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507289507289B002AQP3MMA3T6HT67E2OT15J. Brown0141278892800love theseThey are a little more expensive here, even with subscribe and save, than if I would buy just regular ones in a store around here. But I am a fan of cranberry and pomegranate, so I am okay with that.
507290507290B002AQP3MMAIVAEKZ7P0UGJJ. Eddy "jchicago"0141253577600ExcellentI bought the six box pack. I love nature valley but they are expensive in my local grocer so I decided to purchase them online.
507291507291B002AQP3MMA1VLVDURBUFHPRSharrn0251306713600Great tasting, holds you over.These taste great, good for you, etc.. They do the job for holding you over between meals or on the trail or long rides what have you.. Sometimes the pomegranate seeds get stuck in your teeth but no big deal.
507292507292B00441IO90A1NN6Z2TMYAFDIAriana1151285891200Abby FavoriteWe've been feeding our Abby Royal Canin selective products since we adopted her. Happen on a bag of the SELECTIVE 40 and she went nuts for it. Pity the all the PetCo and PetSmart in our area have quit carrying it. Will be ordering online from now on.
507293507293B0036ZPLP0A1648NEVF1M0ANJoseph J. Causarano0051338508800WONDERFUL SEASONING!!I bought this for the first at a local German market where they could not even keep it on the shelves. This will transform any ground meat dish into a most aromatic and flavorful dish! My friends always love when I cook with this seasosing mixture. I guarantee you will think the same!
507294507294B000GZSDW6AQI8X1T8JFOWRTina M. Morrison2241178496000Good SubstituteAlthough they aren't that great in the calorie department compared to other full fat brands, they are a tasty alternative if you are counting fat grams.
507295507295B000GZSDW6A22MT3LE8ZX0CDAmy M. Soter0051241654400BrowniesThese are incredible. I use one container fat free greek yogurt, 1/4 cup of soy milk, 1/4 egg beaters and they come out slightly dense and fudgy but also cake like. You can adjust what you add for different outcomes. The cappuccino flavor is subtle. Cinnamon is a wonderful addition as well. The mix is fat free and relatively low cal (about 100 cals per brownie) so you can indulge and add chocolate chips! : )
507296507296B000GZSDW6A35X2JJI49OBZPC. Bayne "katluvr_1"0041214870400Mmm - nummyThis is quite tasty. My husband & I like to make "no-bake" brownies, which involves eating it with a spoon out of a bowl. I'm sure it's good cooked as well, but it's almost like fudge without it, and really, that's all you really need. You can't tell from the taste that it's fat free. Soon, we're going to invest in some of the other flavors as well.
507297507297B000GZSDW6A2E3N7P7N4CFP3D. Stalka "mommy"0051203292800WONDERFUL You wont believe!This brownie mix ROCKS. YOu wont believe how low cal it is! My whole family LOVES them. They are def a fudgy type brownie so if you love that, try this stuff!
507298507298B000GZSDW6A2MPY0NJ1I14V1princesshannon2002 "princesshannon2002"0051199059200Love this!Okay...YUM! These are dairy free and fat free and lovely! They are tasty and satisfying!
507299507299B000GZSDW6A35C6BMSOW7AP8Chad D. Hummel0141328313600Great stuff if in fact it is fat freeFat free is really a deceiving thing. Since fat alone doesnt make a person fat oddly enough. Fat is actually good for you. Fat free diets or low fat diets don't help an individual lose weight.. Unless its resulting in a lower calorie intake which often it doesnt. Enough about that. Read Dr. mercola's website regarding that. 4 stars because this stuff tastes fantastic, the yogurt with this brownie mix makes a super moist brownie that tastes amazing. No really low fat since there is sugar and sugar converts to fat later. Humans were not designed to consume sugar, same for white flour. But its so good, right? Still yummy stuff.
507300507300B005MJ6GLGA2IX8I78FANJ2PMairzy-doats0051337212800Hazel nuttinessImagine crunchy little almond pieces enrobed in silk made of Nutella and you have the wonderfulness of a Giamanda chocolate. These are so amazing, if/when I have a kid, I plan to name them "Giamanda"...
507271507271B000GKEYT2A2ZFP9VJFRA534archilocus0051183680000Cheesy, spicy, deliciousThese are really tremendous. Excellent crunch and flavor, among the best I've ever had. Blair's chips are well worth seeking out. I'm not sure why they seem to be an endangered species on Amazon.
507272507272B000GKEYT2A2L0VIEI61XIRVS. Kim0051180569600Good HOT chipThese are HOT chips, but they are so good. If you are looking for some spicy chips these are really good. If you can't take the heat don't try these without a cut of milk(milk will cool your mouth fast).
507273507273B000GKEYT2A2ZFP9VJFRA534archilocus0051180137600Might be the best chips I've ever hadThese are REALLY terrific, crunchy and flavorful with no artificial taste. Not only might the be the best chips I've ever eaten, I'm wondering if they're the best FOOD I've ever eaten. If Amazon would start carrying my beloved Apple Beer I could quit going to the grocery store entirely.
507274507274B000GKEYT2A31OIPD2OEAC6JR. Honrado "racer x"1251303516800To die for bag of chips.My box of 14 bags of chips arrived in a timely manner. They are as delicious and hella hot as ever! thank you!
507275507275B000GKEYT2A1DRP529AHD8F1Ralph Kuser "seeking intelligent life"1251302393600Nice and hot!These chips are just hot enough to make them interesting. The only other type of chip that came close was Habanero Dortitos which are hard to find.
507276507276B000GKEYT2A3B8CF4V636M8UH. Le0131269561600Very hot, but you are guaranteed heartburnIf you want the hottest chip available, its right here. Taste is pretty good, but it is overwhelmed by the heat. If you eat more than a few chips, you are pretty much guaranteed heartburn. This stuff is wicked. Only for the people that really love spicy foods.
507277507277B000GKEYT2A8UKJQG7LJ9T2Carl Overman1331312243200Ridiculously HotI consider myself able to consume very spicy foods. These chips are excessively spicy and can't be enjoyed after approx 4 chips as your mouth is on fire. What's the point? I wouldn't recommend a 14 pack as it will take a while to finish them. On the upside, they have a great flavor, just toooooo spicy.
507278507278B000GKEYT2AZIFE30L5DULHRyan1321297123200Not so greatI first ordered the Chipotle flavor. I didn't enjoy the flavor very much, but the texture was crispy and the amount of flavor was perfect. There was plenty of flavor there but it wasn't overwhelming like some brands are. It was because of this that I decided to give Blair's a second chance. I ordered the Habanero flavor next. I was extremely disappointed. Gone was the perfect amount of flavoring the chipotle chips had. Instead the chips had so much seasoning it was darn near falling off the chips. I've had a few brands of habanero before, but this one tasted nothing like any of them. It has almost a sweet flavor to it. I personally didn't care for it at all. On top of it all, the chips aren't even very hot. I was very disappointed in how hot both chips were considering the brand is called Death Rain. If you can find them, try Poore Brothers Habanero chips. THOSE are some hot chips, with a fantastic flavor.
507279507279B000GKEYT2A3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0231334793600MehI love kettle chips and I love spicy food. This is decently spicy but I don't think the flavor is that great. You definitely taste the vinegar in these, which I don't like. I want the vinegar taste to be mild and subtle but it is a bit strong for me. It's not overwhelming, just not how I like my buffalo flavor.
507280507280B000GKEYT2A3O1NRSXVJJ3SPK-sound Krew. "K-sound Krew"1611314403200not goodI like spicy food, most of the snacks labeled as spicy don't cut it, this snack has a good spice level, spicy but still edible
I tend to not like kettle cooked chips, the lays and capecod namebrand I don't like, the only ones I do like are the kettle cooked name brand spicy thai

