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507331507331B001SAWYEGA35Q3UWEOBJWT2Janusz0051336953600YummyThis product is one that I like very much. Inexpensive but tasty. I would recommend it to everyone. Happy cooking.
507332507332B000EEDJGOA2WS6FMF750EI9Amy Steele "quirky mama"1131328054400Razzles Sorta DazzleThese pale in comparison to the ones of the early 80's. Flavors please with the exception of the lemon, which has a chemical note. And I swear that they are smaller in circumference. Does turn from candy into a gum, just as in the past. Something is missing; I just can't put my finger on it. Yes, I still have my teeth and taste buds. Can be found at dollar stores. Bring back my candy heyday- go back to the original recipe/specs, guys! I want my childhood back for three minutes.
507333507333B000EEDJGOANH6SKT74AFPLDandy0021351209600Ain't what they used to be..Big let down. I loved these as a kid- they aren't the same. Dry and sort of tasteless by comparison. Bummer.
507334507334B000EEDJGOA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0041332460800Original Razzles- if you need a description, you've never had them :)For those new to Razzles, they start out like a crumbly/firm candy, and become gum in your mouth. They are very sweet (along the lines of bubble gum) but in various flavors. I remember these from when I was a kid- so like them because of that. :)
507335507335B000EEDJGOA175YON678SOQGBootle0051330560000Razzles yoRazzles are like betty white... somehow they never die and are always good. Just a delicious candy for teh childies.
507336507336B000EEDJGOA3OMK466SCJC7IRaymond J. Salazar003127828800023 of 24Well, you can't go wrong with the original Razzles. They aren't cheap by any means. What can you do, I received the box and one pack was missing. So, I did get 23 of 24. The wrapper was broken and I decided to count the contents. Sure enough, one short. Oh well, I suppose. Probably would have given this no stars if I was in a bad mood.
507337507337B000EEDJGOA118HRSV9MQYHHRenae W.0051238716800Just like when I was a kid...Razzles have changed in color since I was a kid... it was pink, but it's fun to chew and great tasting.
507338507338B000EEDJGOA1E79E7NWOBRZQH. Semmler "herpony68"0051214956800Great gum!The razzles arrived quickly, were wellpacked and were a great deal-cheaper than every other place I looked!
507339507339B000EEDJGOA2A0BLQKA17BU9J. S. Wilms "toondaddy"0051172188800Just like when I was a kid.Not much has changed. They are exactly the same as I remembered. A fun change of pace to gum. I thought my kids would have liked them more than they did...I guess gum has come a long way since I was a kid. I still had fun with them though.
507340507340B000EEDJGOA10ZVQANYOONAUPaula M. Daddario "cpdadd"0051141084800Wow...remember these as a kidMy kid overheard us talking about how much fun Razzles used to be when we were his age. He begged us to order them and were so happy when we found them through World of Candy.Com.

The vendors service was great and ahead of schedule.
507341507341B0070PMDQCA1EYUM8QGFL5W5Justus34551330300800Very EffectiveThis was my first time trying this type of product and i must say that it is very effective. I didn't have jitters and didn't have any problem sleeping at night. It REALLY does suppress my appetite. I make sure that I eat but it's a lot easier to eat less. The only thing that I don't like is that it makes my mouth really dry. I'm drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. That's a good thing but I have to get up in the middle of the night for water also. I'm thinking of only drinking a half of a pack each day. I'm excited to see what my weightloss will be after 2 weeks.
507342507342B0070PMDQCA3KFRGDSPHJ6IMCarina Andrews "shopaholic_mamma"2351336780800love it!!!this is my second day of taking this slimming swiss chocalate, and this is the only thing i can say dang...!! it really works!im 128 lbs. when i try it, and now im down to 125.5.what an amazing result...i tottaly recommend this product. oh!one more thing i experience on this always thirsty.and lose appetite.but one thing im concern i never went to the bathroom yet.and im wandering why or how i keep losing weight lol..
507343507343B0070PMDQCAB5KLEFNJ6JPCbutler0011347408000Does not taste goodI don't think this product work. I love chocolate but this is not chocolate. I can't even dare to drink it. It grosses me out. It doesn't smell good at all. Sorry. I'll just stick to working out. I guess if it's too good to be true, it's not..;(
507344507344B0070PMDQCAQD1DER9JG1E6GAmom "GAmom"0051346976000Great TasteI have used this chocolate drink previously and I love the cocoa flavor that it has and it does suppress my appetite while providing a little boost of energy. It does give you a huge jolt, which is great because by the end of the day I am able to get a good night's sleep.
If hot chocolate is a thumbs up to you then you will love this drink plus its benefits.
507345507345B0070PMDQCAT1DVR1ZXDFFXrezza0151335484800fast transactionI just got it today,im glad i can now try this slimming drinks..I was actually looking for the leissure18 slimming coffee but since i love chocolates this one is better.I'll start now weighing and measure my body so that i can have a record on how effective this is.Thanks!
507346507346B004KTBLQYAFO62G37P0JBFA. M. Otwell "amo"0031308614400needs saltI think these would be a lot better with a lot more salt, but I did not find them to be a satisfactory snack by themselves. I'll finish the package I have with a dip, spread, or cheese. They have a satisfying crunch and the right texture. Topping with something salty should help the flavor.
507347507347B004JQXCDSA9I1X5EABMWZ9C. Watkins0031312156800Really, not my fav flavor, though easy on tummyTitle says it all.

