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507363507363B001ECQ4O4A18CRBU17ALQ1US. Van Der Sluys0051315958400The Axe Effect in Action - This is the PERFECT Deodorant for MeTwo swipes under each pit and a strait line down the center of the inside of my shirt is my version of "double pits to chesty". It's my fail-safe secret to smelling amazing. I can't tell you how many times I have been cuddled up with a girl or in the middle of a simple "hello" hug with a female friend only to find her head buried in my chest sniffing me like a dog in heat. The most frequent compliment I receive is, "You smell so good!" and the most common question I'm asked is, "What cologne are you wearing?" Both of which are usually prefaced with an exclamatory remark like, "Oh my god!"

The reason this stuff works so well for me (and you'll have to take the following into consideration, as I'm sure this product won't be right for everyone) is because I don't sweat much and I usually shower twice a day. As a result of my hygienic habits, I don't produce a lot of body odor, if any noticeable amount at all. I love Phoenix because it is not overpowering when applied as directed above, and it is only detected at close proximity (which prompts the ladies to want to move in even closer for a better whiff). I can't claim that this will reduce perspiration nor mask body odor if you are a human rain machine with a stink that can make a skunk wince, but I can state that unlike the Axe Dry version, this product does not contain harmful chemicals like aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycene, a known neurotoxin found in most antiperspirants. All of the ingredients in this "Fresh" version of Phoenix are safe (this coming from a chemist and wellness buff), so I have no health-related qualms with slathering this on daily. I also think its somewhat sweeter scent is far superior to Axe Dry.

What it comes down to is this - the Axe effect is no joke, nor is it something that only 15-year-old boys are sporting. I'm not only turning 30 this year, but the heads of every woman in Los Angeles who gets close enough to me to pick up on my secret signature scent. I've probably spent thousands over the years on high-end colognes, only to get mixed reviews and allergic reactions. However, $4 and a quick trip to any local supermarket results in unanimous praise and a lot of face-to-chest loving.

If you're a guy with good hygiene who doesn't sweat much, Axe Fresh Phoenix will be your perfect partner in crime.
507364507364B001ECQ4O4ACRMKV7UD48P7kensugimoto0051314921600EXCELLENT!Speed record! And product in tip-top shape. No tricks, and no scams, just plain'ol good customer service.

I'm very pleased.
507365507365B001ECQ4O4A3PXS4PLED6HIJBen Dover0111311465600Buy the dry solidBought this to see if it could replace my original solid Phoenix. NO WAY. It gave me an itch and it had the Phoenix smell mixed with jolly rancher fruit candy scent. NO GOOD!
507366507366B001ECQ4O4A16D04BXWBATFSJack Jericho0151282089600Good ScentPersonally I love the smell of this one. Combined the scent, 4 pack, and prime shipping, you can't beat it. Will buy again (hopefully not for awhile though)
507367507367B001ECQ4O4A3UQ3PNURYB0N3Daniel Sutton1351252800000Great Deodorant!Phoenix is a wonderfully refreshing and sensual scent. I use this deodorant with Phoenix shower gel, for the full effect. Axe makes terrific products and I will return here to buy more of them as my supplies run out.
507368507368B001ECQ4O4AMFU1V62CY7WBandersnatch3911263340800Horrible Protection, Horrible SmellThis is, most likely, the worst deodorant ever made. There is no way to make this product any worse unless it makes your break out into a rash or poisons you. The "protection" and I use that term loosely, that this deodorant gives is minimal. I'm not a really active person, nor am I overweight, and yet this fails to mask odor for a few hours, let alone a whole day. On top of this all there is the actual smell of the deodorant itself. It's horrendous. When you apply this deodorant your nose will slightly burn and your eyes will almost water. It's hilarious that their commercials revolve around attracting the opposite sex, when the smell of this would send any female running. I'm not joking when I say this but, I'd rather smell like body odor than smell like AXE deodorant. The few days I wore it, I became completely self-conscious about raising my arms because it smelled so bad and offered almost no protection.

