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507421507421B002CJCEQAAFPQV8PKSW9HEIndependent Lady0051344902400It's Fish for Breakfast & Dinner!Picture four cats dancing impatiently and boxing each other in an attempt to be the first to be served Friskies Cat Food Flaked with Tuna & Egg in Sauce. You will have a good idea how my cats react after I open a can of the aforementioned cat food. I stick to the established routine as one cat needs medicationed mixed into her food. In any case I put down each cat's plate in a certain order. If I go out of the usual order chaos results. My catstypically gulp down the tuna & egg mixed with dry food in 7-10 minutes! I don't know how they can even taste the food eating so fast, but... I like the fact that I can save money on my cats' food by using the Subscribe and Save option at Amazon. Not even Walmart can compete with the lower prices I get on food this way.
507422507422B002CJCEQAAXA2AK79YLGENladypen0111312243200Cats will not touch itMy cat, my friend's cat,then the neighbor cat would not eat this. Even the local feral cats would have none of it!
507423507423B0050NTYXGA2UEPC8TKR5YX7TBDave737531318291200Lots Of Whoppers - Few Kit KatsJust received a bag and this was the breakdown. I'm sure everyone's bag will vary. But if you don't like Whoppers, you might want to pick a different bag.

Whoppers - 52
Hershey Bars - 20
Reese's Cups - 18
Kit Kats - 13
TOTAL - 103 Pieces
507424507424B0050NTYXGA3BYFV52GDM6NZNV9273021318377600YikesThis is a great deal, in stores around our area it retails for around $12. I must agree with the other reviews. The chocolate does come melted. It may be during the shipping process but this all could have been eliminated by proper shipping and packing. And also to confirm with the other review...there are LOTS of Whoppers. Those things are disgusting, they make up about half of the bag.
507425507425B0050NTYXGAFS4LZQJH0TA1tazapril141431318464000More Whoppers than Candy BarsThis is a pretty good price for the product. However, there are WAY MORE Whoppers than candy bars which is disappointing. Whoppers are my least favorite of this variety.
507426507426B0050NTYXGA1A24FDOQOEIUEDr. C313711318118400Melted ChocolateThe chocolate is great but it was supposed to be mailed with a cool pack and showed up completely deformed and melted. :-(
507427507427B0050NTYXGA35BHN8HWPIB8XBlain Newport "Cthulhu Campaign Volunteer"9931318809600Meh.My order doesn't appear to be melted, but it was left on the porch around noon without ringing the doorbell on a day that's expected to get over 80 degrees, so order at your own risk.

Whoppers - 53
Hershey Bars - 21
Reese's Cups - 17
Kit Kats - 12
TOTAL - 103 Pieces
507428507428B0050NTYXGA4U5B7TDG3TNYZepplen91021318896000MeltedSeemed like a good deal, I saw some other reviews mentioning melted candy. I was hoping the cooler weather would prevent this, but the bag of candy I received was definitely melted. Now I must force my friend to eat melted candy, and find some new candy for Halloween.
507429507429B0050NTYXGA30XEBCEM8KQPJenny B.7811321056000I should have read the reviewsThis showed up all melted, I picked it up from the door the second it arrived in the mail. I live in Texas, so it was a warm day. Definitely will not order anything chocolatey from Amazon again.
507430507430B0050NTYXGA3CGGIGNNLZQLBDK5611349481600Melted candy is not good candyEvery piece in the bag has melted and cooled down enough to stick to the wrapper. Kit Kats don't break, chocolate stuck to the wrappers, and disappointment all around. I've ordered chocolate from Amazon for a while, but this is the first time it happened. I'll make sure it won't happen again... just go to the store to get chocolate.
507431507431B0050NTYXGA33VBY4LDI0T4CP. Dean "Outerwear expert"5611320710400Mail order candy a mistake in warm climateThe candy arrived totally melted. I live in Florida, so my bad. Don't order chocolate candy if you live in a warm climate.
507432507432B0050NTYXGA2H5XNLZKJ341AL. Brown5611319328000UnfortunateThese are my favorite chocolates to give for Halloween, but they were all very melted by the time I got them. They were such a great price, that I was hoping against hope that the package would be fine. Too bad.
507433507433B0050NTYXGA3KKO4KDS1IA9DSharon D. Johnson2251346025600Good CandyWhat is there to say about candy. The candy is good and I think the purchase price was quite reasonable.
507434507434B0050NTYXGA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie2251334448000Perfect for trick or treatersWhen our neighborhood kids come around asking for Halloween treats I make sure I have many bags of these.

