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506821506821B000CQIDHOA10Y96F4H9N2PBTranslucent0051297296000Licorice teaI love this stuff. I could drink it three times a day. You used to be able to find it in all the grocery stores, and I don't know why they've stopped selling it. I'm really happy to be able to get it again.
506822506822B000CQIDHOA2TJRU4YXKTZIWrbeditrix0051293753600Why is this tea not famous and widely available?You used to be able to find Stash Licorice at major grocery stores, and I'm baffled as to why it has disappeared from shelves and can only be found online. It's the only herbal tea I've found that is naturally sweet so you don't have to add sugar or sweeteners. The aroma is heavenly and as an added bonus, it acts as an appetite suppressant (at least for me) because when you're inhaling that scent your palate doesn't crave anything else. Great as an after-dinner/before-bed drink.
506823506823B000CQIDHOA1UZYBB9UZ3EWZSusan M Harris0051291248000Licorice lovers and health nuts, this is for you!If you love black licorice and and would like something that also has great health benefits, you'll love this tea. I brew this tea and drink hot, but even when it gets cold, its still great. I often just add more cold water to it and get a very mild licorice taste that is better than just strait water. I will do this several times until I just want more of the licorice taste, and brew some more tea. As to the health benefits, there are many. Here are just a few: "useful for many ailments including asthma, body odor, bursitis, canker sores, chronic fatigue, depression, colds and flu, coughs, gingivitis and tooth decay, gout, heartburn, HIV, viral infections, fungal infections, ulcers, liver problems, Lyme disease, menopause, psoriasis, shingles, sore throat, tendinitis, tuberculosis, ulcers, yeast infections, prostate enlargement and arthritis." See [...] and click on the link licorice. That is where this health info came from, but there is much much more info there on that web site too. It's said to be very good for flu and colds, which I'm fighting now, and it's so very SOOTHING to my throat! You'll love this tea.
506824506824B000CQIDHOA1VUBINI143L44Allyson Ferretti0051290729600Best Tea EverI tried this tea in a sampler pack and became totally addicted! I moved and could not find any stores that carry the flavor so I have to buy online.

It is a very sweet and strong tea that requires no sugar or milk. I guess it tastes like black licorice, but I never eat it so I'm not sure.
506825506825B000CQIDHOAQXJM6TILVEDYSRRT0051289001600A loyal drinker (!) for yearsSimply stated, I've been drinking this specific tea for several years now after an experiment went (happily) well. Some friends have found it to be too sweet, but they needed to be corrected in that no sugar is required (because they inadvertently added some). The tea provides more than enough natural sweetness of its own with no aftertaste (albeit a pleasant one, if it turns out that you're a little ill and therefore a trifle phlegmy... there, I said it).

It mixes exceptionally well with green tea, though I've found not so much with certain black teas like Irish Breakfast -in which case I'd recommend avoid adding milk if you're normally inclined to do so with any kind of black tea. It is decaffeinated, so this is a perfect "unwinding" drink before bedtime. Not "spicy" in the classic sense at all, either. I thoroughly and highly recommend this variety of Stash tea.
506826506826B000CQIDHOA1YFJGVOIJ3P20martha0051284768000best flavor out thereI first tasted this tea at a friend's house in Alaska and had not been able to find it locally in Maryland. It was very pricey on line...much more so than to buy it in the store, but it has been worth it.
506827506827B000CQIDHOA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson0051284508800My favorite Stash teaI love this tea. I have bought many, many flavors of Stash tea and this one is by far my favorite. It tastes almost as good as homemade lemon/ginger tea from fresh ingredients.

It really is good. Not a mild flavored tea at all, but that is why I like it. It really is very, very flavorful.

It has a nice blend of both flavors.
506828506828B000CQIDHOAD53Z7NOGYIMOAlyssa M. Sanchez0041281484800Delicious, sweet tasting tea, but...I love the taste of this tea. It tastes exactly like licorice root and it's very refreshing. I like to make iced tea with it. However, I just read a review someone made on another licorice tea product on amazon, telling their story of licorice toxicity. I'm a fairly paranoid person, so I'm now only going to enjoy this tea about twice a week, instead of everyday like I was doing. I canceled my subscribe & save order because I don't think I can safely use up 6 boxes within the time I selected. I might be overreacting, I probably am, but better safe than sorry.
506829506829B000CQIDHOAE98IZ1FQ9EHZJulie Ham0051280707200Amazing tea!!I will be honest and say that when a friend suggested I try this tea as I began getting sick last winter, I told her no way because I do not like licorice flavor. She still made me a cup and I was stunned. This is the best tea EVER! I stopped drinking coffee during the winter and drank this tea all day long. The students in my class noticed my new love of this tea and bought me a package as a gift. The flavor is fabulous and I really like the fact that I do not need to add any sweetener at all. The aftertaste is so interesting. I have never had anything like it.

