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507481507481B000VKA68AADQ8JRD3RBHEAivomarmo0051339200000I really love this flavor in particularThis ramen is delicious but I especially love the seaweed variety as I've also tried the mushroom and lemongrass. I added a few drops of lemon after it was done cooking and it was soooooo good. The little pieces of real seaweed made it all the more irresistible. It's hard to find so I was considering purchasing it here, but I thought it was going to be cheaper. Now that I think about it, this might come in a larger size than what I got.
507482507482B000S0XQJEA4YAPNXY7B6DYtruegreen792341330992000Love these CakesThese WW cakes are the perfect size to satisfy my sweet tooth. Lemon is my favorite flavor. It's best to order in bulk as opposed to getting one box at a time.
507483507483B000S4GD4AA3PL4TAEFBT3I1William T. Pollock "Terri Pollock"2251244764800Best saurkraut in a can - EVER!This is fantastic sauerkraut! I hesitated buying it due to the champagne in it, but it really is fantastic. You wouldn't think it would be, but the champagne flavor adds a wonderful edge!
I've had homemade sauerkraut for most of my life, and usually buy Claussen's. If you want to order in bulk, and can't order Claussen's, this is the best out there.
507484507484B000S4GD4AA12PBJJ4KF5BM3Karl A. Kreft1141311897600WINE SauerkrautDid not receive the WINE Sauerkraut, just the regular Sauerkraut product.
The shipmet was ok but not as anticipated.
507485507485B000S4GD4AA1NTNCF0HSTWWPKlaus Genullis0051337472000Very good and authentic German SauerkrautI am German and grew up with Mildessa Weinsauerkraut.This is the real stuff and properly prepared it will taste great with Brats or Roast.No complaints here.
507486507486B000S4GD4AA3C0ACLF1OAJQPLarry Joseph Snyder0051305504000A little bit of GermanyIt is difficult to find commercial sauerkraut in the US that can pass for that which you get in Germany. Since this actually comes from Germany this is as close as you're going to get. I have been very satisfied and will order mine here from now on.
507487507487B000S4GD4AA2UVUWUIXC0TMIZsolt Petroczy1251286668800Mr.This sauerkraut, is a well prepared tasty product. I could just eat it out of the can.
It is not uncured oversalted product that most supermarkets offer !!!

