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506941506941B000CQIDHOA3OBSSAP9PT4C3Mommy of 6 kids "Mom of 6"1151235520000Wonderful TeasI drink it everyday and it tastes great! Each box came packed in clear plastic and I feel secure buying it again. Good deal for the money.
506942506942B000CQIDHOA2FDEV3OLZNJ19Susan Brown1151233792000Apple Cinnamon Tea is greatI don't drink American teas so I special order them about once a year. I never tasted this brand before unlike teas made in the US you can actually smell the apple aroma, it's a rich great tasting tea and I intend to buy it again.The price was very reasonable and it helps that it qualified for no shipping. Stash Premium Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
506943506943B000CQIDHOA40ZG7N719UBALinda1151233014400Great service!I love this lemon ginger tea. It has a rich flavor. I have found no other brand that compares!
506944506944B000CQIDHOA1AC1WTNOKFYZRBlack Dog #11141224201600A Calming ExperienceThis is a great tea. I like to drink it in the afternoon at work. It helps to relieve all the built-up stress of the day so that I can go home and not vent it out on my husband.
506945506945B000CQIDHOA3MLESXA2VGWJCCV1141217376000My favoriteI have tried several of the Stash herbal teas (and other brands), and this is my favorite. As mentioned by some of the other reviewers, it is a little weak when compared to other brands, but the flavor makes up for that, in my opinion, and I do not always want a strong tea.
506946506946B000CQIDHOA38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire1141207699200A Good Sharp TeaI bought this to compliment my growing Stash Tea collection at the office. Like my friends they expected a sharp lemon taste with this tea however upon trying it you notice the ginger seems to have the stronger taste. I like the tea though - it is a strong tea (former black coffee drinker here) if you let it sit for awhile. Definitely recommend.
506947506947B000CQIDHOA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"3441281916800Hibiscus and Raspberry Delight****
Stash's Wild Raspberry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is strong and fruity, great if you love the taste of raspberry and hibiscus, which I do. It contains hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, natural raspberry flavor, licorice powder, and citric acid. The package says it also contains soy, but that makes little sense to me. It is a fine tasting herb tea.

If you like a more subtle tea, you may not be crazy about Wild Raspberry. But if you like Celestial Seasonings and other commercial teas, I think that this is a good one. The reason I gave this tea four stars instead of five is that it isn't as pure as it could be (contains additives and flavorings) and I can tell. I prefer a more subtle tea. And I save five stars for the very best teas I've tried. But for those of you who like a lot of flavor, and can't taste the additives, it's just fine!

506948506948B000CQIDHOAOMF62M68G5CQScampy2321302566400What's With the Weird Sensation Seconds After Sipping?I bought a box of this herbal tea at my local grocery store and highly recommend trying a smaller quantity before committing to 6 boxes of it here. Although, based on what some other reviewers said, it may be hard to find at local stores. If a store offered this flavor in the past and no longer carries it... sad to say for the people who love this flavor... perhaps it didn't sell well. It probably didn't appeal to the masses as the sensation and flavor is... unique.

I was very interested in trying this flavor as I really like licorice and I love tea. Upon taking my first sip, I thought the licorice flavor came through nice and the combination of spices was fine. But then... seconds after my first sip, I got this really weird sensation on the sides of my tongue. As if the flavor "blossomed" in my mouth. And, to me, not in a pleasant way. Another reviewer said the tea "dances around the sides of your tongue." It does. What's up with that? That reviewer seemed to like the sensation. I didn't like it at all. It felt weird, it tasted weird and is making me cringe every time I take a sip. I like the initial flavor, but I know the "flavor burst", or whatever you want to call it, is coming and it ruins the whole relaxing tea experience for me. This is definitely not relaxing.

The "flavor burst" is also followed by a sickly sweet after taste. Ick.

