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506971506971B000CQIDHOA22OSVMG7LQXUQC. Smith0051326844800fav Lemon Ginger tea so far...I tried this tea for the first time at a restaurant - 1st time iced - cool & refreshing, 2nd time hot - mmmm. The taste leans more to the ginger side and not the lemon. I have tried other brands such as Yogi and Twinings. I did not like the Yogi brand at all (yuck!), the Twinings' brand while not disgusting taste like lemon tea with a 'hint' of ginger. I have tasted other brands that have a stronger ginger taste than Stash but they've also had a strange taste to them as well so so far Stash is my favorite. This tea is great for upset tummy.
506972506972B000CQIDHOA3VYM3NY7W4MX4Mark J. St Hilaire0051325808000Can't find in stores - this is great for black licorice lovers!We've been unable to find this tea in the local stores, so once again, Amazon to the rescue. The tea has a very pleasant aroma, doesn't need sweetners or extra stuff of any kind, and has a very "smooth" taste. There is an aftertaste that lingers for just a moment that really makes this an excellent choice for black licorice lovers.
506973506973B000CQIDHOA142BXQQN0HHWNJason C. Mortenson0051325635200Good For IndigestionThis is the herbal remedy of choice for those times when I something gross, such as anything from McNasty's or Nasty King. I mix it double-strength in a tall clear glass with 12 ounces of water. I like to watch it change color for five minutes, then I sip it and enjoy the sweet relief. The flavor is lemony, but not overly so, with a good ginger kick. Caffeine free. Excellent. I'd recommend this over Tums or Nasty Bismo any day, and it works better too. Peppermint tea and licorice tea are also good choices for indigestion. Also look into digestive enzymes.
506974506974B000CQIDHOA2TNDVUGHRJPA4alter0051322092800This tea rocksThis is by far my favorite herbal tea. Bold lemon and ginger flavors go perfectly together with this tea. Plus its got a nice spiciness to it and I think its a perfect bed time tea since it won't keep you up. Great with honey.
506975506975B000CQIDHOA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041321401600Stash Chamomile Herbal TeaStash Chamomile Herbal Tea is tea bags with dried, crushed chamomile flowers.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, chamomile is chamomile. I suppose that when you use loose flowers you get sediment in the cup and I have seen this happen with some brands of chamomile tea bags, these don't do that.

I have also had organic chamomile (this isn't) but I can't taste the difference.

Each bag is individually packaged and that is either good or bad depending on how and where you use it and if you are concerned about excessive packaging.

If you like chamomile tea, this is a good choice.
506976506976B000CQIDHOA1T5R1LFV60ZM1SpecDotSign0051319846400Really great tasting tea.I purchased this tea for a neighbor when she had mentioned that she loved the taste. I then went and purchased a pack of 120 (a bit much, I know) but it was totally worth it. The tea has a spicy, yet citrus-y taste that is both refreshing and aromatic. I highly recommend this tea for anyone whom is looking for a new 'everyday' flavor of tea.
506977506977B004H4PAU0A399EN3B6WAOKVtgfathergoose "tgfathergoose"1151307923200Best Sweet BBQ Sauce Ever!Cookies BBQ sauce is made in Wall Lake, Iowa. The original BBQ sauce is smoky sweet. For my family, we like smoky sweet, and too many of the sauces nowadays have too much of a bite.

The BBQ sauce can almost be used as a substitute for ketchup, but I'd rather save it for ribs and chicken!

From their web site:

Cookies Food Products, manufacturer of "the award-winning sauces America loves to eat," had its start in a small town in Northwest Iowa. L.D. Cook of Wall Lake, Iowa, produced the first batch of Cookies Bar "B""Q" Sauce in his kitchen in 1976. A year later, Speed Herrig, another local Wall Lake resident, took over the sales duties and hit the road selling his outdoor cooking product out of the back of his pickup. His hard work and persistence paid off. In 1984, Herrig bought the company from Cook. At that time the sauce was being bottled in a small building on the edge of town. Today, Cookies products are still produced in Wall Lake, but Herrig and the Cookies crew are housed in a modern 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility.
506978506978B004H4PAU0A1AUYNC0ENFEHPClaire L.0051340928000Yum!This is hands down the best BBQ sauce I have ever, ever tried. It doesn't bite you, and the smoky sweetness is really unique and wonderful. Excellent flavor. There is no substitute!
506979506979B004H4PAU0A6KH8IJQAUWIHamberivie0051318377600best bbq sauceThankyou, I just received my bbq sauce and I love it! Cheaper then you can buy in the stores and I can't get it here in Alaska except ordering it online. Received it really fast. Thankyou
506980506980B001BZ9SUQAK2IT7Z1J0JVAHonestApril4451294704000Right up there with homemade!Short of making homemade soup, this is as good a soup as you can hope for out of the can. The broth is wonderful to sip on and has just the right amount of chili powder and cumin to make it truly enjoyable. As typical with all canned soups, there is nowhere near enough meat in it, but that aside, this is a top-notch soup! And by the way, the new Weight Watchers Points Plus calculates to almost 2 points per serving, or 4 points for the whole can.
506981506981B001BZ9SUQA3198YY99JNCW3Phaedrakat3351320278400Great way to buy soup!Love this soup, but rarely can I find it at the grocery store (especially during a sale.) Buying it in qty like this at Amazon gives me a fantastic price, along with amazing convenience. This is my 1st "Subscribe & Save" item -- I love it! As for the soup? Everyone loves it...from the kids to my calorie-counting sister. No wonder it's often sold out at my local store!

