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506791506791B008RB8V8CAQJMHX6A099Y8meshel4451181779200The best finishing sea salt out there for texture and flavor!Truly the best in a field of excellent salts. Maldon uses a unique process of wood fires and channeled salt water to produce a light, flaky sea salt that both crunches and melts in your mouth. Worth every penny.
506792506792B008RB8V8CA1LO4XQT2VL8Z3Jesse D. Keilson "Cooking and computers - it'...2251336953600Lovely flakes of sea saltThere are many different varieties of sea salt out there. What makes Maldon unique is its large, pyramidal flakes. Some people use it for general cooking, but it really shines best as a finishing salt. That means cook with less salt, but sprinkle salt on the finished dish. You really get a chance to experience the unique characteristics (primarily texture) of each salt that way, and Maldon has a light crunch that I find very pleasant.

Some people claim to be able to taste the difference between salts, but as long as there are no additives, I find all sea salts taste the same. The pleasant texture and relatively reasonable cost make Maldon an excellent choice.

Regardless of whether or not you buy this salt, try tasting a standard table salt next to a sea salt. The iodine and anti-caking agents have a distinct and unpleasant bitterness. If you're not willing to get spendy on sea salt, at least find a salt with no additives, something like Diamond Crystal Kosher salt.
506793506793B008RB8V8CA1F52EXQ94ZOT5Pollydrew1151331942400Delicious!!Delicious and great value!! Recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow in her cookbook. Use mostly as a finishing salt and it is yummy!
506794506794B008RB8V8CA37OWNJV69CDF9Diana Silvera0051350345600The Best Salt in the WorldI love this Salt, I always used it in England. My son used to bring it for me, every Easter and Christmas. Now =I buy it direct from Amazon. Wonderful!!
506795506795B008RB8V8CA3HU8WXW8DHJ8KRicki S. Stephenson "Tikki Tavi"0051348963200BestBest salt ever! I like a variety of salts in my kitchen. This is a wonderful addition. It is a great finish to any savory dish.
506796506796B008RB8V8CA2NU9H8H5MJZSLTelstar0051348876800I keep coming back to thisI have tried Hawaiian, Peruvian, French, South African (west coast) salts and keep coming back to this. Every once and a while I like to use black lava or red salt from Hawaii for effect, but this finishing salt has a wonderful texture and is a fraction of the price.
506797506797B008RB8V8CA1SDP8E9VOY5BCJack R. Hales "JR"0051325808000Great finishing saltA Chef recommended Maldon's as a must have for the serious cook. I couldn't agree more. Not to be wasted, it provides a excellent finish to serious dishes.
506798506798B008RB8V8CA22IGESPVGQJMABarbara A. Bawol "cruise"0041322438400Finishing touchI do a lot of cooking and find this a nice touch as a finishing salt to my menu. Good flavor and fun to pass in a little dish for my guests to use.
506799506799B008RB8V8CA4JSQFCKVKX2AJ. Kort0121345420800Looks nice but....because of the shape of the crystals makes it is difficult to get a even spread. Some parts of your steak are saltier than others. It does have a nice crunch but the taste is not so special, to my buds anyway. I prefer French Grey Salt for taste and since it is a fine grain it can be 'applied' evenly. Not to mention the price 17 bucks for 5 lbs delivered.
506800506800B000N0EZZ8A3C68EUZA04JATColleen "If it's not fun, what's the point?"3521219708800Not ImpressedBeings that I live in a remote area where there is NOT a lot of availability to this type of food or spices, I tried going with these mixes for my Indian dinner party. I have been disappointed with pretty much every one I have tested.

