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507777507777B0025AMRFYA24KQQMI4BIT03jendand3451267142400WOW!Being lactose intolerant, I was happy to find a milk-free chocolate bar. But don't let the milk-less-ness of these bars fool you. They are out-of-this-world delicious! There's lots of chocolate both outside and inside. The calories are reasonable; plus, you get 10 grams of protein.
507778507778B0025AMRFYA63C0S13D63DDMandy0051336521600AMAZING!These bars are absolutely delicious! Most vegan bars fall flat with taste, but these are like candy bars! My ONLY complaint is that the crispies inside the bar always seem just a little stale. It isn't enough to really bother me and I still give this product 5 stars because the taste is so wonderful. Try them, you will love them!
507779507779B003M81JTSA3MP1AWTE50PNWbuzzy mom "at ease"1151314316800love these!!!Have first tried these candy this past summer, when we've traveled. Kept the wrapper so I could try to purchased them online. Thank you amazon for providing sites/sellers of the companies that sells them. These are small candies that I can have without the guilt trip. They also works great for my mother-in-law when her blood sugar runs low. My kids also loves these, but do caution parents with young children, because these candies are really small (maybe the size of a plain M&M).
507780507780B003M81JTSA32GEN9TKAOHRYadm0011349568000Ingredient list?Would like to see a list of ingredients before I purchase.

One star given because I've had to spend the time looking for an ingredient list. Will re-evaluate when I see what's in them.
507751507751B000E46LXMA15CWIDRQYP4ZSMark Twain0131306972800decent, not greatThis jerky is very moist, so moist in fact that I might not even call it jerky. It has the texture kind of like those beef-flavored dog treats you get. Flavor is OK, but nothing special. I could almost go so far as to call it "bland", but that would only be in comparison to other jerkies I have eaten. I prefer a drier, more flavorful jerky -- the kind you have to chew for a while and exercise your jaw muscles. This jerky requires minimal effort to chew before it disintegrates. I like the organic-ness of it, and the ingredient list is devoid of anything scary. All-in-all, it's decent, but I might not buy this particular flavor again.
507752507752B000E46LXMA1DZEBC50SIEVNwendy0131302998400organic beef jerkyOur family loves beef jerky, and although the flavor is good, the texture was really tough and difficult to chew.
507753507753B000E46LXMA34EA4K02SAEK3Elizabeth0151300320000Yum!This is a delicious, tender beef jerky. I try to eat organic as much as possible and was thrilled to find this product on Amazon! The "peppered" flavor is my favorite... it has just a little sweetness balanced with the savoriness and spice of the pepper. I also sent LOTS of this to my husband while he was deployed and it was a hit with him and the other soldiers. A winner!
507754507754B000E46LXMA3P7G735QI1ZFCputzy321351320364800SUBSCRIBE!A friend got me hooked on this beef jerkey- gluten free, cheaper than Trader Joe's and organic. I get the "ORIGINAL" TYPE - it is not too spicy, not too sweet and not too salty! And no MSG! Also, it isn't too chewy which can be a problem since my husband had jaw surgery. We take this on flights, car trips and snowboarding and it travels wonderfully. When you order it, it will arrive immediately....I am always shocked how fast it gets to my house.
507755507755B000E46LXMA21HM3K0W12TK0niubi2511316563200Poor quality!!!I get it on time, but when i count the total number of them i found one which was full of green hair on it!!!!, cant eat . I am pretty sure that it has gone bad at LEAST few weeks!
507756507756B000E46LXMA2TUKOU61US5KBIspendtoomuchonamazon3711284940800RubberyBased on the positive reviews and the organic certification I gave this a try. The taste is very sweet, which from the reviews, I expected. The texture is rubbery or plastic like, not at all like the real jerky I used to get in the south out of the jars in the truck stops. It may be organic, but it tastes like organic rubber to me.
507757507757B000E46LXMA2Z5S6CA3QVC19V. Hall0241324857600Good, but not excellentGood beef jerky, but not outstanding. Still a slight hint of plastic or waxy texture compared to really fresh homemade jerky. Good deal on pack of 8 compared to buying locally at the store.
507758507758B000E46LXMA1UVHW6K0KDVDRReporter0351326067200ORGANIC BEEF JERKYVery, very pleased with this product! So much so, I get it on Autoship. It is healthy and has excellent taste. The adults in our family eat it as well as our 3-year-old grandson. A great "meal replacement"!
507759507759B000E46LXMA13HSOS8BFMG1LMore Eel21011270339200DisgustingThis is by far one of the worst beef jerky I've EVER tried. I bought this because of all the positive reviews but remarkably, the other one star review is most accurate. It boggles my mind how this product is so loved. I was so excited thinking I found the perfect jerky: organic, reasonably priced. So what's wrong with it: Mainly the taste. It has almost no flavor other than meat. Although it's organic it, has the texture and taste of being highly processed. Again, I don't mind that if it tasted good - it doesn't! And the after taste is -- ugghghhh!!! get the mouthwash! like roadkill exploded in my mouth.

