Amazon Fine Food Reviews

507091507091B000H154USA1RP8HRL6DWCLZR. Thurman "GPS Guru"0051329436800My better half LOVES these...And I do too! Holly is gluten intolerant, and she came across these at a local store. They quickly became a staple in our pantry. I try to avoid eating her gf foods, due to cost, but I couldn't resist the crunch. Nut Thin Almond crackers have replaced my beloved Triscut as the cracker of choice with cheddar and apples.
507092507092B000H154USA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"0051325289600Absolutely delicious!My two crunchy snacks of choice for some time now have been Snyder's Butter Snaps Pretzels and popcorn popped in my Nordic Ware 60120 Microwave Popcorn Popper. This cracker has pushed those two treats from the top of my crunch list. You simply cannot beat this cracker for mouth feel if you like plenty of snap, and the flavor is amazing. I like them with bean dip, guacamole, cheese spread--and with no topping at all, just plain. At only 8 calories per cracker, they also compare favorably to my mini pretzels, which are 5 calories each.

Blue Diamond is known for nuts and products made with nuts, and they have two other nut flavors for these crackers besides almond, including pecan and hazelnut. Those two flavors are equally delicious.

Highly recommended.
507093507093B000H154USA1BFVR8IXB6HI9Pat Martin0051322438400Assured Shopping at a BargainThe opportunity to shop and save on gluten-free products at Amazon is such a bargain. The products are first quality. The customer gets to elect how often the products will arrive. There is usually free-shipping. The order can be easily changed. It is certainly easier than getting in the car and traveling to a store that stocks quality, gluten-free products at prices that are "reasonable." One can always try a single box/bag before committing to a subscription. This is assured shopping at a bargain!
507094507094B000H154USA1ET4EYSY696K0Dareu2move0051319500800Gluten free creackers!We are gluten free in my house, so these are a staple around here. Very few ingredients which is a major plus!
507095507095B000H154USA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051315353600Spectacular - ReallyEspecially for people wanting to avoid wheat, these are great. But they are just an amazingly wonderful cracker period, for anyone. I've tried every flavor and each is excellent. They are nut and rice flour based, essentially, so they are thin, light, but with a nice crisp bite, and wonderful flavor. The nut flavors of course go great with all the foods one would want a cracker for. But they are equally great by themselves as a snack. They are also satisfying and you feel good and healthy after eating them, not like you are dragging from eating junk snack food.
507096507096B000H154USA2VBL3JMMB282UP. OBrien0051310601600What Can I SayWe are hooked on these crackers. Will never go back to wheat crackers. So tasty and so much lower in calories.
507097507097B000H154USA4A2TMVDXPUZ7Marie Rice "Part Of The Whole"0051310428800My Favorite Cracker NowThese crackers use almond flour instead of wheat flour and are gluten free. They also don't have any of the ingredients that I try to avoid. I like the taste of almonds, so these were a definite gotta-try-it item for me. They are light and crisp and I love the nutty flavor. And, with these I don't feel like I'm having to wipe grease off my hands like with some other brands I've tried.