Most reviewers here love this tea, which I think is nice because I really wanted to like it too. I'm surprised more people did not mention this unusual flavor thing going on. Maybe it's an acquired taste sensation and I'm just not there yet. So, buyer beware before stocking up on this flavor. Definitely test it first if you can. If anything, test it so you can see for yourself what I am talking about. At least it's interesting... in a strange sort of way. It's definitely not a tea I can drink regularly.

Here is the ingredient list: (contains NO true tea leaves)
Licorice root, cinnamon, orange peel, Chinese star anise, vanilla flavor, sarsaparilla, orange oil, cinnamon flavor, clove bud oil and cardamom oil.
506949506949B000CQIDHOADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"2351296864000a simple and lovely tea....If you are looking for a great peppermint tea, look no further than Stash's Premium Peppermint Herbal Tea. This is invigorating, in addition to having a strong and wonderful flavor.
506950506950B000CQIDHOAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...2351293667200Stashed Premium Chamomile HerbashAfter a lengthy trek in the Himalayan Range, the Himalayas, or Himalayalabalyakamonkatonka for short, in Tibetan, (a mountain range in Asia, separating the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau), I was in bad shape. First of all, my scrotum shrunk from the extended lack of healthy oxygen. Secondly, I had all sorts of intestinal problems due to my diet of yak meat only. Thirdly, I had plenty of holes in my socks and underpants.

I eventually made it to a small town in China where I visited the local Apothecary. A man, if I recall correctly, by the name of Ying Yang Ping Pong Luke, recommended Chamomile Herbal Tea. I had often heard of the healing properties of it in old and ancient Zulu scripts (pictographic and ideographic) but had never tried it since I despised teas.

Well, after a few months on a Chamomile Herbal Tea only diet plus brown rice, I was fixed up. Chamomiles are medicinal plants. They are emmenagogues, stomachics, carminatives, diaphoretics, antispasmodics, and sedatives.

In my case, Chamomile Herbal Tea fought intestinal gas and stimulated my gastric juices and encouraged my appetite.

Stash Premium Chamomile Herbal Tea is very weak so some won't like it. I do because you can drink a nice hot cup before bed and it helps you. It has no flavor aside from a bitter taste of weed but again, I think of it more as a comfort Tea than something pleasurable.

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Nature's Way - Chamomile Flowers, 350 mg, 100 capsules
506951506951B000CQIDHOAA5KIZVGT7IOVEagle_Lady1 "My strength is renewed!"0031350950400Yumberry .... miss Wild BlackcurrantIt seems that this Yumberry Blackcurrat tea may have replaced the Wild Blackcurrent tea. The Yumberry Blackcurrant is good, bur not as flavorful or have the bold fruity taste of the Wild Blackcurrant.
506952506952B000CQIDHOA3BD8N4C39Y2D5kdowd0051347062400A great tea!This is similar to a herbal that I mix up myself from bulk teas.I now have enough to last all winter.
I brew it up then chill it. sometimes I add a little sweetener.
506953506953B000CQIDHOA3TTAN088RW0L8David E. Peden "turboguy"0041346544000Great flavor!This is a bold, assertive tea with flavors that will grab your attention. I love it best as an iced drink, brewed plenty strong. It's refreshing and wakes me right up on a sleepy warm day, even without caffeine.
506954506954B000CQIDHOA3DC5HO99QWD0HM. Joseph "latina8"0051345161600The best tasting hibiscus tea!My local grocery store didn't carry it anymore and due to the large amounts of coffee I drink, I like to detox from time to time using this tea. The hibiscus is great for your kidneys.
The flavor is great hot or cold. If you are wondering what this tastes like, if you have tried Starbucks' "Berry Berry Hibiscus" drink and liked it then you will like this also as the flavor is quite similar. The price is very reasonable, it cost the same as the grocery store including shipping.