That said, these chips are gross
They are thick and stale, the 2 things I hate about kettle cooked chips, the texture is way off
The spice level is perfect, but the taste? bleackh
The taste is what I imagine chewing on moldy cardboard is like
These chips are nasty gross

I wish I could get my money back, they were expensive
not worth it
507281507281B002AQP3MMAMWUWACQEAXR5denise1141325203200granola barsI love the craberry / pomegranate combination. They're good. Wish i could find them in the store more often! Great fast snack or breakfast.
507282507282B002AQP3MMA37KEV3TXNEK0ladym1151316131200YUMMYI ordered these for the office they make a great snack in the morning with coffee when you are on the run.
507283507283B002AQP3MMA2FDK190CF75C1Jeffery Ansiel2331301961600Good buyThe bars had good taste, but were a little dry (i.e. hard). Would most likely buy again, but may try a box from the store first to see if the are better/different.
507284507284B002AQP3MMA1HRC65J5T4HXBG. OShea2351247961600Good healthy snack!I bought a box while in Hershey, pa when I got home to nj couldn't find the cranberry pomegranate anywhere! Amazon never lets me down the price is great, its a good snack and good for you! I thought buying so many would last a while, three boxes gone in one week, we love them! Almost time to order another case! If you like the fruit and nut flavor you'll love this flavor more!!!!
507285507285B002AQP3MMA164J9313Z366TSelma I. Perlmutter0051347321600Delicious & SatisfyingThese bars are great. Many times in between trains or buses I eat them. They really hit the spot and I always keep two in my purse or knitting bag handy.

The taste is very good and they are healthy.
I highly recommend them.
507286507286B002AQP3MMA3QQVWKE32ULEJb-indy "»J"0051341187200Some of the best out thereThese trail mix named I don't think could be applied any more appropriately. Took some of these camping for in between meals.

This and a bottle of water helps get you through the afternoon no problem and good for hiking.

Taste great, Get them!
507287507287B002AQP3MMA3EXERCT838UYDterry simmons0051337904000Addicted!I love Nature Valley's Chewy Trail Mix Cranberry & Pomegranate bars. Unfortunately, I became addicted to them, by eating them as a meal and sometimes as a late night snack. I receive them thru Amazon's Subscribe & Save program but instead of every month, I changed it to every three months. These bars are great tasting and I crave no other sweets or salty products if I have these bars available. Still, they are addictive!!
507288507288B002AQP3MMAVLJV4ZX3NFX6Squashbug1251301011200Great Morning StarterNaature Valley Chewy Train Mix bars are the perfect way to start out my day. They are satisfying and filling. They are great for those rushed mornings when I don't have time to fix breakfast. They are also great as a snack throughout the day and even wonderful as a snack before bed. The texture is the best.

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