Some people think that when you shread cabbage & salt it & put in cans, it it will becomes "sourkraut". It DOES NOT, since it cannot
cure, it stays salted cabbage.
That is why the domestic pruduct like Libby's just does not compare
to "Hengstenberg" Mild Sauerkraut.
For cooking dishes with sauerkrout, this product is very good.
507488507488B000S4GD4AA1AHJJXYKPAAYZHolly Kashefipour0111324512000What the?This sauerkraut has a very sweetish taste to it- really did not like it all. I wish I had just got some from the supermarket.
Maybe some people like sweet sauerkraut?
507489507489B0036QKYD8ALUXVG3MZV3SCD. C. Shoemaker6651306627200Great Dates!These dates arrived in a timely manner and in excellent condition. They are about 2 to 3 times as large as the Dole dates from the supermarket. They are plump, moist, fresh and just taste great. They are not pitted, but we didn't see that as a problem. Highly recommended.
507490507490B0036QKYD8A2HV3R355NY514M. G. Noble2251317600000Super quick delivery!I was delighted to find the same brand of organic dates I use here on Amazon. I was, however, a little concerned about the ship time I was being quoted during the checkout process. I gave myself over to faith, and placed the order anyway. Low and behold 3 days later my dates were in my hot little hands and I was making more raw cookies for my kids. Amazon originally quoted 1 week for shipping, but I think that is because they send the order direct to Bard Valley and then B.V. does the shipping. I think Amazon padded the shipping time just in case. I've ordered from B.V. before, they ship VERY quickly. That said it was quick from Amazon AND cheaper. Amazon does it again!
507491507491B0036QKYD8A1BCZ6QMUJ90XRA. Bahhary1121342828800dates are good but expensive$10 per pound? it's double price. check arabic/muslim stores they all have same dates in same box for around 5-6 dollars per pound.
507492507492B001EO66RMA2VQM3PNLWJKTOKatie3311303430400Icing is HORRIBLE and doesn't even smell goodThose posting that these cupcakes are amazing must not know what homemade cupcakes and icing are - the cupcakes are not bad - not very attractive as the one posting commented but that is because I actually filled the cupcakes 3/4th full like the box said and they overflowed. Would have been better had it said to just fill them half way and make more cupcakes. However, the icing was TERRIBLE! Actually inedible and I LOVE desserts and sweets and icing and will try anything but it doesn't even smell like good chocolate frosting. I followed directions precisely, used all fresh ingredients (bought the day I made them) and I ended up using my own homemade icing with the cupcakes rather than throwing the cupcakes and icing away. And for the amount of work for the cupcakes, I'd rather make some from scratch - they'd definitely taste better. Very disappointing since I typically love Ina and have had some of her other box mixes which were excellent.
507493507493B001EO66RMAEE42T36DRWOPLynn Weiland2231314144000Serve with LipitorA neighbor raved about this cupcake mix so I thought I'd make if for my hubby's birthday. It certainly was easy enough but...the bake time was more than the 20-22 minutes and my cupcakes didn't rise very well. Old mix? The buttercream frosting was very sweet and made as directed, did not seem thick enough to stay on the cupcake without sliding off. The Lipitor advice? This mix calls for three sticks of butter between the cake and the frosting!!!
507494507494B001EO66RMA1GTM9K1S53FYSA. Spataro1151243987200Best box mix cupcakes I have ever eaten!!!I keep a box of these in my pantry almost all the time. The cupcakes are not heavy. They are really good. The frosting is to die for. It is light and chocolately and creamy. Make sure to follow the directions and use unsalted butter. And definately put in the egg yolk in the frosting. I have been doing it for a while and never had a problem. I just use the freshest eggs that I can buy. Note: The mix says it makes 12 but I usually get about 20 out of one mix and there is enough frosting to put tons of it on each one.
507495507495B001EO66RMA3QJ8J6JWXAMLTPeaceLove3411281744000Terrible!These are more work then your average boxed mix. They turned out flat topped and unattractive. They leave a lot left to be desired as far as taste goes too. I ended up throwing them all away Not happy with this mix at all.
507496507496B004IV73VQA3G4SGKBZ1V0GVJason D. Smith "Jason Smith"0051316995200Excellent coffeeOne ofbthe best decaf coffee you will love this coffee give it a try taste a lot better then some of the major brands
507497507497B003ZJ397OA2QVAU3YMOELU7Stella121331316217600Charming package, mixed quality teaTea forte design is very delightful: the slender pyramidal tea bag with the pert little green leaf decoration makes that morning cup extra special. I only wish that they would have put as much thought perfecting into their actual teas. The basic black teas (darjeeling, breakfast, etc.) are nice, but the herbal and green teas have an odd artificial flavoring -- like drinking potpourri. The strange aftertaste makes it seem as if they add artificial sugars like sweet and low. I prefer my teas pure usually and also think it's better practice in general to let the tea-drinker decide how much sugar and what kind.
507498507498B0028686E6AJ4N1F0LLV4F3NoSpam4441251763200Very Tasty!That's what I thought when I took the first bite. I found these on an Amazon Manager's Special, for slightly less than $2/box and the ingredients were healthy and intriguing - with the 5 seed combination, and two of my favorites - rosemary and garlic. Since there were no reviews, I didn't really know what to expect, but I had to give these a try.

First of all, they are very fresh & crunchy. The "sell by" date is 11/02/09 - 2 months away. They're cute, little, 1.5" round "crackers", really tortilla chips. As a tortilla chip, these are the best I've ever had. They are very sturdy, you could use them to scoop anything, including the thickest guacamole, and I don't think they would break or crumble. The delicious taste I got from the first one with all of the nuances of every flavor, unfortunately diminishes, where the rosemary and garlic isn't really discernible, but you still get that wonderful corn (organic!) & seeds flavor with just the right amount of salt - way lower than most with 50mg. I don't know if that is considered a low sodium product, but many snacks and processed foods, like most jerky and a lot of crackers are way too salty for me.

FYI Nutrition info:
Serving Size 1oz / about 16 crackers (28g) - 4 servings/box
Calories 140
Total Fat 7g - Saturated Fat 1g - No Trans Fat
Cholesterol 0
Total Carbs 18g
Fiber 2g
Sugars 0
Protein 2g
Sodium 50g

BTW, they are gluten free, which is really important for a lot of people.
Most of the crackers in the box I opened were intact with a few broken ones mostly at the bottom of the bag.

