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209341209341B000SJHUFGA23T8WMQOPATE1E. Power "B. Power"1321168300800Assorted Turkish DelightI was disappointed in the quality and size of the candies. The flavor was good, although unusual.
209342209342B000SJHUFGAZMQVYLPMUETYBrenda "Railroad Gal"0221244764800Not RecomendedThis was bought for a Christmas treat for my family, and the other kind was really good, but this one was kinda hard, and stuck to your teeth and not good at all.
209343209343B000SJHUFGAJKUKIVCQAWKCrobes0321343692800MehSome of the flavors were alright like rose, but some did not taste very good. I expected more. It did not taste like the turkish delight I have had before. It tasted dry and not very good.
209344209344B000SJHUFGA1U81QXHRCDWMRStacey M. Taylor21821155168000The taste of the Turkish Delight.The Turkish Delight did not taste good. Sorry but I rather have powdered donuts with cream fills.
209345209345B000E8SA46A38S01WLACVRTJElectus0051346371200Love itThis has been my favorite tea for several years and I order more every few months. I love it. My only complaint that I notice happens more often lately is the tea bag is "stitched"(pressed)into the tea bag wrapper, and I have to be very careful not to rip the tea bag when taking off the wrapper. This is a production/packaging issue.
209346209346B00028LDJ2A28AJSK2CI1XAOK. Saito1131203379200i like itLike a lot of the gums by Lotte, the flavor doesn't last too long. But this used to be one of my favorite gums when I lived in Japan. I never thought that it tasted like cough medicine. Maybe it's just an acquired taste. I also used to chew only the hard shell gum. The stick gum wasn't as good, in my opinion. I still prefer American gum over Japanese gum but it's not horrible.
209347209347B00028LDJ2A2BJ7414ZCP0PCD. Hanes "blcslv"0051311292800My favourite gumI usually don't chew gum but I was surfing Amazon an saw that I could order this. I used to chew this gum when I lived in Japan. I saw some other things I wanted and included it in the order. It is still just as good. Everyone I have had try this says they like it also.
209348209348B00028LDJ2A34FNDDCI3JIKTTrucha140041303776000Short but amazing flavorI lived in Japan for a little while and during that time I could say that I always carried a couple sticks of this gum with me. I love the flavor it is simply amazing but like some of the previous post mentioned it does not last long. Still highly recommend this for anyone looking a short burst of amazing blueberry flavored candy.
209349209349B00028LDJ2A3C2CGE4Z5BE5KSara Hargis "Sora"0051287619200YumI LOVE this gum, but unfortunately not enough to pay the shipping costs for it on Amazon. I recently came back from month-long vacation in China - always carried a few sticks of this in my purse. I'm not usually a big gum chewer, but this stuff was delicious.

Tasted nothing like cough medicine to me. Very blueberry. Perhaps the other reviewer got a bad batch?
209350209350B00028LDJ2AWTB31QZRSOVNM. Chan4811097107200Had to throw it out.I'm a fan of Japanese candies and snacks but this gum I would not recommend. It tastes like children's grape "flavored" cough medicine. I had to throw the entire pack out because people whom I shared it with had the same reaction. Try another flavor.
209351209351B0014ATS08A3JYUMMYTBUKMKGod isgood "Jesusblood"101051237507200Honey Ginger CrystalsLove It!!! Fast Delivery, wonderful product. I use root ginger in cooking and drinks, but this is a very potent substitute and really convenient. If you are not familiar with the myriad of health benefits of Ginger, I recommend taking time to research it(lots of info on the web) Menopause symptoms become a thing of the past, kills parasites, regulates diabetes and blood pressure...on and is so valuable that it was used as a standard of currency in the past...thanks. K
209352209352B0014ATS08AF0Z6SH94ETNHAlbert J. Wallace "Conscience Cleva"7751265587200Awesome product....I love this product, it works miracles for my body and overall health. I trust this product because of its natural and non chemical substance. It better than cold medicine, better than green tea, better than an energy drink to me.

I keep boxes in my office and at home...
209353209353B0014ATS08A134JPMZLH57I6A. Hoffpauir "DVM and mom"5551266796800Morning SicknessI discovered Prince of Peace Honey Ginger tea when I was pregnant with my first child and fell in love. It is great to settle an uneasy stomach or first thing in the morning for morning sickness ( my husband brings it to me before I get out of bed).
I am now pregnant for the second time and find this to be an invaluable part of my morning sickness kit.

