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506701506701B000VK6TGIA261IPFGLTU90LJeff Baird "JB"5911283644800DON'T BUY THIS FOR ITS GRAIN FREE ATTRIBUTES.OK, for those that think they may be buying a grain free product, DON'T BUY THIS. My yellow lab is bad with any grains and causes her to have asthma attacks (really, really bad attacks). Tried this first time last night and she woke up coughing and wheezing. WTF I thought and sure enough, it has oat bran in it. My stupid dumb ***, I trust Newman's to have a product accurately reflecting the products on the label. Brown rice and chicken aren't oats. I guess my lesson learned is trust no one and read all the labels (actually did before i bought, must have missed it though). I didn't miss it,but Amazon has proven they are wonderful when it comes to taking care of their customers if they feel there was an error or communication problem. I will continue to use Amazon for most of my shopping, given the incredible value of unlimited 2 day shipping for $75/year
506702506702B000VK6TGIA2IUB939P66JL0doris w. guttentag0111306195200"Don't give me that again" Louie the Boston TerrierWe bought a carton of Paul Newman's brand because of the raves your on your website. Louie, who will eat almost anything, turned away from this meal in disgust. We gave away the rest of the cans.
506703506703B000VK6TGIA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0141242172800Good mushThe ingredients seem good quality, although nothing is recognizable in the can, like with Merrick. It's great for mixing with kibble to moisten it and if your dog needs mush--soft wet, canned food.
506704506704B000VK6TGIA1PSS3Q67OU0P0Christine Holleyman1331283731200Seems to be fairly good for a commercial dog foodI don't really have much confidence in any commercial pet food, but the ingredient list for Newmans's seems better than most. "Infowarrior"2511239235200My dog hated itI love Newman's products, but my dog hated it. We purchased a case hoping to feed our dog something that doesn't contain all of the artificial chemicals, but he wanted nothing to do with it! If you like organic, support Newman's products. Hopefully your dog will like it better.
506706506706B000VK6TGIA1ZLQ8BPFIX7SBZL "Jedulka"0251245628800dog will eat anythingthe best thing about a dog is that they will just eat anything that they see ... dog does not complain ...
506707506707B000VK6TGIA2WQVT5P7V4U5Wpatty1511314230400GOOD FOOD ...BAD PACKAGINGjust received a case of 12 chicken & brown rice formula...every single can was dented beyond use...this was a problem before and supposedly amazon was to get their shipping problem with this item states that this item is not returnable although damaged, i wrote to amazon requesting a return label and credit ...will see what happens...i want to return the case of food so they can see the damage, there were 4 air pillows in the box but they had holes torn in them so they were flat and just laying on top of the food...ordered this product from another website while waiting for amazon to straighten out their shipping problem, the other company sent the order UPS and the case of food was surrounded by the Styrofoam pellets and not a dent one !...UPDATE... Amazon replace order, came UPS this time instead of USPS, air pillows were again torn and flat, but only one can barely dented,...Also, i opened one of the dented cans from the first order, bad smell and food was pulled away from the sides, so take care with dented cans of dog/cat food
506708506708B001CJ8XKWAXB86I9TGLGVPMichelle8851232755200Best Soup Base EverI recently ordered both the beef and chicken Minor's All Natural Bases. This chicken base is out of this world good! To me, it tastes like just-roasted chicken.

