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209371209371B000KZDCN2A24LLXU7JI78GQWilliam T. Eckhoff31411184976000Still have not received this itemThe rating above should be "0" because:

I'm very glad you offer this "Review" feature as it has been quite some time since I ordered this item and still have not received it! And I do not have the information about who I ordered it from to follow up. Please help.

Thank you...
209372209372B0041FEDCQA3DWLY6E534S53K. Sayers "Dawn Trailing Phoenix"5551317945600Glad this smells nothin' like a billy goat!Ok, I'm a sucker for just about any product with a nasty-looking goat on the label. Why? Because I've raised goats for years and just love 'em. Anyone who's ever had a billy goat knows that they are just about the stinkiest, foulest-behaved creatures around, but also very affectionate. This coffee really is something like a buck goat in season - mighty high and strong, but lovable. The aroma actually reminds me of compost in my goat barn - and this is NOT a bad thing! It's got a deep, earthy smell that is unusual. Lovely dark roast. Not acidic at all like cheap coffee. Complex and wonderful. Goes great with goat milk and sugar, or black. And, unlike a real billy goat, you won't have to wash your clothes after you touch it.... I'm very picky about coffee and can say without hesitation that I'll be buying this one again!
209373209373B0041FEDCQA1TAVZ8ZE0BPBQB. Moore4441329955200Good STUFF - but grind it a bit finer than normal.First, my palette coffee lends itself towards darker oily roasts from Africa and Asia rather than lighter South & Central American coffees. So, now you know how to discount my ramblings here's my review.

When I opened my first bag of this stuff the first thing I noticed was an inconsistency in the oil present on the beans - only about 10% looked oily & the rest looked pretty dry. The aroma is very good, so I figured what the heck, tossed it in the grinder and brewed a pot. I have to say that my first results were disappointing - the aroma color and opacity were all spot on but the taste was demi body with a watery finish.

I had just bought 24 ounces of this stuff and wasn't ready to chuck it so I did something I haven't done in over a year - I adjusted my grinder to a finer grind setting. The disappointing half bodied flavor was gone and I had a good strong cup. I would say the overall flavor lends itself more to the coffees from the Americas and par with a cup of coffee you might get after a meal at a really good restaurant.

If you don't like the first batch then just grind it a bit finer and you should get better results.
209374209374B0041FEDCQA1U4ZY6414VF17Deborah Taylor "A Connecticut Yankee's Wife"4451292284800Worth a brew or two!I am a coffee lover. Many will not enjoy these bold flavors, but Raven's Brew coffees are exceptional. They are never bitter, have a smooth finish. Savored this coffee when I first had it on business a long while ago in the northwest. Since then, I randomly order it from Raven's Brew Coffees on line. I like all their coffees, and only wish I could pick them up locally. I like their funky philosphies too, and their website is fun for the eyes. I also wish the company would bring back their long sleeve t-shirts with the Served in Bed Wakes up the Dead (something like that, don't quote me!)logo of the Skeleton drinking coffee. My husband has the 3- Peckered Billy Goat T shirt too. Their whole culture is fun & I wish there was something fun & funky like that around these Connecticut Yankee hills!Definistely WORTH the price!
209375209375B0041FEDCQA1Q5BECYOHGJ4WJeremy "Jeremy"2231329436800Not terrible, but not Deadman's Reach eitherI LOVE Raven's Brew: Deadman's Reach. It's, quite literally, the best coffee I've ever tried.

So I thought I'd try another Raven's Brew blend, and ordered a couple bags of Three-Peckered Billy Goat.

The aroma of the beans in the bag is great, just like DM Reach. However, when I brewed it; using exactly the same bean volume, grind, and water volume as I do with the Reach; it just isn't as good. It has a weak, almost slightly sour flavor. You don't get any of the dark nutty, chocolate, roasted notes that make Deadman's Reach so good.

Overall, I love Raven's Brew, but this blend just isn't for me.
209376209376B0041FEDCQA2K49SERGJ5XRNM. Hilbert "Those who fail history are doomed...0051350259200great coffe and good priceI have to admit, I bought the coffee when I was living in Alaska because of the name. I keep buying it, because it is a very good cup of coffee.
209377209377B0041FEDCQA2VCVHY3HGIVTSDH0041334966400Decent coffeeI thought this blend was pretty good, it has a pleasant taste. It is a bit expensive, I have tried better coffees for less.

