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507781507781B0052588I4A2FAGIZ9C50XHKChatty Cathy "Moviegirl"0031314230400Not for meAmazon was good about giving me an adjustment on my purchase since it arrived with several broken cartons. This was the first time I tried Organic milk. To me it had an odd taste. I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe all Organic milk tastes that way. Therefore I didn't drink it like regular milk. I have used it in cooking and it has worked fine. If I decide to purchase Organic milk again, I will have to go to a local store.
507782507782B008NDSMT2A3I9L8C5HNTVJBVin B "Rogue V"282851233273600Great popcorn, not a great price"Real Theater Popcorn" is the easiest way to get the best theater style popcorn at home (especially if you use a whirleypop popper)

But you should be aware that most resellers are selling this stuff for more than you would pay if you just buy direct from the source (and yes it is available online popcornpopper dot com)

$1.10 to $1.60 per pouch depending on the volume you buy is closer to what you should be paying, not $2 and up.
507783507783B008NDSMT2A17TKHPATJ7MOPDave Linger6641299801600Great tasting and easy-to-make popcorn, but no size choice.I have a six-quart whirley pop, and these packs say they make six quarts of popcorn - perfect, right? Not so much - I find that they make too much - by the time it's all popped, the popcorn is crushed a little bit because of how it's being compressed in the popper - if they offered a 4 or 5 quart version, I'd get that instead. Other than that, though - the popcorn tastes awesome, just like the movie theater.

Pro tip: at Sam's Club you can buy a big (2 pound) container of Act II buttery popcorn salt for less than $4. It's just like the popcorn salt that comes in these packs - I add a teaspoon to the popper anytime I pop corn without these packs, and it definitely helps. Adds a yellow color too.
507784507784B008NDSMT2A1KE1QV5TQESULNicole5551318550400Awesome!! Order this popcorn!Last year I bought a popcorn machine for my son's carnival birthday party and needed some popcorn kits to go along with it. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with Great Northern popcorn because it had a lot more review. WRONG CHOICE! It was terrible! It's had a chemical-like smell and was EXTREMELY salty -- and I am a person that salts everything and it was way too salty for me to even eat. It was just all around nasty popcorn.

This year I decided I'm going to break out the popcorn machine and use it again, but I needed to get different popcorn. I wanted to allow myself enough time this year that if I didn't like the popcorn I ordered, I would have time to order replacements before the party. Last week I ordered the Real Theater popcorn kits and OMG! I LOVE it! It tastes really good like movie theater popcorn or the popcorn you get at the popcorn carts at the zoo or amusement parks. My house smelled really good like popcorn you just had to have. I even stepped outside for a little bit and walked back in to see how the smell would hit you if you were just walking in the house. It was fabulous!
507785507785B008NDSMT2ANOBZWKE25SBYTracy Vest4451306022400Tastes like the movies!I often wonder if I am the only person in the world who cannot stand microwave popcorn. Give me real corn and a little oil and I am pretty happy. Then I discovered this popcorn at a kitchen store in my local outlet. Then they went out of business and I lost my awesome popcorn connection... until now.

Wabash Valley Farms is the best popcorn you can get outside of your local multi-plex (though I really like target popcorn too). You don't need the whirly popper as indicated on the package instructions - I always cook it on the stovetop in a large covered pot; my sister cooks it in one of those fancy carnival poppers.

Each pack contains 5 pouches of product. Each pouch contains popping oil, popcorn, and a buttery salt topping (which I only use about half of - it is very fine and very salty). For those that like additional butter, you can add it after popping. While I cannot attest to the exact amount of popcorn yielded, it does do a good job of filling up my 32-cup Tupperware Thatsa bowl. Thatsalotta popcorn.

