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506761506761B002W00254AQJN8NIRYK3Z2J. Martin0051307923200Good Beans6/30/2011
I followed the advice of a customer who commented on my initial review and contacted customer service. They were prompt in responding and are in the process of returning a prorated refund for the number of cans that arrived damaged.

KUDDOS to Amazon!!!!! Thank you.

Great product. This order was for 2 cases. While i was told they would be shipped together, I got a subsequent message they would ship separately. The first one came and I was surprised it looked really beat-up, even though the shrink-wrapped package was also boxed with padding. When I took the shrink-wrap off, about half of the cans were dented. This is obviously merchandise a supermarket would not be able to sell. I will be throwing away all of the dented cans, for fear of food poising.

The second package came a week later and looked new (compared to the first one), clean shrink-wrap and no dented cans. Also the date stamped on the cans was a lot farther into the future.

If all the product had been the same as the second package, it would have been a great deal and worth going on-line to get. Great product, not so great stock.

Unfortunately, i doubt I will do this again.
506762506762B002W00254A3DLM4A0O0DXCSR. Zeek Seseika2711277078400Not good as it used to beJust the fact of having the ingredient "High Fructose Corn syrup" Deters me from purchasing this product!
506763506763B003QJ5VBUABI037DM7KFQBshortman2241323475200Pleasing strong fruit candy scent upon opening. Tastes great but too sweet for 42 year old.I love fruit leathers and fruit candies in general. I like these much more than I though I would. I thought the nerds decorations would get in the way, but the fruit candy is reasonably thick and chewy so the nerds just sort of vaporize while adding a subtle bit of texture. My only concern with these is that they are too sweet.

The package that I received is exactly as pictured. Twelve translucent yellow plastic boxes with printed white question marks outlined in black. The lids are opaque yellow and have a slight snap at each corner to keep in place when closed. Label on the lid shows a photo of the candies. Label on the bottom of the box shows nutrition info and UPC code. There are eight individually wrapped candies in each of the twelve boxes.
506764506764B001AVC4AWAVPVYJPLY1BHRLaura Stocks "domestic diva"3351244678400I LOVE coffee......and I drink a lot of it. So I switch to decaf after the first 2 cups in the morning. To mix it up a little I throw in a little flavored coffee. Actually, I always mix flavored coffee half and half with non-flavored coffee because I prefer just a hint of flavor rather than being overpowered with it. Hazelnut is my first choice for flavored coffee. Cafe Excellence was a great find. Very rich flavor. Decaf coffee can sometimes be "weak". But not this. In fact I have had people question if it truly is decaf. The 2 pound bag is convenient and I store what I am not using in the freezer. I am ready to make my second purchase of Cafe Excellence coffee and I am going to browse their other choices, because if the Hazelnut Decaf is representative of all of their coffee, you can't go wrong!
506765506765B000F66HBAA2K38E6J2GX62KJan Dierckx0051244937600One of the best.This brand is one of the best ice cream smoothies you can buy. They have several flavors from vanilla to Irish Cream. Their vanilla cream is apparently low on fat. When I have troubles with my digestion, I take a vanilla and with each mouthful my stomach feels better and better.
Their Belgian Chocolate is rich and tasteful. The Irish Cream topping is one of my favorites. It tastes just like the liquor.
506766506766B006QBK1B0A247TVXVFBMO0RTatjana Kazan "I listen to books while garden...1151327449600Sclafani Preserves.I have been scouting around for years for good preserves and jams. Some time ago I came across Sclafani's preserves sampler of orange marmalade, fig, and strawberry. The sampler arrived yesterday, and after tasting each one, I immediately ordered two more samplers. I have finally found what I have been looking for. The orange marmalade and the fig preserves are especially fine.
506767506767B00846ABKGA3CNI5RLSBACW3Theo0051347753600Love, love, love em!!We are on an Island & it is not easy to get the latest & greatest. These are a hit & Amazon made it easy!!
506768506768B001BW3RJWA329ROQ4J6P70KNEKBookFan0051333843200Wonderfully infused with complex black pepper flavorI was introduced to this wonderful salame at a grocery in Dominica - an island nation between Martinique and Guadeloupe. The salame was first sliced - not too thin, but not too thick - and topped small pizzas that I made from scratch and cooked over wood coals. Not only does this salame possess its own wonderful, unctuous warmth, but it stands up well to high heat - much better than many pepperoni. It has become my new "standard" pizza topper.
506769506769B001BW3RJWA39T65T8S5TFGSKaren Sparr1431301270400Peppery SalameThis salame has ALOT of PEPPER on it. Although I like salami alot as well as pepper. But this was rolled in regular pepper and lots of it. I had to scrape alot of it off to eat it. I will stick with the regular salame.
506770506770B000F4DKCGA1LF0NMSQXF6HNYONAH2251169596800FANTASTICGreat tea. Wonderful, mellow flavor. You won't regret buying this tea. Fantastic buy!
506771506771B000F4DKCGA2JLKIIKV7DWTBPaul6841286755200Good tea, but not a good valueThis is good chamomile tea from Twinings. As its name suggests, each teabag (20 in each box) contains pure chamomile and each bag is individually wrapped in plastic-paper wrapper. Chamomile tea is an herbal tea made from a flowering plant. It's naturally caffeine free and is supposed to aid in digestion. It's often used as a mild sleep aid, and I find that it makes for a soothing cup of tea just before bed.

