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209433209433B000BBS4GKA2KWL0J0ATFGQPBranlim Bourlon101051133827200If You Like Creamy Goodness, Then Get This ProductSeeing as this is a food product, I can't explain to anyone how it tastes. Obviously you, yourself would have to go out and purchase this in order to have the pleasure. That being said: I must stress of how tastey this milk candy is. They come in a nice fairly transluecent bag with around 20-30 pieces stuffed inside. I didn't bother taking the time to count due to my unquenchable hunger and eargerness to taste the morsel. As I have said, I can't tell you how it tasted because it was so heavenly good that it is hard to portray an image. Creamy would be very accurate yet sentuous would also be a good description. Just order a bag and you will be glad you did, but be careful: this product can be quite addicting!
209434209434B000BBS4GKA26DA070XLT8FPMelissa L. Thornley "RhodiMom"5541216857600Strangely yummyMy daughter is a nut for Japanese things, and had to have these candies. I tried them also. They are exactly what they say - a puffy marshmallow with a puddinglike center. The first one seems strange, but after that they are kind of addicting. They have a very nice vanilla flavor, and chewy yet creamy texture.
209435209435B000BBS4GKA1GFH62WXRO1I9Gina N. Johnson4441208995200Pleasantly surprisedThese sounded interesting. When I received them, I was astounded in how many you actually get in one package.

And the taste..light marshmallow with pudding inside. Just like it says. Very unique texture but that is what have sold me on these.
209436209436B000BBS4GKARRLW107H4HCBA. V. Williams "bookworm2222"2241296172800Workmates stole them...I love marshmellow. It has to soft and fluffy to the touch and melt in the mouth. Hadnt tried this kind although I had heard about from a couple people. They were very nice, although I didnt have much of a 'pudding' on the inside that I was expecting. I was thinking that the pudding would be of a custardy consistancy so I delicately tried one not wishing to collect 'pudding' over my shirt like one does with a jammy doughnut. but the pudding was like part of the marshmellow but a different colour (If you've everhad the creme egg candies you'll have an idea of what I mean) also at the pudding part it was a little on the sweet side, but that just helps you cut down on how many you can eat in one go.
I made the mistake of taking them into work... they were gone by the end of the day!! We agreed to try another flavor...but it looks as though everyone is waiting on me to order them...
209437209437B000BBS4GKAL4ZP6UG6QXCWJ.A.2251249344000flanThese taste identical to custard or flan. I love them, got them as a treat for my husband since he loves marshmellow. I think they are perfect! I will so be buying these again. The outside is marshmellow and the inside is flan how can you go wrong. great gift for kids, they are fun to eat.
209438209438B000BBS4GKA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0051337040000Marshmallow GoodnessMy husband is a gummy fanatic. We move to a different country every couple of years (through work not, like, running from the law or anything) and so we've had the opportunity to try many different types of gummy candies but my husband always goes back to American gummies as being the best. We've been discussing moving to Japan next in a couple of years which got me thinking and I went off on an Amazon hunt for Japanese gummies to see what we can have to look forward to. During that search, I came across these which looked and sounded so good that I bought them for me as well as a couple of other gummy bags for my husband.

I left them all for my husband to try when he got home from work and the next day I saw that the gummies were hardly touched but he had completely PLOWED through this marshmallow kind! They really are very good and I like that I can only eat a couple before feeling like I've had plenty. Too bad my husband didn't feel the same! The two bags were gone in record time.

Highly recommended if you like marshmallow!
209439209439B000BBS4GKA10W1JE0YVGXTHSerenity0051336262400I love these!!I've already gone through them and ordered more, they are that addicting. You can taste the pudding and it works really well with the marshmallow. It's not overly sweet either. I love them!!! *^^*
209440209440B000BBS4GKA1I2ZRRN2XVVCDE. Blake "poodlebone"0041330128000MmmmmmmmarshmallowsI've bought several different flavors of Japanese filled marshmallows. I recently bought this "pudding" flavor at a local Asian grocery store for a LOT less than this vendor is charging here. The marshmallow part is very good, a typical marshmallow that has good mouth feel and texture. Not too soft & squishy, not too chewy. Pretty much like a typical American marshmallow. The filling inside is very sweet and not at all like pudding. It's more of a frosting/icing texture. It is thick, smooth & creamy so it's really not bad at all. Just don't expect a filling that is like Jello pudding.

I would definitely buy these again but I would never pay more than three bucks a bag for them. If you have a local Asian store, even if it's strictly Japanese, try that. I get mine in a Korean owned store.
209441209441B000BBS4GKA2NVD3UK2IHY49M. Mansfield0051323302400Sweet and Delicious!I've often said that the Japanese have some of the most interesting snack foods - and this one doesn't disappoint! A soft marshmallow surrounds a thick paste that tastes very much like a flan-style pudding. It's very sweet, but then it says 'marshmallow' and 'pudding' - sweet should be expected.

