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506851506851B000CQIDHOA2MR45IS172241Janice Brooks0051222128000Found it againI've been searching stores for this special Licorice tea for several years and finally found it again and this time on Everyone I serve it to, loves it!
506852506852B000CQIDHOA3AM8NR0L4FFOAJuliann King0051221523200The Best Tea!I love Red Tea by Stash. It is very difficult to find in my local supermarkets. I asked if one would special order, and they hemmed and hawed. So a friend suggested I check for the tea. And in just a short time I had a huge stock of Red Tea. It is great that this was so convenient and easy to shop.
506853506853B000CQIDHOA32X4LQ3K4YB2JRegina L. Mcilwee0051221436800Great tea...This is the best red rooibos tea I have found!! Recommend it to all my friends...
506854506854B000CQIDHOA3IVN2U8TYSIDXTechnologist "Neil"0051219536000I like this tea!Well, what's to be said other than I really like this Licorice Spice Tea?

I cut out sugar and reduced my caffeine intake over the last year or so and this licorice tea is my favorite replacement for a caffeinated hot drink. Because I have a sweet tooth I usually now drink tea and coffee with soy milk to reduce the bitterness. This licorice spice tea is delicious and I drink it equally happily both with and without soy milk (the licorice gives it a natural sweet flavor). I have at least one or two cups a day, and even if I was to return to my previous high regime of caffeination I would still include a cup or two of this tea during the day.

I'm not a fan of chamomile and this Licorice spice tea does not seem to list that as an ingredient.

It seems many people don't like the flavor of licorice, but those that do really like this tea.

I've found that the flavor of each batch seems to vary in intensity and the last batch I bought had a less strong taste which simply means it needs to be steeped a little longer.

Scratching around for other things to say, my only concern about Stash teas is what appears to be plastic coated aluminum sashes that the teabags are sealed in. That does a great job in terms of sealing in flavor, but I'd rather it wasn't either plastic or aluminum coated. Maybe there's no good alternative.

The only other thing is that the latest boxes have changed the design of the semi-circular hole at the bottom of the box and the new design makes it near impossible to easily remove a sachet. You'll be attacking it with the scissors or opening the box lid to get them out.

But what really matters is the flavor and this is simply the best!
506855506855B000CQIDHOA2RW2OXA0PKRAVA. Mathur0051218326400Best herb tea on the planet!I really hope Amazon dosn't discontinue this tea because it is so hard to find. It has a lovely naturally sweet, cinnamon flavor. Highly reccomended!
506856506856B000CQIDHOA38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire0051217894400Best Licorice Spice Tea!Licorice Spice is my most favorite daily tea flavor. Earl Grey is what I take in the winter instead of coffee. Stash's Licorice Spice is very strong, not weak like some other teas I've tried with this flavoring. If you had a Licorice Spice Tea years ago and wondering if you should get this, just know I'm glad I did!
506857506857B000CQIDHOA445HGPXO2G4ZMichael S., Preston0051211068800five star productVery good product, my wife drinks it all the time. Stash premium licorice to her is very good tasteing.
506858506858B000CQIDHOA2GXFNDE9RZT98EmMarie0051208131200Hands down my favorite tea!I've been "addicted" to this tea for years and glad that it has become more widely available.

A few weeks ago my cousin and I were discussing our love of tea. I put forth Licorice Spice as my favorite and she said her all time favorite was, surprisingly enough, a tea made by Aveda - the haircare company - called Comforting Tea. She lamented that she found it hard to find and described the taste to me. I immediately told her that she had to try Licorice Spice then. A few days after my recommendation she emailed me that she had tried the Stash tea and it was EVEN BETTER than the Aveda one! I so do love making converts!