So I ended up spending over $40 and got 8 bags of which I couldn't finish even one. I tried to find a way to use it somehow, I tried deep-frying it, only intensified the horrible taste - this time more chemical like, I think it may have been the preservatives. I'm tossing them all out. Don't buy this.

PS: I purchased this from Amazon but "verified purchase" is not showing up for some reason.
507760507760B000E46LXMA3GFH2MSKZJWR9Trevor "Trevor"21111237334400Yuck!I love beef jerky and I've tried almost every brand on the market. I just went to my local grocery that specializes in Organic and All Natural foods and picked up a package of Golden Valley Natural Beef Jerky black pepper. It is without a doubt the nastiest food I've ever put in my mouth....Save your $ buy something else! I'm taking it back to the store and demanding my money back.
507761507761B0094WX2IMA3UNADAYDBWO4HWedding Gal0051257638400Satisfied.I saw the price on Amazon, and I jumped at it! It was a great deal compared to others that I found on the Internet. Bought the box of Jelly Belly Tangerine Jelly Beans as wedding favors. Great Steal!
507762507762B001IW1MCYABSYIF0ONC2AFLee0011335657600RancidFirst I'd like to say that this was a good idea: give soda the taste of sour candy. Unfortunately, something is wrong with this company's quality control. The soda just smelled and tasted like it was made from rancid water. I couldn't get rid of the taste for like an hour. Try at your own risk.
507763507763B001IW1MCYA1DAQOI9N8L4R3Jason Pratt0051332201600Strong sharp fizzy lemonade!I'm rather a fan of this and the Brainalyzer, which in turn is not the same as BRAIN WASH from the same producers. All three sodas (and all three are heavily carbonated) feature a respectable list of herbal powders added to the drink. I've already disposed of my first bottle of Brainalyzer (although I'll be ordering more--not from Amazon unfortunately as they don't offer it yet), but while it and the BLaid share some overlapping ingredients the list seems entirely identical between the BLaid and the BWash. Except for the strong infusion of lemon concentrate and lemon oil, of course: so this is BWash with enough lemon to punch the back of your throat. (Not enough to pucker your mouth, though; it isn't _that_ strong.) And some darker dye.

The Brainalyzer has a much lighter taste (and color)--doubtless the fact that the next most prevalent ingredient after water is honey helps out a lot!--but both are quite peppery. No false aftertastes in either drink, just the lingering peppery notes. (I would have thought ginger, but based on the ingredient lists I'm going to guess gingko.) They're pretty much all natural except for the dyes. Pure cane sugar, too.

This is probably not meant to be guzzled by anyone as a quick refreshing drink. It's a sipping drink, for the experience of doing so. Obviously it's also very expensive (unless you already buy a ton from Amazon and so have signed up for free shipping by paying the upfront Amazon Prime fee--and even then it runs more than $2.00 a bottle for a 12 oz drink!) I can't say I'd recommend buying a case of it, if you're even slightly apprehensive about the taste from this description. But you can buy single bottles of this and very many other exotic/regional sodas (including the Brainalyzer, although not yet the Brain Wash) elsewhere on the internet.

(The store might be nixed by Amazon censors, but it's an old thirteen times four, if that helps any.)
507764507764B001IW1MCYA291TQ8CJOAPPENicholas Brown0041316649600Simply: AwesomeFor starters, the product itself is awesome. The bottle is hilarious and all my friend's got a kick out of it. The drink however was very bitter. I for one like sour things so I enjoyed it, but some of my friends didn't. The drink is literally black. If you hold it up to a bright light all you will see is black with a red tint. Even the fizz from the carbonation when you pour into a cup is black! It was just awesome! I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you don't like the drink, its still an awesome thing to have.

