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506881506881B000CQIDHOA38234669D0EDZL. Sofiko1331252800000It is not real AcaiI am dissapointed!! When I bought this product I thought I was buying the real Acai Tea. But when I read ingredients it occured that Acai is the only one of the ingredients from a lot of others. So I blamed myself because I had to read those ingredients before I bought this Tea. I was fooled because the tea is named as "Acai Tea" so I thought it really was Acai. I reccomend everybody to read ingredients carefully before buying the product.
506882506882B000CQIDHOA7JJ3MTS8TAUGXRADR1331242086400Ginger with a little lemonDecent tea. I think the ginger overpowers a little. Average to slightly above average herbal tea.
506883506883B000CQIDHOA2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours1341226188800there are affordable teabags and there are affordable teabagsnothing comes realatively cheap these days and still get the satisfaction. I love stash tea, as it presents both good value (via amazon) and offers a little luxury amongst its peers. There are more expensive brands, but as a brand, this one cuts about the rest. I love the chamomile version and it is a sure winner in the taste section too. Highly recommend and thanks amazon for making it so affordable.
506884506884B000CQIDHOA1X1SCXSV7SE10C. Arnold41011175558400Locorice is hidden ingredient in Stash TeasLocorice even in small amounts raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels. My doctor began to have problems regulating my high blood pressure soon after beginning to drink Stash teas, which (almost all) I discovered contain licorice.

I recommend either that Stash remove licorice from their teas or they carry a warning label for persons with high blood pressure be aware.
506885506885B000CQIDHOA3EIP6AC2OM8CAEARNESTLY ME0321272412800STASH LEMON GINGER TEA (CAFFEINE FREE)I purchased due to one of the review saying this was much better than yoki tea,I feel this tea has a bitter taste and not much ginger,in fact I added ginger,which did not help the taste at all.
506886506886B000CQIDHOAYBGKZKU4Q99SErin L. Simpson0321240185600DisappointedI thought for sure I was going to love this tea. I love licorice and I like my teas sweet. I was so disappointed in the flavor of this product! It has very little licorice taste and an almost sickening after taste and smell. I added sugar to it as I did not find it very sweet. I ordered the 6 box pack of this so I guess I have 5 boxes of it to give away
506887506887B000CQIDHOAU2DAD4WD5Z0CCheyenne Ann "Ann"181851146700800Licorice Lovers--You must check this out!Those of you who love licorice or anise flavor and who happen to be tea-drinkers, rejoice! This tea is so flavorful and aromatic. The anise/licorice flavor is intense. The tea is relatively sweet, so in my opinion, the addition of sweetener is not necessary, but you may want to add a little honey to it. This is not a wimpy tea, but full bodied and the longer you steep it, the stronger it gets.
506888506888B000CQIDHOA1GCZDVS8F5JYMKaren L. Vimahi-solis "KKLLVV1"111151234656000Delicious and soothingI first tried this tea 4 years ago when a friend introduced it to me at work. I was able to buy it at Trader Joes but they discontinued stocking it in my local store about a year ago. I then found this online directly from Stash and bought boxes at a time. I am a person who finds it hard to drink water but this herb tea helps me drink up to 10 huge mugs of it a day. Lemon and ginger combination is perfect to satisfy the need for sweet with a little bite at the end with the ginger. It has also helped me stop drinking caffeine drinks which lets me now sleep at night. I will continue to buy this and recommend it highly.
506889506889B000CQIDHOA3L2742VEAZ7R1Richard Rychetsky111151159142400Tried it...loved my favorite herbal teaBased on the other review, I went and tried this tea. As a choir member, I am always interested in licorice products since they soothe a worn voice. However, many of the teas I have tried have too much ginger in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this tea.

1) The licorice taste is subtle, but definitely present.

2) No sugar necessary. As a dentist, I love this. The licorice flavor doesn't jump out at you at first, but around 4 or 5 seconds after swallowing, the licorice "dances" around the sides of your tongue. I don't know how else to describe it, but it really does dance. I've never had that before. Brilliant!

3) It's best when over-steeped - like 10 minutes.

4) Most grocery stores I've been to carry this, so it's readily available should you find yourself staring at an empty box early in the evening.
506890506890B000CQIDHOA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson6631235606400Good tea except for one thing...It is a pretty good tea except they have licorice in it -- even in small amounts it is not appealing to me.
Raises some people's blood pressure, too, so it would be good to know this before purchasing.

