Amazon Fine Food Reviews

507301507301B005MJ6GLGA2B5A2DLMWRYCLErin0051336089600AmazingA friend brought these when he came to visit from Belgium they are so delicious that I'm ordering more. Literally the best chocolate i have ever ate.
507302507302B005MJ6GLGANUM5EWTY6G5ZJon C. Bolton "Jon"0051323993600Absolutely deliciousI have been ordering these chocolates as gifts for my Mother and my Mother-in-law for a couple years. I tried them myself first. These are so good and decadent I have had nothing but thanks and praise from all who have received them. These are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Smooth, delicious, the only problem they disappear too fast unless you hide them.
507303507303B002DHOTOQA33OWVKOB5B7O9B. Schiller "Mister Gadget"7751306368000Cheez-It Baked Whole Grain CrakersI love these and I think they are one of the better flavors. I find several of the flavors leave me with a slightly acidic aftertaste. Not so here. Do not get confused by the BIG PRINT on the front of the box about 5 Grams of whole grain per serving. That only means it is contains 5 Grams of flour (whole wheat). Most people think it contains 5 Grams of FIBER but it does not. Only 1 Gram of fiber per serving. Now if they only could lower the fat content by 10 percent and double the fiber this would be much healthier as a snack. I won't hold my breath but will still enjoy these and have them on auto-delivery. Peace!
507304507304B002DHOTOQADDAT2HPTB1X9m_k3351261440000Love These!I am so glad that Amazon is finally selling these... and with subscribe & save to boot! There's a reason they are often sold out: because they are so tasty! Fast shipping as always, plus very good packaging so no crackers were broken.
507305507305B002DHOTOQA106ANDRVRISPEdrewski91231314489600Still pretty bad for you...The amount of whole grain these Cheez-its contain is a joke. 5g whole grain is less than 1/3 of a serving of whole grains, PLUS there's more oil in these things than whole grain. I think it's because Cheez-its wouldn't taste good anymore if they were mostly whole grain, that's why enriched flour remains the first ingredient. Don't be fooled into thinking this is more healthy for you, it's still junk food, but with just a very tiny amount of whole grain added...
507306507306B002DHOTOQA3JA2ORXXFB8FFTopper (Linda)1151311984000Will order againMy order arrived yesterday, one day earlier than expected.

Of course I had to try them right away.

They are great. As another reviewer said you can sometimes get an acidic aftertaste, not with these. Very cheesy and tasty.. but they don't have that little bite to them.

I shared some with some family members, and they said the same thing.. AND where did you find these, never heard of this type before...