I prepared this as a cold tea this summer, but it just didn't taste the same. I will stick with it as a hot tea only. Did I mention that I love it?
506830506830B000CQIDHOA3G12P25ZQTB0VP. Maclean0051277337600The Best Herbal TeaI only like herbal tea especially raspberry. This one has a distincive flavor-it's great!!
506831506831B000CQIDHOA3EIBXNQNZFP9Jroseo0051276300800SOOOO GOOD!I love this tea and can drink it just on its own, but I sometimes add agave,or honey and a little cinnamon......stir, stir, stir it when U add the cinnamon. It really does not get bitter no matter how long you leave the tea bag in. It's good hot or cold.
506832506832B000CQIDHOAI7E61H2NBV4MK. Miller0051274832000Beautiful fragrance, Wonderful flavorI really love this tea! The fragrance is strong and beautiful. The tea itself is a flavorful medium bodied tea. While deep in flavor it isn't overpowering. This is definitely a great tea!
506833506833B000CQIDHOA2AORP77WZ10SEJulie0051272240000AmazingThis is the best tea I have ever had. It has a unique fruity flavor that is both tart and a tiny bit sweet at the same time. This is also a really good deal considering that if you buy 80 tea bags from the company's website it would cost 13.95 (not including shipping and handling which costs ~$8) and buying from amazon you get 108 tea bags with cheaper shipping.
506834506834B000CQIDHOA2C39C35CSZVOOL. Papadakis "iFerret"0051269475200Tastes great hot or coldI don't care for licorice, but this stuff rocks! It's a naturally sweet desert tea that tastes great cold too. This is my substitute for soda and helps when you are having a sweet tooth and don't want to eat junk food.
506835506835B000CQIDHOAO98PVCA8LDFXOld Baguette0051269302400Wonderful Herbal TeaI'm not a traditional tea drinker; in fact don't care for tea at all. However, because I love anise flavor, I thought I'd try this tea. It has a great, naturally-sweet flavor. I now look forward to my daily cup of licorice-spice tea!
506836506836B000CQIDHOARBV8U9I8C1BKTLB0051267488000LOVE this tea!I absolutely love licorice and I love this tea. I have a glass nearly every night in the winter. It tastes great and settles your stomach. Highly recommend.
506837506837B000CQIDHOAZ863LNS1Q5RVKyle Bairdsen "Kyle Baird"0051267142400great tea!!!I'm definitely a subscriber to this tea! The longer you brew it the better. I actually just keep it in a thermos. yum!
506838506838B000CQIDHOASFW4ZMNZJKDAMainiac0051266710400Love this when I'm sickThis tea is super gingery, and lemony, and I just love it with honey when I'm sick. Love it. My local grocery is out, so here I am on Amazon, buying more.

Note that the primary source of "lemon" appears to be lemongrass. (Ingredients, via the product packaging: "Ginger root, lemongrass, lemon flavor, safflower, hibiscus, and citric acid. Contains: Soy." I don't understand "Contains: Soy", but it's not listed on the ingredients... I wonder if this is an allergy alert thing.)