Bonus was finding them here for a bulk rate. ~grin~
507098507098B000H154USA13GG9TSUP1C9OJasmine Young0041306454400Tasty! But a little salty.YUM. I love nut thins, but these are my third favorite of the bunch. My preference is to have the lightly salted nut thins or the cheddar cheese nut thins. I think these crackers are a little bit too salty. If you're looking for a potato chip replacement I would recommend this brand since their crackers are addictive, delicious, and crunchy. If you're into salt I would also recommend this specific flavor of nut thins. If you like to keep that salt down a little bit these probably aren't the best for you. Try to find the lightly salted, which I have not seen on amazon at a reasonable price.
PS: My friend uses her nut thins and dips them in hummus! I think they'd also be good with nacho cheese
507099507099B000H154USA3IXIN9Z566D8FJulie "Julie"0041306281600Nut Thins priceI was happy with this shipment of Nut Thins, but I notice the prices have increased on future orders. This is a most likely Blue Diamond increase, not anything Amazon can regulate. I will not be able to afford the new prices.
507100507100B000H154USA1T61TUTZEQMY5cathyc0051303084800Nut Thins are great!I love these crackers. Being glutten intolerant I had missed having good tasting crackers. These fill the bill plus.
507101507101B000H154USAS4EAY85EU9ZBJoseph Sinegr "Portland Joe"0051301184000These are delicious!!!!My wife has celiac disease and we are always looking for some snacks that are gluten free that actually taste good. These are delicious!! I highly recommend !
507102507102B000H154USA120N2WJ5K7RKAMary S. Johnston "Midwest Lady"0051300924800Great Cracker/Horrible PriceI love this cracker. It is light, crisp and doesn't have a lot of calories. What I don't understand is why amazon has increased the price so much. If I am going to pay for 12 boxes I ought to get a bit of a discount. I can get it at my local grocer for less cost and I only have to buy one box at a time.
507103507103B000H154USA250FFYP8R4OMJCee H3521294617600typical GF tasteLike too many GF products these are drowning in salt to drown out the bland rice flour flavor. I discovered Glutino crackers over the holidays and recommend them as the best gluten free cracker I've tried. My favorite is the Glutino Cheese Cracker with just a hint of cheese flavor that compliments rather than overwhelms the flavor of the spreads, cheese etc. spread on top. A great find for holiday!
507104507104B000G6STFGA1GIORV2W2MOG6Denzel E. Nonhof "Zippy"1151257033600Great Flavor for an extremely hot pepper!In the glass jar were twelve peppers. I de-stemed them and blended them, placing them in a small batch of chili. Needless to say, it was HOT! But, many returned at the chili cook-off to get more, even through they were sweating profusely! We won!
507105507105B000G6STFGA3UD9HWF42QANSMichael L. Tindall0051257465600The real deal !!!This is the real deal, the actual Habanero peppers, just the way you would buy them in Fredericksburg, Texas. Those Habanero sauces do not come close in flavor to these peppers.

And what a great price! Let's keep this product a secret so the price does not go up.
507106507106B000I5IDZ6AS20LJ930GZGPW. Meyers2251208563200Great tasteGreat gluten free licorice treats but must be eaten fresh otherwise they get stale fast.
507107507107B000I5IDZ6A1L9T6WQ6L8Q9EJewGenie113133859520050/50 ChanceI have celiac and I really miss my candy, especially twist. I tried this product three times now and 1/3 times they were fresh. I don't know why 2/3 times they some of them were hard. And trust me I don't waste in finishing them once I get them. I wish the owner would do a better job in quality control. Overall they are a good product and really quick shipping.
507108507108B000I5IDZ6A3T5BGGZKCUP6WAvid reader1111303084800Not worth the price or the caloriesI was delighted to find wheat free licorice on Amazon and ordered 3 kinds - the black and the raspberry from Candy Tree and a black licorice from another company. The Candy Tree licorice is terrible. The raspberry tastes vaguely like almost flavorless jam. Unfortunately, nobody in the family liked it, so this ended up in the trash.
507109507109B000I5IDZ6A2ETIX4W4VM5FDK. Robinson0051294185600Delicious and Nutritious - Great snack for endo sufferersI have endometriosis and am very sensitive to foods. I love candy and can eat handfulls of these without consequences. I can devor a package in a day. I actually had to start pacing myself! After eating these I will never go back to twizzlers... I wish I made more money so I could buy two boxes at a time! I reccomend this product for people who love candy but can't eat typical store brands because of food allergies and to parents who want a healthier alternative to store candy. WARNING -- these candy's are SUPER addictive :)
507110507110B000I5IDZ6A2WNONSBFPS2SD. Hardison "Low Budget Dad"0141318118400My son was not wildI like these, but my son, who is the gluten-free one, did not. I don't think it was the taste, I think it was that he did not like the texture. He is only about three, and we were looking for new textures for him. We now know that the licorice texture is not the way to go. We will try it again in a few years.
507111507111B000HQL51UAWXBS338JD2PCjj1151343865600yum!love it! it's the only tahini to use! i've tried others, but Joyva is the best out there; here's why: it's creamy, easy to use, delicate flavor and the best for making babaganoush.
507112507112B004D4UQA8AQT90V536HWUFL. A. Willis5551306108800BBQ Sauce with zing!We found out this is the BBQ sauce we've loved for years at our favorite roast beef sandwich place in South Boston, MA(Liberty Bell, if you're ever in the area) and my husband had to have it! We found it through Amazon, and it was a no brainer to buy it! Having it ourselves, won't stop us from going to our favorite haunt, we'll just have it to enjoy on other foods now, too! It's definitely on the spicy and zesty side and has a bit of a kick, so if you're looking for a sweet BBQ sauce, this one's not for you!
507113507113B004D4UQA8AZ6LEB4MUUM0KJ. Peterson "bby"2251334966400A taste of the North ShoreGrowing up in Beverly, MA there are no shortage of Roast Beef Sandwich shops in the North Shore area outside of Boston. Bill & Bob's, Big Fred's, Riley's but the best is Nick's "Famous" Roast Beef. If you think you know what a Roast Beef Sandwich is, you may be mistaken. It is thin, freshly sliced, house roasted beef, on a butter grilled roll slathered in James River Barbeque Sauce... Some shops use onion rolls or poppy seed or plain... The spices on the roast beef may vary but it is ALWAYS James River... I always get some when I head back home and make sandwiches, the best I can, for Vermont friends!
507115507115B004AGO3DUA3TSLQWS72K5OXSandra E. Hargrove1131325894400Delicious but too little for priceWe made two trips to Europe this year -- one to The Netherlands & Belgium and a second trip to Scotland. Before leaving Belgium we found large bars of Cote d'Or chocolate in a local grocery and bought some to bring home. They were thick and absolutely delicious. Little did we know that this brand is considered one of the best Belgium factory-made chocolates around.

