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506551506551B000IN0EV4A32IG7EAPUGO02armanixentrix2251271462400Can't go wrong with Hershey's chocolates!These are just the bulk version of what you would get from a bag of Hershey's chocolate baking chips from the store, so if you like Hershey's and need baking chips in bulk, then you can't go wrong here! We got them during the Valentine's promotion where if we got two packs (yes, that's 24 bags of chocolate!), we got $10 off, so it was a really good deal and we spent a lot less than we would at the grocery store for them. The chips were just as yummy as I expected. They came packed in the original Hershey's bulk box and arrived in a timely fashion. Highly recommended!
506552506552B000IN0EV4A1AGVIYJ8UGBAKK. L. Estepp1151260230400Chips, Chips & More ChipsAnother great transaction from Amazon. This item arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Couldn't be happier!
506553506553B000IN0EV4A22BGI38W7Q9X9PracticalWaysToSaveMoney0011340496000Horrible! Nestlé is better by far!
506554506554B000IN0EV4A2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee10051310083200THE VERY BEST!Hershey's Baking Pieces Semi-Sweet Chips I use them all the time for melting when I have to make a glaze or frosting as a topping for cakes and pies and for so many cookies, muffins and many baking goods, a very Reliable Product.

Hershey one of the oldest Chocolate Companys in the United States was Founded in 1894 in Hershey Pennsylvania and it has been making quality Chocolate Items ever since, so if you bake cookies or melt chocolate this is the best way to go. I just love eating it right out of the bag, one of my favorites! Thank You
506555506555B000IN0EV4AZJLMAKG5FY72Ladislav Nemec0311326499200did not touch them, yetThey look OK in their plastic bags and I hope they will last. For how long? Do they have expiration date? I better check.
506556506556B000F2DNXOATCH3DQNJNLLEM. Shah2231168473600Got expired crackers.Previously, I ordered these crackers from the original Dr. Kracker company. I was completely satisfied until Amazon took over. After that, Amazon changed the bundle so that one must buy 6 boxes at a time, which is way too much. Also, the last shipment of crackers I received were expired. I only noticed that after I had gone through half of them wondering why they were stale. Make sure yours are not expired before you eat them. The crackers are tasty. I prefer the pumpkin cheese, but the overall experience has been meteocre.
506557506557B000F2DNXOA369LOGMXB2J4LM. Crowder1151171238400Great Crackers!These crackers are really good even my kids love them! I read in books writen about Saint Hildegard, that spelt is the best of all grains and wonderful for your body . To me this is a great way for you to get more spelt in your body and in your kids.
506558506558B000F2DNXOA385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos0041296345600Very crunchy!I like these crackers, but they are almost too crunchy--my teeth hurt after eating them. Definitely not for people with dental problems!
506559506559B000F2DNXOA22W7AJKI7Z7PJG. T. Eilerman "Tom"0051274313600Great CrackersThese crackers have a wonderful flavor and are wheat free. They are a very healthy snack and arrived fresh and crispy. I enjoy them very much.
506560506560B000F2DNXOA2HAKTWSEBXV0TW. Rawlings "Wil"0021274054400Broken CrackersVery disappointed with the product. Most of the crackers were broken when they arrived. They were nothing like the ones I had received at a conference in individual wrapped packages of 4 cracker. Not happy with the product as received.
506561506561B000F2DNXOA3131GTQFPHFFPherbgrl0051267315200Love these crackersMy son has a number of food sensitivies and these crakers contain nothing that he reacts to. They're a wonderful tasty snack for him--and healthy for him, also. My daughter and I love them too. We love the crunch and the nuts. They're great for using with various dips. Wish they were a little less pricy.
506562506562B000F2DNXOA1DSZQH54LRGEGLu Wang0021173484800Amazon keeps on sending me the wrong itemBe cautioned when ordering this product.

What happened was I ordered this product a month ago, and was sent the flatbread version instead of the clear tub of bite-size version. I called Amazon, explained my problem, they promised to fix it by sending me a replacement.

Well, the replacement came last week, and it was still the flatbread. I'm not going to bother to call Amazon again because I know it will just result in them sending me the flatbread once again.

The flatbread itself was tasty and crunchy. I think the seeds really helped to put more complexity into the flavor. You can eat just the flatbread as snacks or maybe put a bit peanut butter or jam on top. It tastes very different than wheat, and I like the taste of spelt quite a bit.

