Amazon Fine Food Reviews

506671506671B000VK6TGIAODWFJHMNL0FGworkshopper0051310688000Confident in the foodI feel good using this food. My schnauzer was having minor food allergies and I had trouble finding food without grains and by-products The price was good and even better with the auto order and free shipping. I live in a rural area that doesn't carry Paul Newman foods so door to door delivery was great. Will use it again.
506672506672B000VK6TGIA292L54FW2ID6WL. DeVries "cashladyace"0031307836800Too Rich for my dogsI think this is a very good food but as little as I fed daily (about 1 tablespoon) to my dobie and Dogue de Bordeaux, they both had terrible gas and then went into diarrhea, making several trips outside in a panic more than 5x's a night. They were kind enuf to wake me up! I can use it a couple of times a week and that is it. I think if you buy the Newmans's chicken/rice organic canned and the plain beef and mix them up once in a while it would be better, but feeding the "organ" meat daily is a mistake. Maybe your dog will be fine with it, but be careful. My little shih tzu had no problems, but just like the BARF diet they generally only feed organ meats a few x's a week and maybe this was my mistake. So personally I feel it is a good food, just be careful as it is much richer than most any other canned food you will feed and a tablespoon goes a long way!
506673506673B000VK6TGIA21TVV32ZBU6CBAnna C. Vanicor "Kajunkamper"0051307491200My Yorkies Love it !I have 3 Yorkies , from 17lbs to 4lbs and my 4lb never gain any weight, we had them on the food from our Vet, I tried this dog food , they love it, and it looks like little one is gaining a little weight. We have been on this food for about 3 weeks now. Not a problem at all !
506674506674B000VK6TGIA3377Z15R1ZH5LPamela Blashe0051306713600My picky eaters love it!I have two Yorkies that are very picky eaters. After a period of 2-3 days up to 2-3 weeks they will decide they don't like the food I am giving them and just stop eating. I went through a real struggle when one of them got a stomach bug and got real sick with vomiting and diarrhea. I started cooking fresh turkey with brown rice and his stomach healed up in no time. But them I couldn't get them back onto dog food!! I found the Newman's Organic Turkey and Brown Rice formula and they LOVE it. I still give them a good quality dry food for little snack times. However, they usually wait for their turkey and rice and gobble it up. They have lots of energy and for the last two months have not gotten tired of the food. I think we have found a keeper!
506675506675B000VK6TGIA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0031302652800Good food but...I do think this is a good food. However, it is just too mushy to serve alone. I give the feline version to my cats and they love it, but cats don't mind a softer food. We give our little poodle canned food for the low carbs and since our cats love Newmans we thought we would try it for him. First I got it in the big cans, which is enough for 2 days for Joey and I was OK with that. The first can I used was OK, not great, but OK when I opened the can and gave him the top 3 ounces. His dinner with the second 3 ounces wasn't as good. Next day it was even mushier in the second half of the can. I liked the food though and he did well on it so I ordered the smaller cans to see if there would be a difference there. I used half of a can this morning for his breakfast and it was OK, but not stiff enough to make it easy for me to chop up and him to eat. I am going to use this food as a mixer with his Tiki dog food until it is used up and then I don't think I will buy it again. I don't get it either because it is the same 78% moisture as his California Natural and By Nature dog food but it just doesn't hold up. I will continue to give it to my cats in their rotation, but little Joey will be sticking to his other good foods.
506676506676B000VK6TGIA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0051301961600My dogs love this stuff from UruguayOK, I admit, if this hadn't been offered during an Amazon lightning deal I would not have bought it due to the high price. However, this morning I opened a can to use for one of my dog's medicines. Each of our three dogs got one-third of a can.

And oh my, all three woofed it down and waited for more. Even the cat chimed in and wanted some. My dogs don't get this excited over canned Pedigree, which is what I usually feed them as a supplementary food source.

Although the pureed liver comes out of the can looking and feeling like something that comes out of the back end of a dog, it doesn't smell offensive. I'm just not used to these more organic ingredients: liver, beef broth, minerals and vitamins. This is definitely something I will buy more often for special meals.