However, I'd only buy this again if I found it at a very good price. I had tried chamomile tea from a generic brand, so I bought this Twinings version to see if a premium brand tasted any better. I did a blind taste test of this against Walmart's "Great Value" brand, and found little difference in flavor. The Walmart brand may have actually been a little stronger. But, for me, they were both equally good. This is probably because both Twinings and many generic brands of tea use only raw chamomile; rather then a blend. I've done the same experiment with Earl Grey, a blended tea, and Twinings has always tasted, in my opinion, far better than the generic brand. Generic teas are much cheaper though. A box of generic chamomile is often $1.99 or less for 20 teabags in store. I've seen Twinings chamomile sell for nearly twice that.

The difference between this chamomile tea from Twinings and generic brands, is that Twinings wraps each teabag in a sealed plastic-paper wrapper. Many generic brands do not wrap their teabags. A sealed wrapper obviously helps to keep the tea fresh and prevents flavors from getting in or out. I've found that some teas, if simply left in the cupboard exposed to open air, will lose their flavor or absorb flavors from other foods after a few weeks. So if you take a month or more to drink through a box of tea, it's a good idea to have each teabag sealed in its own wrapper and then sealed in a jar.

Bottom line: This is as good of a chamomile tea as I've tried and is well packaged. But chamomile tea from generic brands is often just as good but for a lower price. In the future I will stick to generic brands of chamomile tea.
506772506772B000F4DKCGA200TN5KH38MLKTim1141198800000Great Tea, calms your stress.If you have any stress or anything, this tea can calm you down. I drink some before sleeping. It's great.
Not that strong.

Amazon sells it for a great price when theres a discount. 40% off two packs is a extremely great deal.

Its also extremely fresh.

Camomile is a great tea.
506773506773B000F4DKCGA2XGJUXUF96C4TCarolyn Woodul "cw22222"1151174176000Great night time tea!If you like a great tasting and relaxing camomile, you will love this tea. It is excellent!
506774506774B000F4DKCGA1AH6JS8G857AAGlobal Mama2341245283200Very nice relaxing teaI enjoy drinking cammomile tea in the evening and this is a very nice version of pure camomile (I prefer not to have it mixed with other ingredients). Purchasing via Amazon's subsribe and save is a very cost-effective way to stock up on great tea.
506775506775B000F4DKCGA352PZ9BSFX4CVMonica S. "Mixedmedia5"2351203379200Great basic teaThis is a great basic tea. No fancy fruit or bush type things. Try it and I think you'll like it.
506776506776B000F4DKCGA3KZLIEGCSSM5L1104 "Sublime Siren"0051325203200deliciousI like this tea very much. I ran out of it and am now suffering through a brand that supposedly has been around for over 40 years but to me it's bitter, harsh and not palatable.

I will stick with twinnings, it has a relaxing aroma, is highly palatable and smells divine.

