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507841507841B006N3IE6AA2TPOYNEEWCB47Deb McM1151296432000A favorite at the officeI admit I don't usually drink decaf but this is a favorite in my office and I felt it deserved a good rating.
507842507842B006N3IE6AA2L02N07L0RG3PTeresa1151296345600Island Escape!I tried this flavor within a variety pack and LOVED IT! I usually add cream and sugar to my coffee. With this k cup I added coconut creamer and found that I did not have to add any sugar! It was so sweet and light and tasted just like a pina colada. I absolutley love this k cup and am planning to sign up for subscribe and save on this one!
507843507843B006N3IE6AAN4C6KUWQOCQYGregory D. Roughgarden "Shannon"1141296000000Just Right and you will love it!This Wolfgang Puck coffee tasted great. The vanilla flavoring is just right. Some reviews said it was not so good, not enough flavoring, etc. Don't pay attention to the bad reviews posted on here. I have never posted for a product and I have tried many different k-cups. This is a good k-cup and don't hesitate to purchase this flavor because of the negative feedback. I almost hesitated and didn't buy it and then I figured I would give it a shot. It was worth it to pick the vanilla francaise flavor. You will enjoy it. It tastes better then other k cup vanilla flavors like folgers and van houtte flavor.
507844507844B006N3IE6AA2UCZAWAN5QMJQThomas F. Harper Jr.1141294876800Good coffee, but lets clear up the flavors?I saw the good reviews of this Jamaica Me Crazy coffee, but the reviewers all seem to wander around whether it has coconut, vanilla, caramel, rum or coffee liqueur flavorings.

First off, I'm not getting any coconut from it at all. Some vanilla, but it mostly tastes like coffee with baileys irish cream in it.

In fact, after I drank a cup I had to go pick up my son from kindergarten and it occurred to me that some of the other parents might think I was drinking spiked coffee while we waited for the class to let out! :)

But its good. I recommend it to anyone who likes flavored coffee. Not really anything else like it and I've tried about 20 different k-cup flavors.
507845507845B006N3IE6AAZWC23X2AZAQCM. C. Bowman1131294704000Not the bestWith so many choices now, I thought I woudl give this a try.
The Donut shop Decaf is by far my favorite and this one falls short.
507846507846B006N3IE6AA3S9V8OLQENVK8readingaway1151292976000Very Smooth Not AcidicI used to do the subscribe and save with the Timothy's World Kona, but due to the fact that the price on Timothy's jumped so high, I went to Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed. Pleasantly surprised, and I must say that I like this one much better than the Kona! It seems much more smoother, but the taste still retains a nice warm mellow-bold flavor. Great way to start the day! Oh, and I love the name of this coffee ;)
507847507847B006N3IE6AA1H703P9ALYVM6Lisa972251131292630400Too Mild for MeI bought this because Amazon had DRASTICALLY increased the price on what I usually buy, so I thought I'd try something new. I normally drink Coffee People Donut Shop, which is a nice, strong cup of coffee. This was a little disappointing. It's called a Medium Roast, but when I brew a large cup (my Keurig has 3 size options), it looks like strong tea - very light in color. It makes a very weak cup of coffee. When I brew the smallest cup possible, it's a tiny bit better, but I prefer a large cup of strong coffee. Think I may try the Rodeo Drive or Sorrento, but this one is just too weak and light for me. (Oddly enough, the first time I tried Donut Shop, I thought it was too I had been used to weaker coffees. Now that I've started drinking the stronger varieties, it's hard to go back to "brown water.")
507848507848B006N3IE6AA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma1151292371200A must have on my carousel!I wasn't expecting this one to be so rich or full! Yet it has a smoky finish that is typical of a French roast but doesn't taste burnt. I think alot of times a French roast tastes thin and yet bitter instead of full and smoky, but not this one! Very pleased with it and will definitely order again. If you like a stronger cup in the morning, without being bitter, give this one a try.
507849507849B006N3IE6AA30XEOBZCPH9KSDana L. Nickerson1131291680000Wolfgang Puck ColumbianVery good tasteing product but I need to use it the smallist setting on my B-60 to really enjoy the depth.
507850507850B006N3IE6AA324GNX6R2MF9VJ. L. Sutherland1151290556800Delectable!I am still waiting for Peets to come out with Kcups, but in the meantime, the Wolfgang Puck's coffees are filling the bill. I really like Sorrento AND Rodeo Drive---smooth and full bodied.
507851507851B006N3IE6AA2G1X3QMP6F3EKMKS in San An1131290470400A strong yet bitter brewAs a French Roast fan, I bought this brand of K-cup with high expectations, considering the name attached to it. I was disappointed. It has a hearty aroma and full-bodied flavor but leaves a bitter aftertaste.

