trick. He loves this thing. As for me, I think it's a simple decent product that does what it's supposed to. The opening is relatively large, but I use it with a larger kibble like Max Cat ([...]) , or if using it with smaller kibble I use masking tape to make the opening smaller. There's a similar product on the market with a variable-sized opening thhat i haven't yet tried, but this one works fine as long as it's with larger-sized kibble. Easy to open and clean.
506531506531B0002ARRCCA1LFYHJAG0X6EHNelson Hernandez "DjNellyNel"1111249689600NOT FOR MEI tried everything and my cats didnt bother with it. They let the stuff rot inside.
506532506532B0002ARRCCA263SS73J2TTXDH. B. Luttrell1141233273600cute ideaIt's too bad that cats aren't like dogs insofar as they will rip things to shreds for treats. My cats got really bored with this after a while because not all treats fall out of the hole easily. Maybe I need to get tastier treats!
506533506533B0002ARRCCA18X3XTMEXDVU4Cat Mom1141229040000Squealer loves it!My cat loves this. It also helps her to eat a little slower so that she doesn't throw up.....I little hard to open though.
506534506534B0002ARRCCAK0CENM3LUM28Ana Mardoll1141226966400Old Cats != New TricksCat "Go, Cat, Go!" Treat Balls / B000197ZQW

I love this idea - why did I never think of this until I got a puppy and a similar toy for him? Unfortunately, my 4 year old lazy kitties don't seem as interested as I would hope - they like to eat the treats that fall out when I shake it, but they won't chase the ball themselves. Are they too dumb to figure it out? Too lazy to exert the effort? I can't tell you. I think these are a great idea, and I will definitely keep them around in case we have another younger kitty come into the household - I have a hunch that a younger kitten would go after these like crazy!
506535506535B0002ARRCCA2YLJ02DWTTYCNJoseph P Niles0051324425600fill with kitty crackjust the thing to keep that waste of fur busy for a few minutes in the morning. Place a couple of pieces of kitty crack (Bounce dry treats) in the ball and enjoy the cat getting the treat out.
506536506536B0002ARRCCA39DYVUNTMHEPKHtc1251180483200Great toy for a very good priceI bought this for my small dogs (pugs) and it works really well. Much cheaper than other treat dispensers. There are other treat balls that are better because the design allows you to control how much kibble falls out at a time but for the price, this is a great product. Would definitely recommend.
506537506537B0002ARRCCA1TUAQU0QAZ6W9Marguerite L. Holcomb0141204070400Treat BallsI purchased these little treat balls for my daughter's miniature schnouzer and he learned quickly to treat himself with these. He loves chasing them around too. Keeps him busy and out of trouble.
506538506538B0002ARRCCAKNYPOFIP0GLAJ. Poole "janet"0711230422400shipping overpricedI almost bought this for my cat i have been looking for a item like this at local stores so i placed the order and was reviewing everything i also bought several other items so did not think anything of the total until i looked at the invoice for this particular item the toy cost a 1.99 but they get you with shipping it was 6.55 bringing the total to 8.54. i thought it was overpriced and cancelled my order i guess it is buyer beware!!!!!
506539506539B005OLP7ASA2KF678T6VRD8QCampbell0051331510400Best Ever!!!This is the best low carb, sugar free, gluten free and vegan granola I have ever tasted! Unlike the other review I have eaten it. It does not cause any stomach problems at all it only has 2 net carbs! My two kids are diabetic and I can't eat gluten we love being able to eat cereal again! We highly recommend it to everyone! Simply Granola Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Vegan
506541506541B00507FBYIA38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051349136000A New Favorite!I love Matcha and I love licorice, so this flavored Matcha should be a no-brainer, right? But to be honest, not all licorice flavors are done right, and it's one of those flavors that if it's not right, it can be just WRONG.

Fortunately, Red Leaf Tea did licorice RIGHT! This is a strong, crisp, zesty licorice flavor. It's really an exhilarating flavor. As I sip it, the aftertaste reminds me very much of Altoid's Liquorice which is the strongest licorice flavored thing I've ever tasted. This nearly rivals the Altoids in strength ... but this is even better because of the Matcha. The Matcha offers its creamy consistency and slightly buttery, sweet vegetative tones to the sip, which softens the sharper notes of the licorice in a very appealing way, creating a flavor that reminds me of black Jelly Bellys ... as if someone took black Jelly Bellys and liquified them and stirred them into a bowl of Matcha.