I liked it except for the licorice flavor.
506891506891B000CQIDHOA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"6631192406400Basic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea***
Stash's Lemon Ginger Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is a basic lemon ginger tea, tasting strongly of ginger, and full of flavorings, and oddly, even contains soy. This is one of the better commercial highly processed, non-organic teas. I much prefer organic teas that are made without artificial flavorings and certainly without soy, but if you are not picky about herb teas, and are looking something very strongly flavored as an introduction to the world of teasans and decaffeinated beverages, this would be fine. If you like your tea more subtle, with true pure tastes, and can discern complex differences between natural and commercial teas, then this definitely is not for you, and I would recommend any Numi tea, Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, or even Stash's organic line of teas (which comes in a wonderful Lemon Ginger Organic Tea!)

Stash Lemon Ginger Tea contains ginger root, lemongrass, lemon flavor, safflower, hibiscus, citric acid, and soy.

Unfortunately, nothing special.
506892506892B000CQIDHOA3NQTNQ9W0XF1KThe Vermont Gourmet6651160524800This Tea is a Must TryThe flavors of this tea are spicy, rich and complex, but nothing stands out too strong screaming "this spice is overwhelming." When preparing ensure your water is sufficently heated and that you streep the tea for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.
506893506893B000CQIDHOA1HZ4TUPLQ1ZEADavid Buzzell "Dbuzzed"5551225929600Herbal tea drinkerGood, full bodied, cup of tea that does not get bitter, not as fruity as one might expect. Goes well with most desserts and is good at night if one wants something stronger than a mint or chamomille tea
506894506894B000CQIDHOA3NQ0PVNWRR0Z6PBJ "PBJ"5551173225600Excelent teaVery nice blend, mild flavor of wild currant, pleasant natural sweetness to it, not tart at all. Recommended.
506895506895B000CQIDHOA2MEE3BSR6USC2Les C. Rogers101221253836800Rather weak and non-descript teaThere are several other Stash teas that I've tried and enjoyed. But this one is sort of feeble-tasting. Up until now, I've gotten the Yogi Tea Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea Organic Egyptian Licorice, Tea Bags, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)and that one actually has a bold licorice taste. And it is that one that is serving as the point of comparison to this Stash tea. Keep in mind that I don't add honey or any sweetner to my teas, so they have to stand on their own. This Stash Licorice Spice has a weak licorice taste and a weak spice taste. I have to use TWO teabags at a time (which makes the seemingly low price not so much a good deal).
506896506896B000CQIDHOA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"4441281916800Subtle, Mild Chamomile Tea****
Stash's Chamomile Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is one of their totally natural teas, containing only chamomile flowers. Although I do like this, it means that the tea is rather weak, but still a fine tea---just use two teabags. Many people will find this tea too subtle. I think that Stash's more natural teas seem to be a little mild and undistinguished, while their flavored teas are super-powerful, erring on the side of too powerful, overwhelming the tea drinker with all types of strong added flavorings. If I had to pick, I'd always take subtle, as you can make these teas, like this chamomile tea, stronger by doubling up on the bags, but you can't make the strongly flavored teas weaker!

Stash Tea has been around for over 35 years, and they are moving in the direction of more organic and loose teas, more true flavors instead of added flavorings. I appreciate that their chamomile is so pure, but wish it could be a little more flavorful.

Still, recommended.
506897506897B000CQIDHOA3GF0GES2U2V19Betty Thoma4451241568000Wonderful Tea!To me, this tea has a great lemony taste. It is good hot...but I prefer it cold and I try to have a container of it in the fridge almost all the time. I am a "lemon nut" and I really enjoy this tea....sometimes I even add some fresh lemon for an extra zing.
506898506898B000CQIDHOA2V18JN5XI2GOBC. Woods3341288742400Another Good Stash TeaAnother good Stash tea. Very pleasant, light flavor with minimal aftertaste (sometimes use two bags to get stronger taste) that's especially good for upset stomach. Really impressed with shipping speed - from ordering to my door in less than 24 hours!
506899506899B000CQIDHOA2WCB04X1TTSDSA. Holloway3351287964800Peppermint for sure!I started using peppermint oil for my sebhorriac dermatitis and someone said to try the tea for digestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Though I have only used it twice, I have to admit it did help me. Not sure if that is just a coincidence or that it worked. But two times is enough to convince me to keep using it!!
506900506900B000CQIDHOA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson3351284768000Juicy, fruity flavorThis tea is yummy! Unlike many of their fruit flavored teas, this one has no licorice in it (yeah!).

Smooth berry flavors, but not too strong on any one flavor. It gets better as it sits. It can steep for a long time and not get bitter at all.

Highly recommended.
506901506901B000CQIDHOAP1PTF85IH674Wendi A. Pilling3351276646400Best Peppermint Tea We Have FoundMy husband has IBS and peppermint tea is essential to managing his condition. We have tried a variety of the peppermint teas commonly found in our local supermarkets and none of them come close to the quality and effectiveness of Stash Peppermint Tea. We were happy to be able to get it in bulk from
506902506902B000CQIDHOA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W3351265500800Fruit-Flavoured TeaStash is a very good quality, full-bodied tea and I am a big-time tea drinker. I have been drinking tea since probably before Superman was born. I like to keep a bunch of different flavoured teas around, especially some fruity flavours. I call them dessert teas because I usually don't eat dessert, but I like to have a fruit tea after dinner. Stash tea bags are usually, if not always, individually sealed in a foil-type packet, so the flavour stays fresh for a long time.

