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507811507811B001EO7LTEA2U77Z3Z7DC9T9Ronald M. Chavin "rmchavin"0051346025600These cans will always arrive severely dented but the contents are deliciousWhen buying very large cans from, you should expect all of the cans to arrive either slightly dented or severely dented. Large cans have more mass than small cans and become dented much more easily. If both the top and bottom of the can become severely dented, opening the can will become extremely difficult. Despite this disadvantage, the whole button mushrooms inside each can are delicious to eat and it's difficult to resist drinking the salt water inside each can because it tastes so good - as good as soup. The whole button mushrooms in this product are too large to use directly on pizza. You will need to slice these mushrooms yourself or better yet, purchase cans of one of Roland's smaller-sized whole button mushrooms or purchase their sliced button mushrooms.
507812507812B0017T4VASA17PF5UVVNK5U1Theresa A. Davis3331225584000don't buy this hereThis food is great but you can get it cheaper at your local chain pet store or even at their website.
507813507813B0081UALJGA36PCUGSZKVKP0Topito0051336608000Great varietyThis is a great way to get a mix of stride gum. I liked all the flavors. I liked the winter blue the best but all were great.
507814507814B001EO60B4AAEN2X0G9EACJEspecially For You "NL"0041341878400Decent TeaI cold brew using disposable tea filters closed with toothpicks in Takeya Airtight Drink Maker Pitcher / Jug, Set of Two and it works wonderfully. (Those jugs are great, even better if you can still find them half price at Costco.)

Honeybush is a very interesting "tea." It's not technically tea since it's from a different plant; that being the case it's a completely caffeine free alternative to (typically) green tea. This is a very fragrant tea and has a very earthy, somewhat grassy flavor. The description says it increases appetite, but I've also read the opposite on other honeybush labels. It also says it has a somewhat sweet flavor, but I haven't found this to be true. I typically blend it with green tea as I find they compliment each other and are both high in flavonoids and antioxidants.

Since honeybush is really more of an herb, you need to use a little more for brewing. On it's own you'd want to use about 2-3 teaspoons to every 8 ounces of water at 212 degrees for about 3-5 minutes. If you blend it with green tea, make sure not to brew above 180 degrees as any higher will cause the green tea to become bitter.
507815507815B0036L331SA3VEQ9KPR7PT4UDianne May0051330473600What a Treat!I have always gotten these when visiting Grenada in the Caribbean. I was very happy to find it on Amazon. These are wonderful and refreshing. They remind me of a shortbread cookie with a ginger zing.
507816507816B00086IE18A2W6Z5KRYIQ46LPanola Man0051348617600Terrific extractMy wife bought me the simple Cuisinart ice cream maker for my birthday, and it's one of the best presents ever. I've made many different flavors, using the instructions provided, and they've all been great.

Thought I was stymied concerning pistachio (using Trader Joe's out-of-the shell nuts) until I found this product at LeRoux Kitchens in Portland, Maine. It's perfect, just a scant 1/8 tsp of the extract does the job for the two-cup capacity of the machine.

Those who complain about this product probably haven't read the listed contents, where it is made very clear that this is a highly concentrated extract. For sure, don't try to taste-test it on your finger tip.
507817507817B00086IE18AVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra0021347580800using uncooked - doesn't remind me of pistachiosI'm using this in vegan ice cream, uncooked. The flavor is exotic, but reminds me more of Pinesol than pistachios -lol.
507818507818B003AUB1XMA15MQ8S5TNNDHQcareful shopper0051348099200it's amazing if you like a little spicegot as gift from friends who traveled to australia. definitely has a kick, but also has an incredible taste. looking here on amazon to see if we can get it for a reasonable price. clearly for this much, i think i'll travel to australia to buy it! perhaps i'll find it cheaper elsewhere.
507835507835B006N3IE6AA3LQS08K2OBI5ZJ. Lim1131298332800My mom said this was not as flavorful as other "Extra Bolds"This is the most USEFUL info you will ever need to know about K-Cups, and one that took me forever to discover:

Bold/Extra Bold coffee in terms of k-cups does not mean that the coffee itself is stronger, it only means that they included more grind in the cups to provide you with a stronger coffee.

There! Now you know.