I read somewhere that chamomile softens skin, maybe I'll use that other brand to bathe in.
506777506777B000F4DKCGA3A66EMHFM4G84kuoch1241248998400very good among camomile tea bagsI like camomile tea, and this one is among the best tea bags and gives a mild, soothing flavor. Very good for morning calm or when ready for bed.
506778506778B000F4DKCGA30X750M8V1XXWScott1251225584000This is the best because I've tried the rest!This is the best brand of Camomile tea out there. I've tried so many of them and after weak or bitter kinds i'll only stick with Twinings! I like to add a bit of honey along with a splenda and some powdered vanilla flavoring. This not only calms you but if you have stomach/gastro issues as I do, it really helps out!
506779506779B002CNUZWQAOND5G8QSFNMAJason AW Laughlin0051279584000Fragrant and deliciousI've ordered this tea twice now, and loved it. The opaque, zip-lock style packaging helps preserve the flavor and aroma of the tea and the included scoop is convenient, of course. I just wish it hadn't been discontinued from the Subscribe-and-Save program!
506780506780B00126APOMA39HUWB256YNXEKernman "Kernman"5531262044800Precooked was not the way to go...I really wanted to love this item. I have ordered from Burgers before. Their precooked smoked turkey is excellent. But I did not enjoy this prime rib. Why? I bought the 4-5 lb roast for Christmas dinner. I let it thaw in the refrigerator for 4 days and then set it on the counter for two hours to bring it up to room temperature so it would reheat evenly. I followed the instructions that came with the roast, preheated the oven and let it cook for about an hour at 350 degrees. As I was busy preparing the rest of the meal I felt confident the prime rib would turn out fine since it was already cooked. As I was finishing up the rest of the cooking in that last dash of chaos to get everything out on time I finally checked the temperature of the meat and was shocked to find it was only 80 degrees in the center!

I know for a fact the entire prime rib was thawed so there is no way it was still cold in the middle before I put it in the oven. I didn't panic. Since my guests were waiting and everything else was finished I had to get this meat up to temperature quickly (to at least warm) in the center without ruining the perfect red color of medium rare. Unfortunately that meant putting this beautiful and EXPENSIVE piece of meat in the microwave. I had to run it on high for 1 minute intervals, constantly opening and closing the door until I got the center to 110 or so - at least so my guests thought it was warmed through. Because of how big the roast was, that process took about 10 extra minutes. Obviously it is impossible to cook a prime rib evenly in the microwave so I ended up with overcooked ends, well done second and third slices and a slightly pink center.

As for the taste...what were they thinking? I tasted like it was injected with highly concentrated au jus. Each bite was too salty for my taste and there was a heavy flavor of beef broth and rosemary. I wanted to taste the beef, not the seasonings. It reminded me a little of carved roast beef you get in a cheaper chain buffet restaurant or cafeteria like Golden Corral.

Are there any positives? Yes, I can't say I hated it outright. The meat itself was tender as a prime rib should be and the flavor while a bit overpowering, was edible. In fact, my in-laws said they liked it a lot (but maybe they were just being nice). Also, it was much bigger than I thought - that's a good thing. It easily fed 6 people and there was enough left for another 5 or 6 more slices.

But for the $115 I paid I probably could have had the same results from my grocery store meat case. Sorry Burgers. I like your products but you blew it on this one. I won't be buying a precooked prime rib from you again.
506781506781B004CT1O9GA386PB4JU4X6H7Big Daddy Cool "Gadget Junkie"0051342742400Best Honey Ever!!!!I first got a little bottle of this flavor honey, which I put in tea and it was like liquid candy.
I loved raspberry honey so much I was looking for larger quantities.
So I found Winter Park Honey, and took a chance, and I lucked out. WPH Raspberry Honey is even better than the raspberry honey I got locally and it was cheaper.

