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209641209641B000LKZABIA93LBTV617ZVCJJ2007 "Blessed & Highly Favored!!"6651270166400MUCH BETTER Than Starkist or Chicken of the Sea~I am very happy to report that this case of "No Salt Added-Natural Value Yellowfin Chunk Tuna {in Spring Water}" is exactly what the sellers say it is! The tuna itself is much pinker in color than the usual store bought brands, and as firm and chunky as the standard albacore tuna that I have been used to buying at my local markets. It's a true 6 oz. can of tuna {no shrinking portions here} and this brand is Wild Caught and Dolphin-Safe. So, let's see now: No added salt, beautiful pink color, firm and chunky-size pieces, and best of all, a really excellent price delivered right to my door, compliments of! What's not to like? I'm permanently sold on the Natural Value's brand of Yellowfin Tuna. Thanks, Amazon!
209642209642B000LKZABIA2DDQLQGSPX318Kitowa "scifi nut"2351308441600Really Good Tuna!This tuna is very tasty! It also is not watery, so you're not paying for half a can of water. It's also larger than the average size tuna can you get at the store (have you noticed they've shrunk lately?). This is a great value considering it has free super saver shipping, and the size of the cans.
209643209643B000LKZABIA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"0051343347200Beautiful wonderful tunaI was buying the Star Kist Select low sodium chunk light but when it became temporarily unavailable I ordered this tuna instead. It is every bit as good as the Star Kist. There is nothing in the can but yellow fin tuna and water. The tuna is mostly large intact chunks like you get with solid white albacore but it's not albacore which is better since it's the big more mature albacore that has accumulated more mercury. This tuna has more juice in the can than the Star Kist Select and that may be why the cans say six ounces instead of five. Still it Is very good tuna and because there is no added sodium my cat gets to eat it too and she loves the juice. Something else nice about this tuna is the can. I use a Good Grips opener, the kind that cuts the lid off at the seam and leaves no sharp edges. With most cans I have to go around the can more than once to effectively cut off the lid but when opening these tuna cans one time around is all it takes.
209644209644B000LKZABIAWAOXPC0KAUKSCurt0051341792000Excellent taste, valueFreesh, clean taste. Just what you would want from canned tuna. I use it as a snack at my desk and in my travel bag.
209645209645B008H7U5HQA2I7VFDB9931YZAtlas Moth1151341446400My New Favorite TortillasI'm picky when it comes to tortillas, not just because I want tortillas that taste good, but also because I want tortillas with quality ingredients and not a lot of additives. I steer clear of most supermarket tortillas, especially when I look at the long list of ingredients that are more evocative of a laboratory than a kitchen. Simple is better, both for taste and health.

La Tauna tortillas were a pleasant discovery. Where I live, Tucson, Arizona, tortilla companies have a lot of competition. The fact that these became an instant favorite after I tried them speaks to their quality. They taste great, have a very nice texture, and don't tear easily when they're being folded to make a burrito.

Something I've noticed about the chiltepin tortillas is that they keep in my refrigerator for a long time. I don't know if that's because of the freshness of the ingredients or if the chiltepin serves as a natural mold inhibitor. Either way, I've been buying these for quite a while and have never had to throw any out because they were moldy.

For people who are spice-averse, the chiltepin adds a very mild heat to the tortillas. If you like a lot of heat, I recommend adding hot sauce.
209646209646B008H7U5HQA1WFJ7LWEP3L66Tucson Tortilla Eater0051344556800Loved 'em!Delicious vegan product. Very much enjoyed and I will continue to buy them. Ever since I first tried them, I have yet to find another tortilla as delicious.
209647209647B000HP5HX8A3C9IP5SS1NS87Wayne Philip3411264636800It tastes staleWe could not eat this product because it tasted really old and outdated. I checked the package for an expiration date, and it had something stamped on the box, but I could not read it. Very disappointed with this product and I will have to throw the remaining boxes away.
209648209648B002ZOKPL8A1O6KE1FL8AREDStephen Cate0051314576000I grew up on this mayonnaiseJFG is an excellent mayonnaise made and sold in the south. My family was in the grocery business back in the 30's through 80's. The JFG salesman made weekly calls to keep us well stocked. JFG was best known as a coffee manufacturer.