If you're a lover of the more robust roasts, I would recommend trying the Coffee People Kona Blend Island Style, Extra Bold K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) instead. It is a smooth blend with none of the bitterness that delivers that kick you're likely looking for.
507852507852B006N3IE6AAP03SDCDB6RBDE. OConnor "erdoreen"1151288656000Definitely a good breakfast indeed!Not too bold, not too weak...not bitter. Good way to start if your not into the real strong coffees. My husband and I have added the Wolfgang Puck "Breakfast in Bed" line and the "Rodeo Drive" flavors to our buying ritual.
507853507853B006N3IE6AAQ6SHOW0VMZGFK. Padgett "familyof5"1131287878400DecentThis flavored K-Cup isn't out of this world, but isn't horrible. In my opinion, it's way more flavorful than the Wolfgang Puck Hazelnut K-Cup. We love flavored coffee in our house, and so I would go with this one again. Worth a try.
507854507854B006N3IE6AA2D45ZF2E3819Gpardos1141287273600Milder than expectedNever had Hawaiian Hazelnut before so I didn't know what to expect, but it turns out it's pretty good, not as flavored as say DD, but nonetheless pretty good. I have it on subscription now along with the German Chocolate Cake, another one of my favorite flavored K-cups.
507855507855B006N3IE6AA1GW3F20WIZ01WA. Waligora1151286496000Breakfast in Bed Coffee K-CupsThis has made me into a coffee lover! Very mild and easy on the stomach, but with a great flavor. Love it!
507856507856B006N3IE6AABQN42N7ICNZQT.O. Perspective1141285200000Enjoyable cup of coffeeNice, light cup of coffee. Definitely not a bold brew but it's smooth and gentle on the stomach.....good for those mornings when you over did it the night before. Would buy again.
507857507857B006N3IE6AA1N0JVDW4YVYD2J.S. "Coffee"1151285027200Smooth and light breakfast coffeeThis is a very balanced and smooth light coffee great for a first cup of the day.
507858507858B006N3IE6AA1DEJHEZGQ214WElizabeth K "Elizabeth K"1151283990400Wonderful coffee!This is a great cup of hazelnut coffee
507859507859B006N3IE6AA3504B9G5BJJM8Jeremy Agran "iamreality"3451331596800IT IS NOT DECAF PEOPLE!!!I'm amazed how many are being so easily fooled. What you're seeing is a GENERIC ingredient list that covers multiple coffees. What it is saying, based on the photo I see above, is that IF the coffee type you have is straight coffee, then all it contains is 100% arabica coffee... But IF what you are drinking is a FLAVORED coffee, then the ingredients in it are Arabica coffee, and flavorings... But IF what you're drinking is a DECAF variety, then it contains Arabica coffee that has been decaffeinated with Ethyl Acetate, as is standard.

So if you're not holding a decaf variety, then there is no decaffeinated beans! It is nothing more than generic catch all ingredients that apply to whichever variety you happen to be looking at.

