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209521209521B000Q75354A1XS21L3D5GOZ4Agent English1151204156800Healthy Snack with NO Saturated Fat!This is great for kids AND adults! Made with healthy ingredients and much better than snacking on candy bars! I take mine to the movies, packed lunch, trips, wherever! When I found out I could buy these in bulk from Amazon and SAVE money - I was happy. I will be sure to try the other varieties as well!
209522209522B000Q75354A3DADYPH0C88P0S. Murphy "Mama of Three"1141198972800crunchy oat-y cookieWe enjoy this cookie at our house. I love that they have this wheat free alternative to animal crackers. I buy this big bag instead of the little bags and place the appropriate amount into baggies as a snack for my little one.
209523209523B000Q75354A1FJTIEV5LJYJEDavid Crenshaw3451204934400Great Buy!!! By buying in bulk and auto-ship it cuts the cost down to approx. 0.62 per bag! Cost in stores is $1.00Barbara's Bakery Oatmeal Wheat Free Snackimals Animal Cookies, 2.125 Ounce Bags (Pack of 18)
209524209524B000Q75354A257BBBDKZFJZOShe Who Reads3451192752000Great little snackWhen you want something sweet but don't want a big bag of cookies open next to you, here is the solution. These cookies taste great and the manufacturer cares about this world that we live in - a win/win buy!
209525209525B000Q75354A3LKDQG0P4Z4VGG. Gonzalez2351260057600Great cookies!Our son has a mild allergy to products that contain wheat and these cookies are a great snack for him. He is very picky about what he likes for a snack and these are at the top of his list.
209526209526B000Q75354A3VDQD94VOMAXARuth M. Neidlinger2351251849600Great taste!We love these animal crackers. The texture is nice and crunchy, and the flavor is awesome. My husband loves them so much that he doesn't even mind taking a "kid snack" to work.:-)
I've also found that if we get a box that's been damaged and broken up - the crumbs make an awesome pie crust!
209527209527B000Q75354A2HNCCXMRRJ4TWM. Painter2351250812800Great Animal CrackersMy children have sensitivities to many food ingredients, including cane sugar. I am thrilled to find a "cookie" that they like and does not contain all of the yuck that you find in traditional cookies.
209528209528B000Q75354A2Y0XQN4WAVNICSandra L. Wells2351243814400Barbara's Snackimals Animal CookiesI purchase these cookies for lunch and snack cravings because they are a healthy treat. Buying in bulk is an added bonus on savings.
209529209529B000Q75354A1FDA2OXJZAH7skim0051350691200Delicious!These are great little snacks when you are at school/work. It's 240 calories in total and I think it's totally worth it. They are moderately sweet and baked-crispy! so delicious. I would order them again :)
209530209530B000Q75354A1AMXL46INYSY8Deanie "From CT"0051349222400Love these!My kids love the Vanilla snackimals and I think they taste great too. It's nice to find a small bagged snack that doesn't contain GM ingredients and tastes good.
209531209531B000Q75354A2VN7AHGGBVXFDcascao0031347148800Good taste - Bad PriceThese crackers are delicious. They are a bit sweeter than I hoped for, but still, really tasty and crunchy. I try to wait until they get on sale to buy them - they are quite expensive.
209532209532B000Q75354A15ORBIHU2WEIWPatrick J. Morris "Julie"0051340064000Very NiceI really enjoyed this product and will purchase it again. Each bag seems to be a perfect size and at a very nice price.
209533209533B000Q75354A20YY4454RKNSXN. M. Heckel0051338249600Really tasty cookies despite confusing reviewsI'm not sure if there was a bad batch of these sent out in 2011 or something, but the bag I bought for my son on 5/27/12 was really quite good. If you're familiar with the Nature Valley Oat and Honey granola bars, the oatmeal Barbara's Snackimals taste almost exactly like those, only they're much neater to eat and easier to chew since they're thinner and smaller. Yes, the cookies have a tendency to break, but they taste *great*. My son (2 1/2) loved them, and even his two cousins (6 and 2 1/2), who get more sugary treats than he did, helped to demolish the bag. All the adults were a bit jealous, I think--the Snackimals were much tastier than our potato chips . . .
209534209534B000Q75354AM5SR2FJ6QA84R. Edwards "quality and value sleuth"0051337126400DELICIOUS!I purchased these because of the outstanding reviews. I needed some cute, yummy animal cookies for my nieces baby shower. I was making a banana pudding in my trifle dish and wanted little animal cookies to march around the edge and show through the bowl. Well, I am happy to say it worked and these were yummy! I had quite a few bags left and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed them! He is now asking for more. LOL So I am going to try some of the other flavors.
209535209535B000Q75354A3GQ26DZIIKODTee0051336608000Awesome cookies!These taste so good, that I've found myself eating them more than my daughter!! Not like regular animal cookies --- a million times better!
209536209536B000Q75354A2M5XIZP905M2Wkarate mom0021335225600bring back the butter!!!Barbara's animal cookies used to taste good. I think they have tried to make them more "healthy" which has resulted in a tasteless, boring cookie.
209537209537B000Q75354A1EC6X3WFGXSQ03Gr8Kdz0051335052800DeliciousYum, yum, yummy!! I included these cookies in the goody bags at my son's 3rd bday party. They are very tasty. Would buy them again.
209538209538B000Q75354A2J0FLBDL8S07XM. Crespo0051333324800THE BEST ANIMAL CRACKERS EVERI just bought these for my daughter today at our local health food store and I was very skeptical, but now I'm addicted to these. I hate to say that I ate my daughter's cookies but I did and will "sadly" have to go buy her some more tomorrow. I LOVE sweets but these are perfect, not too sweet but just perfect and you don't have to feel horrible about eating them all! LOVE THEM!
209539209539B000Q75354A29A4DF1OBRLAOSameAsCash0051331510400GloriousThe Barbara's snackimals are an unexpected surprise.
These cookies come in a 2 servings per bag package at 2.25oz each which in perspective is more mass than a 99cent bag of chips at Subway et al. So relatively satisfying portion if eating as intended, 1 bag at a time.

