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507222507222B00127T7TKA3SY61ALY194H2Mary0051321488000Great Hawaiian ice makerThis machine works great, a little loud, but hey it is shaving ice. I got this for my daughter this for her 11th B-day, and she uses it every night. I opted for this one because the little toy icee maker looked so cheap, and the reviews were not so good. It is safe enough for her to use herself, and also sturdy enough to do the job for many more icee's to come. We loveeeeeee this product!!! (I am thinking of the getting the cotton candy maker next, by this brand)
507223507223B00127T7TKA13Z60774SM07BBenjamin0051319068800Great flavorI loved the flavors. They taste delicious. I guess it helps that I have a great blender to crush the ice perfectly. It was also shipped quickly so i recommend the source. :)
507224507224B00127T7TKA68QAZYXCJJNRTeriMelissa0051317254400Fantastic Syrups! Highly recommend!I purchased the three-flavor pack of Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup (cherry, blue-raspberry & grape). The flavors are rich and bold. I was very pleased and will be ordering more for sure. I'm excited to try some of the other flavor offerings since I was so impressed with my initial order.
507225507225B00127T7TKAUFXPQ8TX1O5CMsMMH1251285372800Son and husband love these.Me not so much. But while I love icee's I don't love the syrups ever.
507226507226B00127T7TKA2B3NBLEOU8IKXBob Schaefer0131339545600Good, but there is better!The snow cone syrup did taste pretty good. Small container (16 ounces) does not go very far. Was $5.00 for 16 ounces. We found a place called The Corn Popper in Tulsa, Ok. That has quarts (32 ounces) for $3.95 and gallons (128 ounces) for $9.95. They make something like 70 flavors of the best snow cone syrup you ever tasted! Really flavorful and no high fructose corn syrup. Made with pure cane sugar.
I believe they have a web site. It is a good idea to refridgerate your syrup as it will stay good longer but also will make it thicker to stay up on the ice and being cold it won"t melt the ice as much.
507227507227B00127T7TKA18DQMTIWM4JV9na0131324944000Cherry Syrup MissingI ordered this and got 2 grape syrups and 1 blue raspberry. The cherry syrup was missing when my child opened this package up Christmas morning. Thanks.
507228507228B000VD8I1OA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"5551193702400Of course it's 5 starThis is a smooth luscious chocolate that you want to savor as it melts in your mouth. It's also quite nice as you are finishing up a glass of Zinfandel (red, not the pink stuff). A couple of the squares are quite satisfying, so this is one bar that will lasts a few days. Give yourself a nice Halloween treat.
507229507229B000VD8I1OA13RDUT0WD463SWatch Wearer "disappoined with fine Danish watch"3351202515200Great Belgian Dark ChocolateThis one is just right for a dark chocolate lover in our family. Yes, you can go 86% but it gets too much on the bitter side. This one on the other hand has just the right "chocolate intensity" with just a hint of bitterness in aftertaste, the way you'd expect. Thumbs way up.
507230507230B000VD8I1OA3OUIVVPITXVJWStephen E. Hollaway2331199664000Dense but meltedThis chocolate has a rich flavor but the case of bars had clearly been exposed to heat on one end so that the bars were much thicker on one end.
507231507231B000VD8I1OA1UZ23H7JCCGN1Andy Johnson0051343779200My favorite dark chocolateLove this dark chocolate. Creamy and not too sweet. We have tried several different brands and this one is excellent.
507232507232B000VD8I1OA2HFI6NKRS8PUEshow lover0051267574400chocaholicwe absolutely love this creamy, melt in your mouth dark chocolate and have a few ounces every night. It isn't bitter but not very sweetIt's difficult to find in the stores around here but worth ordering online
507233507233B000VD8I1OAJFU2R1RML2ONK. Ordway0051207699200Divine ChocolateAbsolutely my favorite chocolate!
This stuff is divine and the current price is the best I have ever seen.
This is dark enough to be rich and sinful with just enough sweetness! Yum!
507234507234B004V6A91EA33KH0GLJIEU6RHDH0051349136000I was wrong...Forget my review!
I made a mistake!
Order was fine. Cut me some slack, I have MS...
507235507235B000GKEYT2A2GXTDKXYY4WWWD-Nizzle111151297382400Holy Hades!So I purchased this thinking it would be a novelty item. I just wanted to see people choke, cough, spit and wheeze when they tried this. Quite the opposite happened. These became an IMMEDIATE crowd pleaser. The chip itself is as perfect as a kettle chip can get: crunchy, thick with a robust potato flavor and not greasy. The spices. Dear God the spices. It takes a few seconds, but when the habanero kicks in, yeah, you'll "feel alive". The level of heat does not take to your knees. I found myself going for more! Certainly ingesting these does not come without hazards (tear jerking restroom moments), but I guarantee you it is quickly forgotten after that bag stares you in the face when you open the pantry. I'll be ordering more once I'm down to four bags. For the rest of the nation buried under snow, a bag of this will put your body in the Bahamas.
507236507236B000GKEYT2A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"4451285804800Oh joyous tastiness.My review is for the Buffalo flavor chips.
I've had buffalo flavor chips from a variety of brands but Blair's really does reign supreme.
Just the right about of heat combined with the tang of buffalo.
So tasty.
So crunchy.
So utterly decadent.
So totally bad for you but who cares?
One of the best out there and another home run from the master of heat Blair.
Highly recommended.
507237507237B000GKEYT2A1OS5S77DB9KJ4David Lieu4451282435200SPICY!!!These chips are bomb!!! You can feel the heat on the first chip. I love spicy food and I can eat a whole bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos no problem, but I need something to drink after about ten of these chips. Probably the hottest chips I have eaten so far. I paid $30 something bucks for 14 bags, no regrets! If there is anything hotter and better tasting, please let me know.
507238507238B000GKEYT2A18F8M4JHE44MYColinT3351281830400The spiciest chips EVER!!!!I love eating spicy foods and so I was looking for chips that were really spicy because you can't find it anywhere besides dipping chips in salsa. I have tried all kinds of spicy chips, but this tops it by far. Usually it takes a while of eating the chips to feel that burn on your tongue, but after eating one chip of the Blair's habanero, you instantly get that kick of hotness on your tongue. The chips are nice and crunchy like the kettle cooked chips. I recommend this to any lover of spicy foods. I have already bought this twice on amazon and I will soon have to buy another box because it's just that good.
507239507239B000GKEYT2A1WKSZVQTNZJ2Dgemniii3341185494400Excellent chipIf you like them spicy this is great.
Be sure to wash hands after consumption!
507240507240B000GKEYT2A2FXHOK3OQ3DV3vietofmars2251311465600Have some milk or ice cream handyVery Hot.
First chip, no prob. Then it creeps on you. Then you sweat but it's so good you eat more.
Then you eat half the bag and then you get a rumbly in your tummy. Time to stop and put out the flames with some milk or ice cream. Fun size snickers will do in a pinch.
507211507211B00127T7TKAEOOVLWQ32KQKcasinodani2331314921600We love Shaved IceWe love shaved ice in the summer, thought that Hawaiian Shaved Ice products would be the best and found out they're not.... Syrups were totally flavorless! (very disapointed).
507212507212B00127T7TKA2BQ9N8O1QA00NC. D. Rickert2321294617600Just OKThe syrups were too thick, which means that you have to mix it into the shaved ice rather than just pour it over the top. There is so much food coloring that you can taste it. Obviously, I expected food coloring, but I hate it when there's so much it affects the flavor. My daughter only liked the blue raspberry flavor. I won't buy again.
507213507213B00127T7TKAO1JYZ8MUOEME72dierks "mom5"0051344556800kids favoriteBought a sno cone/shaved ice maker awhile back and bought the syrup on the shelf next to the liked it but it was nothing great. This syrup is their favorite! It has a nice consistency and tastes great, delicious not too sweet. Will definitely buy again!
507214507214B00127T7TKAIN86H9G3JEDKflygirl0051343174400Excellent flavorI received the pack of three flavors today and I think all of them have an excellent flavor! I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.
507215507215B00127T7TKA2H9V6SHHTAIFTRichard H. Miller0051342656000the same as for all Hawaiian shaved ice syrupsEvery Hawaiian shaved ice syrup has been wonderful and very tasty.
Some syrups are too sweet while others are rather dull and weak. Hawaiian brands are exactly what you need for wonderful shaved ices products. I already have about eight flavors. Each one is exactly what I wanted.
507216507216B00127T7TKA3L3HW9SY7W217J. Brothers "business owner"0051342137600Great shaved ice flavors ...Love Hawaiian Shaved Ice syrup flavors. Great products. We bought the 3 flavor pack, subsequently ordered 12 different flavors of quarts, and I just ordered 5 gallons to refill the quarts. High quality at a fair cost.