Looking at the ingredients, the organic version has caffeine and doesn't have any actual lemon in it... I haven't tried that one yet, though. I'm a fan of both green tea and organic products, but I don't want caffeine when I'm sick, so I'll stick with this.
506839506839B000CQIDHOA19PHQB0QUF6UHJoseph Scheller0051265932800are you a ginger fan?my wife is a ginger fan and she loves this tea, has at least a cup a day. i'm not a ginger fan so i can take it or leave it
506840506840B000CQIDHOA1VHK2OGOCOSF5Lorie A. Small0051265414400Yummy and healthy!This is my all time favorite tea. I buy it by the case and drink it every day. If you love black licorice, you will love this tea! It is caffeine free and naturally sweet.
506841506841B000CQIDHOA2FN1W7VCA6LYBnanacubby "nanacubby"0051262908800My Favorite Tea Licorice Spice!Those of you who love black licorice or anise flavor - this is it! This tea is so flavorful and aromatic, it's intense. In my opinion, the addition of sweetener is not necessary! Good for your daily diet but remember this is not a wimpy tea, it's full bodied. And great for your digestive system. Love, Love, Love this tea :)
506842506842B000CQIDHOA25LD3VVWDZ7DVonnie L. Shouse0051258934400Delicious Licorice Spice Herbal Tea!!!!!To me this tea is perfect! I love licorice so this fits the bill. It's just the right amount of natural sweetness with the soft subtle licorice flavor. If I want something that bites I'll go for hot peppers, but this tea is 'GREAT' anytime of day or night!
I've ordered 15 boxes so far and 'will' order more.
Thanks for offering such a great product.
506843506843B000CQIDHOA36Y3APFMWX87QJanice0041246838400Finally!I've asked for this flavor in three local luck! It's hot after steeping for a full 5 minutes. Thanks!
506844506844B000CQIDHOA34G3TXQU250BBetty L. Murphy "rocky mtn. lady"0051242259200Best flavor for Licorice loversI tried Licorice spice at a B and B in Maine and absolutely loved it. I can't always find it at a kitchen or grocery store so Amazon came to my rescue. I now purchase a case at a time. The clove and licorice flavors are wonderful and very soothing. Very nice to have at Christmas time!
506845506845B000CQIDHOAUVN6DFOBM27ADiana Stein0051240358400Stash Premium Herbal TeaWonderful taste - refreshing and thirst quenching!
Stash Premium Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
506846506846B000CQIDHOA1BICL80AAOC47M. ODonovan0051237507200Really Great TeaA friend introduced me to Licorice Tea many years ago by asking for a cup at a restuarant. When the server stated that the restuarant did not have Licorice tea, she took a packette out of her handbag and asked for a cup of hot water. She had an extra packette for me to try. WOW, interesting taste, not bitter and no need for sweetner. Stash makes the most robust decafinated tea. Until a short while ago, I was able to puchase the 20 count box of Stash Premium Licorice Spice Herbal Tea at the local grocery, but Licorice Spice is no longer on the shelf. I placed my order for the Pack of 6 to save on shipping and should now have sufficient tea bags for several months. Individually, foil wrapped tea bags keeps the flavor fresh.
506847506847B000CQIDHOA32OLDUOPH2SK6Cynthia A. Wilber0051235174400Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal TeaI really like the flavor of Stash's Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea. I especially like it in the evening when I sit down to read and relax!
506848506848B000CQIDHOA3G77L0AQVNRPVKathleen Watson "Tea lover"0051234915200Very soothingStash Licorice Spice tea is so soothing. I can't always drink a caffenated tea, although I love it. Before I have anything in my stomach, Licorice tea is wonderful and soothing. I can't find it anywhere else but at Amazon. It does not have a strong licorice flavor, which I know some people don't care for.
506849506849B000CQIDHOA3FLCOLQLU8JW3Debs0051231891200super yummy sweet taste!If you aren't familiar with the taste, I can only suggest you try it before you end up with 6 boxes of the stuff. But if you are a committed lover of this tea, then Amazon's Subscribe and Save is REALLY a great deal! Definitely not for people who do not like the taste of black licorice. I personally steep the tea for longer than advised on the package but I like my teas strong (package says 3-5 minutes, I go for 10). I have turned some of my licorice loving friends onto it - 1 is a diabetic and she LOVES it since it gives a really sweet flavor with NO sugar or carbohydrates. It is wonderful on a cold evening and won't keep you awake as there is NO caffeine.
506850506850B000CQIDHOABRZQM2KRW5NWBrenda Gustin "Brenda Gustin"0051229644800Brenda GustinI LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tea! I don't even like licorice, my friend encouraged me to taste it, as she was so pleased with it. I did not realize (as the packaging box states) that herbal teas contain no true tea leaves, but are created from an international collection of herbs and spices such as licorice, cinnamon, orange peel, star anise and sarsaparilla. It is a perfect after dinner tea. I live in Michigan and those wintery nights are good for a cup of this caffeine free tea.

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