The beef is really good, too, although not quite as good as the chicken. I plan to order the vegetable base soon.
506709506709B001CJ8XKWA3S7ZFTVK8Y7H9Brad6651288224000chef's secret(Charleston,SC)I am a retired professional chef. I use this base at home in at least one dish daily. I have used Minors professionally, for years. This is the stuff that makes my dishes different from all my freinds and neighboors. A little bit goes a long way. Use it on anything in place of salt and amaze youself and your guests. My advice is to buy two! KEEPS GREAT IN FREEZER AND SPOONS OUT SOFT!!
506710506710B001CJ8XKWA2N434LT4ZD5GSFrances Nelson2251296086400Wonderful flavorThis is by far my favorite base to use in place of traditional stocks or bouillions. Much less sodium, lasts 10 times as long in the fridge and the flavor is more akin to a home made stock from reducing Chicken bones then the flavorless bouillions or stocks. It allows you to control the amount of flavor you want to strong for a chicken noodle soup to just a slight depth or flavoring to a potato leek soup. Absolutely love, I buy this over and over again. Wish I could get this locally!
506711506711B001CJ8XKWA18S4QLB9TP5O4Nay7171151290297600Great Chicken tasteThis broth tastes just like homemade. I use it for heating up vegetables and a cup makes a filling snack. I really appreciate the lack of MSG which is so hard to find. It's hard to believe that this little pint-sized jar can make 5 gallons worth of broth---very economical.
506712506712B001CJ8XKWA1N58QVOVBWGBOHawkie "Desert Hawk"0051325030400More taste for lessTwo thing make a great meal, products and prep work !

Being an ex chef a great chicken base can always be a fantastic 'Go To'
and in today's world not everyone has the time to make it from scratch
I know I don't !

I ALWAYS have a couple on hand as many of my friends want some after
they've tasted my entrees, soups and sauces and frankly I got tired
of running out. I'd also highly recommend the beef base.

When you take the time to prepare a meal for family & friends
the quality of the products you use will always be known when
all is quiet followed by a few burps.
506713506713B001CJ8XKWATIS633GIR7HCJean Jacoby0051320624000Great!Love the taste and it's much less salty than the store-bought cubes. Easy to use...add a little or add a lot.
506714506714B001JYQKN2A39JZP9AK4F52RJohn Paul R. Jones "Star, Saeco,Fitz Grips"1151292112000Kamut sprouts easily and tastes greatThe Kamut we wanted to sprout then dry the sprouts, grind to flour with them, add them to our sprouted wheat flour, to add extra protein to our sprouted whole wheat bread. We want the burst of extra nutrition that grains gain from being sprouted.

The Kamut sprouted very well and has a great taste to add flavor to our sprouted wheat home bread and can be a flavorful part of a breakfast cereal as we make our own granola.
506715506715B000FK63RYA1N2QK87S1U5MDS. Smith2251191369600BEST gluten free pasta ever!We found this pasta on a trip to New York but our local groceries don't carry this specific item. Being a gluten free family for the sake of our 5 year old daughter means looking high & low for yummy gf stuff...and this is one YUMMY pasta! I LOVE that it can be used in casseroles and not break down like other brands we've tried! Also, Amazon's price is better than the local grocery...we just have to "warehouse" the extras till we eat them! The kids love the pasta daughter loves to eat it with olive oil and parmesan cheese. I guess it's HER version of Mac & cheese--she like FLAVORFUL things!

One thing I do with all Tinkyada pastas is cook them for 18-20 minutes. Both kids like their pasta on the softer side. I do have to watch the pot and add more water sometimes! And be sure to rinse it well & add oil right away so it doesn't stick together. We LOVE this stuff..... :o)
506716506716B000FK63RYA258RVZ6CXPE2UPedal Gal1151194220800Yummy fun shapesI've had Tinkyada gluten-free pastas before and I haven't been disappointed yet. These "Little Dreams," come in fun shapes like bicycles and airplanes. It's a little hard to tell what they are once cooked because they tend to stretch out but they still taste great. The texture and taste is just like regular pasta.
506717506717B000FK63RYAX9TUAAHH1ZISBookWormMom1151182124800Fantastic taste and texture!!We were excited to find this brand of pasta for my 18 month old with multiple food allergies, and like that they make the "Little Dreams" variety for kids. I feel very confident giving these to him, knowing that the pasta is made in a dedicated facility, virtually eliminating any chance for cross contamination with other allergens. He seems to like the taste and texture of them, and he has fun picking out all of the different shapes to eat. My husband and I have tried them as well, and they really are quite good. We highly reccomend!!
506718506718B000FK63RYA1W30EZX8E74WHGratefulMama0051325808000Great textureBecause of the shape of this pasta, when it cooks it has a much better texture than the other varieties of Tinkyada pasta do. I'd say that it's the closest you can get to "regular" (durum semonila) pasta. This is my all-time favorite rice pasta, hands down.
506719506719B000FK63RYA390ACX7X80NT6Monica J. Waggoner0051211932800The best GF pasta, and perfect for kids!The first time I ever had Tinkyada pasta, I asked the person who brought the dish THREE TIMES if it was *really* gluten-free. My husband freaked out when he saw me eating the pasta salad, because he'd had it and was sure it was regular wheat pasta. It's no more difficult to cook than conventional wheat pasta either.