I find that this is a quality candy. I know that the children will be happy with me for these. I often hear them squeal as they run down my drive, "look what I got" and they seem very excited and that makes me happy.

I trust Hersey's and I will continue to buy these near my home at the local warehouse store.
507435507435B0050NTYXGA19123D9G66E0OTim2231325203200Too many Whoppers.I don't hate whoppers, I just like all the other candy bars more. However Whoppers are the cheapest to make, so I can understand why they did it. If I would have bought this for myself I would have given one or two stars, but for a great deal as Halloween candy it would get a four or five. I figure a three is pretty fair on this one as kind of a scam product but at a scam price.
507436507436B0050NTYXGA6JI2IRCGAYQMR. VanCuyk2241318464000Not Melted -- and good for Trick or TreatersI ordered this to use on Halloween for Trick or Treaters. There are quite a few Whoppers in the bag; since it's for handing out, that doesn't really bother me. It also arrived in perfect condition (not melted) -- though I am in Wisconsin. Overall, I'm pleased. Good price and a good value for us.
507437507437B0050NTYXGA3W23KX2D13UTJB. Scholtes1141347667200good buyWe live on a corner and get up to 150-200 kids to our door on Halloween, so I need something inexpensive. This item caught my attention because of the price per piece (@ .14 cents a bar) and that I haven't seen it in the stores. Plus these are candy bars the kids like. The product came with ice packs, wrapped in foil in the box, and the candy is in fine shape - no white spots. Perhaps the company has addressed that issue. Yes, it's mostly Whoppers - 50 Whoppers to 50 assorted others.

All in all a good buy.
507438507438B0050NTYXGA291HTT117RVS9MadisonVeggie "Lynette in Wisconsin"1121324512000Good selection, but was ruined in transitI thought this was a great selection of candy, which is good since I've had to eat it myself. I purchased it for Halloween, got 2-day (Prime) shipping during cool weather, but it arrived with everything melted and then re-hardened. Every Reese's was horribly disfigured, to the point that I would never give it to a trick-or-treater. Most of the chocolate also had that white film that they get when they're old. Again, a good mix of candies (and actually tasted fine), but apparently not stored properly.
507439507439B0050NTYXGA31T711FG6JV1OHITLR WAS FRAMED2331350864000Chocolate had meltedHalloween 2012. I refuse to be one of the houses that gives off-brand Laffy Taffy or candy corn (seriously, who likes candy corn!), so I ordered 2 bags of these assorted Hershey's chocolates. Arrived in 2 days(paid $12.77 for each bag, shipped free with amazon prime).

Arrived at my front door in about 80°F weather, opened the box up, and, worried that they had melted, opened one of the bags up to check it's condition.

It was a chocolate holocaust.

I'd say 60% of the chocolate was either liquid or partially liquid (some had started to reharden). I felt like Oscar Schindler as I tried to salvage as many of them as I could by throwing them in the freezer. My heart wept at the sight of this choco-carnage, truly this was an existential moment.

Breakdown (1 bag):
Kit-Kat: 13. Wafer was intact, the exterior chocolate coating was all/partially melted. After freezing: outer chocolate hardened, good enough condition for halloween.

Hershey Bars: 21. Most of the hershey bars had gotten squished during delivery, they were all partially melted/deformed. After freezing: the chocolate hardened, but you could tell they had at some point melted... I'll save these for kids who put no effort into their costumes.

Reese's Cups: 17. These were by far the worst, all had melted and partially re-hardened, they were disfigured as though they'd been dragged through an Auschwitz concentration camp. I can only imagine the sort of torture they must have gone through. These were not fit for human consumption. Tears streamed down my face as I stuffed my face full of Reese's cups. I gave them a soldier's death.

Whoppers- 52. Upon refreezing, they were in decent enough condition that I could probably give them out on Halloween. But there were so many... these will go to the kids who are far too old to be Trick-or-Treating.