Interestingly, this product comes from Uruguay.
506677506677B000VK6TGIADFGM8EK8KD09DJ20070021300579200Newman's Own Organic Liver for dogs.I am not happy with the Organic Liver for dogs. It is too mushy and should be mixed with dry food. My two poodles won't touch it! I gave the remaining cans to my son and his two dogs, labs.
506678506678B000VK6TGIA3UFR5CH1OZ8GRNona0051300320000Jakey loves it!!My sister was visiting with her 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels when my dog Jake, a Golden Retriever Mix, had an opportunity to "sample" their Newman's Own dog food while they weren't looking, He loved it; so I bought it at my local grocery store. Amazon's pricing, especially using the "subscription" is so much lower than the grocery store. I don't have to think about it, it just arrives every month.
506679506679B000VK6TGIAOYVUE3CJV1FDBeeJay0051299542400Dog loves itI trust this product and trust the company. My dog does extremely well on both canned and dry. No "smelly" digestive upsets! I will continue to use Newman's Own extclusively for my senior dog pal. Plus she seems to love it! Her appetite says so anyway!
506680506680B000VK6TGIAVJV35095JH71Lucy S. "book"0051292976000GoodThis is good dog food, but I stopped buying it, because one of my dogs (I have two) did not like it. She is not a big fan of can food in general.
506681506681B000VK6TGIA2E7MWFFDYGALEJudy Walls0051290816000Happy DogMy dog LOVES this food. He follows us around at meal time till he gets his food and then never leaves his dish till it's gone.
506682506682B000VK6TGIA34JS3CSLGZ5T4Dawn0051290816000Great food for our older dogs! They Love It!We have a toothless older small dog and this is perfect for him to eat since he licks his food and this is healthy for him too and cheaper than the canned foods at the vets and other places! So hard to find soft/canned food that our dogs like and our other dog has upset stomack troubles and with this she doesn't get sick if she eats late in the day and loves it. Our dogs are so picky too. This is great!
506683506683B000VK6TGIA1JK7KUDNII6DWFeelinggoodagain0051290729600My 14yr old dog loves it!My dog was so tried of the Hill's WD he refused to eat it anymore. Tried Newman's & he can't get enough! Thanks for making a great product!
506684506684B000VK6TGIAYXK2URLI8PJFannienovak0051289606400Healthy food that my dog lovesMy dog LOVES this food. I have spent hours researching healthy dog food and my vet recommended Newman's Own. I had her on a freeze dried raw food diet which was just horrible on my pooch's tummy and my vet warned of the dangers of a raw food diet (she has seen kidney failure in dogs) - thank goodness I switch food. My dog is a picky eater and this food she keeps on loving.
506685506685B000VK6TGIA22EEZKRMZXWO7Betty G. Si-tayeb "Betty"0041276646400Chicken and Brown Rice Formula also contains whitefish.Alert: In the event your dog is allergic to fish, be aware that the third ingredient in Newman's Own Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Formula canned pet food for dogs, after "Organic Chicken" and "Sufficient Water for Processing," is "Ocean Whitefish."
506686506686B000VK6TGIA3OHTB1BNBN1MDeborah Corkindale0051276300800Good stuff!We have been using this for a while with our 5 Bichons and it's great. Organic, looks and smells fine, no stomach problems, delivered free, great price at Amazon. You can't go wrong!
506687506687B000VK6TGIACL4AWGUH8NZQJohn Gordon "Johnnieg"0051274400000A must for dogs!My two dogs love this product , and it is all organic .All of Newman's dog foods are good for your dog .Give them a try .Keep them in good health .
506688506688B000VK6TGIA26W0SPQ8WDSPDJack R. Ford0021272499200Dogs don't like itMy dogs have not been too hard to please with food. They will eat almost anything, but they have little interest in the 3 cases of this stuff I bought. Maybe I should add something to it like salt?
506689506689B000VK6TGIA30LWRPQ3EG0IGDon Hicks0051269043200makes a fat dog thinI bought a case just to try out on my wiener dog, Oscar. He has lost weight. Now he is much more energetic and can jump higher which means he can get into more trouble. Before going up stairs was slow and sometimes I had to wait. Now he is the first up the stairs just like the old days. Keeping weight off of Dachshunds is very important for their back. It costs a little more but I think I will make it up in vet bills and also have my buddy around for a longer period.
Doesn't have that dog food smell and you can actually see the ingredients.
506690506690B000VK6TGIA1I7JTPVAVBD5RN. Farrell "tandy"0051267401600Glad we tried, has made a differenceMy family rescued a pug mix from a shelter a couple months ago. We used the puppy food they gave us and then matched the brand at our local store later. A couple months went by, wouldn't say our dog didn't like her cheap dog food, but she did develop demodex and a whole new world about dogs and health opened up to us. Bottom line, we were feeding her, but our vet compared it to us eating spaghettios every day for every meal for life.

