Amazon Fine Food Reviews

507538507538B001VJ5A2WA19UTUEBWKIZFTBernadette0051347408000Nutro makes Sheba niceBeautiful Sheba cat loves her Nutro cat food. Her coat is lustrous and sleek and shiney and her eyes are bright. She is built solid as a rock and full of pizzazz. Even though she occassionally lets me feel the tip of her fangs, I know she would sink them into my finger if she wasn't pleased with her diet. She has her ways of letting me know if she is happy or not and keeps me in line by reminding me that her teeth are never out of range of my hand. So I know that if I keep feeding her the Nutro that she seems to love, I can avoid most bites. Therefore I am grateful to Nutro cat food for providing a way for me to avoid being mauled. As long as I keep the Nutro coming and don't allow her food bowl to get below half full, she and I will both stay alive and her bites will at least not draw blood. I fear the consequences should I ever be forced to attempt to feed her a different brand.
507511507511B001HZWWQWA1E1LEVQ9VQNKJ. Chambers5651310601600Doesn't the Geneva Convention ban these things?For reasons unknown to anyone else, one of my brothers-in-law is absolutely addicted to Peeps, with his favorite being the yellow Easter Bunny Peeps. He's won two Peeps-eating contests. I have Amazon ship him a box every Easter (he lives a thousand miles from me), and I think he enjoys them more than anything else I could send. He emails me every year that they arrived intact and fresh.

Personally, I would eat a lizard before I would touch another Peep. But that's just me.
507539507539B001VJ5A2WA2PEZNCRZODORPBryan Klinck0041347148800Good quality, free 2-day shipping with Amazon PrimeOur Siamese cats have always had a problem with sensitive stomachs, and the Nutro Max Cat range of dry food is one of the few brands that they seem to tolerate. Far fewer piles of vomit left around the house. :-)