The 12 sodas shipped in a sturdy box, and I was not disappointed with the shipping.
507765507765B000ZS9T8QA12YS6I4A61YJAlw0051330473600Tea Forte 1This tea was purchased for Christmas 2011, in order to give the gift giftee the chance to take their time to select a brand of tea that would be a favorite. So far, the tea that is most popular is the Black Currant, but there are still a few of the samplers that have not been tried, so it's still an open field.
507766507766B000ZS9T8QA2UHCUU8ZYWD20Rebecca L. Goodrich "Rabecca Lynne"0051324771200Delectable & LovelyI received these as a Christmas present today, and my family and I tried three of the flavors. Delicious!! The little pyramid bags make a good strong cup of tea, like I like it, and the leaf accent on top is so cute. The teas tasted fantastic, better than expected, and have won me over to the Tea Forte brand. I can't wait to sample all of their other flavors now, too! Highly recommended.
507767507767B000VZQTYKA38I9WB4TVA29DH. Falise "MTBer"1111277424000Decent chewy candy...but rancid nutsDespite an expiration date in 6 mos, the nuts are rancid. If you can tolerate that, a tasty product
507768507768B000VZQTYKA30J8KM3H9TDBUClasina Gm Oneill "Maria"0051333584000The best toffee on the market.This is wonderful toffee. A bit tacky, not too sweet, very creamy. The hazelnuts give it a bit of crunch and add flavor.
507769507769B000VZQTYKADTGX751C6IIEV. B. Higbee0051319155200Toffee from HeavenI first learned about this product at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and was a frequent customer at their gift store to pick up my weekly 'stash'. This toffee reminded me very much of the great toffee I had had on a trip to England. They were sold out by the end of their season so I decided to look at Amazon. Sure enough, there it was and at a reasonable price too. The toffee was shipped promptly and tasted fresh upon arrival. I heartily recommend this product to all English Toffee lovers.
507770507770B000VZQTYKA3OA4XPKVJHKBLLaurie Wieland0051293235200Yummy yummy toffeeI don't know what the others were eating, as I think this toffee is delicious! It's chewy and creamy and oh, so good! The hazelnuts are the perfect compliment, as they add a touch to cut the sweet. The toffee I received was fresh as can be, and the hazelnuts were fine and dandy. Walker's English Toffee is so very good,mmmm, thinking about it now makes me want to go and get some. Luckily I bought a ten pack, so I can! Woo hoo!
507771507771B000VZQTYKA2G6ZUBT9ZL1QPVisa0411269907200Walkers Roasted Hazelnut Toffee, 3.5oz pkgsIt was not what I was expecting at all. Was disappointed and would not order it again
507773507773B001EO7LTOAO73VK5UN09Q3Y. Yoo "Super Nerd"2221212364800Not my favoriteI bought some fresh dried apricots from the farmers market, and thought these might be on par. Sadly they are not. They're kinda dry and don't have the same rich flavor as California apricots. Anyways it is summer again and I can eat fresh apricots again. Unfortunately, I have 3 bags left that I'm gonna have to force myself to eat.
507774507774B0025AMRFYA3KHHZ4RRJGTHMwebewe "ma"8951273708800Nu Go Dark EverydayI absolutely love the Chocolate Chip Nu Go Dark bar. Discovered this at Raley's Supermarket. Now I buy them by the box. I hope they will continue to carry this. It is the best nutritional/candy bar ever, ever. This bar
has actually contributed to my losing weight, as it is so delicious and I
never feel cheated for sweets. I do not crave for any other candy with
this in my diet.
507775507775B0025AMRFYA2AS8NMBFFXYW9H. Warrington4551271376000Great For People with Milk AllergiesAlmost all energy bars contain some kind of milk (or are cross-contaminated) so we were thrilled to find these for my milk-allergic daughter. They taste fantastic; they are so much better than any of the other allergen free bars that we have tried. Everyone in the family, not just my daughter, loves these bars!
507776507776B0025AMRFYA194OO0CGBMAABPolanski1151329264000Excellent for vegansI am a veggetarian trying to become vegan. As such, I am trying to avoid dairy products. Well, this bar does the job and some more. Not only is it diary-free but it is delicious and the sweetness is just right, not overpowering. Has plenty of protein too. I got it as a present yesterday and now I can't wait to buy more!

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