As an added bonus, I've discovered after many nights of letting the tea steep, forgetting about the cup I've made, but not wanting to waste the tea bag - it tastes really good cold too!
506859506859B000CQIDHOA1L8V4YDDQZIRASilver0051174176000WonderfulThis tea is wonderful. Delightful taste of mango, you can make it stronger by adding more tea bags if strong is your preference. Add a little honey and its delicious. Had neighbors try it and they fell in love, drank my whole stash. One of my spouse's favorites, even I enjoy it and I'm a coffee drinker!
506860506860B000CQIDHOAIHIAZFZVZ9FOMichael0051173398400Great ginger tasteThis is a terrific tea. I love it and have been drinking it almost daily since I bought it. I will certainly buy more in the future.
506861506861B000CQIDHOA3SYAUCS3B1QW5B Yourself "Stay at home mom"0041168473600Licorice Spice teaReally nice tea with a sweet taste for the sweet tooth after dinner.
506862506862B000CQIDHOA224XMPO3ZI4F3Betsy Thrasher0051168300800no need for sugar!I always put insane amounts of sugar and cream in my tea, but this licorice spice tea has enough sweet that I don't have to add anything at all. Makes it easy being a college student and rushing out the door, i just grab a cup of hot water and throw the bag in. It even gets better as the tea bag stays in the water, which I usually also have a problem with.

My boyfriend introduced me to this tea, and I hope you will try it!
506863506863B000CQIDHOA1WTC2N763JLOTAkeru "akeru1"0051167436800The VERY BEST Lemon Ginger tea out there!This tea is the ONLY lemon ginger tea I will buy! All other brands have some off-flavor, or are mixed with others. This one has exactly the right blend and is always wonderful. Do yourself a favor and try it!!
506864506864B000CQIDHOA3J4FP9Z0J0535Ms. Divine0051166745600It's the best!Stash teas are really good and this is the best one for me. I really enjoy it.
506865506865B000CQIDHOAVYEFSSQC9SFUJoan E. Scholl0031162771200Good TeaTea was very good with a mild hint of mango. Rather expensive compared to other brands. Also made iced tea with the tea bags and it was very refreshing. The Passionfruit with the Mango is a great combination
506866506866B000CQIDHOA2F36UHYTDH80AM. Mueller "mellygal"0051162684800Lemon Lover's Tea With A KickThis tea is one of my favorites. It's a caffeine-free tea that has a wonderful lemon flavor with a bite of ginger. It's very refreshing and satisfying. I especially enjoy it when I have an upset stomach.
506867506867B000CQIDHOAKBUO7EQ14W7Unonickname4763531282608000This is NOT Black tea with Black currant - it is an HERBAL BLENDBe warned - if you are looking for real tea with balck current - this is not it
506868506868B000CQIDHOAINMG64N0CBEGOz3521261785600not as good as Yogi Tea's Lemon Ginger teaI am used to Yogi Tea's Lemon Ginger Tea, and for a change I wanted to try Stash's.
Unfortunately, I will go back to Yogi Tea's Lemon Ginger which tastes much nicer.
506869506869B000CQIDHOA37PL4YEBPNQM1K. Song "ChocoLegal"1241296086400Disappointed with Amazon's policyPrice dropped by $5 in matter of 2 days. Item didn't even arrive but Amazon refused to price match. Disappointed with policy but tea itself is good.
506870506870B000CQIDHOA2M7DW0LS7WJL7123451251278288000Favorite teaI used Amazon because it was less expensive than buying at store on sale. Also sometimes it is hard to find the Lemon Ginger tea.
506871506871B000CQIDHOAUGU89R1XNKX9desert hounsi0121343001600Weak, as usual for this brandI bought this recently, not paying attention to brand. When I got it home, I realized it was Stash, and thought, oh, no, here comes the weak tea!

Indeed, as with other of their teas, it is weak. I used up almost the entire box of tea bags to make a pitcher full of iced tea, and it was still pretty weak in flavor. When I've made hot tea with it, I need two tea bags.