Buy Gillette Clear Gel and stay away from this trash.
507369507369B005WJ1PC6A32XSZ9CE9B6AEP. Kontzias0051329177600The ONLY acceptable pasta for soup.I use this and ONLY this for greek egg lemon soup (avgolemono), minestrone, etc. The pasta is shaped like a watermelon seed, and makes for a more elegant consistancy than other small pastas or rice. It is also much easier for toddlers to swallow.
507370507370B004G922FCAMUDRS4AT3BX0Mrs. McD1211334016000Careful!This product is outstanding in quality, however it is a third of this price at my local supermarket, in fact it is for $3.49! Convenience does have a price!
507371507371B004WJAUGOA2LQYZLAVMNXYURose Jones "Rose"0051350345600Still Best Coffee In a PodI've tried every coffee pod out there, and Barnie's still offers the most flavorful and rich taste. I buy it often.
507372507372B003A0BQDCATUE65UINXBXKP. mccash "book monster"0051288051200pie crumbsthis is a great product. love them. got three to get us over the holidays. put them in the freezer to keep fresh till then. so much cheaper than the grocer. fast shipper
507373507373B005D6E408A29W700R7V91WUJeanie "tweetybird"0051349827200GreatVery good both with little fat, so it doesn't ruin the flavor of the food or gravy. I would use anything but Emeril's broth
507374507374B004WJAUGEA20NUYO2G0AFC1Sew Sassi1141317686400Great coffee!!!This coffee is fantastic, but here's why I gave it 4 stars and not 5: confusion with the advertising as another review mentioned. It would be nice to not see the K-cups when you are looking for PODS, or vice-versa. The box says "light in the cup" but it's a medium roast (actually pretty dark). I love a dark cup of coffee so to me, this was great! Vienna type coffee. I got mine as part of a package deal with the My Cafe' by BUNN and of all the coffees offered, this is my favorite. The other is "Reunion Island French Roast" which as I see here, is the same company that makes this blend. Either way, it's great coffee just be prepared for a dark cup, not light as they state on box...and it's for the pod brewers not K-cups.
507375507375B004WJAUGEA9SX4QUNFIE23Plain Jane0051350432000Excellent CoffeeI was delighted with this coffee. It is smooth with a nice finish. Not too dark but not timid, either. I love it first thing in the morning, just as it says... Breakfast In Bed. I like the pod coffee for my really big cups of coffee, my Keurig does not fill this particular cup nearly enough for my taste. So the bod brewer is perfect and this coffee is just exactly what I need. I am ordering my second box and will keep it on my favorite's list.
507376507376B004WJAUGEA23XDEK7Q48WCNKelliebob0011337731200Tastes like dirtI received a pack of these when I purchased my Bunn brewer and it is hands-down the worst coffee I've ever had. Not kidding, it tasted like dirt. I'm not a coffee snob by any means but this was absolutely un-drinkable. Blech.
507377507377B004WJAUGEA138L370FUNMAUDarin Chandler21411316736000Buncha CrapI have never left a review before, but I am doing one now in hopes that it may help someone else. This item comes up when typing in K Cups. This led me to believe that it was for a machine that uses K Cups. IT IS NOT. Now, I have spent money on something I just need to throw away because there is no way to use it. This is a single serving in a flat round filter. I have no way to try the product, so my rating is ONLY for the fact that Amazon has it searchable by something it clearly is not.
507378507378B007FRAXHGAKGG1DDHNA7XWBud1151327881600Love it!The rooibos tea is very fresh & fruity, with pieces of dried tropical fruit. It does not come with Jasmine pearls, as someone mentioned here. But they do serve it that way in the teavana stores. But you buy the jasmine pearls separately.
507379507379B007FRAXHGAFGQSS5UA2J7HE. Hays1151325030400This is the best rooibos teaI try my best to stay away from caffeine, and never really liked the taste of decaf black tea. About a year ago I tried drinking Rooibos (south african red tea) and I'm completely hooked. But this tea is the absolute best of all of the rooibos flavors I've tried from Teavana (I'd also recommend Adagio's Rooibos Jasmine and Green Rooibos Citron if you're looking for more flavors). It is incredibly floral due to all of the flower petals (including whole dried rosebuds) and fruity at the same time from all of the strawberry, with a slight sour kick. I drink this tea every day and it always cheers me up.
507380507380B007FRAXHGAMJ4HZNWUW9ZNDaralynn M. Ranney2351264464000Great when mixed with Jasmine Pearl.This tea is excellent when mixed with Jasmine Pearls. It is my favorite tea ever!!
507381507381B007FRAXHGA1M7WF2RIHR9HBGirly0051341360000FruityAdd this tea to the dragon pearls. The combination gives you a fruity sweetly scented tea that tastes great and gives you energy. You can brew it in the coffee maker and store it in the fridge. I use canning jars. Do not sweeten the tea until you are ready to use it.
507382507382B007FRAXHGA1VC16U5101SC7Kristamo0051335916800Good fruit teaA great non-caffeinated beverage. It has a light fruity taste that makes for a wonderful cup of hot tea, or a great iced tea for summer. It has very small particles in it, only one of my tea strainers captures them all. The other two leave several particles in the bottom which is sad. Just a heads up if you don't have a fine tea strainer.
507383507383B007FRAXHGA2W6J3IGDBIUQZStephanie W0051335744000The first Rooibos I have ever likedThis is the first rooibos tea I have tried that I like. I have always found the flavor too, I don't know what it is... This tea I actually got for my mother and figured why not brew one cup, I LOVE it, I will be ordering some for me. I added about 1 tsp tea to a cup of 191 degree water and steeped it for about 5 min. It was absolutely yummie.
507384507384B007FRAXHGA3VV4PKKS19L6CSheldon1311261785600Most dissapointing rooibos I've triedAt home right now I have the following rooibos teas:

Salada Green Tea with Red Antioxidants (strawberry-orange)
Equal Exchange Wild Rooibos
Port Trading Cape Rooibos
Zhena's Gypsy Red Lavender

These are all bagged teas. In addition, I have some loose rooibos from a local tea specialty store called Virtuous Teas.

