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209581209581B003D4EXFSARHL5DK7ZRD35Michaela Tolpin0051344729600Excellent Box!!!!!This box is WONDERFUL! I bought it for my parents for their anniversary because my dad had always been saying how he wanted a nice, real tea chest. He had another tea box before but it was awful because the latch broke, it was tiny, and it wasn't even real wood, it was plastic. I was looking at different boxes and I didn't care if it came with tea or not, what the lining was, or the color of the wood. The thing I really wanted to sea was if the box was REAL wood. When choosing the box to get them I was torn. I decided to get this one because it looked beautiful, the perfect color and lining, and it was the heaviest out of all the boxes I looked at. This meant to me it was the most likely to be real wood. It arrived in the mail and it was perfect. I was so incredibly happy with this purchase. It's nice and big, it has a beautiful wood finish, the latch is excellent (very sturdy) and it is real wood. For 40$, this box was a steal. My parents saw it and immediately said I paid too much because it is such a high quality box it's hard to believe that it's only 40$. I love this box. I can't even begin to say how great it is. It's beautiful and sturdy and perfect. If you are deciding between this and any other box, choose this one because I guarantee it will be the best and you will be so happy with it. Don't get any Bigelow or Bentley boxes, those are the awful ones I was talking about. They fall apart and are made of plastic. This is the best box out there. Five stars all the way.
209582209582B003NFHACAA23KLK7OTHDL2UKate Witt "SnakeGrrl"2251318809600Good deal for one of my favorite brands of gumTrident is one of my favorite brands of gum. The minty flavors are my favorites, but I also enjoy the fruit flavors every once in a while. I like how each flavor is packaged individually. However, within the packages of each flavor, there is no plastic wrapping like you would find on a store bought pack of gum.
It's a good variety, something in it for everyone. The bubblegum and fruit flavors are ideal for kids, and the original and spearmint are great for adults.
209583209583B003NFHACAA38H6PHZ1A0V26utahsand0051343347200gumgreat gum at a very good price and it is trident one of americas favorite gum's keep up the great work and great price it was amazinly fresh
209584209584B003NFHACAA1QSZZWOGBSFK0T. Miller0051342915200Perfect for Pregnancy heartburnThis is just the right size for solve my pregnancy heart burn issues. I get sick of one flavor all the time but with this pack I can keep some gum everywhere around the house for HB attacks. I keep one pack in the car, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and office. I don't get sick of flavors and never have to guess at where I put my gum down last! Trident soothes my HB in seconds!
209585209585B003NFHACAA2DBRC6QM9SUJWManu Magalhães0051334534400Very GoodThe product arrived before the estimated time. I like the variety pack cause I'm able to have a lot of different flavors available.
209586209586B003NFHACAA10M9ILPUOP8Z2Aamir0051334188800Nice!Nice variety. Very good option for people who cannot decide which flavor to order or want to keep changing. Good deal as well, compared to the stores
209587209587B003NFHACAAUOKH57M57Q6BNick0051317081600Trident Variety PackI love variety packs! Gives you the chance to sample five different flavors. I chew gum pretty much every day, all day and Trident I think lasts a long time. I like that it doesnt fall apart after hours of chewing.
209588209588B003NFHACAA3CKB7LVYJ9HY5gum chewer3511347408000cost effective....notThis is not a deal at all...comparing to a pack of three sold at Walmart for $2.65, a three pack sold here is $3.11
209589209589B003NFHACAA15LI24XAWS8RAM. Furlong "sunshine"0131315958400FLAVORS TASTE ARTIFICIALMonths ago I purchased this brand in the original (mint) which I loved. I wanted to try some other flavors, so decided to buy this variety pack. I won't be buying this pack again, the Spearmint was OK and lasted a long time, but the fruit flavors tasted artificial and didn't last as long. I will only be buying the original flavor in the future.
209590209590B004ZEL1BOA2YSXGDM2GVZZELeyna131321328313600Too many additives!I wished I had seen the entire ingredient listed here before I purchased these treats. I try to avoid dog treats that have corn glutin, soy, corn syrup etc. These treats have it all. I am very disappointed. I thought they would be true jerky, but they are junk. It's crappy treats like these that cause our pets teeth to rot and to put on too much weight!! I don't know if I feel comfortable to even give these to less fortunate animals!
209591209591B004ZEL1BOA30SOWZE6R7787Edward Bowman "Batu"4411337644800"Made" in the US does NOT mean there are no ingredients from ChinaWhile it says made in the USA, nowhere on the package or their webpage does it say if they get ingredients from China.