Call me a coffee snob, but I just don't jive with this java. Sure, it is easier on the stomach, but the flavor is harder on the tastebuds.

Coffee snobs, beware! I think I'll try another of their offerings, though. Maybe a different roast or coffee bean.

Not unhappy. Just not happy.
507348507348B001EPQ16MA3I5YPJZMTG1QOD. P. Taylor5551252713600Excellent price--huge jars!I bought this as a flour substitute for some gluten-free recipes. I'm glad it's in two large containers instead of one GIGANTIC container. It will take me quite a while to use it up, but this is definitely the best price around.
507349507349B001EPQ16MAWP6WYGK3NBIVCustomer2221292889600Bad smellWe have used arrowroot flour successfully in our gluten-free cooking/baking before but this brand has a very strong odor to it - like a mixture of chili powder and spices. Normal arrowroot flour/starch has no odor to it. The smell affects the flavor and my daughter, who has always been fine with arrowroot flour/starch, had an allergic reaction to this brand. I can't use this product. It smells so bad I can't even use it to make gluten-free play clay for my younger son.
507350507350B001EPQ16MA2PL0US7RN67GJennifer "Jennifer"0051291161600So happy with this product and the priceI can't believe how wonderful this product is! I use it for so many gluten free recipes and this is by far the most amazing price I have ever found. The first time I needed arrowroot for a recipe I had no idea what it was and just went to the market for a jar...$7.00! For a bitty jar of the stuff! I smartened up right after that and checked out Amazon...Hooray! Great product, awesome price and best of all, it is fresh and works perfectly in my recipes!
507351507351B004H4P6VIA1V7KJHE8SKJ4GChristine0051351209600BEST GRAVY EVERLove this gravy mix for a quick meal. Worth the price. Really good over mashed potatoes. Although I like making my own gravy, this is the best replacement you can find for homemade.
507352507352B004H4P6VIA1A81QZOKSEY5PKellie0051331596800Keep the British foods coming!I found Heinz baked beans on Amazon by chance a year or so ago and since then, my British-born husband and I have been thrilled to see all the latest offerings that have turned up from over the pond. My husband has been here for 15 years now and really misses his Branston Pickle, HP Sauce, Ambrosia custard, so it's absolutely marvelous to be able to buy these things at a reasonable cost from Amazon -- and certainly saves money versus searching the small imported foods stores around. Item was very well-packed, arrived quickly, and was the original. The six packs will last us for awhile and are a quick and easy alternative to full blown gravy. My husband loves this stuff!
507353507353B004GYCP9UA2D42XOK6U6N5FD. Hill "Garden Diva"0051304640000Wonderful cookies!Love these cookies. They are tasty and at only 90 calories a wonderful splurge without the guilt. They sell for arounf $6 at Stop n Shop here in CT.
507354507354B007CMLBPMATI4V7DE3AZRGa_shopper40 "Shelley"0141338595200Easter Jello Jigglers MoldThis was a great product my kids enjoyed making easter Jell-O Easter eggs and bunnies. The mold came with a recipe book with coupons for money off Jell-O products.
507355507355B0011FMO5MA2X3QZGY90UZM5BronzeOwl "BronzeOwl"0051310860800Spicy, tasty and not too hotBeen buying this locally at La Chef and they quit carrying it. Couldn't find another place, so bought it on Amazon. We love the sauce and were glad to take advantage of the internet "long tail" to be able to still get it.
507356507356B001ECQ4O4A3NOMBOXB1MLY4Justin D. Brown1151314230400Works great and smells even betterI've been using this deodorant for quite a few years now. I've always been happy with the way it works and also the scent. I found the 4 pack on Amazon that was also available in the Subscribe and Save section. This is the cheapest way that you can possibly purchase this deodorant.
507357507357B001ECQ4O4A9GTZU854XN0GJohn1151309651200Better then the Dry DeodorantsI have bought many different Deodorants in my life and I really like the Axe Phoenix, because it dries pretty quick, does not leave any white color in your arm pits like the dry ones do, and the scent is not the strong which is good for those that don't like to smell the same thing all day.
507358507358B001ECQ4O4A1SRNR3H724JFHdragt1131300665600it's deoderantFound that the clear is for some reason giving a slight under arm rash...switched to white kind and have not had an issue yet
507359507359B001ECQ4O4A2H2ZC8418GP0NRegis Haegler1151289088000Much better scent than the dry versionI was in love with the dry version but this one smells much much better. As AXE says on their products, it will definitely attract female attention... Well, it gets me to buy this in bulk from Amazon! So clean, fresh, and sexy scent!
507360507360B001ECQ4O4A3399BO2Z5KL3NKobie Layne0011345420800Bad deoderant sweaty guysIf you're a sweaty guy this Is not the deoderant for you, i sweat in my armpits a fair amount and over a few hours this wreaks of horrid sweat and rotten deoderant, though the deoderant smells good it just stinks like rotting deoderant sweat after a couple hours.

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