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209311209311B000YT7TECA1281C2LPAX0D1Jennifer L Hayes0051315785600Fantastic for dipping!This product is fantastic with any kind of dips or cheese. I had ordered this product because my local supermarket wasn't restocking.
209312209312B000YT7TECAW3VZ5O895LRKcarol irvin "carol irvin"0051290902400Fantastic Crisps Use for Everything
209313209313B000YT7TECAHEQX4T5JTUZ8Sidney Maria0051285113600New York Style Bagel Crisps Cinnamon Raisin ReviewExcellent! Unusual and very crispy! Can be messy with lots of crumbs, but well worth it. Have a sweet taste as well as cinnamon, but the raisin is hard to find! A healthy snack that even my cat likes!
209314209314B000YT7TECA1O229NVVDJUX2Anthony Pantliano "The Photo Guy"0051279843200Great Price, Great Packaging, Great Taste!If you've never had these Bagel Crisps before they are about the size of a large potato chip but much thicker and made from bagels. They are crunchy and taste like garlic and salt. Compared to the Ranch Wheat thins (15 crackers a serving) I usually snack on, the serving of Bagel Crisps (6 crisps) has 10 less calories but fills me up the same. However, there is a lot more sodium in the crisps, 320mg vs.190mg in the Wheat Thins.

The package of 12 arrived quickly, well packaged, and fresh. My particular order which was placed in mid July has an expiration date of May 2011. Plenty of time to eat all 12 packages without feeling rushed!

All in all... for a moderately healthy crunchy snack you can't go wrong.
209315209315B000YT7TECA3J5D4G6GYMTGWJ. McDowell0031247788800Not what i was expecting !I guess it's just that i'm a midwesterner, but this was *not* what i was expecting. Not necessarily in a bad way, but there is not a hint of onion/garlic in this product. New York Style... is what it must be.
209316209316B000YT7TECAH50RZ8LC8AKMSally J. Herron0051247270400Awesome priceI love these to take on trips and to use in chex mix. Awesome price compared to the store price.
209317209317B000YT7TECA3K7XR1T8LBTBK. Frappier0041240272000Very flavorful!After ignoring these in the supermarket for some time, I was introduced to them at my new job where everyone kept scarfing them down. Being a garlic lover, I just had to try one. I'm hooked. They are light, airy, and so full of flavor. They do get your hands a bit greasy reminding you that they aren't a fat free light food. I'm not into potato chips, so I searched my supermarket for the garlic flavor to no avail. How delightful I can order them from Amazon!

I gave the review 4 stars because sometimes the bag is full of broken pieces instead of full bagel chips. As another reviewer said, a resealable bag would add to the product. However, maybe the creators know how quickly they will be devoured... :)
209318209318B000YT7TECA3FTSMGFAAEA53Indy girl0051207872000DeliciousThese are very good. I like to put a little piece of swiss cheese on top of a few crisps and pop them in the microwave for a few secs: delicious! Sea Salt is good, but the Garlic flavor is my fave. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!

209320209320B000YT7TECABLDXZA3NLJEMmeliss0041185580800Not the taste that I was expectingThese are very light and crisp.

They had a lot more caraway seeds than I usually find in "everything" bagels.
They tasted more like a dark rye than white.
I'm used to a stronger garlic and onion flavor -- so I'll order a different flavor next time.

Good product. Fast shipping.

209322209322B000YT7TECANRUZDPM0848UE. T. Culling0131181520000Made in Bulgaria!Not made in New York!! Why Not?

The package is not reclosable.

Great taste.
209323209323B000YT7TECA1EFDC1ZAQ2LKGLori E. Poludin "gourmet/gourmand"0131178928000Yummy garlic bagel chips, but....Roses are red

Rain gives them a soakin'

