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507241507241B000GKEYT2A29JU0K4S3IT8DLorie1141318377600Great flavor and crunch!I got a taste of these in a 2 oz bag and was told they weren't being made anymore. Imagine my surprise when I found them here! I purchased the 5 oz bags and shared them with co-workers.

From the first bite you get a nice smokey flavor and then the heat starts to kick in. After a few more chips you just can't stop crunching while beads of sweat pop out on your brow and your sinuses start clearning out.

Love these chips!
507243507243B000GKEYT2A2GA55P7WGHJCPdomino1131151298678400Very hot - makes a big man crySent these as a gift to my fiance - he just loves them! He cannot eat a bag at one sitting, admitted that the tears well up, he cannot help it. He is very macho, so I find this hysterically funny. The important thing is that he really likes them!
507244507244B000GKEYT2A1VU5Q1CE8L8EXJonathan1151296950400Great chips for a pepper enthusiastThese chips are the hottest chips I have tried. Above being hot, they have a very good smokey taste. The only negative points that I can make is that they are constantly going out of stock and that it would be nice to have a larger 10oz bag size. Thanks for the great chips!
507245507245B000GKEYT2A3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"1151288569600YUM!I LOVE these. But, be warned, they are CALIENTE! Even though my lips turned red and my nose bleed from the first bag, I went back for more and more and more! There are awesome; just not for the weak of taste buds. :)
507246507246B000GKEYT2A2Z7XYKJCZCB1Wajay0051350950400Hottest on earthI am a hot food junkie and found these chips at a local grocery store. I got addicted and kept searching for them again and again, but they must have been on a trial run, never to return. Amazon fortunately had them, but in palette sized orders rather than a couple bags. Oh well. This is simply the most nuclear, face napalm, gastro grenading potato chip I have ever had. If you're a sadistic snack aficionado like me, try these. A half bag into it, you will be paying the price.
507247507247B000GKEYT2A3KA8SX5GX7K6Omaria0051347321600Really Spicy!I love spicy food and this product is really spicy and has good flavor at the same time. For some may even be too spicy to eat.
507248507248B000GKEYT2A2PPV0SMZ45AZKFieryardent0041344211200Fire Burning*Warning* These chips are like eating a raw habanero pepper.

This is literally the hottest processed food product I've ever eaten. I use to think what I normally ate was pretty hot, until I tried these. They taste pretty good, but good luck trying to eat a whole bag in one sitting. I can barely get down 10 chips before my nose and eyes are watering and my mouth is on fire. I'd compare their taste, texture, and crunchiness to Tim's Cascade Jalapeno (which I love,) but they're probably around 5 times as hot as those chips. Don't get me wrong, these things are pretty tasty, but I'm still working on polishing off my first bag that I received 3 days ago.