The unit cost is about $2.40 per pack (or $1.66 per pouch in the 15 pack), which may seem high when comparing it to microwave popping corn, but you just cannot compare the quality and taste (and when compared to theater popcorn, it is a fraction of the cost). Orville Redenbacher has nothing on Wabash!
507786507786B008NDSMT2A14Y5TRH8BH54SJudy Sardello "Multi Inquisitive"2251334361600BEST POPCORN EVER!I have tried so many kinds of popcorn, beginning with those for the microwave. Then I went to an electric popcorn maker and tried various popcorns. When I got the Whirley, the Wabash Valley Farms was the first popcorn I tried for it. I was immediately amazed. This pops larger than any one I've ever tried. Much larger. And the flavor cannot be beat. It is truly an exceptional popcorn and I will never again use a different one. I highly recommend it.
507787507787B008NDSMT2A1CVVHRAZOSM2TDavid E. Smythe1151320883200Theater popcornThe packets work great in a 6 quart stir popper. They make the chore of making the popcorn quick and easy. I wish they contained a little more oil though, it doesnt quite get to all the kernels.
507788507788B008NDSMT2AFM8FWPWGNL8ZD. Knight1151311206400Movie theater GOOD!I LOVE this popcorn! Very fresh, all but maybe 5 kernels popped, the flavor is awesome!! I recommend it to anyone that likes popcorn!!
507789507789B008NDSMT2A3L6YADBFWT1O3Jeremy1131293321600User error, or chewy popcorn?The movie style flavor is there, but the popped kernels are a bit chewy. It could be that I made it wrong by using a machine instead of the "Whirely Pop" thingy.
507790507790B008NDSMT2A3IVZ5EJPU959XS. Turner "ShannyT"1151265587200The best popcorn I have ever had!!!!This popcorn combined with the Whirley Pop is better than the movie theater. I will never again buy microwave or any other kind of popcorn. My entire family is spoiled now.
507791507791B008NDSMT2A3VXFBX5C80KLMRobert Tuck "RGT3"2351271808000The best popcorn money can buyI got this stuff as a gift one year and left the box sitting on the shelf for several months. I decided one day while watching a movie to give it a try. Wow! What had I been missing? This is absolutely the best popcorn money can buy for your home.

Now that we've tried it around the house, nothing else will do.
507792507792B008NDSMT2A3429OY0M0D5GTSandy C. "hansancru"2351200614400Old time tasteWe have really enjoyed the old time taste of this popcorn. I made a mistake and ordered two boxes but now am glad I did. Will probably have to order more sooner than expected. Thanks for the quality product--
507793507793B008NDSMT2A32B17CUVTIRPJTopcat19610051336089600Best PopcornThe closest thing to movie popcorn. Every kernel pops and it has a great flavor. I recommend this popcorn to anyone who likes theater popcorn.
507794507794B008NDSMT2A3AI0DDJ5BIRDEJenny Yates0041332201600fast serviceI can't believe how fast this shipped! Overkill on the packaging. It's only popcorn, it could have done without the packing peanuts and brown paper and a box with four covers. Product does not match the picture, is it new and improved or is it old and outdated?
507795507795B008NDSMT2A2SB6OFKZ8KAUUTX Barb0051329782400Great TreatThis is a great treat or snak to have on our RV trips. This is convenient with our whirly pop. This has everything in one pkg. Butter, salt and kernels. A little pricey for everyday use but well worth it.
507796507796B008NDSMT2AH8LU09UAUGA6gamer2k130051327276800great popcorn! just like the theater!this popcorn is simply awesome! tried it for a movie night with my entire family and everyone loved it so much. will be buying again for next time!
507797507797B008NDSMT2A1T2RO4T29TNULR. Stalnaker0031325894400Not so theatre styleNot bad popcorn. Wasn't quite as good as I wanted. It did cook up extremely well but wasn't any where close to the flavor of movie theatre popcorn. Would not order again.
507798507798B008NDSMT2A31RFO77JBO2IKC. Henry0021324944000Not so goodI'm a self-proclaimed popcorn junkie, so when I saw this "Real Theater" popcorn, I knew it would be the perfect compliment to my Whirley-Pop.

Not so, unfortunately. Yes, the product is well packaged and easy to pop. And yes, almost 100% of the kernels do pop. Sadly, this ease of use and good popping characteristics don't add up to great tasting popcorn. It's hard to articulate what is "bad" about this popcorn, and perhaps it comes down to personal preference.

For one, the aroma of this popcorn is simply not pleasing. It certainly does smell when it's cooking, but I wouldn't associate the smell with movie theater popcorn. It's a sort of sickly, sweet smell that sticks to the back of your throat. It's also a smell that lingers in your house for hours after cooking this popcorn.