Definitely will continue to purchase here @ Amazon!
506955506955B000CQIDHOA2RELJCEALFMV8Juliet0051341100800Very Appley, Great Everyday Herbal TeaThis is one of my favorite herbal teas for everyday drinking. It's very appley compared to some other brands of apple cinnamon tea, but the apple and cinnamon components are well-balanced with the chamomile to make a flavorful tea. I recommend Subscribe and Save, because this tea can be addictive. You will run out before you know it!
506956506956B000CQIDHOA1TWMVW3V1TY43Ananda0011340928000Not even a hint of passionfruitThere is not even a hint of passion fruit nor mango in this tea. One can only taste an overpowering amount of rose hips and citrus peel.
506957506957B000CQIDHOA20L2UXDIDFV6Sbdp0041340841600For when I'm going decafI like the flavor of this tea. It is not subtle in any way. The lemon coupled with ginger provides a very drinkable and somewhat stomach soothing combination. My little kids think the ginger is a little bit spicy but they will also drink it.
506958506958B000CQIDHOAQ4HZSQLCAWNAswetha0051337126400refreshingWell, I assume most people who buy this have tried it once before and are buying it because they know they like it. However, if you are buying it without trying it then i can tell you that its got a great flavor of pepppermint and leaves you feeling fresh. I liked it and I am not very big on tea either, so i'd say its got a good flavor
506959506959B000CQIDHOA9PNNAMSLJ0I8Helenrose Dills0011336608000Danger for anyone with HIGH Blood PressureThe Licorice spice tea is fragrant and delicious.
I was given some to try, and was so excited about this tea. I added it to my
subscriptions. Several days later I mentioned this tea to my Doctor. He gave me a
strict warning against ANY kind od black Licorice.
This tea and all black licorice products need clearly posted warnings.
Not for consumption by anyone with high Blood pressure, or on blood pressure medicines.
The package had not yet arrived, I contacted amazon for return instructions and was told it is not return or refundable! Very unhappy :(
Stash Premium Licorice Spice Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
506960506960B000CQIDHOAUOA7P6T8JXSECalvin0051336521600Best. Tea. Ever.This has been hands-down my favorite tea for quite some time now. My average consumption of this stuff is probably 2-3 bags a day.
506961506961B000CQIDHOA1SV0Z7UZ15SPJAZ Girl0051334620800Great for colds/fluThis tea is a lifesaver during cold and flu season. The ginger helps with an upset stomach, the lemon is uplifting and calming at the same time, and when you add some honey it's a great sore throat soother. I love it and always keep some in my pantry. I haven't tried it as an iced tea but it's great hot.
506962506962B000CQIDHOA1TLMEPP9NGS7ZRex A. Miller0041332547200quite goodI like this tea a lot. We buy it in bulk. I have found that you shouldn't leave the bag in the water too long; it acquires and odd taste then. Otherwise it is flavorful and helps to clear out the phlegm. Licorice is a natural expectorant. I also use another product called: "Sanderson's Throat Specific Mixture" to help clear my throat. It is an amazing product.
506963506963B000CQIDHOA2QPMOGOYPFR6NHi - It's Me0021332374400YuckI decided to be risky and order a big box on unknown tea - this stuff, along with big boxes of Blueberry and Raspberry. The other teas were better than expected - but this stuff was just plain unflavorful and weird tasting. Couldn't taste the strawberry. Perhaps the weird taste is the Rooibos in the tea. I have to be sure to never buy a rooibos based tea again, although the stuff is supposed to be good for you.

I drink my tea iced and always brew a bag of plain ol green tea in with the herb bags, but I don't think the green tea messed this tea up. When I first opened the foil pouch, the tea looked different and didn't have that rich fruity smell of the other teas and I thought 'uh oh'. I was right.