Del Monte also makes:

They included Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co., and Milo's Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats, ****** produced by the Del Monte Corp.*********

Import data compiled by the firm ImportGenius showed that Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch treats are produced and supplied by JOC Great Wall Corp. Ltd. of Nanjing, China.

Read Article [...]

Del Monte, sited in the above article also makes this Jerky Treat.

I have fed this treat to my dogs and after 1/2 strip fed 2 days in a row, they started throwing up. This was the reason I started doing some searching and found that article above.
209592209592B004ZEL1BOA2N6N835233358transientcylon1151343174400Dog goes bananas for theseMy dog starts jumping off the wall when he sees me reach for these. Good number of treats for the size as well. Dog never had an issue with digesting these. I like that they're sourced in the US, too much Chinese crap in the pet treat market these days.
209593209593B004ZEL1BOA1NQZPPUU4O5TQJeff1151338336000My dogs love this snack...........My dogs love to eat this snack.
They eat them right up in less than a minute.
A lot of snacks come in the plastic container for the price you pay.
I only give my dogs about one to two a day, so the snacks will last a long time.
I like the fact that the plastic container that it comes in, has a flip open top lid for easy access.
I also like the fact that they are made in America.
This way I don't have to worry about any potential harmful secret ingredients from pet food and snacks made in China.
It seems everything is made in China these days.
209594209594B004ZEL1BOA298LM05W62B24Johnson1151335225600Jerky Treats Tender Strips Dog Snacks Made with American Lamb 3.5lbNice container that keeps it fresh my dog loves them and as long as hes happy with them I'M happy great item for your money will buy again....!
209595209595B004ZEL1BOA25UKWVVAIQII4Dragonfly3451325894400My dogs love them.The best part about these treats? MADE IN THE USA. With horribly inferior Chinese dog treats making dogs sick here in the U.S. -- I want to be sure that my dogs are safe. And they really love them. I found these treats at Sam's Club before, but I don't remember how much they cost. And after reading about the massive cargo ships that Sam's (Walmart) had made strictly for the transport of merchandise from China to be sold here in the U.S.A., I'm letting my Sam's club pass expire and I won't be renewing.

Economic and political views aside... my dogs really do love these treats. Yes, they are just treats and are gone in an instant -- but I also use them for training treats. You can break off just a tiny piece and they are a really high value reward for my 2 Australian Cattle Dog rescues. I'm also buying the beef flavor for them as well.
209596209596B004ZEL1BOA2KSP2NXQD7Q6PK. COGGINS "DarnRedhead"2351332979200Neat Quick Snack/TreatNice container that keeps it fresh! It is a better alternative to Pupperoni's which contain harmful ingredients for your pet but they loved them anyway. I want to give my kids (pets) what tastes good and is good for them, these seem to be the trick ;)
209597209597B004ZEL1BOA1KUGS7E50C81Sjanet Nicolson2341325721600Dog loves themGreat container. Dog likes them he likes soft treats and I wanted something made in USA. Considering how man in Jar the price was good
209598209598B004ZEL1BOA23UMGC3IY4B78JGT "Maestro slzo"0011351209600TOXIC INGREDIENTS! WILL RETURN....After reviewing the 3-star review on Amazon, I checked the label on the container. Sure enough, this product contains propylene glycol!!!! as one of the top ingredients!! I've done some research also and found that propylene glycol is toxic to pets and people. Please do your research.