Sheesh. Think people! lol
507860507860B006N3IE6AA1B5T3IUHLZ2UUStacie Gregory "ThriftyMama"71011295222400FLAVORED COFFEE??Nowhere in the description does it mention anything about this coffee being flavored. I'm still not sure what flavor it is. Some type of nut. I wrongly assumed that Jamaican coffee would be similar to the Blue Mountain coffee which Jamaica is known for! How silly of me to assume that! I hate flavored coffees so I was so disappointed to now own 2 boxes of such a horrible coffee. It only says flavored very small on the box so I didn't notice it before I opened it. Hopefully I can pawn it off to visitors and buy some regular bold coffee-flavored coffee for myself!
507861507861B006N3IE6AA16ZCEER1OK7XZgp4611305590400misleadingNo where in the description does it mention that this is a flavored coffee. By the name I thought it was a Jamaican Blue Mountain blend but its flavored with a weak tasting hazelnut. Not very good
507862507862B006N3IE6AA1IC75BCAGQ4IKdhalex "dhalex"4611296604800Non-Flavored coffee drinkers beware!I was in a hurry and did not read the reviews...I trusted amazon's description and it did NOT indicate it was flavored coffee and that it was NOT is very lightly flavored with vanilla so it isnt too bad. I feel cheated.
507863507863B006N3IE6AA286C5PALVXN5Rdebij402311297123200Heavily Flavored - Not For UsI thought this was a Jamaican blend or roast, but turns out it's simply a heavily flavored coffee. The flavor tastes artificial - like fake maple syrup flavoring. We have three coffee drinkers in our house and none of us could get past the first few sips. Now I have to find a home for the rest of it so it doesn't go to waste.
507864507864B006N3IE6AA1BP3Y74NK3XTAshutrbug6452311295827200Not Jamaican at all, just another sweet, flavored coffee!I wish Amazon would require any coffee with sweet artificial flavorings to be plainly identified as such. Then folks who really dislike coffee adulterated this way could avoid getting another disappointing flavored cup of coffee. This stuff tastes the way I imagine Newman's Own Extra Bold coffee would taste with curdled, spoiled Bailey's Irish Cream dumped in it - nasty. Shudder!!!
507865507865B006N3IE6AA1PGA8C2EAUSBTfunlinesdirect2321287446400Great name but I didn't care for itI drink about 4 to 6 cups of coffee every morning - I'm always looking for a new flavor - so I gave it a try - I drank it but I would not order again. steve
507866507866B006N3IE6AA2GT5MEDUP5YCFDonna Bollenbach2331286409600Good, but not my favoriteI like strong, but smooth coffee. This coffee is strong enough, but a little on the bitter side for my taste. I have tasted other strong blends that I like much more. My husband, who likes a medium roast coffee, is OK with this coffee, but it not his favorite either. I would only recommend it to someone who likes a little tang in their morning cup of joe.
507867507867B006N3IE6AA2FFQ7KXZ4IF53Betty J. Castellucci "Barspinners Mom"2321285632000These K Cups Have ISSUES - Coffee Not BadFirst of all, I have owned a Keurig for about 4 years now, and I've tried lot's of coffee. During that time, I have had an occasion k cup that didn't function correctly and loaded the brew with grounds.

I probably should have returned these before I bothered to open the second box. Since I drink my coffee from a thermal cup, I can tell you that taking that last drink to find your mouth full of coffee grounds stinks.

I have had to throw out at least 6 cups of coffee. Its a bit like Russian Roulette, and I've started straining it after I brew it.

I know that its not my brewer because it is not happening with the Green Mountain, Timothy's or Tully's that I also use. The good cups are a bit weak for my taste, but the flavor is ok. Definitely prefer not to waste $'s on a product with a manufacturing defect.
507868507868B006N3IE6AA3GFZIL1E0Z5V8bloomen10051351209600Rodeo Drive is Crazy Good Coffee!Rodeo Drive is my absolute favorite and I'm ready to order more! That's if I can find it.
I don't know why they are discontinuing it.
It arrived very fast.
507869507869B006N3IE6AA21VWSCGW7UUARIan Wilmot0041351123200Good, but not Wolfgang Puck goodHonestly, I have to admit that I expected a little better. That's not to say that this is bad coffee - in fact it's quite bold without being too acidic, and pretty satisfying overall. I think my main problem is that Wolfgang Puck's name is attached to it, so perhaps it set my expectations a little high. I have a Wolfgang Puck knife set that I adore, and is very high quality for what I paid for it. This coffee was on sale, so it was well worth it also, I just hoped for something that would knock my socks off - which it didn't. I also purchased the Breakfast blend, and Jamaica me crazy at the same time. The breakfast blend was the best, in my opinion, and the jamaican coffee smelled the best, but was the least successful.
507870507870B006N3IE6AAZ5ZLGXWULUG8Mama Longlegs0041350864000Good Coffee from Amazon.comThe Breakfast In Bed coffee from Wolfgang Puck is a good medium roast coffee. My husband, the regular coffee drinker of our house, likes it, but feels he would like the coffee more if it were a bit stronger. The product arrived quite soon after ordering.

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