Of all of these rooibos (or rooibos-containing) teas, the Teavana Tropica is the worst by far.

Firstly, it is difficult to even tell if it contains any actual rooibos; any such flavoring is completely overwhelmed by citris. Given that the tea is actually *called* a rooibos tea, I find this completely unnacceptable.

It would be another matter if rooibos was simply listed as one of the ingredients. For example, the Salada green tea I mentioned doesn't pretend to be a rooibos tea. "Rooibos" is listed as a constituent (along with lycopene, anthocyanins and vitamin C), but the tea is called "Green Tea Fortified with Red Antioxidants." Although the Salada tea is not called a rooibos tea, it is much richer in rooibos flavor than Teavana's so-called "Rooibos Tropica." Teavana's tea should simply be called "Tropica" with rooibos listed as an ingredient (if there is any actual rooibos present ... I'm not convinced).

Secondly, the tea's "tropical" constituents manage to produce a cloying experience in a tea that is otherwise too weak. I have not been able to brew a pot that had any satisfying tea impact whatsoever -- it has always felt too weak regardless of how much tea I've used -- yet making it stronger simply imparts more of the bad tropical mix. And the tropical mix *is* bad, as if I steeped some orange peels and random flower petals in hot water.

This tea dissapoints on multiple levels. Also, the fact that it is marketed as a rooibos tea will make me wary of any other Teavana offerings.
507385507385B0009F3QKMA37OC9TM60Q7NENYC-Gorodok3351171584000Nice taste and does help with strengthenning immune system...This is the only green tea with echinacea that doesn't have any peppermint, and that was the reason I ordered it. The taste is nice and after I've been drinking this tea for approximately a month, when nasty winter cold virus attacked everyone in the family one by one, I recovered faster than anyone else. Therefore, it is one more proof for me that Echinacea does help to strengthen you immune system. I would recommend this tea to anyone.
507386507386B0009F3QKMA3E36KSFDU6MY6Orion9403351168473600Nice, soothing, tastyThis is a nice tea. Not bitter, I don't need any honey or sweetner at all. I'll be getting more of this for sure.
507387507387B0009F3QKMA3EXJAPQVOVHY5Enhancer, Boston, MA USA "Do something healthy"2251325030400Very good green teaThis is good stuff, it is healthy and warm for the winter. Tastes good. I am not a big believer of Echinacea, but am a believer in the other ingredients this tea has. I have been buying this at my local grocery store for 3 dollars and ninety nine cents for a box, so Amazons price as of today will save you 2 bucks for 6 boxes if you want to buy in bulk, so it is pretty good deal if you have prime.
507388507388B0009F3QKMA3VUCUY559WQGYK1ppYsGrL2251318204800Good tasting, good feelingexcellent tea! My boyfriend and I and now his mother and my mother have become addicted to Yogi teas....I personally love the Triple Echinacea, because it is delicate, delicious, makes you feel good all over, makes an excellent ice tea as well, spruced up with limes, lemons and oranges! If you drink this tea daily I can't truly be sure of the effects on the immune system, but I know last winter I always felt extremely good after a cup and it became a daily ritual to enjoy! We love this tea so much we now order in bulk through amazon and save!
507389507389B0009F3QKMA8INT3NMHRUS4Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom"2251316044800Happy addition to my tea stashI am nuts about tea. I drink it morning, noon and night and currently have about ten varieties including this one. I bought it because I wanted something with Echinacea. It tastes great and I am glad I have a good supply of six boxes. It's nice with a little honey also.
507390507390B0009F3QKMA29ZPM3UY9INO8Ed1151334966400Green Tea with Triple EchinaceaI like the flavor of this product (no sweetener or other additives by me) and the benefits of the echinacea has fended off colds since my start of this tea. Just plain out good for me.
507361507361B001ECQ4O4A1MHJFH1HLKU0CDaniel Kulkarni0051341792000Withstands intense Florida-level heatWhat's there to say? I like the smell, and it lasts a long time. Even now, my underarms don't smell, and it's been 12 or more hours since I applied it. This is also after I went for a 90-minute walk in the afternoon, with the blazing sun making me sweat up a storm. Highly recommended.
507362507362B001ECQ4O4A2QT944II4ZLD1mazi0051317513600the best deodorant. the only one that really works for meThis is the only deodorant that really works. Especially works when I work out at the gym and come home and my mom can come close and kiss me whereas before no one could come near me before I take a shower.
great product.

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