We have a Shave Ice machine at our lake house, and typically make 20 servings at a time (lots of kids and neighbors). We love it...!

507217507217B00127T7TKAKXEKQXHCLDRGDavid Wilson0041338854400Not badIt's alright. I have just tried the Cherry flavor so far, it's very good added to the Sparkling Naturals Cola flavor to make Cherry Coke. By themselves though they're not syrupy enough to make proper soda, I know they're not meant for that - but I was hoping.
507218507218B00127T7TKAJRH9YA4ETWIJtracker2580051336176000Hawaiian Snow Cone SyrupsGreat taste at a great price. Seen other reviews saying it was too thick,but we find it to be just right. The kids love Blue Raspberry and Grape but all taste great.What you would find at a stand. WE LOVE IT
507219507219B00127T7TKAY81K0A66BXKDjersey660051331164800Awesome flavors!!!Bought this for my 11 yr old niece along with the 10 flavors offered, they all taste great. She loved them. Definitely would buy again.
507220507220B00127T7TKA16WT0J08Y7B2XShelly Wilcox0051326844800Best Ever Snow Cone Syrup!This was a gift for my niece and she thought this was the best tasting syrup she has tried! NO problems with anything. We will watch for new flavors in the future! Thank you!
507221507221B00127T7TKA39LEA7A8MHJICAndy0051325808000Great Product, Great ServiceHaving purchased a snow cone machine for my children and finding that the flavored syrups were the key for creating fun, flavorful, snow cones, I started looking for quality syrups at a reasonable price. Hawaiian Shaved Ice/Snow Cone Syrups have been wonderful. Great flavor. Vivid colors. Great quality. No problems. I will be a repeat customer.

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