I'm probably going to keep some for myself to eat, since they don't go bad for a year from now, but the others I'm probably going to use for pranks on my family and friends. Only takes one chip to set your mouth on fire. =D
507249507249B000GKEYT2APUF06FG89MQOK. Patel0051339632000best habanero chipsthis is one of the best habanero chips i have had. good kick with less salt and sugar. personally think it is better tasting than mama zuma revenge.
507250507250B000GKEYT2AWAB7PKBO3BBTH. Lee "Amazon junkie"0051337731200Outright dangerousI love spicy snacks and was looking for something a bit spicier than Flamin Hot Cheetos. I have several bottles of Blair's hot sauces so I knew that I would definitely not be disappointed with the spice level on these chips. The first few chips that I put in my mouth, were spicy, but more flavor than I expected. So I ate a couple more. Then the heat intensity starts to kick in. Unlike other habanero foods, this one had a bit of a creeper affect rather than hitting you like a freight train from the beginning. Then my mouth started to burn and the tears started rolling. God, how I love that feeling. Sadistic, I know. They really do make you feel alive. I keep several bags at work so I can have something to get over the afternoon hump around 3 pm. They do the job well as I get a level of alertness that caffeine just can't deliver. It also makes me appear like a more sensitive guy since I am crying the whole time. Eating these chips has also produced a nice side effect for me - I am unbelievably hydrated throughout the day. My skin has never looked better. The only warning I would give when eating these chips is that the pepper powder they use is extremely light. So when you pop them in your mouth, you will inevitably get some up your nose via your nasopharynx. It will make you sniffle like a coke addict from the 80s. A bit annoying but great for clearing up sinuses. Oh yeah, my best advice is that you should really wash your hands thoroughly before using the bathroom - like 2-3 times. Otherwise a fate that I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy will await you. Let's just say I am prone to learning life lessons the hard way. i won't go into details but it involved milk and was something like a scene out of American Pie.
507251507251B000GKEYT2A223G3VYJ6WRY1Fongster0051337212800Repeat!!!Bought these wondering how hot they'll be.. The habanero flavor is hands down the hottest potato chip I've eaten. I'm one who lives for the spice so ive grown madly in love with them. Definitely would recommend if you like the spice. For those who thinks products like Tabasco or tapatio or siracha is hot, this product is not for you. Very nice blend of heat as its actually a bit sweet if you get through the bag.
507252507252B000GKEYT2A1YV3KHQ4GP7PYFartKnocker0051335830400HOLY MACKERELGot a case of these puppies and MAN am I impressed. I LOVE spcy foods and these take the cake as my new favorite chip! I got the habanero flavor and they are delicious. MUST BUY.
507253507253B000GKEYT2A244Y79QVZ3AZWchile man0051330646400got to try these chipsthe best dan chips i ever bought there so good i ate ten five ounce bags in two weeks all by myself
507254507254B000GKEYT2A3FVY6OK3M7J1Omomkaz0051329004800happy death rain fan.Fell in love with these chips years ago when I got outta a vending machine at a previous employer. They are hotter then any chip I've tried but tastey as all heck. I research and found out u can only GE these via internet not in any store, which is a bummer but extreme food website and Amazon always have great special. So I recommended purchaseing a lot so you don't run out.
These are a great conversation piece at parties everybody always says same 2 things
2. I can't stop eating because these are so good.
Definitely have milk around to help the heat factor. I now have my boyfriend hooked and a fan. This last purchase I orders him the 14/5oz bag set. He is in 7th heaven. Definitely will last a while cause u can only eat so many cause of the heat but so tastey u wanna keep going back for more.
Remember have milk on hand LOL enjoy.
507255507255B000GKEYT2A1QXSCQZQC8CAGDinesh0051328659200Spicy stuffMy wife and I eat really spicy food. We love the chips since it's pretty spicy. It is a lot spicier than the spicy salsa so I wouldn't reccommend to people who can't eat anything that's spicier than that. I wish there's beef jerky that's this spicy.
507256507256B000GKEYT2A3KJE2P41Z0ECSS. Fell0051328486400WOW...I rarely do product reviews on Amazon BUT after having the 1st bag I knew I had to say something!

These chips are not for the faint. They have a wonderful kettle cooked crunch to them and the bag size is the perfect munching snack to watching a movie. These are not only going to make a good snack for me (as I really like spicy foods) but will also make the perfect laugh when I let friends try them...

These chips have a wonderful flavor and not too much spice (if any at all) when you first chomp into a them, but wait for it, after 5-10 second the burn starts to come usually about the time you reach for your second or third and by then it is too late.

The burn lasts for a solid 10-15 minutes after eating a few handfuls and personally made me sweat a good deal as I finished off my first bag while watching a movie.

These I would easily buy again and recommend them to ANYONE who wants a good laugh at someone else's expense OR of you really like painfully spicy hot sauce. Although they were a good deal spicier than I expected. If you know Blair's they are know for the very hottest of hot sauces and NOW I think they can also brag they have the hotest snacks!
507257507257B000GKEYT2ALIJ2IG4C0S2ABenjamin Winograd "BrooklynMario"0051326758400Best and spiciest chip I have ever eatenAs a long time fan of Blair's death products, I am familiar with Blair's other spicy items like his sauces. However I had never tried any of his chips.

Until now.

These are the tastiest, crunchiest, and easily the spiciest chips known to man. Everything you love in a chip all rolled in to one.