The finished product isn't much better. The popped corn is very yellow, I suppose to give the impression of "real" butter. The taste, however, is not what I'd call butter. The best way I could put it would be "artificial" and "thick". "Thick", as in, a thick taste that sticks in your mouth and leaves a funky aftertaste. The end result is a chemically, over-processed taste. Now, granted, I don't frequent "real theaters" but about once every decade, so it's possible this is what passes as popcorn these days. Personally, I think you can achieve much better results with your Whirley-Pop using one of the many *real* popping corns available on this site, and then adding your own *real* butter, to your taste.
507799507799B008NDSMT2A26BJE5OKTSCA7J. Chase "Indie Fan"0051273363200Perfect PopcornI received the popcorn in a timely manner. The package was in perfect condition and the popcorn tasted great.
507800507800B008NDSMT2A1CR4D1F8ZYFTWWilliam Holland "JollyRoger"0041267056000Tasty PopcornThis might cost a bit more than other "store bought" popcorn, but it is really worth it! It works so perfectly in my whirly pop maker! Great twosome!
507801507801B008NDSMT2A3R7RE5O61M112@homemom0051256860800Yummy and horray for coconut oil!I'm a huge fan of using coconut oil (check out The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil) The Coconut Oil Miracle for more info on the health BENEFITS of using this oil over other processed junk. I was thrilled to see they used coconut oil for this product (side note, the popcorn you loved and remember as a child from the theatre was made with coconut oil back in the day). It all popped up to perfection in mins with my new whirley pop and I ate more then 1/2 the container it was so great! I can't wait to try their kettle corn variety.
507802507802B008NDSMT2A1M5205E1IGAMKKathy Rodenbaugh "camping"0051240704000real theater original popcornbest popcorn i have ever made. got to go order more so you do the same !!!
507803507803B008NDSMT2A2ALMIJP3PTEITJoe Kale2451202428800FABULOUS POPCORNWe wouldn't use any other kind of popcorn. It is actually BETTER than theater popcorn! It has just the right amount of salt and butter. DELICIOUS!
507804507804B008NDSMT2A2NXI0NSQBIJZRStellaD0111320624000UnimpressedLooked forward to trying this popcorn. NOT IMPRESSED. I guess everyone has a different idea about what great popcorn is. And it's expensive, 5 packs for $10. We don't have one of those Whirly Pop pans like they always advertise. Used a large pot instead. Had to add more salt and oil. It was ok -- just not great. I will stick to making great popcorn right on my stove and much cheaper. I just use a heavy 3qt saucepan, add popcorn, salt, oil and butter all right in the pan. Much better than any of these store bought kits.
507805507805B008NDSMT2A3SUP2PW59M5TCWilliam L. Sasman "Williasm L. Sasman"0151252368000Great popcornI was well pleased with my order of popcorn and wish it would last alittle longer. I have found a place at Oplika, Ala. that sells the valley popcorn and hope to go there and get more soon.
507806507806B008NDSMT2A2SLS7W4K4UQ5FGregory L. Hennessey0151237680000Outstanding Popcorn!!!!!!!If you like popcorn and are tired of the microwave stuff this is the best you can get. It's very simple and easy to make, just pour in the the kernels into a stove pot and mix in the supplied seasoning and butter mix, put a lid on top and in minutes you'll hear popping. Each bag makes a lot of popcorn which is nice and if you do it just right none of it burns.
507807507807B008NDSMT2A1S0OE3U5R7TFXBaruse2511292112000Strange coconut aromaI recently tried the five pack Wabash "Real theater popcorn." When cooking, there is a very off smelling aroma emanating from my popper.
So? I tried Paragon popcorn oil in place of the Wabash product and had no more "smelly" issues. Neither product offers much in the way of actual product content. Hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated coco oil? The latter better than the former....both not so good, anyway.
If you pop corn once in a while with Paragon + flavacol, you will not go wrong. I wouldn't consume this combo very often, like maybe once or twice a month? the same token, just like eating fat laden prime rib, potato chips, hotdogs, all the good stuff, is bad for your cholesterol lol.
Sadly all the snacks and fast foods we
C'est la vie.
507808507808B008NDSMT2AR0AHBU9A1TK7L. HINZ "Linda H"0221284940800DisappointingI was highly disappointed in the popcorn. I have the whirlypop maker and couldn't wait to get this popcorn to have the theatre popcorn taste.
The first time the popping liquid was runny and the second time it was solid. Each time it didn't work as the directions said it would and when it does finally start to pop it burns.......... HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED - sorry I bought 3-5 packs
507809507809B008NDSMT2A1CK5CZ714F34THomer J fan1711248220800AWFULI did not purchase mine from Amazon, but I did base my purchase on reviews I had seen on both Amazon & another site, which were all glowing. So I thought it was fair to give another point of view. I love popcorn more than any other food. This is possibly the worst popcorn I have ever had.

Normally, I use canola or peanut oil, fresh locally grown corn, & sea salt. It is absolutely delicious with very few hulls or unpopped kernels. It is much better (& better for you) than microwave or any other popping method using oil.

This stuff was stale, & had way too much sodium. The coconut oil mixture was disgusting. The taste was so bad that I threw the rest of it away after a few handfuls. I had split the original batch in half, & gave 1/2 to my neighbor, who usually will eat anything. Even she thought it was poor quality. Now I'm stuck with 2 boxes of this junk.

I gave it 1 star because every kernel did pop, and the cooking time was quick. But I'm going back to, & sticking with, my old method. I think it must be the locally grown corn (FRESH!) that spoiled me.
507810507810B001EO7LTEA1LBD5BNIW4ZKRSusan Austin "susanaustin"1131332720000Product of ChinaNo where on the description does it say (as on the can), "Product of China". Chinese products have shown themselves to be suspect in content and production. At least be honest and give the consumer the facts.

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