OVERALL: order if you need bulk Halloween candy or if you enjoy Whoppers... you could honestly get an equivalent amount of unmelted candy from your local Wal-Mart, I probably didn't save much money getting it from Amazon. And if you live in a hot place, chances are it will melt.
507440507440B0050NTYXGA3RBTAYH14N6E9Pamela R. Vest0051350777600Hershey's Candy AssortmentHershey's Candy Assortment (Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Whoppers, Kit Kat and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), 100 PiecesThis item arrived timely; well packaged; and, of course, the product was gobbled up before Halloween. They were delicious!
507441507441B0050NTYXGA1BHRLZ1DJ9BPVWestern Mass.0051350518400Excellent buyBought candy items for halloween, arrived before delivery window. Candy was excellent as I had to test it before handing out. Have purchased this in the past never disappointed, a huge savings compared to store bought.
507442507442B0050NTYXGA3JMM6BPZE7LYTNipple0051339718400YummieFor being in Afghan this out of all my orders got here the fastest. Was a little melted but what do you expect when its traveling across the world. Still going to eat them and going to taste the same
507443507443B0050NTYXGAB5GD476SWW19finkle0041323561600finkwhat can I say, it's chocolate!! Big enough to do the job, not so big to do too much of a job. The only improvement would be a larger variety.
507444507444B0050NTYXGA2PXBLO008SV4YVicky0051321660800Great Value Great Candy!The candy arrived in time for halloween and we still had some left over to eat for ourselves. Pacakging was great too and arrived on time. Thanks again.
507445507445B0050NTYXGA2XRRQHJHTLEM4David Sachdev0041321142400Good price, good mixAnd I think all the trick-or-treaters loved them...well, minus the few that I had first! The mix was good...maybe a lil heavy on the whoppers, but all in all, it was a very good mix!
507446507446B0050NTYXGA8LFNRY6Y9HB1Bella0051320537600Good DealWith the price of Halloween candy sky rocketing like everything else, I found this to be a good deal. The candy was fresh and delivery was prompt.
507447507447B0050NTYXGA2CJLP7CCO0BL3V. Andrews "Jesus Lover"0021320537600All meltedI ordered this bag of chocolates for my trick-or-treaters but upon arrival I opened the bad only to find that all the chocolate bars were melted and squishy. I complained to Amazon and they refunded my money....thanks Amazon.
507448507448B0050NTYXGA1CJ3O5T70N9S8D. Frett "Dan F"0021320364800DisappointedWell besides the fact that half the candy was melted, that's more of a packaging issue, but I still have to factor it into the review. The amount of each type of candy was very unbalanced, there were hardly any kit kats and too many whoppers. Some of the whoppers had two pieces inside instead of three which I thought was strange. I wouldn't recommend this variety pack and I'm pretty sure there aren't 100 pieces in each bag, even though I didn't count (maybe they count each whopper ball as a single piece). Better off finding a sale in the store, the prices were nearly the same.
507449507449B0050NTYXGA3A90CELVLOUP6Nanciejeanne "Enjay"0041320192000Big hit for halloween, expect lots of whoppers!I got 9 bags of these for kids a school and for trick or treat. I used them all! The kids liked picking from the bucket for their favorites. I did notice that the bags had lots more whoppers than the other candy. I wish it were more of an even assortment (that is why I took away one star.) I almost took another one because the price of his went up at the end of october (I doubt many folks were buying this on October 30th) and continues to be at the higher price AFTER Halloween. It is only $1.18, but still, Halloween is over!) I kind of thought it would have gone down a little (or at least stayed the same!)

I had no trouble with staleness or with any melted candy. There was no cool pack or anything in my box. I live in the Northeast so we don't often have trouble with chocolate unless it is summer. I wanted another few bags to give out around thanksgiving, but not with the price increase.
507450507450B0050NTYXGA1XGD7CGVRH0PLL. Collins ""The future belongs to those ...0031319587200Yummy But OverpricedI purchased this item just before Halloween. My kids love Hershey's chocolate products and I figured this year's trick-or-treaters would snap them up, too. My only complaint is that after I purchased them, I found the same package for a better price by several dollars. That was disappointing, since I count on Amazon for "best" pricing on most items.

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