Do not be deceived by the fact that it says chipotle on the bag. This is some concentrated stuff here. Personally I can only eat 2-3 chips per serving. It's that hot.
507258507258B000GKEYT2A36EKHL4U8H36VJosiah Poirier0051325030400Very Spicy!I enjoy eating spicy food with my girlfriend, and we have tried many different levels of spicy food (ghost pepper sauce, etc). These chips get pretty spicy about 1/2 through one of the 2-ounce bags and they have a good taste too!
507259507259B000GKEYT2A1K7DQBGWZV0IPInTheRough0041324425600Good n hotI have not been a fan of kettle style chips in the past, but for these I'll make an exception. 2-3 chips in and you've got a burn going on. I have looked for a truly hot chip for some time, and most fall seriously short. For those not "appreciative" of the heat level of these chips, they are overwhelmed with the hot, and say it covers up the taste. Not for me! Actually, I could use them somewhat hotter, but they are not a disappointment. Good heat, great with beer.
507260507260B000GKEYT2A1DZULM4RDLDICE. Lush "Elush"0051323907200Hot and CheesyNice heat for a chip and the cheesiness takes off the edge easy to eat too many. I'm definitely getting more of these.
507261507261B000GKEYT2A3RIB2HANFHZBIparts papa0041323216000Great Chips !!These chips are a great kettle chip with good crunch and excellent taste. The after burn isn't for everyone ( watch the reaction from people that don't like a little heat!!! ), but it isn't unbearable. Great with sandwiches or by themselves. I buy them by the case and give a bag to friends.
507262507262B000GKEYT2A1SZTU0SBH12D7Richard C. Vogt0051322179200Blairs Habnero chips clean the cement off your tongueBlair's Death Rain Habanero Kettle Chip, 5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 14)These are the hottest and best habanero chips available on the market. I bought a package of 14 without trying them on the reccomendation of a buyer on Amazon, who mentioned that since Dorito Habanero Chips are no longer on the market these are the next hottest ones available. I agree, I bought them since he knows that the now extinct Habanero Dorito chips were the best ever, finally found a chip that I could not eat the whole bag at one sitting. My sons are happily eating Blairs Death Rain Habaneros and feeding them to unsuspecting people and animals to watch their reaction. The chips are crunchy, not greasy, and HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT as claimed, these chips are not for patsies. I lived in Mexico for over 20 years and love hot food, these chips will cater to that craving. Dick
507263507263B000GKEYT2AFJ29YTAAFEUCMinho D0051319500800XXX HOT with crunch and good flavor.If like me, you were looking for chips that are actually hot as the label says, these are the chips for you. They are tongue burning, sinus clearing, eyes watering hot if you eat more than a few chips. Also they have a nice hint of barbecue chip flavor, and that good crunch of kettle chips.
They are enjoyable to eat, and not just for the novelty of eating the hottest chip you can find.
I bought the case and shared a few bags with other lovers of hot foods.
507264507264B000GKEYT2A2TJTR2SIRA7DKD.E.N.0051285372800Habanero Chips.....When you start one bag.......isn't too long when the bag is empty....and time to open another......It's the sweet taste in the beginning that keeps you eating them.
507265507265B000GKEYT2ALL9XFM0Q1N4EMonopoly J0051282262400HOT CHIPS!I am a huge fan of hot sauces and anything that is of intense heat. These chips are great but for snacking they can get a bit hot. These are only for the super heat fans.
507266507266B000GKEYT2A21AG0X8RLF523Robert Gamble0051280707200Hot! Hot! Hot!Need I say more? These are by far the Hottest (spiciest) Chips I have tried. The burn just keeps on building. Could not eat more then 6 chips without having to drink some water before having more. Only hotter things I have had were Death Valley Desert Buffalo wings from Cluck University.
507267507267B000GKEYT2A3A9QWGRG7ZF7GSuzanne Russ0051280534400Incredible !All of Blairs products are Great Quality. These are by far the hottest Ive tried & I am about the only one I know who can eat them. What makes these so good is that the heat is ALL there but there is tons of flavor too! The Parmesean & Cajun are also quite good with a bit less heat! I have bought them by the case On Blairs site, its nice to see them offered through Amazon too!
507268507268B000GKEYT2A10G3DK15VL6Y1John Hoover0051260921600Talk of the TownI shared the chips with selected friends that pass for hot heads. In New Mexico everybody thinks that they qualify but that is not quite true. I had a blast with the product but apparently I purchased the last box. I want to purchase four more boxes for Christmas but none are available. I am disappointed.
507269507269B000GKEYT2A32FXW6PR65HOB**Movie Reviewer**0051258502400Blair's Death Rain ChipsThese chips are the hottest I have ever tried so far. At first they taste like a normal kettle cooked chip but then you feel the burn. I usually buy the smaller bags and can never finish them in one sitting...Like the bags says you will "feel alive".
507270507270B000GKEYT2A110AFBE979HFWR. Moroney "hackney"0051251417600Death RainThis is an excellent bag of chips! I bought two cases and shared them with the folks at work. Everyone is raving about level of heat.

The chip quality is very good, very crunchy like a kettle cooked chip should be.

Must agree with the previous review, wash your hands after you eat these. You do not want Habanero in your eyes!

I have found that they are often out of stock, I signed up to be notified as soon as they came in, then I snagged two cases.

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