Very nice treat - I wish I had ordered more!
209442209442B000BBS4GKA2BA2QUKZKQB6JTDD0051319760000YummyThese are quite delicious. The more you eat, the more you like them. The odd pudding filling is a nice add.
209443209443B000BBS4GKA1EGADMLP0SUL3sasuke_menoto0051308614400yummmI was excited to find my package waiting for me after work, and couldn't wait to open and try these. I am very happy I decided to buy them they are very tasty. ~.~
209444209444B000BBS4GKASISVGKCABBWUN. J. LACROSS0041300233600Interesting taste. Though may not be for everyone.The taste is odd. Its like a dry, custard-y like flavor in the middle of a soft marshmallow.

Personally i enjoyed this and shared it with 5 other people, of which 2 enjoyed it.

Not sure if its really worth the steep price though

I would recommend this unless you are one of those people who HAS to try things they havent tried yet, as its not a particularly unique taste or food experience, and you could miss out or find something better @ the price.
209445209445B000BBS4GKA3VQWLFCQI6AK8A. White "Simply Amazing"1321267574400Too SweetIf you don't like really sweet things, don't buy this. It's really sweet. And it might've been because it's cold where I live, but the insides were more like mushy sugar than a pudding taste.
209446209446B004CGVTF8A1WBRU3PLCGUEMAndrew Chandler0021328140800DisappointedThe one positive with these cigars is that the chocolate is actually edible, which was my main concern when ordering this item. Its not great chocolate, more "fundraiser" quality, but at least its edible.

The problem with the cigars is that they are not actually cigar shaped. Instead, they are shaped like half a cigar, a flattened tube instead of a circular tube. From the photo this is not obvious, but in person you have to do a double take to fully understand that these chocolates are supposed to represent cigars. Honestly, it looks a little like a suppository in person. Having said that, non-smokers loved these things, but I was a little disappointed.
209447209447B000GZU784ARW6I4YJEBBIZLiam Liams3341196985600Guiltless winners!Good product and difficult to get in my local stores so mail order is the way to go; also cheaper by the dozen! Only comment is that due to shipping, an extraordinary number of chips in each bag are broken and it seems that each bag has less air in it than store bought individual bags - this to create a pillow effect to prevent breakage. Broken pieces still taste good but there is more waste and they are difficult to eat with salsa!
209448209448B000GZU784A12ZSKWM95QKMQJ. Farina3341239321600Good ChipsThese chips have quickly become a staple in my diet. They taste good, have a good crunch, and the best thing about them is that you get about twice the number of chips in a serving vs. regular chips, with better nutritional values too. This means you can make a decent plate of nachos using just one serving.

These chips do have a few negatives. They don't taste the same as regular corn chips, which may put some people off. They don't taste bad at all, just not quite the same. I also feel the bags are a little on the small side, and because of breakage they often don't have the full 7 servings per bag that are advertised.

These are now the only chips I will eat, and the several different flavors (including no added salt) are great for different cravings.
209449209449B000GZU784A2UVC0BK1G95XWLisa M. Saltzman2251189987200Guiltless Gourmet Yellow Corn tortilla chips.Awesome product! Perfect for nachos and dipping. Great weight watcher item. Good cost, cheaper than buying individual packs.
209450209450B000GZU784A3SZ4V4VNBS1DGEllie "minimom"1151257638400A great substitute for high-fat tortilla chipsHow can a weight watcher have chips and salsa for low points? Guiltless Gourmet! They have a satisfying, salty crunch.
What to do with the broken chips? Pour them onto the salsa(plus some cottage cheese or light sour cream-YUM) and eat it with a spoon.
I recently discovered that they taste and crunch much better after 10 minutes in 200 degree oven.
209451209451B000GZU784AOFOMFVSNM99HNCSweetPea0021311724800Lower cal equals lower taste qualitySave some calories for real "guilty" chips if you can, because these aren't the greatest, taste-wise. It's nice to have options for lower calorie/fat tortilla chips, but it's just not the same. To me, not worth the sacrifice when I want some tortilla chips. Also, it took FOREVER to eat all of these and everyone was totally sick of them by the time we got to the third or fourth bag, let alone 12 bags!
209452209452B000GZU784A1R97Q4E3WKFYIR. MULLEN0051290902400Nice these are available from Amazon.comThese are very enjoyable alternative to fatted up chips available in stores but not carried by any stores in my area. Buying them in bulk from makes them both accessible and affordable.
209453209453B000GZU784A2SA0U6GN9GKKYCliffy0051279843200These are really awesome!Only 2 Weight Watchers points per serving! They are really crunchy and delicious! I absolutely love them!
209454209454B000GZU784AAKZC1WMY7DRTMe "Likes to Read"0051243900800Tastes Great and in my diet planI bought these today at Albertson's. They taste great and fit into my Amylose-Free diet (reduce weight and fend off Type 2 Diabetes). It's nice they are low in fat too. I hope these become Amazon Prime Eligible!
209455209455B007S0RXGEA22H1FPB0E66YZMavon Chante Cole4451337904000it's great for natural black hairI had read in an article about mustard seed oil, how good it is for your hair and how it promotes good hair growth. So i decided to give it a try..First i had to find a website that sold the oil, so i came across I"m soo glad that i took a chance and bought the product from the website...I didn't have to wait long to receive it..It turns out that the product is working for me very well...Dabur Mustard Oil is really good..The smell is not that bad if you mix it with another can put it in your conditioner..I mixed it with Olive Oil and it works just fine..Give it a try you will love it!! and it's good on black hair that has no chemicals on it!
209456209456B007S0RXGEA3CMDR34KFLGFXReader2008 "I write honest reviews; if you do...5651336694400Tastes Delicious...resolved gum seems to be growing faster!I know this product tastes good because I mix it with salt and use it for gum issues. The gums stay sore after using this mixture on them for about a week to a month but then they heal completely. It takes daily use to get the gums to heal but they eventually do.