Edited 1/23: I wrote the above review Nov. 3, after receiving a couple months' worth of great "Subscribe & Save" (S&S)service. It's been wonderful having this delicious soup delivered right to my door--and at such a low price, too. The price has recently changed, however. It's quite an increase (now approx. equal to my local grocery "non-sale" price.) So, I edited my S&S this month, so as not to receive it this time. I'm hoping the price will go back down into the 20's range again. If not, I will have to Un-Subscribe...

Re-edit: Price went back down--hurrraaayyyy!!! Still enjoying this soup!!! And the price can't be beat...
506982506982B001BZ9SUQA294SHLWPSG1BPRyan Winkleman2251290297600Great, bold southwestern tasteThis is one of the better Progresso soups, which can range from fairly insipid to quite tasty, which is what this soup is. It is aromatic right out of the can, which is also a little different from the rest; they tend to not give off too much scent until they've been fully heated up. This has a strong "southwestern" style smell to it, and is really exactly what you would expect something called "Santa Fe Style Chicken" to smell like. Main ingredients include white chicken, black beans, rice, corn, onions, and green peppers, with some small bits of tomato. The flavor is as good as the smell, and this is really a great-tasting soup. Unfortunately the green peppers were, as always with Progresso, extremely mushy after being heated up. However, everything else was just right; the rice in particular was a good, firm consistency and not too soft. The chicken was also very good. My bowl seemed a little brothy, which is unusual for Progresso soups. Usually they are packed full of ingredients, but the soup I had ran out fairly quickly compared to others I've eaten, although it still kept me full for hours afterward. Hopefully this was an isolated incident, because I will definitely be buying more of this. With relatively low Calories and sodium for a canned soup and a great, Santa Fe style taste, Progresso's Light Santa Fe Style Chicken Soup is one I would heartily recommend.
506983506983B001BZ9SUQA3KVV8JFC2G6WARichard C. Wedemeyer0051335312000Good SoupLight, zesty, tasty. Buy it in this quantity as a subscription: less expensive and you'll go through 12 cans quickly.
506984506984B001BZ9SUQA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0051318982400Very spicyThis is a spicy and lo-cal (60 per serving) winner from Progresso. It has a decent amount of chicken, other vegetables such as beans, corn, celery, and tomato, and a great flavor. The broth is thin, but with the vegetable content it is filling. At that calorie level, it's perfect in combination with a sensible sandwich to total out to a 200 to 300 calorie lunch that will include good nutrition and good satiety.

In the grocery store it's about 2.50 to 2.70 dollars, so don't buy it online unless you can beat that price including shipping, per can.
506985506985B001O5UBDGA1NNFL67CTL9ZAFirstrock "firstrock1"0051333324800Perfect for homemade iced teaIf you make your own iced tea, this (plus a pinch of citric acid) is just the thing to get that slightly tart peach flavoring that Snapple does so well. This, and the "old fashioned" bitters, are my favorite flavorings for iced tea.
506986506986B001O5UBDGA8Y5QGKE8C24Pnbowncrawford0051329350400In the Age of BittersBitter has made an intense comeback onto the craft-cocktail scene at bars and restaurants, and amazon is making it super easy to create your own craft cocktail at home by offering almost the entire Fee Brothers line of bitters. Fee Brothers has always been our bitter manufacturer of choice and we were super excited to see amazon offering it at such an amazing price. This flavor, Peach, has been pushed to the front of the line at our bar since we have been playing around with some fun southern cocktails... is there anything more southern than a Georgia Peach?

A+ on Value, Shipping and Quality.
506987506987B001O5UBDGA3A7FF87LEVCQ1Meghann0051321315200Great flavorI've tried these bitters in two drinks so far and it has been a great addition to both.