Won't be buying this again, but that is purely my personal taste - the kids didn't like it either and they are big tea drinkers.
506964506964B000CQIDHOAFC3XU2TLPNT7Flyboy Cessna0051331942400Flyboy CessnaI had a hard time finding the tea I had purchased in the past at my local market. They had stopped carring the flavor of tea I like eventhough they still carried Stash Tea products. So I went on the internet and was directed to Amazon and found it right away. Not only that, the pricing was very competitive and I received delivery including freight and handleing cheaper than I could purchase the tea at the market. By the way Wild Rasberry Hibiscus is a very good flavor if anyone wants to be adventersome and try it.
506965506965B000CQIDHOAR7UQW3FL8DILc660031331424000Something strangeI love the taste of this herbal tea, but twice now I noticed I have a rasping (breathing discomfort) that may or may not be triggered by it. I bought 4 boxes after trying a sampler but now I'm starting to think I may have a food sensitivity to one of the licorice spice ingredients. Damn shame, but I wanted to put it out there in case I wasn't the only one.
506966506966B000CQIDHOA22KDQXHJR2EKNgmom0051330905600a favoriteHave enjoyed many cups of this flavorful tea which was first given to me by a friend. I have continued to order it on a regular basis.
506967506967B000CQIDHOA1CAOT2NHRWFVNB. Schwarz "beagle mom"0051330560000The absolute best herbal teaMy sister suggested this tea to me. I was looking for a good herbal tea to limit my caffeine, and one I could have in the evening. Most herbal teas seem very weak to me. I'm not a big licorice fan, but this doesn't taste strongly of licorice. As one of the other reviewers said, it just gives you a slightly sweet, slightly licorice aftertaste, which is delightful. It's great in the evening when I'm craving something sweet - and no calories or caffeine!
506968506968B000CQIDHOA2MGHRT8U9UBG5S. Wilson "love the oldies"0051329955200I like it!There are plenty of lemon flavored teas especially among well known brands. I've bought most of them, used only a few tea bags and just didn't like them due to their artificial flavoring. Stash's Meyer Lemon is truly a good, natural tasting lemon. I love it and have shared a couple of the extra boxes with friends.
506969506969B000CQIDHOA9QVKQ0Q0TOZ6Upton O'Goode "Upton"0051328832000I'm Wild for this Wild Raspberry TeaStash Premium Wild Raspberry Hibiscus tea makes great-tasting, refreshing iced tea at a fraction of the price, and a fraction of the footprint, of bottled beverages.

Portland-based Stash Tea Company says that this tea is 100% natural. The ingredients are hibiscus flowers, orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, raspberry flavor, licorice powder and citric acid. For some reason, the ingredients also list soy.

The taste is crisp and refreshing, even iced and without any sweetener. A small amount of sugar, stevia (such as Stevita Supreme - 50pkts - 1.8 oz / Packet) or other sweetener is all you need to satisfy a sweet craving.

To make great iced tea, bring water (filtered according to your preferences) to a boil, then let cool until bubbles are no longer forming. Slowly pour the water into a heat-tolerant pitcher (I recommend Luminarc Quadro 2-Liter Glass Pitcher with Lid -- get two, one for the fridge and one for the next batch!) and steep 4 teabags for 3 to 5 minutes, then let cool and place in the refrigerator.

One box of 20 bags will make 10 liters of iced tea -- that's a huge savings compared to bottled beverages, which are about 10 times the cost. The bags and the box can go in the compost, making this option superior to bottled beverages (really just another form of bottled water). Bottled beverages also require much more fossil fuel use to transport from the bottler to the store.

I do wish that Stash would market a licorice-free version. A recent study showed that 1 daily serving of hibiscus tea can lower systolic blood pressure (the top number) by 7 mm of mercury. This may be helpful for those with hypertension. Licorice, on the other hand, is a potent raiser of blood pressure.

With your Amazon Prime membership, and Amazon's convenient subscription plan, Stash Premium Wild Raspberry Hibiscus tea can be shipped at customizable intervals to you for further savings.
506970506970B000CQIDHOA1J95RXJED2NUZAniaPlnd0051327536000Creamy StrawberryI love this tea. It has an AMAZING creamy strawberry scent and I just can't get enough of it!
Unfortunately like with most teas, the scent is better than taste. I like mixing it with lemon juice and honey - it gets to be simply divine!
I like using my big mug and have to put 2 tea bags to get the right flavor. I have a feeling I'll go through it pretty quick. I drink it every day and would recommend this tea to everyone.

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