Amazon Fine Food Reviews

209626209626B000GPKHOIA39TC2PL2B6TUSKaren Scandariato "Kscan"2351214179200The real thing!Once you try these sprinkles you will never use any other kind again. THey are simply the best
209627209627B000GPKHOIA3740461VZQ9SHE. B. Krauss0051350259200A huge step above grocery store jimmies!These are beautiful sprinkles- quite fine in texture, rich chocolate in taste. They are so much better than the sprinkles or jimmies found in little tubs at the grocer's that they're not in the same league. Not even close! I mainly use them as a topping for baked goods and candies.
209628209628B000GPKHOIA1ENT7MT0AK2MVJames P. Malley, Jr.0051338940800OMG! By far the best ever!!!I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try... after my first try I know I'll never go back to 'regular' sprinkles again!! These are just the right chocolate flavor... reminds me of when I was young. They are very thin (thus the name 'vermicelli') which adds to my delight!! This purchase was worth every penny!!!! How can I become their spokesperson??

OK, now that I've shared my joy, I'm going to have myself another bowl of ice cream so I can have more of the fantastic sprinkles!!!

Thank you!!!
209629209629B000GPKHOIAKAY2YA21HJKVCityGal410 "CityGal410"0011334620800Mine arrived damaged and Amazon would not take them backI am editing my original 5 start review of this product. I ordered my 2nd jar a few weeks ago. When it arrived, I noticed that the product looked powdery and clumped. I decided to pour the entire container into a large bowl, and the entire jar was that way! It was clumped up and when I tried to break it up, it just became a powdery mess. Clearly this order was damaged, but Amazon would not take it back. What a waste of money. I ended up throwing the entire jar away.
209630209630B000GPKHOIA1J9HHYHVUHK7Omarz0051322611200Best secret ingredient everGet the thought of those icky grocery store chocolate sprinkles out of you head right now. This is what they always should have tasted like. This is pure belgian chocolate extruded through a fine vermicelli press and cut short as sprinkles. I roll my ganaches in it. I put it on top of eclairs, I mix 1/4 into my favorite brownie recipe to give it that chocolatey punch, I use 1/2 cup in cookies in place of chocolate chips, etc, etc, etc. I keep it in the fridge and a jar lasts me about a year and I use it at least once a week. I am buying a jar to divide up and give pint jars of it to all family and friends for christmas!
209631209631B000GPKHOIA1MONVYX4492W7erik parker0051292284800Real JimmiesThese are the real Jimmies you remember and love from years ago when they were all made from actual chocolate. Too bad you have to buy a keg of them but it is worth it.
209632209632B005F7PLDYA31EAMY5LA1900betty cooker0051325376000yummy caramels i remembered from childhoodi remember my mom buying these soft caramels when i was a kid. all the flavors are good subtle caramels. my kids just tried them for the first time and we shared some with friends over the holidays. they were liked by all. i bought these and the milk maid caramels. they have similar flavors. i had to try both-both are really good. they were fresh too.
209633209633B004JHMK0IAB2GWVNHVZEY2Janelle1151346803200Great product, perfect sizeI've tried miso paste, but I prefer the deonjang for both Korean dishes and other sauces. This tub is the smaller size that you can buy (there's also a full 1kg tub out there), but that seems like way too much for most people since you're not using a ton at a time and it lasts for awhile. My Korean friends also tell me that Sunchang is the best brand so I tried it and I'm glad I did! And, this is much cheaper on Amazon then it is in the stores!!
209611209611B00513J4MQATM2KHF5EDJQUJoan3351323216000Fussie Cat canned cat foodMy cat, Mango, is delighted with his new food which arrived a few days ago, one day earlier than I expected! I had been giving him "Tuna with Shrimp" which he loves also but I wanted to give him some variety. I alternate the food on a daily basis which he really likes, given the rate at which he consumes it! I would definitely recommend this brand as it is the only one which I have found that he will eat consistently on a daily basis.
209634209634B003Y3LEAUA313W4X9LOLWECPopera Lover2251342224000The best and the cheapest olive oilI remember this product from my childhood and was thrilled to find it again on Amazon. Light and fresh tasting, it's perfect for dipping bread and salad dressings.......I use it ( now) for everything!
209635209635B003Y3LEAUA3L8ZQ0E35SAY9Bruce M. Westrate2451326931200Great Olive Oil !!A very good quality olive oil at a very reasonable price! I will definitely continue to buy Gem Extra Virgin Olive Oil whenever I need toget more olive oil.
209636209636B0016865Z4A5DNNQ7RYZO5ZW. Jones1141210809600El Bubble "It's a Boy!!!" CigarsI ordered "It's a Girl" bubble gum cigars of a different brand when my daughter was born and they were a real disapointment. I only bought these for the novelty value but was happy to find out that these were surprisingly comparably soft and tasty. Soft as the Double Bouble you chew as a kid. It's not Bubble Yum soft; it's real bubbble gum. Fruit flavored and blow big bubbles.
209637209637B0048IAL8QA2DOO9CCQFMXTBGayle0051346803200CookiesThis product tastes great I love chocolate, I am only sorry that you only get eight cookies in a box.
209638209638B0048IAL8QAYJQCDRIIY0GZD. Schott0051341792000Great chocolate fixThey are so soft and great chocolate taste. They are made with whole grains but no one will ever know.
209639209639B0048IAL8QAFSXI1Q2OVHV0catchatter 70051336435200Would Anyone Like A Cookie?I must say these are tasty little cookies, but I knew that before I bought them through Amazon, because I bought them at my local Walmart. But
I ended up buying them online, because Walmart stopped stocking them. You have to like granola though or you won't like these. Everything that is
in these cookies is good for you. So they're a healthy alternative to those cookies that aren't good for you.