Instead of these Parampara mixes, try to find Shan mixes. I am soooooo thankful to the Pakistani lady who turned me on to them. They are perfect for recreating an authentic Indian/Pakistani meal. Just like these Parampara mixes, all you do is add the meat and or vegetables, oil, etc. to the spice mix. The complete directions are printed in english on the back of the box. They have the perfect spice blend and heat. I can only highly recommend the Shan: Chappli Kabab! I grilled my patties out on the grill and served them with Naan, lettuce leaves, and a cool cucumber raita. And Dal Curry for a side. Mmmmm, totally yummy!
506801506801B000W2VVZYA3EEG18Q6OZWJCBusy Mom 194451208736000An excellent buyThis is a high quality oolong tea, very tasty, I agree that it does not need to be sweetened. Vacuum sealed for freshness. A good bargain for the price compared to other websites.
506802506802B000W2VVZYA3LWCYLLJELTDVTrish3351199836800Wonderful Fragrant Smooth TeaArrived promptly in 2 days. The tea was as advertised. The loose tea comes in two air tight bags. It arrives in the beautiful box pictured. You could give this as a gift to someone who enjoys loose golden Oolong or green tea. I enjoy drinking green tea and thought I would give Oolong tea a try. The loose Oolong tea is fragrant and had a smooth taste and did not need any sweetening. It tasted similar to green tea. My boyfriend loves earl grey tea and he loved this loose golden Oolong tea.
The side of the box says, "High-Grade HuangJingGui HuangJingGui (also named "Huangyan") has the special good quality of wulong Tea. Which enjoys the landatory title of "penetrating Fragrance". Its finished products appear curly and tight with a golden green colour. And its consistent quality and special fragrance have become the favorite of generations of tea drinkers."
506803506803B000W2VVZYA8000GGUGQI1TSarah "Sarah"4531232582400Lovely scent, seems good quality, but too light for meI have been drinking oolong tea for a few years now. I am used to the darker kind of oolong with a richer taste. In comparison, this kind of tea seemed a little too light for me, almost like green tea. It does not seem as oxidized and with less strong taste as the kind of oolong I am used to drinking. If you are looking for a strong, rich tea, this is not for you. This is a light, delicate tea, like green tea, in my opinion. It has a nice taste, but it's just not strong enough for me. I give it three stars because it seems good quality, came in nice packaging, vacuum-packed for freshness, etc.
506804506804B000W2VVZYA7UQFUN9ON4WQJane4621232409600Ok for an oolong/wulong teaThis product is OK, but truthfully I've had much more fragrant and tastier oolong teas elsewhere. If you're not an oolong connoisseur I'm sure this brand would be's price point is decent and it comes in an especially pretty sliver and gold box. However if you really want a treat try a Formosa oolong in a fancy grade.
506805506805B000W2VVZYA1205T8NP2BQ5Ebeanhead0041323820800splendid!This is a delicate oolong with a good nose and long finish. It's not as good as the fancy gift box I got from a friend, but pretty close.
506806506806B000W2VVZYA27A7DDEH5M0PYMW0051301011200Good Light OolongThis Huangjin Gui is a light oolong with a floral scent and a light wooden flavor. The leaves are rolled and stay flavorful out to 4 or so steeps. Comes in two vacuum sealed bags inside the box shown. Lightly oxidized and tending toward the 'green' end of the oolong flavor spectrum. An excellent value for the price and one of the better Fujian teas on Amazon.
506807506807B000CQIDHOA2B73MUGLPB65OBart J. Schuck0051318377600Great herbal teaDo you love the taste of licorice? If so, this tea is for you. I used to be able to buy it from retail grocery stores but they no longer carry it. It turns out that buying this online is about half the price of retail, so I win both ways (price & availability). I do not add sugar, milk or anything else to this tea. It is wonderful all by itself. However, just one bit of advice: Do NOT remove the bag after brewing. The tea is so mild, that I leave it in the cup the whole time I am drinking the tea.
506808506808B000CQIDHOAORPWPLDNI1J0SueB0051318118400Stash Meyer Lemon TeaStash tea's are a quality tea. Meyer Lemon makes a wonderful iced tea. Contains Lemongrass, orange peel, and Meyer Lemon oil, so there is no need to add fresh lemon to the iced tea. This herbal tea is also caffeine free.
Herbal Tea-Meyer Lemon - 20 - Bag
506809506809B000CQIDHOA3D8VSMH4EBRZ2quant10051317600000Great TeaThis tea is very flavorful. Definitely does not need sugar as it has some inherent sweetness. It makes for great iced tea with some honey.
506810506810B000CQIDHOA2OIVQN4WS608ZR. Hewitt0051314403200Unusual and deliciousThis is a highly unusual tea -- real licorice root blended with other spices. I've been buying this for ten years and absolutely love it. It's somewhat sweet and densely flavored
506811506811B000CQIDHOAKWJ1MKVPDQ1Ntoni siegle0051314144000DeliciousI only tried this tea because it was provided free at my hotel in Oregon. That was a few years ago and I have been drinking this tasty tea ever since. You can add sugar if you want and it's good, but what I really love about this tea is that it is delicious with nothing added. Nothing's needed. Tea bag, hot water, steep, done, drink. Great for travel. Just stash some tea bags in your purse or pocket and if you have access to hot water you can have tea in an instant. I make this tea at work, too. Actually, I drink it all day long and never tire of the fresh berry taste.
506812506812B000CQIDHOA2N5SEPUYGUQUOJ. Moore "JM"0051313712000Excellent Ginger TeaI recently gave up coffee, but still felt I needed a little boost first thing in the morning. The nice spicy ginger tea is great for waking me up and love the lemon-ginger flavor.