Even though they are perfect on their own, they would be really good with a black bean dip, guacamole or hummus.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a tasty and healthy snack cracker/chip, these are for you!
507499507499B0028686E6A2D15JW4UMC5YIMichael E. Kling2321274227200They're OK.I was hoping for an actual cracker type snack but these are more just a glorified corn round tortilla. More spice and flavor than most corn chips, but still just a corn chip. Won't be buying them again.
507500507500B0028686E6A23O4898TMPIR7Alfred J. Verdini "Gioacco"0041342915200Life a healthier version of FritosI like these crackers. They are crispy all grain, with more of a corn chip flavor with a mostly salty taste (to me, anyways). To me, they taste like Fritos, without the artificial colors. I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks.
507501507501B0002LEO40A27BY8CQA9PB6Agalfromdownunder ""3341229904000Addiction in a small blue and white wrapperI grew up with these. They're a total chewy, sweet and salty addiction. You might find yourself eating half a dozen in a row. There's a large seed inside you chew around and spit out. Sometimes you get a pack that's nice and juicy and fresh, sometimes they're a bit hard and small and dried out, depending how long they've been off the boat I suspect, but still pretty good - they vary just like dried fruit varies. I also like the other varieties you can get, preserved lemon peel etc. Sold at most Chinatown type shops.
507502507502B0002LEO40A9JVQLQMDMK68B. Glassman6831261958400OK, But Texas Has Issued a Recall Due to Lead LevelsI had eaten about half a bag of these (over the course of several days) before doing a search that happened to include the Food and Drug Administration, where I learned that the Texas Health Department has issued a warning for these specific plums, along with several other brands, out of concern for high lead levels. Here is the link. [...] They are not specific as to lot numbers, but there is no question in my mind that what is listed on Amazon is what is covered by the recall. I'm sending a copy of this review to Amazon and the grocery, and will update as needed.
507503507503B0002LEO40A3HG97GYU7G5E1AliBally0041349222400So yummy but....Ok, I must admit I am a junkie for these. We ate them as kids in Jamaica (of all places), and they were so good. I just stocked up on 3 bags and I am steadily working my way through the first bag (so addictive), when I just came across the FDA warning dated 2009. Hmmm....must go home and check my label to see if my bag came from one of those companies. This is 2012 so hopefully things are improved. But if you come across these treats and they are FDA approved your taste buds will be very, very happy. I gave the product 4 stars simply because they are so addictive (don't worry, that's just me folks) and because I have to check my bags to see about the FDA warning.
507504507504B0002LEO40AA9BSRQAYIP1WL. Newcomb "GrannyL"0051261958400memoriesFond memories of kid hood as I readily consume these childhood snacks. So glad to have found them! They are moist, as so well packaged in 14oz bags. A bargain. I tried to review for the originating co. but encountered too many fatal errors in the address. Wish they could know how happy I am!Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum
507505507505B0002LEO40A3HUHJEGTY2IS1HuNG SaO PaO "H.S.P."1251196726400The best quality of CHAN PUI MUIVery highest quality of CHAN PUI MUI. Most excellent and edibility plus!!

Unwrap flavour nuggets of plum with licorice salt!

So fresh!! So good!!
507506507506B0002LEO40ATY4Z3VSLD22LBilly D. Richardson Jr.0151326412800Prune CandyThe best prune candy Ricky Bobby ever tasted! I love these! They are an acquired taste, but by the end of the bag, you'll be hooked.
507507507507B0002LEO40A2JGPX4TR4YKJEO. Kovtanyuk0131294790400not great tasteI was wrong thinking that this is dry salty plum. I didn't like the taste. I can say yhe product leaves bad after taste in the mouth.
507508507508B0009F3VK2A3VFOUGJBVKTIOMichael J. Mckelvey "Michael McKelvey - Colorado"0031235347200Great espresso, pods are a pain.First, I should say that this is possibly the best espresso I have ever made at home. Everything about it makes for the best cup I could wish for. Having transitioned from Starbucks ESE pods, to Illy, and now this - this espresso taste and experience is by far the best.
HOWEVER, every pod I have opened has not been packed tightly enough. So, the first few times I made this espresso, it was horrible. When I figured out the issue, I have had to open up every pod, dump it into my basket, tamp it down, and make it. This, obviously, is completely the opposite point of having the pods. Having used several other companies' pods, it is easy to see (once I ruined a few initial tries) that these pods are significantly looser than anyone else'. I will not buy the Bristot pods again, but will instead look for just loose grounds, in a can or bag.
GREAT ESPRESSO when it is packed right - would never suggest the pods.
507509507509B0009F3VK2A3H5CUBTZQ08W6Zachary Karper0051217376000WONDERFUL COFFEECompared to other offices, (Lavazza) this coffee has a rich robust taste
that leaves all over coffees behind.
I have started offering this coffee to my costumers about a month ago, and let me tell you the results are amazing.

Numbers are up, and people are happy!

No other brand of Italian coffee has a rich taste that Bristot offers!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! Not only as a user, but a believer.
507510507510B002QHKM2GA2FUNUP99QRNJOMorton Salt0051325289600Great Flavor AccentHaving been introduced to the delights of baked brie only recently, I was curious to know how a dried fruit topping would measure up to the apricot brandy preserves I had first enjoyed. I prefer cranberries and am happy to report that this mix was a winner. Easy to prepare and provided the right sweet/tart flavor to bring out the best in the brie [alliteration coincidental!] Recommend this product and would purchase again.

Shipping and overall transaction time were swift.

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