209640209640B000LKZABIA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall9951204675200Great flavor with no added salt!This is great tuna. It is one of the only brands I have found that does not add salt. Regular salted tuna adds unneeded salt to your diet. And Amazon has the amazing price! You can't get it on sale for this little! Thanks Amazon!
209612209612B00513J4MQA1W8UFNOLEZBNDmskittyx3 "mskitty"2251347062400Cats LOVE itI tried a couple of cans of Fussie Cat after checking to be sure the ingredients didn't come from China. I emailed the company and the owner actually emailed me back with detailed information on their plant and food sources! Fussie Cat is about the only wet food my cats eat any more. EVO is the best dry food and they also eat that. I first found it at a pet food warehouse in Anaheim, CA. I tried it and all six really loved it. But that store is a 70 mile round trip for me and I haven't found it anywhere locally. That's why I love the subscription program on Amazon. Not only is the food cheaper, it's delivered to my front door on a regular basis. This one's a hit in this household.
209613209613B00513J4MQA2FW15XFEF5EWANatalie Baruch2251336262400The Best!This truly is the only canned food my cats will eat. I went through about 8 different brands and flavors until this was recommended to me and it was a life saver! My cats also love the tuna and shrimp flavor. I just wish they had a dry mix to go with it!
Also, both of my cats have the shiniest and softest fur I have ever felt on a cat. I definitely attribute that to this food!
209614209614B00513J4MQA1W3WCU2GHKLAFS. David Shaw1151347753600Finally! A soft food my dear old Bagheera loves!!(Member's daughter here.) My cat, Bagheera, is nearly 17 years old and wasn't getting enough hydration through water alone. I keep her on the hard food that every vet I've had recommends for her dental health (and at 17 and having no dental issues, I guess they've been right!) But her vet and I decided it was high time she get some wet food as well this year. Thus began many tries of different purchases, and several months of sniffing, licking, backing up and walking away from food dishes. My other cat, Marguerite, loved every wet food I brought into the house, so nothing was lost... but that my older prima donna feline wasn't getting the wet food hydration she truly needed. Until finally, finally! I don't know what it is about this food, but from the moment I first put some in her dish, she cautiously crept up to it, sniffed, sniffed again, licked, then started eating like she'd never known food before! She has shown no signs of liking it less, and we've been on it now for a month. And the vet has given her a clean bill of UTI-less-ness as of this past week! This wet food may not be for all cats, but it has made my household a cat-happy one. Thank you!
209615209615B00513J4MQA19ETYGUVX1B8jfb1141346025600Our spoiled rotten cat loves this stuffThis was bought as a treat for our cat. He's a male and gets treats after he comes home. Yes, he is spoiled rotten, but he comes when he is called. He likes this food quite a bit.
209616209616B00513J4MQA38QDPHB9JKRTLadcre8r1151345334400Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with SalmonWell, obviously, I don't love it but my cats do. I've recommended it to others and they tell me that their cats love it too. Sometimes the cats dive right in and sometimes it takes a while for the cats to make the adjustment to a premium brand. The food is nutrient-dense and my veterinarian is now recommending it to her clients.
209617209617B00513J4MQA2MJZ0IMA4ESTEJan1151344470400MethadoneThis brand functions like methadone for getting my cat off his Fancy Feast addiction. The can was even designed to resemble Fancy Feast's. The clerk at our pet store says it's much healthier than FF, and my old cat needs nutrition. I tried finding the Fussie Cat brand website, but it's not up yet, and their Facebook page is skimpy. I would love to get more info, but for now, I'm grateful for it.
209618209618B00513J4MQA1WP3BUKT3ZL1Tgstrawser1151314576000Love the product/hate the deliveryThe product is wonderful. HOWEVER, I had to have a replacement order sent because cans were damaged in shipment. In the future, I'll buy this product from a pet store that'a 10 miles from my house rather than Amazon.
209619209619B00513J4MQA1M1BDJBIS2KUJa_compulsive_reader0041344211200My fussy cats like itWhen you open the can, you see actual decent sized, recognizable fish pieces which look and smell extremely appetizing. My cats love this, price is ok and ingredients seem good - does not contain grain or by-products and supplements all check out (except maybe Vitamin K, which I am still researching to make sure it is the safe, non-toxic form). Very happy so far, as this gives me another alternative that my cats will eat. (I feed Wellness, Weruva, Spot's Stew and recently this and Precise Holistic.)
209620209620B00513J4MQA3QWJ6UP7VRNXPtortoise10051344211200PuuuuuuurfectThis is the ONLY cat food my feline will eat every bite! Until I found Fussie Cat, the only thing benefiting from the cat food of that time was the ferel cat down the street; so, I am spending less now and enjoying 100% satisfaction. Oh, and by the way, my cat is a lot easier to get along with...she is somewhat of a "princess".
209621209621B00513J4MQA1YPFCEKUK3M3VC. Gregersen0051331856000Wonderful!My two cats love this food--they were shelter kitties, so they've never been particularly picky, but they definitely like some food better than others: once I adopted out 3 of my 5 kittens and officially adopted the two others, I decided to start feeding them a healthy, grain-free diet. I have tried a variety of grain-free cat food (both wet and dry) and Fussie Cat is the most affordable, and my cats have loved every flavor I have bought. I would absolutely recommend this product for anyone who really cares about feeding their cats high quality, healthy cat food.
209622209622B004X8W1YIA7IEGWJWRX5HCWinchester0051334188800Lotta OatmealFirst I eat a lot of oatmeal and I was about out and have to travel out of town to buy the kind I like in bulk so I decided to bite the bullet and give Great River's a try as I've not been disappointed with any of their products.