I like the convienence of using Subscribe and Save program so will always have the tea on hand. Highly Recommend this tea!
506813506813B000CQIDHOA1BNIYT6VNCDNRdAndte0051313193600WonderfulI love this tea. It has a sweet aftertaste, gives me the satisfaction of just eating a piece of black licorice. Which I love by the way, but can't have the sugar. Its wonderful.
506814506814B000CQIDHOAQGZUG5IHZ9X7Ibrahim Al-Abdulwahab "IbrahimZen"0051308096000Very fine Chamomile teaI have been drinking this Chamomile tea for the past year late at night when i need a relaxing caffeine-free tea.

This or Twinings are both excellent.
506815506815B000CQIDHOA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051306108800Been drinking it for years!I discovered this tea at work one day and have been drinking it for the past 25 years! It's just awesome - you don't even need sugar - just some hot water and voila! Instant licorice flavor. If you're not familiar with Stash's teas, then be sure to give this one a try. They have wonderful, rich flavored teas, not too strong or too weak. They come in a zillion varieties and all just equally as good. Sign up for auto delivery on this one - you'll be back for more. Highly recommend!
506816506816B000CQIDHOA1HBE08HSNOQ3KMargaret0051305676800My Favorite Herbal TeaBeen using this tea for over a year. Tastes great. I sometimes have trouble with indigestion and heart burn. This tea definitely seems to help a lot. And I really like the savings and convenience of's Subscribe & Save.
506817506817B000CQIDHOA6TJSOTMR6829tea lover0051302307200Tastes like dessertFor licorice lovers only. Intense licorice flavor and is naturally sweet, so needs no sugar or honey. Drinking a cup is like eating licorice for dessert, without the calories.
506818506818B000CQIDHOAFELVVXB9WXTTBeatrice S McQuarrie0051301702400Raspberry Tea is the BESTI love raspberries and this tea does not disappoint. Herbal teas meet our water needs and why not with some favorite flavor. If you enjoy raspberries ~ you will enjoy this tea.
506819506819B000CQIDHOA1BL84QD5N73F2Stephanie0051300406400Tasty TeaI bought this for my mother who tasted the tea in a restaurant. This is now her favorite tea.
506820506820B000CQIDHOA1QLVFDDF9HF6NCarol L Beck0051299974400Best Price AvailableLove this tea but it's hard to find at a reasonable price. It's always in stock and gets here in a few days. All the stores where I used to get Licorice Tea have discontinued it so this is a wonderful way to be sure I have plenty in stock in the house.

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