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507721507721B000E46LXMA30SKINCKAHI20James Kim11312566880003 oz packageThe product is good but this is 3 oz package.
which is much smaller than the package in grocery store.
price is not cheaper than local store.
507722507722B000E46LXMA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner1151253145600Very good beef jerkyThis isn't cheap, but it is good. I'm not sure how long the unopened packages will last, but they say to use the contents within three days of opening. That will not be a problem, this is the most delicious beef jerky I've ever had. As far from the cardboard supermarket beef jerky as you can get. Lots of beef flavor.
507723507723B000E46LXMAWH79USX9CMAXL. May "Crunchy Mom"1151246924800Great for school lunchesMy boys loved this beef jerky. It was great for snacks and their school lunches when they were tired of sandwiches. It took a little bit longer to eat since it is so chewy, they only get 15 to 20 minutes for lunch. If it wasn't so pricey I would definately purchase more often.
507724507724B000E46LXMAJG6CQJN7CHEEValerinas "Val"1141228089600Delicious, but small quantityI would have given this product a 5 star for the taste and quality, but I gave it a 4 star because it is a very small amount in each pack.
507725507725B000E46LXMA1HFHEYXF3ETFLEating Well1151197331200Great snackI always carry a pouch of this jerky with me for it makes a great snack. The high protein content makes it great brain food and it's low in calories, fat, sugars, etc. It's perfect for when I travel.
507726507726B000E46LXMA2XJN6NOZ6E69HPeter2351330732800Beats all other jerky except homemadeThis is by far the best jerky I have had. I ordered the black pepper and it isn't that hot at all. The best thing is the low sodium, you barely taste any salt. And it is low carb, 5g, which comes from sugar, but it does not taste sweet. It is a soft jerky compared to those brittle brands and chews nicely. Wow, I've got to put another piece in my mouth.

UPDATE: About a week ago I opened a pouch and only ate a piece or two. Today, while sitting in my semi-dark office, I opened the pouch and ate a piece. Before my next piece I looked inside the bag and all I saw was white....all covered in mold. Thankfully I only ate one far so good.

I guess the rule is that once you open a pouch, eat it right away.
507727507727B000E46LXMA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"2321275523200Way too sweet and reconstituted textureI would give this really a 1.5 star, but I was generous. It is way too sweet. Others have said the same in their reviews, but I ignored them to my chagrin. It is very very thin and has a texture and appearance like it has been reconstituted and highly processed. Because it is so thin, there are never any big lumps of gristle, but sometimes you can tell the meat quality as a bit off in some pieces. The worst problem is the overly sweet flavor, the second problem is the texture and meat quality. This is not a very good jerky. Their Buffalo, while also too sweet, is much better as is their Turkey. They are much much less expensive than a really premium jerky like those from Mountain America, so it is a toss up. For the price, I may re-order the Turkey and perhaps Buffalo, but I will never order this Beef again.
507728507728B000E46LXMA2VX59P8ZRD3K0AS0051346025600Delicious beef jerkyThis is my favorite beef jerky. I eat it for a protein snack after working out and it's very satisfying- high protein, low calories, and no preservatives or nitrites. It's also cheaper or the same cost as other beef jerkies that are worse for you. I have a subscription and plan to continue it for a while.
507729507729B000E46LXMANQZZKNA5HKJNTom0051340064000I haven't foung anything better.I have tried both the sweet and spicy, and the peppered. Of the bags I have tried so far, all have been exceptionally tasty. Great flavor and texture. Have yet to have a piece with any nasty chewy fat like you get in every bag of Jack Links.
507730507730B000E46LXMA3B070PORV952OZeppelin0031337212800Better than Gas Station Jerky Not as Good as Your Local Meat Market
507731507731B000E46LXMAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"0051333324800Awesome JerkyI had been looking for Organic Jerky and came across this on Amazon. I was a little skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I have to tell you the taste of this jerky is great. Not too sweet and not salty at all, just the right combination of flavors. At our home we try to eat organic whenever we can so this product works for us. I have ordered this jerky a few times already as my family just loves it. You cant go wrong. :)
507732507732B000E46LXMA26RRRDZF9MMNEmaami39 "sophsmom"0051316304000Excellent organic jerky!I have been looking for a tasty, high quality, affordable, organic beef jerky for a long time. Buying organic beef jerky at the local market is expensive and they're often out of the good kinds. Not only is the price excellent, the quality and taste are superb! Jerky is a fantastic, low fat, quick snack and works great in my kids lunch. I highly recommend this product. But please, leave some for me! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!
507733507733B000E46LXMAOP5TUC7TTEY0J0041310774400great snackVery tasty jerky. More moist than other brands, and the only one I've found that's gluten free. Much less expensive at Amazon than buying in a grocery store.
507734507734B000E46LXMA2YVTFOX0YVSFQthaddeus Gabara0051308614400the bestgolden valley natural turkey, beef, and buffalo jerky I think is the best very tender meet and it's not to salty. I already ordered 40 bags and they go quick everyone at my job is crazy for them.
507735507735B000E46LXMAQYKVG05AZS76Oracle0051303084800AwesomeLove it, love it, love it. I had given up beef all together because of the hormones. Organic- This I can eat.
507736507736B000E46LXMA1W6UGIZ6B3C24EH0051300233600Organic beef jerkyThis is my favorite beef jerky!!! Typically BJ are so salty that I could not even eat it, but this one is not at all. The BBQ flavor has just a mild kick that even my little 10 year-old can handle it. Best of all, it's organic. I eat one bag at once within 10 minutes. I just purchased another 16 bags. Yum :-).
507737507737B000E46LXMA18EYTHURMGN8NSQ0051290124800Very GoodThis beef jerky is absolutely delicious. It IS a little pricey, but amazon carries it for 30% less than what stores sell it for here. I will continue to buy this for as long as it's available. GREAT product.
507738507738B000E46LXMAM9P4Q63GYNT6Matthew Fallucca "Matt"0051289174400Great, Organic Beef Jerky!This stuff is delicious...I had been looking for a low cal/low fat/high protein snack that I can eat at work and this jerky fit the bill. I have already ordered another pack of the peppered variety and am looking forward to getting it in the mail!