The flavor is ok--I love the tartness of hibiscus and the raspberry--but it's really just too weak overall. Will not purchase again.
506872506872B000CQIDHOA34F2WZJ2HXX1BV. Fletche "vanessa"0131325030400SOY??? WHY?Maybe I didn't read the ingredient list thoroughly, because I was not expecting to find SOY in my tea!! What a disappointment! I called Stash to find out if the soy was GMO, and...the woman in customer service guarenteed me the suppliers sell them non-GMO soy. If this is the case, they really should label it as such. I like the flavor though, it's very soothing and gentle on the tummy (hence the three stars). The only way I will order again is if they start labeling the soy as non-GMO, i can't trust the product without a label!

PS: after reading ingredient list again, I found NO mention of soy...
506873506873B000CQIDHOA3MD537ZXBMFKRDivegoddess0121321574400GrossTasted artificial, weird, unnatural. Could not detect the orange peel "note" at all. Singular, not balanced. Very pretty color and pleasant aroma. Unfortunately, I sent it back ):
506874506874B000CQIDHOA2IYLMDQGBB4VGD. Jones "wyoairerescue"0131306627200decent teaI gave up drinking coffee because I always added creamer and sugar, thus I have been trying lots of different teas. This is a decent flavored tea, though not on the top of my list. Wish you could mix and match a case.
506875506875B000CQIDHOA3S5414C0MJAB0TechDiva0151302998400Love This Tangy TeaI think I might be addicted ! This tea is so different, so tangy, it calls to me around 9 am when I am starting to drag and again later in the afternoon. It is so zippy, unlike any tea I've had, its a real pick me up. I love Stash teas and have been a fan for nearly 20 years, this one is a winner.
506876506876B000CQIDHOA2HJPG1L877M73L. L. Price0151301011200Wonderful ginger and lemon flavorAn "herbal" type tea, with real ginger and some lemon flavors, including lemongrass. Also contains safflower, hibiscus, and some soy. Like a "ginger ale" tea.
506877506877B000CQIDHOA42CJC66XO0H7Scott Schimmel "A Butterfly Dreaming"0131279497600Makes a refresing iced teaThis isn't one of my favorite Stash blends; I feel the hot tea it makes is a little weak. It does make a delicious iced tea, though, with a fairly pronounced mango taste. It won't be a regular tea for me, but I'll buy a box now and then to brew a batch.
506878506878B000CQIDHOA3TY7XRNX6FPSHJohn Cobb0151270684800GreatStash makes a really good chamomile, and the price they were offering this for was very reasonable.
506879506879B000CQIDHOA3EIHZ3CTJ697YJohn0151222646400Stash ChamomileI ordered this with the automatic delivery option. This is a excellent tea and with the auto delivery, it is very convenient.
506880506880B000CQIDHOA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W1351263686400Try this for Sore Throat or to Wind Down!!!First of all, I am a tea drinker. I have been drinking tea all my 60 years of life and I LOVE tea. Stash is a wonderful tea and they have a tremendous line of delicious flavors out there right now. Stash chamomile is caffeine free.

Now, let me share one of Kathy W's secrets with you. (S-h-h-h-h-h...) Chamomile tea is EXCELLENT for sore throats, scratchy throats, any throat irritation. I first learned about Chamomile tea from my Greek neighbors. YaYa and PaPu always gave the grandchildren Chamomile tea whenever they got sick. It not only is very soothing but it somehow soothes throat irritations. Over the years, I have found that if I get a sore throat, I drink 2 cups of chamomile tea, one behind the other, and my throat STOPS hurting. If it starts again the next day, I repeat the procedure, and it stops again.

I rarely get sick now-a-days, and if I get a bug, it passes through and out real quick, but I have turned many a friend and co-worker on to my little secret. It works! Chamomile brews/steeps as a yellow tea and it has a different taste than black tea. So, if the taste is strange to you initially, you will probably get used to it quickly. I assure you, it beats the heck out of having a sore throat. For a sore throat, you can also add honey if you want. Honey makes it even more smooth and soothing.

Some people also like a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime because it is soothing and helps them wind down.

So, when you use this for a sore throat, and you realize it helped you or your children, do me a favor. Look up to heaven and say Thank You to YaYa and PaPu Harjandrou for sharing this special secret with all of us.

God Bless you all.

(Note: I am not a doctor.)

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