It is so good. If you like black licorice, you should try this. If you are a black licorice fiend like I am - you've GOT to try this ... this may just be my new favorite source of black licorice flavor, not to mention my new favorite flavored Matcha!
506542506542B00507FBYIA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0041336608000Licorice? I barely know orice!I have such a love/hate relationship with licorice, and I had to try this one, I just had to. Licorice in tea is one of my favorite things of all time, and the Licorice Mint tea from Red Leaf Tea is a must for me when I'm sick. And while I love allsorts, any other licorice candy is not for me. I just think it's vile. Every Easter my mother would gleefully sit by as I sorted out all of the black jelly beans from my basket. She was the only one in the family who liked them. Is there anything more gross than popping what you think is a purple jellybean into your mouth, only to discover it was a horrible, horrible, licorice one? Blegh! But allsorts....mmm. They've become a bit of tradition in our family. They're impossible to find in Tennessee, so when I'm sending a package to my folks I always include Coffee Crisp for my mom and allsorts for my dad. That is, if I can keep myself from eating them all before the package goes out! Trust me, it happens more often than I care to admit.

I kept eyeing this tea, adding it to my shopping cart and then removing it in favor of another flavor of matcha, adding it back to my wishlist. I finally bit the bullet and I'm here to find out if this is an allsort or a black jellybean.

It's not a black jellybean at all! It is a lovely sweet licorice that soothes the throat and makes me unbelievably happy. I was very scared of this blend, but those fears were unfounded. It is delicious and definitely one I need to keep around for when I'm sick but I have to deal with work anyway. Completely lovely. It's not really an allsort either, it's the licorice I've come to know and love in teas. I should have expected that, but I was scared by the picture on the website.

Licorice tends to polarize people. You either love it or you hate it. I'm one of those who loves it, but my wife is one who hates it. If it's in a tea, she can taste it, and it bothers her. But for me...oh, I love it and this matcha is beautiful in the balance of flavor to matcha. I want to make a large mug of this, but I have other matchas to taste and review!
506543506543B0026K7FQYA2REQUI85URT87Great Faulkner's Ghost0051244073600Tuscan Oil at Its Finest, but....Badia a Coltibuono olive oil is a legend, deservedly so. But be forewarned -- if you are used to the bland olive oils sold mass market in most supermarkets, the strong assertive character may come as somewhat of a shock. As noted in the Amazon product description, "according to Deborah Krasner in "The Flavors of Olive Oil", this oil " strongly and pleasantly bitter, with a pronounced burn....'It made my face scrunch up.' Very green and grassy, this is an oil made for drizzling."" I would tend to agree with that. In my opinion, this is really at it's best drizzled over grilled meats, vegetables and salads almost as a condiment. For dipping bread and most cooking (it's too expensive for most chefs on a budget like mine anyway) you might prefer an oil from Sicily, Spain, Australia or California, which are softer and more buttery. That said, for purists, this may be the right olive oil even for bread dipping. It's flavors and aromas are remarkably complex and powerful.
506545506545B004A68T4YA3BERW03BHOX2HColleen Keyes "TNGrayCat"0031293580800Good, but not greatI had never had Babka before, so wanted to try some. I love cinnamon and this sure provided good flavor. The consistency was a little too gooey for me on this one, but I had also ordered a chocolate one from the same company and really liked that one better.
506546506546B000JSLZWKA1347W9T02BVXFMike Ramsey "Mike R."0041175212800Yummy...I was impressed with the taste and quality of this item. I would order this again.
506547506547B004TLLVWMAAWYXREEVYM5ZDeborah A Street4651345075200Wonderful, WONDERFUL productThank you so much for such a wonderful product. The coconut oil is perfect and as described! VERY happy with product! Has so many wonderful uses, I even use is as a hair mask and skin cream. Can't say enough about this product, highly recommended!!
506548506548B004TLLVWMARTXPEHE11VO8Laurie Cocomazzi0051349049600Good product, but priceyI've recently tried several brands of coconut oil and I like this one the best. It's a good all-purpose product because it has no coconut odor or taste, especially important for cooking savery dishes or using on the skin. It is, however, the most expensive of all, even the ones in the health food store. I'll keeping looking for a cheaper alternative, but for now this is it for me.
506549506549B007P8B4GOASE55P6R81779K. Palmer "Kitchen Diva"0031346803200Refreshing DrinkI have tried all the iced tea flavors that are offered for the Keurig machine. The Peach variety has a very strong black tea flavor and very light on the Peach taste. It is labeled a sweet tea, but it is not that sweet. With only 15 grams of sugar, it is a lot less than 39 grams of sugar in a soft drink. What I would like to see is a blend of black and orange pekoe teas to soften the straight bitter black tea flavor. This is also true for the Raspberry Iced Tea. My favorite is the Half and Half, a mixture of tea and lemonade.
506550506550B008CANIIGA3TCA33GJ8EZDWR. Fenton0011348444800interior contents spoiled and not usablewhen we opened the package there was an extremely foul odor and soon we discovered the entire interior of the contents were soaked by a creamer that had apparently burst and gone bad.
To be safe we had to toss product

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