209599209599B004ZEL1BOA2W0H4Q1UQNJVPSteve0031347753600Dog loves 'emI haven't had a chance to call the company to ask about overseas product in this, but I will.
I like these because it's easy to cut them into small training size treats. If I can find out if it's all USA source ingredients I'll give these treats a 4.5.
209600209600B004ZEL1BOA2OAAZAXROQG8TT. Hammond0021343001600My dog doesn't like themI have a small to medium dog (sheltie/terrier mix) and he will not eat these treats. I always find them somewhere in the yard. The large neighbor dog (a black lab) will eat them though.
209601209601B004ZEL1BOA1OYM4OPU0LVYOS. Gentry0041336953600The expert loves themAll I can say is my dog LOVES these. He'll do anything to get one of these. I do use them as an actual treat so even if they contain a little sugar etc. what's the difference between that and a Snickers bar for me? All things in moderation people. Don't use them as dog food.
209602209602B004ZEL1BOAJUEV0KC8T1YYJan0031336262400IngredientsI recently purchased these treats because they were on sale. However, I waited until a week after training my dog with these treats (quite successfully, he loved them!) to check the ingredients. I already know that most doggie treats may contain unhealthy ingredients, but I wasn't worried too much, as snacks are often unhealthy, both for people and for dogs. However one of these ingredients worries me a lot. This product contains propylene glycol. I've done some research and I've found that propylene glycol is toxic. It is banned in cat foods, but for some reason dog food and treats are allowed to have it. It hasn't harmed my dog yet, but I've decided not to take any chances.
209603209603B004ZEL1BOAJ7CKEO4890UADa Witz0041334534400Not bad. A bit priceyI volunteer at the local animal shelter. Usually I buy these from Costco. However, I was in a pinch and Costco did not have them in stock at the time. They are a bit more expensive here but they are nice and soft. The ingredients are not the best. For dogs locked in a shelter it is definitely fine.
209604209604B004ZEL1BOABIUA5MISB1WJLaura M0041324598400Duke loves 'em!Duke, the 17 year old wonderdog, gives these four paws up! He LOVES them. He likes the smell and will drop everything to eat one of these. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because they are "jerky" but they are not chewy at all. They are soft and can be easily broken into pieces with little effort. I thought they these would last longer. But Duke eats this like it's a thin piece of bread. It only lasts a few seconds of eating and it's gone.
209605209605B005SWKVP4AWUGC72OT4HBYDLC0051350604800Delicious!These were amazingly delicious and a hit at the candy buffet I had at my wedding! I got to taste test the night before when I was setting things up, and the flavor is great.
209606209606B004A748VGA17O5E9T2CPIQRD. Caires1151326499200Tastes greatIt's so nice to have a vegetarian Jello. I added a little less water than the package recommended, and it's just like the Jello I loved as a kid.
209607209607B0000E2T5YAQ7E5Z4UX0GXZJuanita Thomas0031337817600Bubbel Gum Balls don't last longThese bubble gum balls taste great but flavor only last a few minutes, my kids love the flavor but hate that it does not last long at all. Also price was a little high for the small amount you get.
209608209608B003K0XXFGA3LCET4W7I8XMRunhappy0011349654400too staleSorry, our favorite cracker snack arrived stale! Freshness date around 2 months earlier --very disappointed.We will probably not purchase from this resource again.
209609209609B003K0XXFGA2O9UK5B50KKYBcharliebargain0051324166400Great Treats with no junkWe had some major kitchen work done lately and offered these to the workmen. The workmen took hand fulls and put them in pockets for later.
And no wonder, they are great and have no junk. Great for snacks.
209610209610B000KOSB5MAT8PWYGIPQHMGJ. Ward2251274918400Best chocolate-peanut combination EVER!Finding Brach's Peanut Clusters has been a nightmare! After driving to many different stores in different locations without success, I decided to try the internet to see if the product was available or if it had been discontinued. To my GREAT SURPRISE, I was able to order several packages from
YOU MADE MY DAY and the candy is more delicious than I remember!

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