Overall, I recommend buying only if you can get this at a discounted price.
209378209378B0041FEDCQA3F0ZYNNJCQ2BPKindle Reader0041327190400Good coffee, terrible name.This coffee was great. My family loves it a lot. The only problem-we can't give it away to certain family members due to the name. Otherwise-velvety and has a slight taste of chocolate.
209379209379B0041FEDCQATU17PH3J645Xeva "eva"0051323907200SmoothI have tried 3 different roasts of Raven's Brew, so far my favorite is the French Roast, and this one came in second.

Is very smooth, and lots of body.
209380209380B0041FEDCQAVS2L49B2SDVSSnowed in Alaska0051322784000LOVE IT.This is our family favorite and our daily drinker. I'm so glad we can get it locally. It always gets rave reviews from guests, and makes a fantastic gift, but it's the kind of treat you want to keep for yourself.
209381209381B0041FEDCQAPDWMHZDU5OIFgraphicMOG0051316390400dang goodsmooth cuz its steam roasted. grab this instead of crappy starbucks. good for a daily coffee. very earthy and has to be one of my favorites from raven's brew. makes an excellent cafe con leche. treat your friends to a cup to wow even those that are coffee snobs. still have the bag now that i'm done so i can take a whiff and reminisce. buy it you won't regret it.
209382209382B000YFDYZEA1CFYV8RQ8L6DSmaglean "magaugust"1151210291200So good.I like these cookies for years, I would buy them at the convenience store, back then. I saw grandma cookies on amazon the variety pack, excellent choice different flavor Very good taste.
209383209383B0037QPRQ6ATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"1141305936000Very tasty spread - would definitely get it again.We ordered two jars of the Amish spreads, which arrived today.
The seller packs carefully, and the jars arrived quickly and in fine shape.

We anxiously opened them both with spoons in hand to enjoy.
Both spreads were very tasty.
The apple blueberry is a definite keeper and I would buy it again without a blink.
The cinnamon was a little heavy, but it was still very tasty.

The cherry was a little too spicy in my opinion - it seemed again like there was
too much cinnamon in it, to the point of overriding any cherry flavor.
If I was tasting that one blindfolded, I am not sure I could tell it was cherry!
It was still very good, just not as "cherry-ful" as other fruit butters I've had.
The spread looked lovely - you could see the cherries, but the taste was obscured
by the spices. Note that I love cinnamon in all forms - in cookies, on toast,
in spreads, in candy, in gum. So, I am not picking on it - it just seemed to be out of balance.

Now, I do want to mention one thing that bothered me a little bit.
I saw no place or way that these jars were sanitarily sealed.
In other words, there was no lid to pop up, no inner seal, no plastic seal on the edges.
I am guessing that the jars are filled as orders come in, but it still
bugged me that the screw-on lids didn't seem to have any real seals.

I would have liked to at least see those plastic heat-shrink seals around
the lids so I could have at least felt I was the first person dipping in the jar!
I did deduct one star for the lack of a visible sanitation process.
The jar does say to refrigerate after opening. Since there is no seal inside or out,
I would refrigerate immediately upon receipt no matter what.

So, I would recommend the apple blueberry butter.
The cherry butter - well, I am going to keep trying other kinds.
209384209384B0037QPRQ6A13MR8NKBRMABTTina0041330128000Yum, Cherries in butter form!I was so excited to find cherry butter on Amazon, let alone that it was made by the Amish! we bought the two jar pack. I decided just to get cherry butter as a start and was happy with it, but want to try more flavors, now! I just read a previous reviewer's comments and have to agree taht there needs to be some kind of indication that the jar was sealed the whole time between jarring and my opening the jar. Even a sticker over the lid would make me happy. The jars were wrapped in bubble wrap in put into a box that just fit the two jars. They made it here in great shape. Just a little put off by the costs involved. "For that price it better last a while" lol But it was made by the Amish, I grew up having a semi-awed respect for the Amish and find it has not changed.
209385209385B0037QPRQ6A1T63PO0U9YAACgator0051328745600fix itFound that this butter is so perfect for so many foods that I'm not crazy about. For example, fish, crackers, its a real pick up in flavor and will order more in the future.
209386209386B003SKYC0SA1BYFN6AB0SIOARobin0041319155200Nice taste Great priceGreat value for price. Addictive taste though slight metallic after taste . Convenient, portable good with cheese sticks for a quick snack in the afternoon.
209387209387B002U7EAI4A2AOSF772KW2CO1stTimeMominChi2251281916800The "Crystal" of Hot SauceHands down the best hot sauce out there, especially for the price! A little pricier on Amazon than in the stores, but it's difficult finding a location that carries it!
209388209388B002U7EAI4A3NG00XE0YDFFSJay Boudreau2341295481600Great for Hot WingsMixed with butter and Sriachi hot sauce, this makes a great hot wing sauce. Grill your wings for around 15 min and toss in sauce while wings are hot. Combine with cream cheese and blue cheese whizzed up in a cuisinart and spread on celery and bingo; great weeknight meal.
209389209389B002U7EAI4A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0051305849600Great alternative to Tabasco,As far as Louisiana style sauces go, this is one of the best and cheapest. Most any
"local" type establishment you visit in and around New Orleans will have a bottle of
Crystal on the table. Its not hot at all, maybe a 3 on a 10 scale, but the flavor
particularly for your basic generic Cajun spread is fantastic.