So please be prepared to receive the flatbread version when you order. You may as well just order the flatbread version to start with and save yourself couple of bucks as well as having to call Amazon to straighten things out.
506563506563B000F2DNXOA1I8P6I9FPT44GAnna0051168473600Very tasty & healthyI first discovered these crackers when looking for an alternative to wheat due to allergies. They're very hearty and go well with a lot of spreads/toppings. The combination of the seeds makes for a great nutty flavor.
506564506564B001684P88A239SKICR6JU05Derek2251304380800no substituteI grew up on V.M. in Massachusetts and have never found it anywhere else. Of all the brands I have tried not one could replace it
506565506565B001684P88AQKWKJYHA0EBFKandy Roberts "Happy"1151313971200Best syrup in the worldVermont Maid is the only syrup my family will eat. It has the best flavor and I will keep buying it on Amazon. If you haven't tasted Vermont Maid, you are missing a treat. Buy some today.
506566506566B001684P88A1RASVNPPM7XTVMark Bastings1151291420800Vermont MaidThis is the syrup of my youth and as I can't find it locally I went to Amazon. You had what I wanted and the syrup arrived on time and in good condition.
506567506567B001684P88A14OCI729Y7Y1RPage Turner1151285286400V-Maid the best syrup madeOf all the syrup brands out there, this is the very best. It isn't available in our area, so when we go back to Texas, we always load up. And when we can't get back to Texas, we order it from Amazon. Thanks Amazon.
506568506568B001684P88AIK1R6578OA9OFrank0011334016000Vermont Maid SyrupI was very disappointed in the Vermont Maid Syrup. It leaves an after taste. Years ago I used to love it. It appears now that the recipe or ingredients have changed. I won't buy it again.
506569506569B001684P88A3NREW1YCQ72FKsparksflii0051319328000The bestIn my opinion this is the best syrup you can buy for pancakes and waffles. I can't get this in the stores here so I order it from Amazon. Nothing else compares to it. Just delicious. I love it.
506570506570B001684P88AEJHMZLQ0F3L8jb0051283126400Best syrup around!No stores in our area carry Vermont Maid anymore. It is worth it to order it online! Great taste, good texture.
506571506571B001684P88A1FKYLG9MCCLDB. Hodgkins0051264896000Vermont Maid SyrupThis is our favorite syrup! Amazon had a great price and shipped to us in a flash. We're enjoying our pancakes and french toast.. now that we also have our favorite syrup again. Thanks
506572506572B0012KB4BGA1Z54EM24Y40LLc21151249257600GREAT cat food!Didn't think this one would fly very high when I brought it home but was I ever wrong! Sometimes, I think it would be easier to just put the food through a siphon so he can get it down his throat faster! You know when a cat seems to be smiling after he eats that all is well in River City! Maybe too well! Anyway, I highly recommend this variety - it was gone in a minute by the king of the fussbudgets!
506573506573B0012KB4BGAVJZ8QAIPF1MVLayla "Layla"0051331942400Neo loves itMy cat neo is a four year old Tom cat. He is very particular about his food. He comes running when he hears the can opener and he knows he's getting his fancy feast.
506574506574B000Z94HXWAD28HR8DNHACLStephanie "Stephanie L."0051344816000Exactly what I wanted.I have been trying to drink more tea with stevia in it in order to cut down on diet sodas with other sweeteners in them. After hearing the advantages of cinnamon as a appetite suppressant and how it controls the blood sugar, I have also been adding more cinnamon to my diet. I came across cinnamon tea researching other types of tea and thought it was a perfect answer. I was right. I have been drinking some in the afternoon when my appetite starts to run amok, and it brings it right back under control for me.

Please note that the Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea contains orange peels and cloves. The Bigelow Cinnamon Stick tea contains only black tea and cinnamon which is exactly what I wanted. I hate the taste of cloves, and don't think it is fair to compare the two teas like a previous reviewer did. This tea is delicious.
506575506575B000Z94HXWA1S5UT0CD2U3RIShaharazad P M Geasland0051292025600Cinnamon In your coffee?I am not a person who likes black coffee or any kind of tea. I do, however, like flavored coffees. During family gatherings there is not a flavored coffee to be found so I started packing a few Bigelow Cinnamon stick tea bags in my purse for the occasions and they made for a delightful alternative. I put a tea bag in the hot coffee and have no need to add sugar or cream to make the drink palatable. Simply delightful.Bigelow Tea, Cinnamon Stick 20 ea
506576506576B000Z94HXWA3HQJ3RKU3FA2Dkarlaq0211299196800Advice to more than 1 star reviewersI guess my mistake was trying Harney and Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea before I tried this. Compared to Harney and Sons this has no aroma and is bland, bland, bland. Try Harney's!
506577506577B000F6R700A3NPSSF9MUZA18Doris Murdoch0051305763200SaffronThis is defnitely better than trying to grow your own saffron. It is a large amount of saffron for cooking use at about $35 a jar. this is an excellent price when you look at spending $8 in the grocery store for a single use.
506578506578B005GIFZ3SA1JHPMRYRWGFWWPhancy0041319155200it's ok, could have more varietytastes good, nothing extraordinary though... wish there were some more tea (than just one cup) and wish there was cappuccino and hot coco as well.. overall, good stuff but kind of expensive for this pack
506579506579B001MJWTJSA1O9WTPR2G50E1H. Kaur3351239926400Best breastfeeding supplement for moms!The lactation consultants & midwife at the hospital recommended this tea after the birth of my second child. Breastfeeding was really tough with my firstborn, despite trying multiple supplements & even a prescription medication from by OB, I had to eventually supplement with formula. But this Milkmaid Tea made breastfeeding the second time around so much easier and the whole experiences much more wonderful for my baby and me. I also tried Fenugreek pills again, but when I ran out, I noticed no difference in my milk supply. However, the few times I have run out of this tea, I have noted significant decrease in milk supply and a resultant very fussy & upset baby. My baby is now 5 and a half months old and exclusively breastfed (no formula or solids yet). He is growing wonderfully at 80th percentile for weight & height. I tribute a large part of this success to this amazing tea. It really works! Note: I have only been using the loose tea which came in the jar. Earth Mama Angel Baby changed their packaging recently to tea bags, but the formulation is supposed to be the same.
506580506580B001MJWTJSA145N0MUY7VC3LSilby1151312502400Worth it!My milk supply was good for everyday feedings, but I needed to start stocking up for going back to work. This did the trick! Highly recommend!

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