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506939506939B000CQIDHOA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"1151260144000Warm Holiday MemoriesStash's Cinnamon Apple Chamomile is a comforting blend of apples, hibiscus, chamomile and cinnamon. I use two teabags per cup as it gives the tea a much more full-bodied flavor. I've tasted quite a few cinnamon-apple teas and this one is my favorite. There is not too much cinnamon and just enough apple flavor. It is even more delicious when sweetened with a huckleberry honey. You will want to drink this tea while decorating for Christmas or while eating a piece of cake. This tea is especially good with the Butter Rum Cake from All Cakes Considered.

~The Rebecca Review
506940506940B000CQIDHOA13CO2LE5J3OYDJ. Woehl "CelloLover"1151247356800Wonderful flavorsFantastic tea and flavoring. It's got a zing to it and is great either hot or cold. Another great STASH brand!
506911506911B000CQIDHOA3IB4KSHNHTDYSAshley2251287273600Best evening tea I've ever hadSoothing and light
506912506912B000CQIDHOA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2251282003200Sweet and Lovely Tea*****
Stash's Licorice Spice Caffeine Free Herbal Tea has a the sweet flavor licorice teas are known for, along with several nice spices that complement the licorice in a lovely, more-subtle-than-chai way. Licorice Spice Tea contains licorice root, cinnamon, orange peel, star anise, sarsaparilla, natural vanilla flavor, natural orange flavor, natural clove flavor, natural cardamom flavor, and natural cinnamon flavor. Sweet and delicious!

You don't need to add anything at all to Licorice Spice Tea, even if you normally like your tea sweetened. It is perfect just as is. It also has a very smooth taste, despite all of the flavorings. The tea bags come stamped with an expiration date, which I like, so that you can be sure the tea is fresh. The date on mine is 26 months away, so you can take your time :)

Definitely recommended.
506913506913B000CQIDHOA42CJC66XO0H7Scott Schimmel "A Butterfly Dreaming"2251279497600DeliciousI was a little skeptical after looking at the list of ingredients, but I decided to give this tea a try anyway. I'm glad I did. It's a delicious, sweet-tasting blend that's good both hot and iced. I went through about a box a week; everyone I've served it to has enjoyed it.
506914506914B000CQIDHOA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W2251273363200Yum for Yumberry!I don't think I ever heard of "yumberry" flavor before, but it is yummy! As I have said before, I am a big time tea drinker and Stash makes excellent teas.

This one has a smooth, fruity, berry taste and is sweet and delicious. It would be great served alone, after dinner, or with a piece of good quality cheesecake. Although I am drinking it warm, it would likely taste great as an ice tea, too.

If you want to sweeten it, I suggest natural brown sugar, honey, or agave cactus juice (natural food isle in supermarket). For this one, I used 2 bags for 24 oz hot water.

As with all Stash teas, each bag is sealed in its own foil pouch to protect its delicate flavor.

Ingredients, in order listed, are: hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, yumberry flavor, chicory root, blackcurrant flavor, blackcurrant powder, and licorice powder. Contains soy. It is a 100 % natural, herbal, caffeine free product.
506915506915B000CQIDHOA16D4KLOWU0V0XPatrick @ N-i-c-e:)2251273104000Great Tasting TeaI like the light Peppermint flavor. I usually use it with a regular Black Tea bag and
it really taste Good. Makes a great after breakfast tea, too get the day started..:)
506916506916B000CQIDHOAV0WNK9WEHTW6Tammra Wanner "Tammra"2251269043200GREAT TEAI purchase one box of this just to try something different...well when I got it home and tried it...AMAZING flavor...When you drink it I do believe that it does suppress your appetite. I did not know that was a benefit of this tea but it does work. Another GREAT Stash Tea. I also really enjoy the Vanilla Nut Creme Tea and Earl Grey by Stash.
506917506917B000CQIDHOA42CJC66XO0H7Scott Schimmel "A Butterfly Dreaming"2251264982400Very goodThis tea has a light, fruity taste (the strawberry in particular is very distinct), with a bit of natural sweetness to it. It's very good either hot or iced.