But best of all, the Little Dreams shapes are wonderful for kids! Airplanes, cars, stars, animals... GF kids don't have to miss out on the fun. On the contrary, they're having a ball while the regular wheat-eaters are getting bored with their ABC's. I've never had any trouble feeding this pasta to (gluten-eating) guests, either; kids and adults alike find it as tasty and fun as anything.
506720506720B000H131Q2A3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer2921257984000Kikkoman Instant Miso Spinach SoupPacking delicious flavor and convenience, Kikkoman Instant Miso Spinach soup offers a tasty treat. However, because it contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), we avoid it altogether.

Maybe the inventors will consider omitting MSG in the future (?).
506721506721B005IVX0Q2A1D26TLTDLB99YAl610051346112000Best gluten free cookies yetI have been celiac my entire life, and my daughter is also celiac. My husband, on the other hand, is not, and he has a very sensitive palate. He hates almost all gluten free baked goods because they leave a terrible aftertaste. These cookies are incredible, and they are given the approval of my husband, too.

Not only do these cookies taste great - you would probably never know that they are gluten free - but, they hold their shape! Every other gluten free cookie I have ever made comes out flat. In addition, I live in the mountains, so most cookies - regardless of whether or not they are gluten free - come out flat. These do not! Amazing.

I highly recommend these cookies. I have never seen any of XO's products in stores, but found this one day on the sale rack at TJ Maxx. My family loved it so much that I was ecstatic to find that Amazon carries the products!
506722506722B005IVX0Q2A1DOO9TP3XXIQBChris Pluchar "Chris"0051344384000Deliciously Doughy Chocolate Chip CookiesI've been doing a lot of gluten free baking as of late and have found that XO Baking Company has some of the best mixes.

Take these chocolate chip cookies for example. They're easy to make, keep their shape well, and if you let them cool, they actually hold together well.

I made them for a housewarming party and left them out next to the regular, homemade chocolate chip cookies I usually make. Whenever someone told me they loved the cookies, I'd ask which ones they had. It was bittersweet, but they split about 50/50. For me, that's a win for the gluten free variety. They don't taste exactly the same of course, but I assure you, they do taste good.
506723506723B001EPPYJCAJLIPG8K8O294J. Mullins91121230681600Hot "Chocolate"?This item, though a cute idea, really doesn't live up to its title. The pink is fun, especially if you use a glass mug to see the whole drink. The "hot chocolate" part of the title is very disappointing. Of course, I wasn't fully expecting a milk chocolate taste, but I honestly can't even say it tastes remotely like white chocolate...or really any kind of chocolate for that matter.