The acai berry flavor is delicious! It has a nice natural sweetness and a very fruity taste. It is very smooth and is a caffeine free herbal tea. The 100% natural ingredients, listed in this order, are: hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, orange peel, chicory root, blackberry flavor, blackcurrant flavor, acai flavor, acai fruit powder, and licorice powder. Contains soy.
506903506903B000CQIDHOA3VBCEL6TZ7G4ZMom with many books3351260230400Best chamomile we've triedThis is the chamomile tea my husband drinks every night. It has the best flavor of any of the chamomiles we've tried. This one deserves the "premium" label, and yet the price is not premium. Very soothing.
506904506904B000CQIDHOA2ENAZL0TSLLYSJenna sais quoi3351239753600One caveat...This tea is great! It is very sweet on its own- I like to alternate drinking it with sips of water, which makes the licorice flavor even more pronounced!

Just use caution if you have high blood pressure or glaucoma. Licorice root can raise blood pressure. I don't have either condition, but after finding that out, decided that this was better as an occasional treat (as opposed to a daily ritual.)
506905506905B000CQIDHOA39EW9DLVX70B9A. Rose3341236729600Fresh ginger & mellow lemonThis herbal tea is well balanced and pleasant. It tastes to me like good real lemon, but not acidic. The ginger seems just enough. Bonus; you can use the bag twice and get a good cup of tea the second time. Also, it's nice to steep this with black tea, and get a bit of caffeine if you choose, along with the ginger / lemon flavors.
506906506906B000CQIDHOA1BE873ZZJ2388Sara A. Brito "My Two Cents Denver"5651252368000Best Mint Tea I Have Ever HadThis is my 'go to' tea out of all the tea brands and flavors I have tried. I average two of these tea bags at my office every day. I particularly like the fresh blend in Stash brand and I think this particular brand makes superior mint tea over other fancy tea brands. My husband and I each have a box in our separate offices and a box at home at all times. Yes, it really is that good- just try it and you'll see what I mean.

On a related note- we have tried the Moroccan Mint bags and the Premium Peppermint is much better.
506907506907B000CQIDHOA3S2ZEYQ79TDY4Mommy to 3 girls5651220486400My favorite Tea!!! No other Raspberry compares!!!!My favorite tea is raspberry flavor and I have tried every one I have found in the stores. This one is by far my favorite! The flavors are so sweet and I have been able to give up coffee for this one! This is a great price too if you buy two 6-packs you save the shipping. At my local store I can get this tea for $0.15 per bag but on here it works out to $0.11 per bag, which would save me $9.60 on that amount of bags.
506908506908B000CQIDHOA151WNYQ4Z3N55imuneekru2251342310400Best unsung home remedyI never liked the flavor of this tea initially, and had a box sitting in the back of my cupboard for over a year, until I discovered its use as a home remedy. It is soothing to the throat and digestive system, and contains natural expectorants and antispasmodics. As such, I've found it to be a great reliever for coughs, cold or allergy symptoms such as congestion and sneezing, and even painful periods. Today I swear by this stuff and always have to have a box around for sickness. I've thrown away all my cold medicines and cough syrups, the natural herbs in this tea are better for you and almost as effective without the side effects of drowsiness or confusion. Not a doctor, just a happy customer.
506909506909B000CQIDHOA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie2241334880000Nice teaI have been drinking this tea for some time. I happen to like Chamomile teas they are very a mild, I do not like teas that are to strong. One bag is enough or me I can put it in a cup of hot water and leave the bag in without worrying if it was to get too strong like other teas do. Adding just a little raw honey enhances the flavor also.
I enjoy this tea before I go to bed and it has a very soothing and the warmth of the liquid allows me to slip into a nice sleep.

I like the convenience of a foil package, I can carry one or two with me when I go out to lunch with friends, I just order a cup of hot water and slip this tea into it.
I have on occasion I have put this is a cup with some fresh ginger and it makes a totally different tea, and he ginger helps sooth the tummy while the Chamomile tends to relax you.
Doesn't get much better than this.
506910506910B000CQIDHOA3QQUCZSG5SUWUKimberly C. "Mother of 3"2251297728000Excellent tea!Chamomile Nights Tea from Stash is delicious and very relaxing. Wonderful way to end the day! I have had trouble finding it in stores, but Amazon carries it in stock and has a great price. Thank you, Amazon!

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