Anyways - wantto try something great - get this stuff
506782506782B005J8DT0QA3566U3DNPHODKJam-i2251339632000FANTASTICThis is the best nuocmam ever. Smooth and extremely tasty. Perfect on seafood, rice, whatever... Highly recommended - adds an amazing dimension to anything you use it on.
506783506783B005J8DT0QA22QQ6GVM5O8XHLight Stream1151347148800Absolutely deliciousThis is a flavor, unlike any other. When I add it to my rice, my rice tastes out of this world, and I just cannot get enough. It's even worth the expensive price.
I hurt my rotator cuff, and it was sore and making popping noises when I moved it. I googled & discovered that the other weightlifters had much success w/ fish oil. I compared price per ounce of all the fish oils in the healthfood section, and they were all more expensive than this Red Boat fish oil. Plus, I've bought those health-food fish-oils in the past. They taste bland, sort of gross. It seems like they try to hide the fishy taste w/ lemon. It's rediculous! Fish oil tastes great in rice! There's no need to hide it! I bought this stuff instead, and it tastes many-fold better than health-food fish oil, and it's cheaper. I ate about 1/3 of a bottle on the first day I bought it. The next day, the shoulder no longer makes popping sounds, and it's much better feeling. Before I ate it, my shoulder hurt when I raised my arm. After eating it, & a good night's sleep, the only way I can even feel the sore muscle is by lifting the arm with a heavy weight. Earlier, it seemed damaged, even after a good night's sleep, but after I ate this fish sauce & had another good night's sleep, it just felt sore, but only when lifting a weight. Now that's some great healing food! "Let food be thy medicine" This is a potent elixer. Very strong taste, but in a good way, & therefore, a very healing elixer. I highly recommend it.

I want to know if it has farm-raise anchovies. If there is such a thing. I prefer raw, & want to know if it's raw or "pasteurized" to destroy all nutrients, vitamins & healthy "germs".

I've tried many Asian fish sauces. Almost all of them have either added sugar, GMO-soy, or MSG. And the taste isn't nearly as good as this stuff. Squid fish sauce is pretty good, but not nearly as good as this stuff. Squid costs much less, but Red Boat's quality, taste, and lack of additives puts it head & shoulders above the rest.
506784506784B0051C0HQYA350A0P8BLDZHKcali27041111348876800Product photo doesn't matchI thought I was ordering the variety pack atleast that is what the product photo shows.. I was quite dissapointed when I recieved the 12pack original. I see now that the desciption says 'original' but the photo of the product is very misleading!
506785506785B0051C0HQYA3GGAZKORZT4VIC petersen0031350259200Ordered these a few days ago.Will be VERY UPSET! If these are not the mixed flavors pack..
As we do not like the plain type.
506786506786B0051C0HQYA3JO4XXP9ZB5KFC. Etherson0051337212800homesick delightsThe children I sent these to, said they were delicious and brought back happy memories of their life in Scotland.
506787506787B0051C0HQYA3UOLEB9L81C4ABritalian21311324944000Haven't gotten it yet.Been a month and two days since I placed my order. Have yet to receive it. Ordered other stuff from different vendors across the Atlantic on the same day and received those orders weeks ago.
506788506788B0053H9QMIA2AFRZUSKODG8EGood Eatin Lil1151320969600Clean Teeth & Not FatMy two cats really like this cat food. My vet does too. I am very pleased because one of my cats is a real senior and does not gain wieght tho she eats 24/7. The other cat has had teeth cleaning issues on a regular basis until we started on Nutri Source. My vet was amazed at Charlotte's clean teeth and I am not out anymore $200.00 bills for her teeth cleanings. Yeah!!
506789506789B008RB8V8CA28QQRATH7LEOMEva J.7751232582400Great tasting saltI first tried this salt in a cooking class, and fell in love with it. The salt crystals are little pyramids, and it's extremely salty, so if you don't like the salt taste, this is not the salt for you.

Definitely will be used in my kitchen for many years to come.
506790506790B008RB8V8CA3SQQYS79AV13MTerri J. Rice "ricepaper"6651255392000Salt of the EarthI love Maldon salt. I discovered it when we visited England and had carefully hoarded my box until my daughter, when visiting England brought me back a box.

Maldon salt is large square bowls of salt mixed with big broken chunks, perfect for on top of bread or vegetables.

This box will last a very long time making it a very affordable luxury.

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