I wish the bagel chips

came to me less broken.
209324209324B000YT7TECAD1UABBPW0EGAJuan C. Gonzalez "gonzalez76796"0511237420800broken breads of garlicthis product that recibi was not in good state since 80% of the panesitos of garlic were divided
209325209325B000SJHUFGA27L0UYDP3MQJ5Julie Schneblin "juliart"101041171497600Chronicles of Narnia treat!We purchased a variety of Turkish Delight for a "Chronicles of Narnia" party. In the book and movie, Edmond is temped by the White Witch with this traditional dessert. It was fun sharing it with the guests. Most people had never tried it (us included)! My son enjoyed it the most. It is a acquired taste. I think the guests liked being able to try something completely different. My son has asked for more (not unlike Edmond!!!)
209326209326B000SJHUFGA1273EI16LRMTPS. Chang5541191715200Haci BekirThe product is always a hit. I've bought it for birthday gifts, and Turkish Delights are always well-received, absolutely delicious. However, the shipping cost is always outrageous. No complaints about the product itself though. If I ever get Turkish Delight it is always through the same company, Haci Bekir.
209327209327B000SJHUFGA31XP0OXGRR7C6N. Mullen4441169164800yummy and deliciousthese are good turkish delights. they are very small, however, but they've got lots of flavor. I don't like them smothered in powered sugar, so I dusty it all off, but other than the fact that they're tiny, I like them. Wish there was more nuts!
209328209328B000SJHUFGA18JYGPY0H5QLVMPBuch3351338768000Fresh & delicious!What a surprise! I was hesitant to order but with 2 Narnia loving kids I decided to risk it. These arrived well packaged/sealed & were incredibly fresh. Great flavors & generous portions of nuts. The rose & hazelnut are superb with the rose tasting exactly like we've imagined a homegrown rose would taste if you took a bite :-) Have already purchased this brand again here on Amazon. Highly recommend!!!
209329209329B000SJHUFGA2YLAF2HZALVHCJill L.3341325548800Candy from NarniaEach year when my 7th grade class reads The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I purchase Turkish Delight for them to sample. The candy comes wrapped beautifully and is always a treat for my studetns.
209330209330B000SJHUFGA1MHOYUPMHH5TFAdam S. Roades "evercurious"2241336521600Delicious and unusual treatI've never had turkish delight before, but being a fan of both C.S. Lewis and They Might Be Giants, I had always wanted to try some. I can't compare this with other versions of turkish delight, but I can say that my entire family has enjoyed this unusual treat. I say unusual since the flavors are not typical candy flavors. But since it's basically just sugar and starch, the consistency ends up being similar to a soft jelly candy (or very solid jello). All four flavors are enjoyable and the price for the sampler seems very reasonable. I'll probably order this again as a fun alternative treat to bring to a party.
209331209331B000SJHUFGA2344VNU028IJWbeach reader2241313107200Good Old-fashioned FlavorsQuite yummy. This is NOT Aplets and Cotlets, so don't expect the same product. This seems to be the real thing from the sultan's household. Wasn't too crazy about the plain variety, but the other flavors were just the ticket for a light dessert. Fortunately, another member of the household thought the plain flavor was perfect to cut in half for a bit of sweet. We would buy it again.
209332209332B000SJHUFGA27WVK3W71ONORWilliam B. Blaschko "Will"1141340755200Like Living in MoroccoHaving spent time in Morocco, I had the chance to sample authentic Turkish Delights.

- Very similar to the real thing
- Most types were delicious (I can't say I was a fan of the rose ones)
- Not too sugary
- Fresh tasting, obviously weren't sitting around in a warehouse

- The rose ones were a bit chalky
- So good I ate too many at a time and gave myself a stomach ache!
209333209333B000SJHUFGA3JCGZ6TDN2PC9mg1141168300800A new experience and pleasant surpriseMy daughter's teacher brought Turkish Delights to school one day because of the movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia". She came home asking me to place an order because they were so good and all of the kids loved them. The box of candy arrived within a short time and was well packaged. I liked all of the flavors with the exception of the Rose flavor, however, my eight-year-old liked it. I would definitely place an order for our favorite flavors again.
209334209334B000SJHUFGAR5SGZFKD8UJ6Bader Alsaeed0011350259200Dry, dehydrated and stale.I'm not sure if I just got an old batch or what, but they were really dry. The powdered suger was clumpy too. I was looking to having these turkish delights but they just suck. I guess I'll just have to find some local here.
209335209335B000SJHUFGA38HMHGUWGLMNMJ.B.0051349740800Delicious treat - will buy again and again!The first box got over in less than 24 hours after we received it :) Everyone loved it so much that we'll be getting this on a regular basis :)
209336209336B000SJHUFGA3T6ZIIUOA0Q1SJill L. Ferguson0051306022400Authentic Turkish DelightThis is a very fresh, tasty brand of Turkish Delight. The box arrived quickly and was exactly what my children's lit class needed when discussing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.
209337209337B000SJHUFGA37F5BQAYL9NFGLorraine P. Zigman0051292976000Wonderful!I had these shipped to my niece and family as part of their Christmas gifts. Since I forgot to tell her it was for Christmas, the package was opened immediately and enjoyed by not just themselves, but neighbors and friends who stopped by. Everyone gave them rave reviews. These are the same kind of candies as those I brought home from a trip which included Turkey. They are made with fruit juices and are either flavorded (i.e. rose), or have nuts, etc. in them. Highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth, and who want to try a special candy from Turkey.
209338209338B000SJHUFGARLE01CIFFTOUsamiaali0041284249600Delicious Turkish DelightThis Turkish Delight was very good. Nice variety, with an assortment of nuts. Definitely will order again.
209339209339B000SJHUFGA2U79M5X158E6OHenna Flower1221323907200Not as expectedOne of my friends went to Turkey for a business trip and brought some Divan turkish delight looking like this.
It was turkish delight with pistaccio and just melting in my mouth. All my friends, including those who are picky in foreign treats like this, loved it.
I tried to find it locally or online but couldn't. Then I saw this at Amazon and ordered 4 packages at once after reading some reviews.
It was not as I expected to taste at all.It was much more sugary than the original one that I tasted, with less flavor, too.
Besides, package was kind of loose so some of content were squashed.
I should've ordered only one. Too late. I sent one to my sister in Korea and didn't like it too much either.
I just saw another one here that says Divan turkish delight but doesn't look the same.
Definitely would not buy more from here again.
209340209340B000SJHUFGA37BUV6NH3FU5DBatman's Kiss1251171584000delightful turkish delightThis was really wonderful to sample the turkish delights and especially the rose flavor was fragrant. Elegant and pleasurable, a sweet to be savored and enjoyed. This was in a beautiful box and my whole family enjoyed this rare treat.

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