I went through my first box of this in under a week. Looks like I've found a new favorite. Everyone I've served it to so far has loved it, too.
506918506918B000CQIDHOAYI1BCOMQXSWIT. Gardner2251264809600My favorite peppermint teaPerfect tea for right before bedtime relaxing. Have been enjoying stash peppermint tea for years.
506919506919B000CQIDHOA13U8TXLYWCTV6L. Jackson2241258761600Stash Premium Peppermint Herbal TeaVery nice product. It was fresh and in date and shipped quickly. Thanks.
506920506920B000CQIDHOA2PZCSXQLU4I4GJennifer Minke2251250899200Great for Iced TeaI am not a hot tea drinker. But, having grown up in the south, I am very big on iced tea. I like my iced tea to have a little flavor. I know mint is common favorite, and my Mom used to make orange tea, but I found this to be my favorite. You can make your iced tea in the 'fridge or you can make sun tea. This is a great flavor!
506921506921B000CQIDHOA1LEP68OQ0OPJ6Grandma Bee "Grandma Bee"2251247529600Stash Acai Berry teaNot as tasty as some of the other Stash Berry teas, but nonetheless quite refreshing.
506922506922B000CQIDHOA39Y02EJ310WJRTech Girl "Wendy"2251236729600Full-flavored, delicious tea that you can drink at nightThis tea is so fruity and full-flavored that it makes a great iced tea too. Caffeine-free so you can have any time of the day without being up all night. Fantastic!
506923506923B000CQIDHOA3HXF3GVPBQ5BLena Ocansey "Lena.L"4551231891200Best Peppermint TeaThis tea is awesome! Everytime we run out, I try a different brand, and we always come back.
506924506924B000CQIDHOA3HMKD1UETC5D3Lynn M. Jaroszgoode6851167955200maintained the highest expectationsI knew what I was ordering and I knew what I recieved. It's the best at a fraction of the cost
506925506925B000CQIDHOA8FBU7CIOQEH8Katie1111336780800TERRIBLE TASTEI was excited about receiving decaf tea, but it tastes absolutely horrible! I can't even drink a full cup of it, I tried making it several different ways, but it is not good at all. Just donated the unopened boxes of it to a food kitchen, I hope someone there enjoys it. I love all different kinds of tea, but this was the worst I've ever had!
506926506926B000CQIDHOA1QDSJZQWJZOL1T. Cox1151330560000Smooth not BitterBest chamomile on the mainstream supermarket shelves. Other chamomile teas have had a bitter aftertaste, but this one by Stash is really smooth and fresh. It's neither strong nor bland, just floral and pleasant. Reminds me slightly of chrysanthemum. It doesn't make me sleepy or keep me up, for what it's worth. I had some primo stuff at a local coffeeshop that tasted much like the Stash brand, but had an awesome citrusy floral aroma; been wanting to find something like that for a while, and so far this Stash Chamomile comes closest.
506927506927B000CQIDHOAAFKDPQ0C97SDdecaf in PA1151329609600Very goodI was used to pick Chamomile flowers for tea myself years ago.This tea reminds me of the quality of home made chimmile tea.You cant go wrong with it
506928506928B000CQIDHOA2HHSZXISP0TKIChi-Chi1141327363200Tatsteh TeaThis tea is really tasty...I wasn't even a tea person until tasting this, and once I did, I was hooked. The flavor is light and super-refreshing but you can still taste and smell the mint. The only reason why I took off one star is because I tend to like things that taste strongly, and this one is a little bit delicate for me. To remedy that, I either steep it with hibiscus or black tea, or I steep it at double strength and all is well.
Putting it with honey and stevia also tastes great, and makes me feel better when I have colds. I love this tea!
506929506929B000CQIDHOACRZORZLEHJX6Boysemorsh "boyse"1151319068800The freshest, fights edema!This is the first camomile tea that actually maintains the most of the medicinal properties of camomile!! So far it is the best out of five different brands we got to try in USA including various organic, so called farmaceutic quality, etc.. To give a specific example of this tea's well-preserved qualities: it really helps us get rid of extra water in our bodies, nearly as good as "water pills" doctors recommend. One packet in a small cup does great.. And can be repeated if you need. We have subscribed to receive it from Amazon on a regular basis - the price is better then in a supermarket.
506930506930B000CQIDHOA2ASIDAPC9QH3Qe. pas1151311292800Absolutely the best tea I've ever hadI'm not a big tea drinker. I keep buying different types of tea convinced I'll like them, and each one turns out to be completely different than I anticipated. In other words, I think all teas taste generally the same: like hot water. Even with sugar - then they taste like hot water with sugar. But this tea is completely different.

I love licorice. This tastes exactly like licorice. It smells like licorice (clearly from the anise, since licorice root basically smells like cooked bark). It doesn't need sugar. It's sweet. It has an 'aftertaste' of licorice. In other words, it's perfect.

Unfortunately no store I've ever been to has carried it, although I look EVERY TIME I walk down the tea aisle. Even if they did, it wouldn't be that awesome, since this is pretty much the same exact price it would go for in, say, Target. Unfortunately it is 6 boxes...but I really don't think you can have enough of this stuff.

After some trial-and-error, I can now say that, of the few other licorice teas that do exist, nothing really comes close to Stash. I've tried a weird Celestial tea mix of licorice root + 3 other things (tastes like hot water), Batavia Anise tea (hot water with a licorice aroma), and store brand Albrecht Heijn Zoethout tea (from the Netherlands - smells like hot bark but tastes exactly like this tea. Unfortunately it's completely nonexistent here.) What I've discovered on my quest fs that only a few brands even attempt to make JUST licorice tea (it's not popular here, and it baffles me that people don't appreciate the taste), and of those only Stash is successful.