My mom goes for the Extra Bolds only because she has been addicted to caffeine for over 40 years now, and she's frugal and thinks this gives her more back for her buck (or rather mine, since I buy it for her).

Unfortunately, out of all the Extra Bold k-cups she's tried, she claims that the Wolfgang Puck is the weakest tasting. She's tried it in both the medium & small serving sizes format, and both have produced less-than-full-flavor drinks.

If you are looking for a rich, flavorful, strong-tasting coffee, try the Van Houtte Cafe Honduras Medium Roast, Extra Bold Coffee, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2).
507819507819B0007LXU0YA6FIAB28IS79Samuel Chell262651139443200A Consumer's Report: Rate It a Best Buyt's a close call, but if you're someone who eats breakfast in transit, Kashi Granola Bars have an edge over both the Nutrigrain too-sweet entries and the crumbly Nature Valley competitors. Neither a treat nor a treatment, Kashi Granola bars are light and just right--a way to get started without either residual guilt over a 7 A.M. candy bar or aversion to grandma's recommended fiber remedy. One warning: they go down easy, so don't take more than a single one with you in the car (or you could wind up scarfing down all six bars between traffic lights). Also, Amazon ships these three-buck packages in a generous-sized box, which may strike some consumers as ecologically irresponsible (wish I'd saved these boxes for a recent move of my mother-in-law. I think I ended up paying more for comparable new ones than the cost of the granola bars).
507820507820B0007LXU0YAIAR2XHRZIGDAEEP6651155859200Kashi Chewy Granola Bars-Peanut Peanut ButterThe Kashi Granola Bars that I purchased recently are a wonderful product. They are satisfying as a snack or breakfast, when you are on the run. They also come in handy as part of a daily lunch. They are chewy and full of peanuts and very filling. Great way to start a day!!
507836507836B006N3IE6AA4L2ALOJ53R96Squib1121297728000Weak, even on small cup settingThis coffee brews very weak - like a light roast. W.P. Chef's reserve pods are just over half full. Put pod on scale and it's 15% less coffee wgt than normal pods. Stick with normal pods or extra bold if you like coffee that taste like coffee.
507821507821B0007LXU0YA20AXI9V47518NT. Picklesimer6641126051200Pretty goodThese granola bars are pretty good and healthy for you, but they are personally my least favorite out of the three granola bars that Kashi makes. I would recommend the Trail Mix or the Honey Flax Almond ones over these, but these are still an excellent choice.
507837507837B006N3IE6AAQ6SHOW0VMZGFK. Padgett "familyof5"1121297382400Really DisappointedI wanted to like this coffee, I did. We've tried other Wolfgang Puck K-Cups and have been pleasantly surprised. This just did not impress us. Bitter aftertaste, and it has an almost sickeningly vanilla flavor. Smells great while brewing, but just does not live up to it in the cup. I'm really disappointed because I now have a box and a half of this product that we really do not want to drink! Great price though.
507838507838B006N3IE6AA1YKQFG1VU6AZKD. Prescott1151297209600Drink The Spirit of Aloha!I purchased these for my mom and she loves them! She does not like bold coffee flavors, but is more into the sweet and more flavorful varieties. This one combines the taste of the islands with a smooth, nutty flavor. Amazon had a GREAT price on these and this is something that I can actually recommend!
507822507822B0007LXU0YA3PSVI1D7LQ4GNstinhoutx5551139702400Finally what I have been looking for...I find other cereal/granola bars way too sweet, especially if they use artificial sweeteners. These bars are exactly what I like. A good amount of fiber, just enough sweetness, and not overloaded with fat and calories. I was buying the "fiber one" bars but they were still too sweet. I hope Amazon finds a way to replenish stock before my 10 boxes run out. I keep sharing them to let other folks give them a try.
507839507839B006N3IE6AA1KE7XXXLYIXLPatricia1111296864000Great taste, lousy cupThis is a good decaf coffee, but I've never before had a k cup dump the contents into my cup. It's extremely irritating to deal with grounds in the cup and machine when deliberately choosing a system that avoids the mess.
507840507840B006N3IE6AA3TQW5KBBPZHNCK. E Pearce "kpearce"1121296518400If you want a flavored coffee, okay... but otherwise YUKWarning: this is a STRONG flavor.