.... so, of course, I had to tell them!!! hehehehe

I think this flavor as moved to the top of my list.
507307507307B002DHOTOQA2HRIVMWV7V5XKJohn F. Hamilton "Scorpionjack"0021350432000whole wheat Cheez it. Flopwhat can I say! Come home from the commissary, thinking I would get some cheese and enjoy these new crackers. What a huge disappointment, lacking flavor to which is different to me then what I came to expect from cheez its. The lasting flavor in the back of my mouth is almost vinegar flavored. Would not buys these again.
507308507308B002DHOTOQA2HYHT45PHNIIGAramat "Aramat"0051334188800A Favorite TreatThis is really a good snack. I tell myself that the whole grain makes it a little better than other things I could eat. The item still had plenty of shelf left, based on its 'best by' date, but there's no way Cheez-it's are going to remain uneaten in my household long enough to worry about that.
507309507309B002DHOTOQAFYMUB0S332XCHAPPY MOM0051326067200taste great!the taste and value were great, but it's alot you've got to really loooove cheez its. It's 4 normal size boxes but its filled to the rim, a pro 4 me is the taste juste like the regular cheez its , but they're whole grain! A great deal you must buy!
507310507310B002DHOTOQA461VTLW9G9YBDance Dance Dance0051323216000yumI bought this snack years ago and opened the box, I couldn't believe how fresh it tasted and it really does taste like cheese. I couldn't stop eating it and I'm pretty sure I ate the whole thing, by myself. it's that good!
507311507311B002DHOTOQA3NEB8B6CBN5C8Joe E0051320624000Good taste and good value with Subscribe and SaveCurrently receiving these snacks on a monthly basis and always good. Cost is very reasonable on Subscribe and Save. Seem to be lower sodium than the regular Cheez-It crackers.
507312507312B002DHOTOQA11E1CWGQKJ7QEJ. Cole0031320105600broken piecesI love cheez-its. These were good and fresh, but when I opened the boxes the crackers were in broken pieces. Difficult to eat that way.
507313507313B002DHOTOQA8CSN3ZJPVMOXdarla0051318723200reviewi love this product. it was much cheaper here than on the shelf at the store. my only complaint, is that the contents of every box were crushed. but they still tasted great.
507314507314B002DHOTOQA1ENS3IA5GVF3MStephanie "waterbaby3"0051317772800My favorite snackThese are definitely my go-to snack and I must admit, I'm kinda addicted to them. I tried other Cheez-Its when my store stopped carrying these and nothing compared, thank goodness for Amazon! Great price and I love the flavor and texture of these particular ones. I just wish they were a tad healthier and actually had more whole grain and fiber.
507315507315B002DHOTOQA23ERRX3FO3M1NB. Carr0121330819200Excellent product - price/shipping charge not so muchThese whole grain Cheez-its taste a lot like the original flavor, except they have a little bit of a sharper cheese taste, which I like much better. I bought these when they had the 'subscribe & save' option thinking I would be able to have them around at a price just a few cents per box lower than purchasing them at the grocery store. I received the first shipment as ordered, but they were listed as out of stock then it came time for my second shipment to arrive. My shipment was canceled and rescheduled for next month supposedly for being out of stock, so I came here to look for a replacement and I see that the same product/quantity is actually in stock at the same price, but with an additional $8.92 shipping charge. It's understandable if they can't keep the previous deal going, but it would be better to be honest about it instead of not honoring it and stringing me along letting me think I might actually get some some day when there appears to have been no intention to ever deliver. I canceled my sham of a subscription, and I won't be buying these here again, at least not at that price + shipping.
507316507316B004LLX2QSA2E4G7L2QPS1NWAndrew H.1151325376000Great productGreat food for any cat who needs a little help losing/maintaining weight.
My cat loves it, and it has helped us get the extra couple of pounds off of him that the vet recommended.

Avoderm makes tons of great pet food products, and I highly recommend them to anyone concerned about their pets diet.
507317507317B005JDQ7GOA1BX415F3WXEABmomof31251325980800LOVE THESE!!This water is great. It is getting my kids to drink water (whereas before they would only drink chocolate milk and juice!). In addition, unlike other brands you can unscrew the tops and refill them! They are great for my toddler too and if it does spill, just water!LOVE THESE!
507318507318B000EEDJGEA38A71FXRPQ97IM. Whitehead5551242000000Wonderful and Fresh!!I was very pleased with my order. It came in quick and the procduct was VERY FRESH!!!
507319507319B000EEDJGEA3MVF27GNPELBNRichard A. Warshak "Author, Divorce Poison: P...3351267747200Fresh candy, well-packed, timely deliveryThis company had the best price I found for Chuckles and the shipment arrived promptly, in excellent condition.
507320507320B000EEDJGEAU66PE4VG54YXAndrew Anderson "Woodworker"2251224806400Chuckles like I remember them!I have been unable to find these in the stores so I ordered them from Amazon and have been quite pleased to have this old favorite in my cabinet.
507321507321B000EEDJGEA20EEWWSFMZ1PNbernie "webviator"1151316908800Get them free in your SP PackYep I used to get them for free. All you had to do was go out into the field in Viet Nam (67-68). And they would send a box of goodies "Sundries Pack (SP)" that would have Chuckles on the top layer. You guessed it when the box was opened it looked like a shark feeding frenzy. I guess I never got over it and to this day have to have a Chuckles fix periodically.