The peach flavor comes through perfectly -- it's a natural-tasting flavor, not artificial at all. The first thing that strikes you might be the price. It may be the most expensive four ounces of liquid in my house right now, but a little bit goes a long, long way.
506988506988B004743B4CA24K6GJW2OXV0QEmilora0051303603200excellent teaThis tea is really good! I am a big coffee drinker and normally do not like tea but the spices they use make it not have a tea aftertaste. I can find this at a local grocery for considerably less than what it is priced for on here.
506989506989B0001ZMUVQA2USJULV5DYRVCGadgitz Lover121251113609600The best popcorn seasoning out thereI had been searching high and low for popcorn seasoning and finally found what I was looking for with Cornzapoppin. I ended up buying the Sour Cream & Chive, Parmesan & Garlic, Jalapeno and Barbeque. I wasnt sure which one I would like so I got a "sampler" order. I liked all the flavors to differing degrees but definitely preferred the Sour Cream & Chives. It was a perfect blend of seasonings and strength of flavor. If you are not sure which flavor seasoning to choose, I would recommend the Sour Cream.
506990506990B0001ZMUVQA31KSHR23LZVDLJilary1141327104000Very good, and not just for popcornI got this as a stocking stuffer for my son who loves popcorn. He really enjoyed it, and the flavor is very much like sour cream and onion potato chips. I've also used it on baked potatoes and it's pretty good.
506991506991B0001ZMUVQA2IYZE3GETIY5Jum1151285372800mmmmthis stuff is low calorie and great on everything not just pop corn. It really brings the flavor when I am too tired to bother seasoning things with a variety of spices or grate cheese.
506992506992B000HBMHVMA245EKG7QFFLZWRusty "rustymodem"6641252713600Looking for that cup that makes me shout wow.I use a French press exclusively. I rarely make espresso but I love espresso beans. I also grind to a fine grind rather than coarse so this being said your results may vary. This coffee is not one to make me shout wow, but it is a very good drinkable cup. As I pour the hot water into the press I can see a little bit of crema forming on the top. I give this product four stars more for the value than the flavor. The quality is good and the Java Trading Company boasts of their "air roasting" method. I have also tried "Jet City" from them which I thought was superior to Java Gold.
The texture in my mouth is smooth and the flavor complex with a tiny hint of sweet spicy. In my opinion a better cup of coffee than Pike's Place or Verona. For the money it is a better value than some of the lower priced LaVassa but it doesn't come close to Crema de Oro. This coffee if I had to guess is more African/Asian than South American.

I've been drinking it daily now for about 40 days and am almost bored. It is satisfying but I will be exploring more. Looking for that cup that makes me shout wow.
506993506993B000HBMHVMA1809JJDV0J0K4nez5631162944000Decent cupDecent flavor, slightly bitter aftertaste. Not as strong as Starbucks Espresso Roast, not as smooth as Trader Joe's Organic Five Country Espresso Blend.
506994506994B000HBMHVMAK1KNWVQ98AXLKKD "supermacbay"1151300492800Great coffeeI thoroughly enjoy this coffee. It is strong enough to make fabulous latte or caramel macchiatto. I love to grind my own beans for the freshest coffee. This coffee is not even slightly bitter, but has a wonderful beginnng, middle, and after taste.
506995506995B000HBMHVMA2RCJ382A6EBPYGerald D. Allen "Jerry Allen"0051344384000Best espresso beans out there!We love this product! The flavor is rich and smooth, plus the beans aren't too oily, so our Jura-Capressa machine doesn't get gunked up. Amazon's auto delivery is really convenient, too.
506996506996B000HBMHVMA2I73VAQMW270CJ. Davis "Bear 1"0051235088000Great Coffee!!!If you like strong black coffee this is the stuff for you. Great delivery, comes packaged in a foil resealable bag. Will reorder again.
506997506997B000HBMHVMA3KDFDBT2M3AB8D. A. Otto "Jonesin' for 2nes"2541168300800Tasty, and great bang for the buck too!At the low low price I got these beans, I am floored! I'm almost a fresh bean coffee snob too. Great gifts to break the bag into smaller offerings!
506998506998B000HBMHVMA1PU1EDX1UXQ1K. Sabens0251259539200yumI really enjoy this coffee and look forward to it brewing every morning
506999506999B000HBMHVMA2SEJCAB402E2GDog Lover 1024 "Dog Lover 1024"0231235952000Okay Coffee -- I Would Buy Different BrandMy first taste impression of the coffee is that it is not great.

I like dark coffee and this is pretty mild.
507000507000B008BBI8N6A3PFA5SJOI9DN4Jessica Heeder0051348617600Zipfizz-Orange sodaZipfizz, one of the best drinks there is.

This product Zipfizz Healthy Energy drink is my all time favorite energy drink. Out of the the flavors orange soda is my favorite. Zipfizz is this powered like drink (almost like kool aid). They also come in about 2" tubes, which then you pour into about 16-20 oz. of water. Shake. They also have Zipfizz in many different flavors- Grape, Berry, Orange soda, etc.

What i enjoy most about it is how easy and how fast it takes to make it. Its super fast, it only takes you 1 minute to make the drink. But the thing I don't like about it is, is when you go to shake it. It can explode on you. It's a negative and positive, drink but mostly positive.

I drink one almost everyday. I've also have showed it to many of my friends and they feel in love with the drink. Another thing is, is that it is more than 50% healthy and you can drink more than 3 times a day. Unlike Monsters or Amps. This Zipfizz actually works with energy. It last up to 5-7 hours!

People who wouldn't like Zipfizz would be optional, because everyone is different with the flavors they like.Zipfizz is every cheap to. it's $2 per. tube and or buy a case with 20 tubes for $10, when you purchase the drink.

I don't like Zipfizz, i love it. I also suggest to get the Orange flavor or the new flavors Creamsicle. They are very flavorful. And they are the one that don't explode on you when you're making them.

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