I thought that this would be Blue Mountain-y... oh no. It is like... rum flavored or something. Yuk.
507823507823B0007LXU0YA2YK6O2LDFFE8ZS. Stephens5541137024000Very goodI've decided to try and be as natural as I can be. That of course means eating lots of fruits and veggies, but I still love to snack. These are very good, nothing artificial and a good peanut buttery taste, not too sweet. I would recommend these definitely.
507824507824B0007LXU0YA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme2251317859200My favorite granola barThis is the tastiest and healthiest granola bar I have eaten. It is very low in sugar(5g), has a decent amount of fiber(4g), and provides just the right amount of protein(7g) for only 140 calories for people who don't need or want a high protein bar. The peanuts taste fresh and crunchy, and the honey adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Bottom line: Great taste without lots of sugar or any artificial sweeteners.
507825507825B0007LXU0YA335GUD1YBS31US. Thompson "casual reader"1141156204800pretty tastyThese are pretty tasty, and I don't like most nutrition bars. I eat them for an early morning breakfast. They don't taste too sweet, yet not overly healthy either. Just a really yummy-peanutty flavor.
507826507826B0007LXU0YA2SSNC7NTLTX6WDaniel W. Jepson0031349308800Dry and Tasteless Sums It UpI enjoy several different varieties of Kashi snack bars but I really expect something that is not only made with fresh ingredients to taste like the ingredients they are made with. These are very dry and have minimal flavor, so I will eat the rest of them but will not reorder.
507827507827B0007LXU0YA23OSRWZICGTA6A. J. Campa0051347667200Mmmmm peanut butterI've had these and there very good. Look forward to having them as a snack. Pretty cheap to buy at Target. Would buy them again.
507828507828B0007LXU0YA3EJRBPUFFECQPJen Y.0041212883200Good stuff at a great priceThese are good granola bars. We buy them at the grocery store but are way cheaper here. The only problem is sometimes they get very hard (the grocery store ones are softer). I'm not sure if that's from shipping here in a cold climate or what. Also, the expiration date can be very close. I was getting low on the bars and then ordered more and realized the expirate date is coming up in a few weeks when the last case had a later date. So it makes me wonder how fresh these are.
507829507829B0007LXU0YA2KQD8A9Z0ZHF0Tasheika A.0111344124800Don't waste your time buying these.These granola bars were disgusting. I turned to the kashi brand of peanut butter granola bars because they were healthier. The taste is just horrible. I wouldn't recommend these to no one. If you like the taste of cardboard, then these bars are for you.
507830507830B0007LXU0YA3CZOPZX66WK01absolute zero "absolute zero"0911335398400I wish I could review thisafter tasting it, but looking at the ingredient list, there is almond flour in it and I am allergic...Can't Kashi make a peanut granola bar w/o other nuts in them?
507831507831B006N3IE6AA5U24IWH64IFFKimdoll1151302480000Absolutely delicious coffee!I am a huge coffee drinker, and love the k-cups for making one cup quickly before leaving for work in the morning. While there are many choices, I prefer a bold, strong coffee first thing in the morning. Wolfgang Puck French Roast is absolutely delicious, strong and not at all bitter, and makes a great first cup of coffee. I would highly recommend to all bold coffee drinkers!
507832507832B006N3IE6AA1RVCWFP3SC3GUCakediva1151300233600YUMMYWe always drink Timmothy's or Emeril's. Thought we would try something different. Not too many decafs to choose from. We were pleasantly surprised that this had a great taste with a full bodied flavor. I like my coffee on the milder side so I can even get 2 cups from 1 Kcup.
507833507833B006N3IE6AA12SO47JRQGUPRThomas Smith "tjaye"1141299801600Good StuffGood subtle flavored coffee for the mid-afternoon pick me up. A bit of sweetness without being overdone. Wish it was available in whole bean as I like it stronger then the Keurig cup can make it.
507834507834B006N3IE6AA86RUZGD22FDRAnother coffee drinker1151299110400Delivers what was promisesWolfgang Puck's Chef's Reserve Colombian (Dark Roast) is basically what they said it will be. Dark roast, but not too strong. Acidity is on a low side, but with plenty of pleasant taste. At the same time you can drink this coffee black w/o the need for the sweetener and/or milk. This coffee is in European tradition and will please many people. I would recommend it after dinner, but not if you need a jolt to wake you up.

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