Demodex is not contagious but inherited and a skin disorder we had to treat. We talked to our vet about her immune system and how we would want to keep her as healthy as possible during treatment and after. While he didn't really recommend any particular brand, he did encourage us to educate ourselves about what's out there.

After some research and with the idea that we buy Newman's Own brand foods for our human selves, we ordered the dry kibble and mixed it with the active dog and puppy formula canned food they make as well. Our dog does love this food, and clearly prefers the canned to the her old cheap foil top square packages we'd pick up each grocery visit. We have noticed that her fur, while always been soft, has become thick and buttery soft when you pet her.

I know the vet warned us that the treatment might have adverse effects, but she has been fine. I credit a healthier diet for getting her through this. And it clearly has done wonders for her skin and coat. Added bonus, the food actually smells good with minimal odor as opposed to the cheapy stuff which made me gaggy.
506691506691B000VK6TGIA1S7LST1G51C3Ayax J. Conde "Jack conde"0031265328000Good EnoughThis food is OK but the dogs don't like it that much. They would rather have the beef variant.
506692506692B000VK6TGIA13SIA3KN05CAUP. Oliver0051264032000Newmans' Own Chicken & Brown Rice dog foodThis is an excellent product and my dog is thriving on it. It is healthy and no filler. I also like the convenience of having it delivered to the house and I don't have to carry it.
506693506693B000VK6TGIA2ZZAIXBA7QBBPMichael R. Fore "nocando"0051258070400This is my Golden Retrivers favorite food .This is the only food that my Golden eats as soon as I put it out for him.
506694506694B000VK6TGIA1DTPGF7284J31Carl V. Pierson "chicnthekitchn"0041254528000Hard to find dog food...We have a picky dog and this is the only food he will eat. Thanks
506695506695B000VK6TGIA2KWAK0GAA8IBWD. Ricker "Journeywoman"0051254182400nothing but the bestI feed my dog nothing but Newman's products. Before I got her from a bunch of college kids she had subsisted on cheap dog food and cheap fast food. Did she wolf down the Newman's the first time I gave it to her? No. Just like us, it took time to retrain her palate and appreciate the lack of salt and msg, artificial flavors and colors, and to relearn better eating habits. Two years down the road, she is allergy free, healthy, energetic and has a beautiful coat.
Highly recommended.
506696506696B000VK6TGIA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0041254096000To jazz up the kibbleI have this on automatic shipping once a month. It's great to have a case of dog food on hand to jazz up the kibble. We board labs and goldens in our home so sometimes dogs need a little something extra to make the food special enough to eat. This does the trick. And it's a high quality canned dog food too. Far better than carting a case or even 1/2 dozen cans from the supermarket. Love having it shipped right to my door, having it discounted and no shipping charge through Subscribe and Save. Great service!
506697506697B000VK6TGIA32YGBB4OTL0E9Carol Hooper0051219881600Newman's Chicken Formula for PuppiesBoth my puppy and I like the canned dog food. I like the ingredients and can even see the carrots when I open the can.
506698506698B000VK6TGIA2ZPUBQNOEB4I3ctrl-brk1211322697600DisgustingI was very excited to find this product, having really enjoyed Newman's Own products in the past and coming to trust them. I am also a firm believer in feeding the best grain free diet to my Labs, and 95% organic beef went well with that.

Unfortunately, the product is disgusting. The consistency of what comes out of the can is disturbing. Try to imagine dried out peanut butter that is impossible to separate or spread. No amount of water that I added would allow me to use a fork (and knife) to try to separate the product and mix it with my dry kibble.

Instead, I am trying the new Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free product, and hoping for the best.
506699506699B000VK6TGIA38NX60W8FYQMYS. Teplinsky1211294704000Vile odor (Canned Beef)We got our Canned Beef from Amazon around last summer but opened it just now. It smells vile. No way we are giving it our dogs. Not sure if this a variation or do they always smell that bad. Definitely deleting it from the Subscribe and Save list.
506700506700B000VK6TGIA38F0IV5UYTV7QJAN ON THE BEACH "JMCB"1251254700800BEST PRICE FOR NEWMAN'S OWN "ANYWHERE"I used to buy on-line from a pet store and pay very high shipping charges. Now I get it automatically once a month with "no" shipping charges. You just can't beat this from Amazon!! 5 stars

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