Others have said mustard oil stinks. I washed my hair and put some in my hair as usual and a co-worker said "you smell good." We couldn't figureo out what it was but the only smell on me was the mustard oil.

Finally, I don't know if this is true or not, but I think my hair is growing quicker; I put a permanent dye on my hair two weeks ago and now I have to put some more on it; dye normally doesn't grow out in two weeks on ethnic hair.

What I like about the oil, even if the rest is the placebo effect, is that on ethnic hair, the oil absorbs in about a day and your hair doesn't feel oily but it is indeed moisturized.
209457209457B003YIMENGA2T95IH81W2YJZScrapper202051320537600In agreement......I am in agreement with some of the reviewers about the taste of this bread. This is a wonderful food, especially for those of us who are watching their carb intake. It is worth the price because you can't find this type of bread in a grocery store. Actually, I couldn't find anything similar in a health food store. Each slice is a little smaller than a regular slice of bread. It does have a firmer texture than white bread. If you are overly sensitive to some foods, double check these ingredients to be on the safe side. Ingredients are: almond flour; soy flour; bran flour; whole wheat flour; oat flour; sesame flour; unbleached flour; vital flour wheat; wheat germ; salt; anise seeds; maltisweet; cream of tartar; egg whites; soybean oil; dry yeast; soy protein; water; fiber gum; sesame seeds; dehydrated onions; dehydrated garlic; rye seeds; and poppy seeds. I highly recommend this product.
209458209458B003YIMENGA3FV2PRK1ZYNFGcorpchik111151304899200Absolutely delicious!!!Being a long time low-carb lifestyle fan, one of the hardest things to find is anything that even somewhat resembles bread! Well, these guys have come up with a recipe that is awesome!! Carb Krunchers "Everything Bread" makes a plain hamburger come to life again! It tastes great with butter and as a grilled cheese sandwich, it is fantastic. Give it a try, its worth every bite!
209459209459B003YIMENGA2ZTE15SA5T5YXA concerned U.S. citizen "A concerned U.S. ci...111251313107200excellently delicious!I just received my carb-crunchers everything bread and popped a slice in the toaster and spread some margarine on to see if it was going to work for me and - WOW! this is delicious bread! At only 5 net carbs per 2 slices, this is something I will be relying on to keep me on my low-carb lifestyle. Try it, you will not be sorry!
209460209460B003YIMENGA15RT5XOD85Q29Atlantic Aviator4441326758400Good Low Carb BreadThis is at least truly low carb, unlike Julian bread. While it is a bit dry, it makes good toast or grilled sandwiches. I use sparingly because of soy, but it satisfies my need for toast with poached eggs, or toast points for pate.. It also freezes well. I always toast the bread or buns a little to improve taste. I prefer the plain bread and buns. I actually cut the buns into fourths since I find they are too bulky for burgers, so I use the top and bottom for burgers, and the two inner slices for sandwiiches. This bread also is good for crumbs or stuffing.
209431209431B002ULCBUYA23BIPSF5IQT7WA. Arnold81141313280000DELICIOUS but read the packagingThese things are definitely dark. You need to work your way up to 99%, as it says on the inner packaging. I love the depth to the flavor and the richness and how it takes awhile to melt in my mouth.

That being said, be sure to know what you're paying for - I found these in a health food store in Bloomington, Indiana and was excited about the low price. After I got home I realized it was only 1.8 ounces, unlike the other bars, selling in the same size package but 3.5 ounces. I felt ripped off, even though it is a much darker chocolate, simply because the packaging is completely misleading.

Once you get past that, these babies are worth a try. So good.
209432209432B002ULCBUYA25SPTJVZ8DT1ZBboy360 "Image is Everything"1151348358400Really great stuff Length:: 1:27 Mins

They packaged it with some stuff to keep it cool and it wasn't melted when it came. I think the 99% is very sensitive to heat, so that's why it's so expensive. For me it's great much different than the 90%, this is no sweetness, but still tastes good. You only need to eat 1 little square and you're satisfied. The 90% I just want to eat the whole bar at once.

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