The vendor shipped in a timely manner and the packaging was great.
209354209354B0014ATS08AY4HKT0K388OSC. B. Folsom4451236816000ChrisThe product is incredible. I love it and will continue to use it long after this supply is gone. I had some issues with delivery that apear to have been the US Postal Services fault. the company that I bought this product from did a very good job of resolving the problem once it was understood. I would order from them again.
209355209355B0014ATS08A19ILTOKQTYV68C. Rosecrans3351265846400Nothing better when your're ill.When you have a cold it's like a warm blanket. And when you have stomach troubles it's the comfort and help as sweet as a Mom. It really works. I wouldn't want to be without it.
209356209356B0014ATS08A1UAFMERY5ZENYM. Clinton "MzGlam09"3351254182400The Perfect Brew!!I love this tea and was so grateful when it showed up in my Google search! My aunt in New York started bringing this tea on her visits to North Carolina. At first, I didn't want to try it, but once I did, I got hooked! Now I don't have to wait for her visits anymore I can order them right here on Amazon!
209357209357B0014ATS08A7GJI0EUD7J1LSunshine "cchptato"2251297296000Ginger TeaI purchased this tea because ginger is supposed to help with muscle aches and pains as well rheumatoid arthritis. I've only had two cups so it's a little early to tell if there will be significant improvment but so far I can tell my neck muscles move with less pain. For my first cup I poured the whole packet of crystals into my cup. As a lifelong coffee drinker, one packet was way to much. I could feel the peppery taste on roof of my mouth and throat. There seems to be approx 2 TAB of crystals in each packet. For my next cup I measured out 1 TAB and it was just perfect. I really like the taste of this tea. The blend of ginger and honey seems to be just right. For avid tea drinkers, this is an excellent choice and for avid coffee drinkers, I would also recommend this tea.
209358209358B0014ATS08A3KFINCGFQ0ZXAHBB "HBB"2251265414400Great FindI found this product (Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals) at a small market on the California coast during a recent vacation. I had a cold and a sore throat, and was looking for something to soothe it.
This really worked wonders! My wife and I both loved it.
After returning home, I couldn't find it in stores, so I searched online and found it through Amazon. The price was great, although shipping made it more expensive than in the store, so I ordered three boxes and the total cost per box was pretty reasonable.
Service was very prompt - no problems.
209359209359B0014ATS08APZUC0SZKOI7GMarsha El Amin "Tea lovers"2251259971200Heathly Ginger TeaI love to drink this tea year-round, but during the winter months I get more benefits from it and now that it is flu season I drink two cups a day. These ginger crystals are good for your digestion system and its keep your immune system working for you to ward off colds and it is just good to drink in the place of coffee and sodas, try it once and you will like it.Instant Ginger Honey Crystals Pack of 30 Bags - 18 g Sachets
209360209360B0014ATS08A2M8WUDB2GQK6ERN2251205193600Instantly clears nose and throatThis product rocks. A friend got it for me and boy was he right. The crystals dissolve right away in hot water and as you sip, you will feel your nose and throat clear of whatever that is bothering you. It has a potent ginger taste that is sweetened with honey. I am so glad Amazon has it!
209361209361B0014ATS08A3AQI7H1P0BY9HJanice L. Marshall "She-Who-devours-Books"1151312502400Gringer & HoneyThis is a great hot drink and good cooled after mixing with hot water. If you remember Vernor's Ginger Ale from the "old days" this will make you right at home. The ginger does have a bite but the honey makes it mellow.
209362209362B0014ATS08AX5O7O9DALUP4Laura E.1121301011200Just too spicy for meI think this product is well made, but it was just too spicy for me to enjoy, couldnt finish the box
209363209363B0014ATS08A3JYMIK9IYQ9OFNatomas "Art lover"1151297209600Excellent Buy!The product is awesome. Aids digestion and tastes really good. Makes for a nice energy drink too. Would buy again.
209364209364B0014ATS08A2HQPMRHJ57M7XC. Miller "online shopper"3431281139200Prince Of Peace Ginger Honey CrystalsI like these Ginger Honey Crystals, and mainly because the beverage they make is ready for consumption as soon as it's cool enough to drink, and doesn't have to be steeped for ten minutes like tea bag ginger tea, and I think it has more ginger in it than ginger tea bag tea, and maybe should have given a four or five star rating, but I wish that it just had honey added, and not sugar.
209365209365B0014ATS08A3C5K3ULSGA50SValerie0051336694400I Drink it DailyI love this product and pretty much drink it daily. It really helps my intestinal tract feel balanced. And I crave it when I'm sick. I buy mine at Whole Foods but I'm glad to see it here since it's often sold out. I also like to mix it with Crystal Light Pure Tropical Blend in my large water bottle and sip it all day at work. Delicious!
209366209366B0014ATS08A2W40KCSVH5Q1GAdele Montrose "fluter"0051332028800DeliciousI first tasted this tea at a Japanese restaurant and I love the sweet and peppery taste of the ginger. It is delicious hot. It is also very soothing on sore throats! I recently was sick and was so grateful to have this tea on hand.
209367209367B0014ATS08A3OVT9IKNDEB3WTea lover0041320796800I like it very much.I like it very much. It is a surprise when I first tried to taste it. I was wondering, why did I not see it before. After drinking it a little bit, you will feel warm to your heart. It really does good to your body.
209368209368B0014ATS08APDHZKYMUTEJCSandy Berry0141333756800tout sweetI liked the product. Because it was a little sweet for my taste (the honey), I only used part of a packet with each use. I liked it better that way, and in addition, it lasted longer.
209369209369B0014ATS08A1Z0A8UZWEGAOFRobin Adams3611272326400Misleading ReviewAt the time of purchase there was no ingredient list provided, so I believed a product reviewer who indicated there were ONLY two ingredients: ginger and honey. Not so. The primary ingredient is cane sugar.
209370209370B000KZDCN2A2U5PHJ9FNL3FVCarl A. Sikora0051296604800Maggi is bestI love your product. It is so much better than anything on the market.

The only problem is finding a store that sells Maggi. Foodtown in my area had

this product for a while, but not lately. The only product they had with Maggi

label on it was a Beef Flavor Bouillon. This of course is not what I want.

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