Also free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime - get you cat food delivered directly to your door!
507512507512B001HZWWQWA36NGMLCF20551dweeb2241303084800Peeps is an important part of the Food PyramidAlways a seasonal hit-these were fresh (the BEST way to have 'em) and were delivered before Easter half a world away as a surprise (and thanks)!
507540507540B001VJ5A2WA622LSRWMR34AGraphite0051342569600We stick with Nutro MaxWe have long been happy with Nutro Max foods, which we buy for both our dogs and cats.Our two cats are eight years old and have never had any health problems. When the cats eat Nutro Max exclusively, the litter box smells are less disgusting than with other brands.
507513507513B001HZWWQWA10WWIV4IBEO5KBritty0051335398400Nice and Fresh! Mom loved it!Need I say more? Nice and fresh, well packaged...quick ship. My mom absolutely loves marshmellow peeps so I was excited to see them on amazon. :)
507514507514B001HZWWQWA22LI9L9NWILI2EB0051332028800Excellent customer service!!!I misread the listing and didn't realize there was only going to be 1 pack of 12 bunnies going out to my friend. When I mentioned that in my review, they immediately contacted me and told me if I wasn't happy I could return the item for a full refund. Of course I'm not returning the Peeps, but they were right on top of the situation. Very responsible.
507515507515B001HZWWQWA1QFG653YJ4NZXJon Eisen "joneisen"0111342051200Stale Bunnies - July 2012Was disappointed that the Peeps, an extra gift I sent with some books to my daughter, were stale. Ordered in July of 2012.
507516507516B003KK9HD8A2SGGO1SE552V0Half-Baked599941325116800pretty but challenging to useThese made my baked goods look really nice for the holidays, but they were a bit difficult to work with. The stars are tiny, and I mean tiny! The container is simply an open top small diameter vial. In order to get the product spread (somewhat) evenly onto the baked good, I had to tap them out with a fingernail while moving the vial along the baked good. I considered trying to use a tweezer (!), but that would have taken until summer of 2012, so went with the "tap" method. I admit, I can be a bit too AR, so threw symmetry out the window and went for the "scattered" look. Everyone loved the effect, though. Makes your product look really special, especially for the holidays. There are jimmies and sprinkles everywhere, but these add just a bit of extra to things.
507517507517B003KK9HD8A1M4FY6LNKE3O3Carol McKenzie "mooselover"4451304208000Exceptional productI purchased these silver star edible glitters for some cupcakes. The cupcakes turned out beautifully and just looked amazing. We were very pleased.
507518507518B003KK9HD8AHX47RZ7A5E4ES. Pagani2221308528000They stick together!I used these for a dark and white chocolate dipped madelaines. I tried to put them one by one with a very fined tip tweezer and was impossible. They stick together and can't be used for a design. However, as a decorative piece alltogether it was pretty.
507519507519B003KK9HD8A3P8J6XJDYKJ45Karin1121330041600Too small & very little amount for priceIt is only .4 oz, bit pricey for how small and unmanageable they are.
Thought bottle could be more user friendly.
507520507520B003KK9HD8A2S7YOXOEW8VDUC. M. Kaess1151326758400Made my caramels look professionalI make homemade caramels hand dipped in dark chocolate for holiday gifts. Along with a sprinkle of sea salt, I added these silver stars. Everyone was remarking how wonderful they looked!! I would tap a bit into my palm, pick up a pinchful and just sprinkle them over the caramels while the chocolate was drying. I have just come back to get the pink glitter hearts for valentine caramels!
507521507521B003KK9HD8A1CZ1LZWH34YFHJodie Andrefski0041350000000Definitely cute, thought a little priceySo these were definitely cute, and I got several "oohs" and "aaahs" when I used them on cupcakes for my daughter's drama club. But, for the price, they aren't something I'd purchase to use very often. On the plus really get a LOT more in the tube than you'd think...and since they are so can definitely make them last. I thought I'd go through one pack in one big double-batch of cupcakes. I didn't. And I was a very generous sprinkler. Works best on white )or lighter colored) icing...the gold doesn't show up well on chocolate.
507522507522B003KK9HD8A1IWELU439VK6VMoldymama0041344211200PrettyThese were very pretty and great to decorate my girly girl's cake. Very delicate and added a wonderful touch. A bit pricey but would definately purchase again.
507523507523B003KK9HD8A36KT9GVICPXVJJessica G.0051335571200FunPurchased as a gift. My sister-in-law is a baker and ordered these for her to go in a cupcake accessory box. She loved these.
507524507524B003KK9HD8AS6NSWMEPWKFMV. Maria Lomelin Zarate "Wine Lover"0051331424000The elegant beautiful touch for any frosting.I prepared mini muffins with pastel frosting and sprinkled the golden stars. They looked amazing! Then I made a cake with dark chocolate frosting and sprinkled the golden stars. They gave the elegant finish I was looking for.
507525507525B003KK9HD8ADV0YUWMHKIBAThe Brogdons0051331337600Pretty and shinyUsed these glitter (gold, white and silver) on shortbread cookies for Christmas- made them look very pretty, without changing the taste, so the shortbread flavor came through. At first I was surprised that these were mixed with alchohol (which evaporated) and were painted on, but it was easy, as long as you had a good paint brush. For larger spaces to cover I could use my fingers, which went faster. Will buy again, but need to look at the colors- white and silver are very close, and hard to tell the difference unless they are next to each other.
507526507526B003KK9HD8A3UQLKPUR3CFLGEmma0041331251200Very NiceI got lots of compliments on the stars, which I used to decorate cupcakes. I only wish the stars were a little bigger.
507527507527B003KK9HD8A1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0051327276800Daughter loves themWhat can you say about edible glitter? Product matched image, was shipped on schedule, and the glitter was not crushed or broken.
507528507528B003KK9HD8A665WOI53SUXQMoza Alkuwari1731315872000they taste uglyI'm not sure if we can eat that thing but they taste ugly and very small it would be perfect if they were slightly bigger size hearts and stars
507529507529B00126GC3AA2LAH6GC3JIHDKEdie "Edie"0051344124800Smoked Perfection!Sent this to my parents last Christmas (entering their 80s) and they absolutely loved the taste and portions. Dove into a portion and froze the rest in the handy clear packs. My Mom spent a lot of time in Virginia as a child and said this brought back memories of her Grandpa's own smoked hams. He sent a LOT of stuff like this up north during the tough times around WW II. This company KNOWS quality. A BEST BUY!!!
507530507530B001SAW7FMABJBWJE3TBA6Udestnjinx2251243036800Best Hot Sauce in the World!!!!I have been addicted to this hot sauce for over 8 years, when I discovered it in Texas. I'm afraid of hot sauces because of the overkill in vinegar. Sontava has perfected a hot sauce to taste like I spicy salsa, the peppers roasted, not burned like other hot sauces I've tasted. I've been to hot sauce comparison taste offs, and still nothing compares to this wonderful blend. I love this hot sauce more than any other hot sauce in the world! It is great on tacos, seafood and my personal favorite is mixed in with Tostitos Queso Dip. Amazing! When I order the boxes, my friends are usually lined up waiting for a bottle. Apparently everyone else around me is addicted too.
507531507531B001SAW7FMA32U3IM1N6JUM8quenton kincaid0051311724800Best hot sauce ever!Perfectly spicy. Not too much vinegar. Not to sweet. Just perfect! No preservatives! Only con is it is hard to find.
507532507532B001EO60BOA1Y6NC55AWUC9CChristine B. Sievers0041329436800Good teaThis is a great tasting tea that is almost like a desert. You will need a good, fine screened tea ball because of the small tea particles.
507533507533B001EO60BOA1X8IZ3ON0H2S4KateM0051279152000great tea!This is a great tea, I use it to make iced tea. No sugar needed with all of the flavor!
507534507534B001EO60BOA67G6MX54RXEJGreen G. "M.M."0051264550400Delicious treat!I LOVE this tea. It is only ever-so-slightly sweet, but sweet enough to satisfy my nightly dessert cravings. Because it is caffeine free, I can drink it before bed. Wonderful product at a great price.
507535507535B001EO7LT4A31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041212624000Rich tasting snackThese are fairly good. However, there is very little peanut context to them.It seems like only a little bit of peanut ground up in the center of the snack. I would recommend they rework this product to have a whole or half peanut encased in the yogurt coating.
507536507536B000W132L6A2UJ48E967OARWilliam R. Beardslee0041345075200Very tastyI orderd a case when the last grocery store I knew about quit carrying the product. It is a very good olive spread. Makes a very tasty and reasonable calorie snack. However two of the six jars had leaked and the lids were not sucked in. I called the company and they credited my account immediately. They get an A for customer service.
507537507537B001VJ5A2WA2VOWXXIWNNZG8Carmindy Stevens2251290297600My cats have never looked better!!I never used to think that cat food could change a cat's coat like the Nutro food does! It's freakin phenomenal!! The first thing I noticed was my cats hair got so glossy and shiny! It's soooo soft!! And I used to get tuffs of hair all under my kitchen cabinets near the floor due to all the shedding-- with this food?? I HARDLY have as much lose hair around the house that I used too. I went from vacumming 3 canisters full to only 2 canisters of hair weekly. This food is awesome! It really works and my cats love it. I buy the indoor chicken flavor for adult cats.

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