My main hesitation was taking a chance on the Thick rolled oats and that they would take longer to cook than I prefer. Worries were unfounded. 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup of water, some cinnamon and chopped up dates and 2 minutes in the microwave and I had my perfect bowl of oatmeal.

As far as the actual oats... couldn't be happier, very aromatic and fresh right out of the bag. If you like oatmeal as much as I do don't hesitate in buying these.
209623209623B001E12YLCAD2MCLB40V2MLDimapb1351221091200Just great - LOLThere is nothing better then a broomrape with your manhood....
I still can't stop laughing.
209624209624B000GPKHOIA24H5MOC1R1EV4Meredith Hendrickson "bargainshopper"2251198886400Chocolate lovers dreamIf you are a chocolate lover and you love jimmies, these are the best! My husband is in heaven with them! The size is large and just perfect for the occassion, ice cream and jimmies!!!!!!! YUM!
209625209625B000GPKHOIA1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"1151326240000Just Love 'emThese chocolate sprinkles are lovely, rich, dark chocolate.
Our main use for these is on the top of lattes - sprinkle a half teaspoon or more on top of the foam and wait a minute for them to melt a little or stir them in. Delicious. We used to use a high quality sweetened dark cocoa powder but everyone likes these better.

Please note that this jar is HUGE. We divide it up into smaller plastic containers they stay as fresh as possible.

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