The low sodium content keeps it sweeter, but I prefer jerky that way. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a healthy snack
507739507739B000E46LXMA1UFQCEVFJRSYKG. Draper0041286150400Great Organic FoodWe've tried many organic jerkys, but this has less sugar than other brands. Not only that, but it is great tasting and is pretty soft, so you don't jerk a tooth out!
507740507740B000E46LXMA27OPNET5OKMH9Peggy Sue Leggett0051255824000another winnerthis product is great tasting and healthy for you especially because of what's not in it. very convienent to keep on hand in your car or travel
507741507741B000E46LXMA17O9AHKHK66AIL. Gildart0051255305600Expensive TastesMy son really loves the Organic Beef Jerky. I enjoy it, too. It's got a mild flavor, not heavily sweet like some commercial jerkies, and it doesn't leave you super thirsty, either.

My only qualm is that it's very expensive, but a little bit goes a long way.
507742507742B000E46LXMA2VNPSB5ZGZOUHAuntie Lella0051235260800My favorite beef jerky, ever!This is just the right pepper, tasty, tender and hey, it's organic. Low sodium and worth every penny.
507743507743B000E46LXMA3TR2A3HSQC4SSJ.Z.0051234656000DeliciousDelicious! My kids love it! I used to buy it in a store, but it was usually sold out. So glad I found it online!
507744507744B000E46LXMAB1ISWRIK0TVDjustme0041208995200Great tasteI've just gone through my first box of this beef jerky, and it tastes really good. My whole family likes it. It's spicy, but not unbearable. The sweetness tend to balance out the spiciness. The only problem I had with my first order was that one of the bags was moldy. Must be faulty packaging.
507745507745B000E46LXMA2UGWYQ0MVVDVLBuilder Carl "BC"58113061088007g of sugar???Great jerky doesn't need to be doctored up with sugar. I really get frustrated with brands that tout 'organic' and still cram in the sugar.
507746507746B000E46LXMA37V4NXX3SP40TS. Krason3521316995200Way, way, way too sweetIt's my fault. I should've read the nutrition facts and saw how much sugar is in this jerky. It was an expensive mistake. I now have $40 worth of beef jerky that tastes like candy. At first I thought they sent me teriyaki by mistake, but no, it's the original recipe. To me, if the organic beef is so great, you don't need to cover it up with a bunch of sweetness. I want to taste the meat, not the evaporated cane juice. I hate to give this product a bad review as it's just my personal taste. It's not a bad product--it's completely organic with no nitrites. It's tender. It just tastes like a meat lollipop.
507747507747B000E46LXMA33PIECSU03FIJA. Giametta1231343692800Good Quality... When it's not moldyFirst shipment was great. This product is priced really well and tastes great. However, when opening one of the bags I saw that the jerky had some mold on it. When I looked inside all of the meat was covered in mold. The date on the packaging for expiration was mid December 2012, no where near the date. Good thing I didn't eat a piece!
507748507748B000E46LXMA36FEPUTDN12KAa cute bear "TNM"0151320710400One of the best beef jerkyTasty and tenderly.Low in sodium.Golden Valley Natural Organic beef jerky is my favorite beef jerky. I tried other beef jerky but dont like it because too much /high in sodium and not tenderness like this beef jerky.Sugar is not high but balanced with sodium so it is delicious beef jerky.
507749507749B000E46LXMA3KF3EIQKHKA7YJohn Q. Atkinson0151317427200PERFECT JERKEYWhen Trader Joe's stop selling organic peppered jerky I was very disappointed but thanks to Amazon I'm back in Jerky Heaven! The peppered beef Jerky is awesome, a little sweet on the first bite but then the pepper kicks in and its explodes with a good old jerky flavor and a hot bite thats leaves you wanting more. This is quality Jerky that is cheaper than buying in the stores if you sign up for the delivery plan.
507750507750B000E46LXMA1FZ79DH44UZR8Andrew T.0141309564800Great jerky, not too sweetI really like jerky, and I love this stuff. It is expensive, but it also doesn't have a huge list of chemicals like the non-organic brands. It is a bit more tender than I am used to, but it really is good (and I have been buying the convenience store jerky my whole life). Some reviews say it is too sweet. It is a touch sweet, but I really don't think it is "too sweet."

I just bought my second batch of 8 pouches, this new order is for Teriyaki.

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