Buy it. Amazon is a good deal and it's soooo good.
506931506931B000CQIDHOA2I251JTD07Q5YA. Campbell "trying to do it all"1151307664000Great teaI drank this tea when my baby started to sleep through the night however I could not sleep. I love the way it relaxed me. Great tea and I love that I did not have to add any sugar to it.
506932506932B000CQIDHOA2GOTW3U8IIR7JKatarzyna S. Kieltyka "kskasia"1141306454400Very fruity flavored herbal teaNot one of my Stash favorites but it's supposed to be good for you so I bought it. It's a bit too fruity and sweet for my taste but if that's what you like than this tea is for you.
506933506933B000CQIDHOAHY9FT07RILZMY. Vokhrina "Katia"1131295308800Too much of a licorice smell and tasteWell, I understand that since it is Licorice Spice tea it would have some licorice smell and taste, but it is just too much for me. If you use 1 bag of it in your cup you are getting light yellow liquid with a very strong licorice taste and smell. I am using it in a tea pot mixing with other teas then it is working better.
506934506934B000CQIDHOA3J1BN20WUSA4AWilliam P. Gibbs1151294617600Arrived on time and all seems to be in orderproduct arrived on time and exactly as advertised. I can not get this type of tea locally here in our small Texas town, so it was delightful to find it at such a good price at Amazon.
506935506935B000CQIDHOA2I50KC23L4ZX2Ashish Patel "Ashvir"1151294444800Great Flavor Tea and Good PriceWe first came across the Licorice flavored tea from Stash at a local Gourmet Market. The market has several locations locally but none close to home.
We loved the taste of this tea specially in the cold Michigan winters. It gives a calming effect and does help sooth your throat if you are coming up with a cold or something. A great product and I am happy with the fact that we can buy it on Amazon in bulk at a very good price.
If you love Herbal tea do try this product from Stash it is good. Thank you for carrying this tea and thank you Stash!
506936506936B000CQIDHOA3DJ0U1I1XZAMB. Alhajji "Carabonita"1151278892800My favourite tea by far!I love this tea! Not only is it good for your immune system but it helps acheive a clear complexion which is why i bought it in the first place. It also is a powerful antioxidant! I highly recommend it if you're looking for beauty on the inside and out!
506937506937B000CQIDHOA3QLP6M4RIT77HSnow Bound1151267228800I'm in LOVE with this tea!It is sinfully delicious and a nice way to end the day. But wait...I drink it all day! Yum!
506938506938B000CQIDHOA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W1151264550400Different and TastyI am a tea drinker from way back and Stash is an excellent tea. This flavor has a smooth strawberry/pomegranate taste and is delicious. It is a red tea (red in colour) and red because its primary ingredient is Rooibos, which is red tea and is slightly sweet. Also included (in this order) are rosehips, hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaves, citric acid, and strawberry flavour and pomegranate flavour.

I did some research on the health benefits of some of these ingredients. This info is what I found reported in a few different sources:

Rooibus tea:
Rooibus tea is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and is reported to have 50 times more antioxidant power than green tea. It also has other antioxidants not found in other teas. The effect of free radicals in the process of aging and declining of the immune system is limited by the antioxidants in Rooibus tea. Rooibus tea is completely pure and natural . It contains no additives, preservatives or colorant. It is strongly recommended for those suffering from irritability, headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns, insomnia, nervous tension, mild depression or hypertension. It has no caffeine and so has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. Rooibus tea is low in tannin and so it does not have a negative effect on the absorption of iron and proteins into the body. It has anti-spasmodic properties, thus relieving stomach cramps and colic in infants. It also relieves stomach and indigestive problems like nausea, vomiting, hearrtburn, stomach ulcers and constipation. It supplements the daily amounts of calcium, manganese and flouride, and it contains zinc and alpha-hydroxy acid. I was also told that red tea does not have ECOG, a healthful property that green tea does have. That is why I drink both red tea and green tea, to get the best of all worlds.

Rosehips is supposed to be good for infections, bladder problems, and diarrhea and also a good source of vitamin C.
Hibiscus flowers is supposed to be a diuretic (fluid release) and reported to help lower high blood pressure in people with Type 2 diabetes.

If I had only two words to describe the taste of this tea, they would be fruity and smooth. It is also caffeine free. It is a nice change of pace from standard flavors and a nice after-dinner comfort drink. Stash makes a good full bodied tea, stronger than some of these cheapie teas, so I find I only need one bag per a 24 oz cup. (Of course, that all depends on your preference.) These special Stash flavors are a little hard to find because many stores do not carry them unless they have a super large tea display.

BTW--I am not a doctor--(my disclaimer)--just someone who has done a lot of reading on alternative health care. As with any product, consult your health cae provider, especially if you are on medications.

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