If you're looking for a novelty drink, this is cute, especially for young girls. However, if you're expecting something akin to hot cocoa as it is generally understood to be, I would look elsewhere.
506724506724B001EPPYJCA627EC0QXW6H5Maggie1151321660800Perfectly Fancy!!!My 9 year old absolutely loves it! Of course she is a fancy Nancy fan and whenever I sit down to have my Latte, she feels all grown up to have her fancy hot chocolate with her Mommy. Love the taste and aromatic coconut scent. I think its great she loves it and its different, she loves it and that is the most important thing she feels she now has her own special drink like Mommy when we cozy up to hot drink. I have to find some more as she is upset she has ran out and we were lucky to find this one at Home Goods, now have to see where I can order some.
506725506725B001EPPYJCA2CHR6AOFR5XJ3bluedog "Nancy"1221253145600pretty colorThis is a very pretty container, and my granddaughter loved the blue color when mixed with water-- but--- it tastes more like coconut than chocolate-- should be labeled hot coconut drink.
506726506726B001EPPYJCANTWFMQSZLEJFCLP "C"0131233964800Dents in 2 of the tins when arrivedThis cocoa is like any other cocoa, other than it is white and turns pink when touches liquid. The tin is cute, but 2 cans were dented when they arrived. Not sure if it was from shipping or the seller. A bit over priced in my opinion as well.
506727506727B001EPPYJCANTWFMQSZLEJFCLP "C"0131233964800Not impressed!I bought these along with several other Raggedy Ann & Andy hot cocoas. The Beary Blue and Pink Hot Chocolate both came with dented cans. I'm not sure if they came from the seller that way or if this happened during the shipping process, but I decided to keep them anyway. This is the only set of hot cocoas that had a sticker of Raggedy Andy wrapped around the tin insted of it being imprinted on the actual tin. Kids seem to love that it turns blue once it touches the milk or water.
506728506728B001EPPYJCA3EAP7BME0J8OWFiream1311273017600Luck O' the Irish Hot Chocolate MixGood thing I got this from the bargain bin or I would really be perturbed. Whatever the claims, this mix has no chocolate flavor of any kind. A more correct description would be Coconut flavored drink mix. Apparently the 10 oz rating is including the weight of the "cauldron" because there's no way there was 10 oz of product inside. You might get three cups of "hot chocolate" per container if you like the "flavor" really mild.
It really wasn't worth the price I paid and certainly not the inflated regular price. Two of the three cauldrons were dented heavily so those won't even be much use as decoration. Look for a better brand.
506729506729B002CMNA60AU3DAAIJGHU2TP.F.E. Aabelwert4441271376000salt water taffyOK, I have just bought 4 boxes of salt water taffy from 4 different places. The best two were one from Savannah and the other from Santa Cruz. I liked the River Street Sweets (Savannah) product a little bit more because of the diversity of flavors they included.
506730506730B000AYGXP2A1MC6BFHWY6WC3D. Blankenship5551313884800WHY ME?I am cursed. I love these things. At one time I truly feel I was addicted to them. It is one of the few foods that once I start eating, I simply cannot stop until I either run out of them or I founder. Hot or cold, I love them.

Alas though, I am no longer allowed to eat them. My physicians and my wife conspired against me (Well, my body did really let me down), and they all monitor what I eat quite closely. They have even brought my kids and grandkids into their repressive ring of food police. Curses.

When I get separated from my wife at the grocery store she never has to notify the manager. She always goes to the pop-tart shelf where she will find me gazing longingly at the wonderful displays and fondling the boxes. She gently but firmly leads me away...sigh.

In the big scheme of things, these little gems are really not all that unhealthy for normal people. My problem is that I am not normal. I could probably get buy with it if I could only eat one now and then. For me that is impossible...I simply can not stop. This is odd because I am actually a pretty disciplined individual with an iron will...not with these though...they are my bane.

The last time I had one of these delights was about a year ago. My wife was gone and I found a box of them in the very back of one of our pantries. I opened a pack and was blissfully stuffing my face when suddenly she came through the back door. I quickly crammed the half eaten tart in the little bag and slipped in under the edge of my chair. I fear to report to you that my beloved and faithful dog Brodie ratted me out and started snuffling and scratching and instantly my wife knew what was up. It was heart breaking and humiliating. She sarcastically retrieved the half eaten tart and gave it to the dog...right in front of my eyes!

Anyway, these things are the best. I love them and dearly wish I could pig on them again.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

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