Delicious oaty flavor, tasting of molasses and vanilla, 2 of their few ingredients, these cookies are crispy. Yet they chew down to goo just like the old-fangled animal crackers with the carnival packaging.

I feel good about buying them, relatively snacking, and I feel good about consuming them, again, relatively speaking.
Recommended in all ways, no drawbacks that I have discovered yet.
209540209540B000Q75354AB29JTBIUJQFLMammaJamma "MammaJamma"0051326931200Good, healthier alternativeWe've tried the vanilla and now regularly order the oatmeal version for our kids' snack. Both are very good. The oatmeal variety has more "texture" but our 5 year old still loves them. I also eat them occasionally and also prefer oatmeal; they are sweet but not too sweet and make a great snack!
209541209541B000Q75354A2OUN2538DD7S2Lynne Marie Jackson "LynnesKitchen"0051325203200Yummy without the bad stuff!My kids really enjoyed these animal crackers. I purchased them as an easy snack, to throw in the zoo bag or park backpack for busy summer days. I appreciate that they don't use refined sugar and they have whole wheat. My kids love the shapes and the taste. They taste quite good and held up well. This is my first time to try the Barbara's Bakery brand. Can't wait to try other varieties.
209542209542B000Q75354A2DEVM6T8AAV6NSigEpHunter0051323302400Delicious!Our whole family (daddy, mommy, and 16 month old) love these! They're delicious and healthy, what more could we ask for!
209543209543B000Q75354A3KSUVJ3SAOJJRgilenh20 "gilenh20"0051318550400Delicious!We love these little cookies! They have great spicy/cinnamon flavor! Best price with subscribe and save! I can only buy these at Whole Foods and they are .99/package there!
209544209544B000Q75354APT41NSQR7TL8LorrieMae0051318032000Delicious!I ordered these based on the reviews. I'm glad I did. My daughter (and I) love them. They are delicious and not overly sweet. I have only tried the Vanilla, but will happily order other flavors.
209545209545B000Q75354A1H8KPCN5C7NBIM. L. Nielson0051317859200The oatmeal flavor is great for a wheat-restricted kid!My 3 year-old daughter and I need to avoid wheat-- but are not strictly gluten-free. We also avoid all artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, etc. These animal cookies are great. She is able to bring them to school and eat them when the other kids have "regular" animal crackers and she is excited to be eating the same thing.
209546209546B000Q75354AHOLW06PC47JASnack Lover0051317859200Great snackI love this snack. We still have a lot left. But you can't go wrong with an all natural snack.
209547209547B000Q75354A1Z7CIM8PAPVOXkelly0051316563200Awesome cookies!!Ordered these on sale and they are awesome! I've only tried the chocolate chip ones but they are very good!! Lots of cookies in each bag enough for me and my toddler). You won't find a better animal cookie than these! I will order them everytime they go on sale from now on!
209548209548B000Q75354A2XS8JNO6A23I9G. G. "Adventure seeker"0051314835200Mmmm goodI would say these are some of the better animal crackers that I have had. They also come in the right size to pack and take for my snack at work.
209549209549B000Q75354A1TOFVIV12O6K1Gaylen P. Bennett0051314144000AddictiveThese cookies are so addictive. I started buying them for my toddler because she has a dairy allergy and they were the only cookies made without dairy - however the whole family now loves them. Amazon is great because I can't find them in stores all the time, often can only find the Oatmeal flavor.
209550209550B000Q75354A2WID1W6MPVYAHspeckal0051309824000great!These have a very mild peanut butter flavor. I was expecting it to be much more overpowering but it is perfectly balanced!

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