The best thing about Crystal is that its not only available at most retail outlets, but
its cheap. Locally, a 12oz. bottle can be had for $1.39. Comparatively, the 2oz. bottle
of Tabasco costs $1.59 at the local grocery so it pays to have a couple of bottles of
Crystal laying around. Its also a beautiful stunning red color that I've learned to
appreciate over the years of sampling all the Louisiana style sauces. Next to Chef Paul's
Magic Pepper Sauce, this is my favorite.

Good in stews, gumbos, on fish, chicken and pork when you want all the flavor without
the burn. If you're cooking for friends they wont mind you throwing in liberal doses
of this stuff. 5 Scovies

BTW, I've been a long time fan of Crystal, and when they introduced their Extra Hot Sauce
I got so excited I wrote them a letter, a week later I got a personal note back from the
president of Baumer Foods thanking me for my business and he included two coupons for any
size Crystal Hot Sauce. These guys are doing it right!
209390209390B002U7EAI4A2DXXQVDERNG7EDaniel M "Magic Man"0151305936000Delicious...and not too spicyI love super spicy and my wife likes light hot sauce. This works for both of us....VERY TASTY HOT SAUCE!
209391209391B0027Z54D4A113WOKAJ33ZO1Jacob Gadd111331266278400overpricedGreat product, but it's way overpriced. Their usually either 2, or 3 for a dollar at any grocery store.
209392209392B0027Z54D4A26C7GYK2Y1N6Wramesess4511321920000Yes, overpriced. Save your moneyI bought a case of these for my granddaughter at college. After I ordered, I told my wife what I had done. She informed me that these sell for $0.36/ea at Wal-Mart. This price was $0.63/ea.

Okay, dear, I'm a dweeb. Should've asked you first.

Save your money folks. Shop local on this one.
209393209393B0027Z54D4AB4AYE45X5EELsmartestguy201471011296432000a way overpriced item that is cheaper elsewhere.........Do not buy this from amazon. get it at sam's club for around $6.00 for the case shown. Buy from sam's club before choosing amazon.
209394209394B0027Z54D4AHU5NX1NCZ32EOnline Addict0051350950400Great Item for Deployed ServicemembersI purchased these when there was free shipping available. My husband worked a weird shift while deployed and was usually sleeping when the chow hall was open, so I had to find a good variety with the items I sent over.
209395209395B0027Z54D4A5G8BKM4CT9XVJesse M.L.0051343001600add some lime juice and crushed dried red pepper and some frozen corn..If you add those you will have a really good soup. Though only squeeze half a lime. It is really good and i would recomend it. Also put some dried chilli peppers and it is extremly good.
209396209396B0027Z54D4A2AI3UBDUDOLQOMWAPy0011324857600MediocrityPrice is okay, without free shipping it is not a good deal. The stuff seems to be on the old side. I cannot find any date info on the packaging. It's ramen noodles, whaddya want?
209397209397B0027Z54D4AHOTK9MOLMZX9Anthony M. Crotwell0041320710400Great Deal - Free DeliveryWith two boys and myself in the house, we go through noodle bowls quickly. Finding these online and being able to save a few bucks and get them delivered to my door was great. Would recommend if you eat these a lot.
209398209398B0027Z54D4A16BZEC45QNMCAP. L. Watkins "Shoppamania"0051320624000Same good old noodlesIf you want one of the worlds most inexpensive lunches then here's your noodles. You know what you're getting and know what to expect. High in salt if you have a salt issue. I love salty stuff so no problems here. I eat them all the time.
209399209399B0027Z54D4A2WXFQZ2N43BYRlynne wexler0051320192000Order arrived to a starving College StudentI placed this order and it arrived to feed a hungry College student. It was a timely and just what I ordered, Thanks
209400209400B0027Z54D4A1WSK7Z08GP7B0MNGrace0051318636800LunchesThese are great for quick lunches at work. I do wish that they'd make a microwave bowl type but I guess that's raise the price too much.

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