The sugar coating keeps them from being sticky. The artificial flavors are seductive. The black ones taste like licorice.
507322507322B000EEDJGEAWOLMIWF4MJZIFlorence Allen0051344211200ChucklesWho doesn't love Chuckles. It is really fun to have it around because people always want one. They say "oh, I remember those, can I have one". So, you make guests happy in the beginning of the evening, it's great.
507323507323B000EEDJGEA1KKFLUFHR2EZEM. S. MAYFIELD "thomas_paine"0051341273600Chuckles are the bestIt's great to be able to get these again. As a child I loved these: they were bigger and chewier then but always tasted great.

These modern Chuckles are softer and smaller, but still taste great. The thing that makes them so good is excellent flavor: they actually taste like lemon, cherry, lime, etc. I am not a licorice fan, but the black licorice flavored ones are very good.

They are pretty much pure sugar, so moderation is required. I sometimes take a pack on long bike rides and they make a great energy boost.
507324507324B000EEDJGEAA3VXDPODTQCPR. ODonnell "Ansel fan"0041269820800ChucklesIt's hard to find Chuckles in the big box stores where I normally shop. My wife has cravings for items we used to be able to get before we relocated. So I purchased this as a gift. They arrived in about 5 days, were adequately packaged and reasonably priced.
507325507325B004SVLHSGA1MDBBSBSK5LD5travis the bike rider1151310860800Yummy all the wayused to love this grape flavored candy as a kid and ordered some on a whim and still love the laffy taffy :) the taste reminds me of big league chew and stays with you throughout the entire experience. Five stars For Wonka.
507326507326B004SVLHSGA1XTP6R61TKO75RevJoeNathan "RevJoeNathan"0221310515200Bad batch?Our taffy is not edible. It has a horrible strange flavor. It is so bitter it makes your mouth hurt. (ordered before and purchased before and was nothing like this) Notified Nestle have not heard back yet.
507327507327B007F1K7SCA32B6A532454UDD. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"0051338595200Our Family favorite Creamy Caesar dressing, also low in Carbs tooWe have become very fond of this dressing. We keep a bottle in the fridge and a backup in the pantry. It is thick and has a nice creamy Caesars flavor. My wife and I use it on Salads and one of our favorites is to use it on grilled chicken and Provolone wraps. It really works well for that! My kids like this too, so it's an all-around winner in our home.

Here's the kicker for this dressing. We have a complicated home. My wife has Celic and can't eat things with Gluten, and I prefer to eat low in Carbs aka Atkins. This dressung works for all of us in the home. It is very low in Carbs, and it's Gluten free. It has 1 Carb per serving so you can use it even in the induction phase of Atkins.

As you would expect for a bulky and heavy food item, if you can find this locally you will probably save. Our big box grocery stores and even our local brand stores all carry this. Check it out; if you like Ceasars, you'll like this version.

5 stars for a great Creamy Caesar dressing
507328507328B003WYFDH6A3HPGUIBONTSF8Amy0051317772800Arrived Fast-- - - - Item arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. Would definitely buy from them again. - - - ---
507329507329B004QKP74OA14XVN74REO8FXJ. N. Bricault3351329091200Cook's Pure Maple Extract 8 ozProduct was exactly as advertised. It arrived in a timely manner in excellent condition.
The taste is spot on. I put a few drops of the pure maple extract, along with a couple of drops of pure vanilla extract in my oatmeal (with 1/4 chopped walnuts) every morning. It's a great way to start the day.
507330507330B004QKP74OA2NWQO49YH4N2PL. L. Petersen "GumbyGirl"3341325548800Exactly what I wantedWe go through a lot of syrup in our house and I was concerned about the corn syrup. When I searched the local stores for maple extract, all I could find was imitation. We are now on our second bottle of Cook's and it works perfectly for what I wanted. The only complaint I have is the price and shipping are a bit expensive. Other than that, the product is great.

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