After finishing the ones from Belgium, I found these for sale at Amazon and immediately ordered several in several flavors. When they arrived, I was disappointed to discover that they were about a 1/4 the thickness of those we had purchased in Belgium! Very thin. While they taste marvelous, we were already paying considerably more for them than we had in Belgium. Consequently, I doubt we will buy any more of this brand.
507116507116B001F3I18YAWK7WZYFEMHD3Ludmila Fomina1111339372800These are not dried applesApples are soft and white in color. Not chewy, just like when the apple goes bad -soft. You can feel chemical taste of some kind of conservator. I offered them to my kids they refused after one bite. So far about 10-12 people tried and did not like them. I ordered these to try but will never order again.
507117507117B001F3I18YAN1M29CUG0MG5Joshu W. Klug "Guru of goofy"0051337299200Awesome!Very good apples! They are soft, not hard. The flavor is very good, but packaging is poor. Arrived in USPS envelope that was tore open.
507118507118B001F3I18YAQZD9ZQBVKQOCNicola F. Hartzell "nickyh"0051334707200No Sugar AddedOK, so I sneak a few of these snacks on the side, but really, they are for my rabbit. So good, fresh & moist, plus essential that there is no sugar in the product.
507119507119B001F3I18YAYD4Q3JEGJL2CRobin H0051331596800Great ValueI used the dried apples to make southern fried pies, they worked fantastic and actually still had a lot of flavor unlike some of the brands you buy in your local supermarket. The bags were crammed full of apples more then enough to make the amount of pies I wanted and more then I actually expected. The ones I didnt use in pies, my grand-daughter snacked on, these are one of her favorite snacks.

I would definitely buy these again.
507120507120B003OB0K6QA1CFB0YQQD89ZBAnn Marie Carlin "Photography by: Ann Marie"4451330041600Why Can't I Quit you Creamy Chicken!I moved to San Francisco from Texas and for some strange reason it's very hard to get anything but the basic of Maruchan soups here...It's ridiculous that I have to buy this on-line. My taste buds like the creamy chicken, so I'm so glad I can get it here.

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