I ordered the 4-quart case a couple of months ago and had it delivered to my cousin in Kansas where you cannot buy it in the stores. My father and his brother (my cousin's father) both made pimento cheese using JFG mayo. My cousin's son made a batch soon after the mayo arrived and can now make several more batches.
209649209649B002ZOKPL8A3LQU8IB4Z5SKSJ. Reed0051311206400This product rocks!I've been using JFG Mayonnaise for decades and love it. To my knowledge, it's the only commercial mayonnaise that lists EGG YOLKS as the #2 ingredient behind the soybean oil. JFG has a wonderful, zesty flavor that truly complements sandwiches, burgers, and salads.
209650209650B002ZOKPL8A2IVZOWIWQ777Rsteven .s0051307318400great mayo.a good mayonaise for the price. has flavor a little different than hellmans or simalar brands. quality is just as good the shipping was fast witch in my book mean alot.would by again.thanks.j f g.
209651209651B004W7U64MA30RI3YI2OE94GSari McConnell002135103680012 oz is a small canI was very surprised that what I ordered was so small when it arrived. I had thought based on how much it cost that it would be a bigger can. I need to order another can now.
209652209652B004W7U64MASI79M0TE21NYPete0151337558400My kid is happy with it = 5 starsMy son, 5.5 months old, loves Similac. He had trouble breast feeding for the first few weeks and similac is what we got from the hospital. For two months we switched to only breastfeeding. Then two months of supplementing with similac, only really because he was just eating too much and my wife couldn't keep up. My son had no problem switching back and forth between the two. And at 5 months we have weened him to only formula since my wife had to go back to school.

1) Kid loves/drinks it. No difference for him between this and breastmilk.
2) We were buying only the pre-mixed travel bottles. He can't tell the difference between those and the powder (which is cheaper).
3) Can mix with warm water. Takes two seconds to make.
4) Amazon Mom, if you haven't heard of it sign up. You get Amazon Prime 2 day shipping for FREE. I think I've had it free for a about a year now.

1) A little expensive, I believe Cosco does sell the powder for a little cheaper, but Amazon Prime is more convenient. And cosco doesn't have the pre-mixed bottles which I also order for travel and the middle of the night if I'm lazy and don't want to turn the lights on to mix formula.
209653209653B004X8W1Y8A1BWGRUFAEO47Hoceanair1151328832000organic oatmeal: great!These are great oats! The flakes are whole and make a good consistency oatmeal with great flavor. Many store-bought "old fashioned" make a mush that is more similar to cream of wheat with a non-descript starchy flavor. And the quick cooking are worse. The oats arrived quickly. Lots and lots of meals in a bag! Highly recommended.
209654209654B000S4CX6CA1LF5IEF6SYA8ZC. R.1151323734400Bester Senf in der Welt!There's nothing like Bavarian sweet mustard. Nothing.
The king of 'em all is a brand called "Handlmaier's", but this one is very close to it.
You put it on any sausage, any cold cuts (excellent in sandwiches!), basically any meat - and it's a different world of taste. You either love it or hate it. For me, I'm willing to pay the 40 bucks plus 9 bucks shipping for a couple of small tubes of this stuff. I drive across town to every WorldMarket in the city to get this mustard in jars (only to find out they don't carry that product anymore). When a tube is empty, I will put the opening in my mouth and squeeze the last drop out of it. Then cry.
It looks like even Amazon stopped selling most Bavarian mustards so this kind is the last one standing. Buy now or I will.
209655209655B000S4CX6CA3G9J1RRBUSU24regor0051300924800The Best Mustard!I used to buy this mustard at a local retailer here in Kansas City and they stopped carrying it. I looked everywhere and finally found it on Amazon for a great price. Love the squeeze tube as opposed to the jars I had used previously. This mustard is great on sandwiches to sauces with a nice mild flavor.
209656209656B0035MZ6JKA1YLOZQKBX3J1SR. Lee Dailey "Lee_Dailey"5611280534400NOT what it claimshowdy y'all,

i bought this before the previous reviewer posted. [*sigh ...*]

this is NOT bacon-y.

the package front lists "with bacon bits", the ingredients list "bacon", the product name says "cheesy bacon macaroni" AND there are what appear to be bacon bits on the front-of-the-package product picture. all four claims appear to be flat out, tee-total, unmitigated _lies_.

there are NO bacon bits in it. i searched the 2nd package after the 1st seemed so un-bacon-y. [*grin*] there is a vague, very faint scent of bacon in the cheese powder. there is NO bacon flavor to the finished product. i suspect there is a small amount of "powdered, bacon-like substance" in the package.

the finished product is also a very low quality. i've had better mac-n-cheese with no-name microwave macaroni and cheese products.

i bought an entire CASE of this "stuff" and the only way i can make myself eat it is by adding it to a [separately cooked] batch of this ...
Kraft Easy Mac Dinner, Extreme Cheese, 12.9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 8)

the kraft easy mac is really quite good! [*grin*]

take care,
209657209657B0035MZ6JKA167B0ZW0QLESLBella from NY2211286841600DISGUSTING in every wayshould have taken the hint and PASSED... this tastes artificial and gross. I even tried to doctor it up with real bacon, crumbled and tossed in! It took longer to cook (and I measured), and was truly one of the most disgusting pasta dishes I've ever tasted.

I will be trashing the other ones (I foolishly ordered a case), as I wouldn't even donate that to a homeless shelter. It is THAT UNAPPETIZING.
209658209658B0035MZ6JKA3TK68QBLWM5QSWilliam Buckingham1111325808000Really TerribleThere isn't much to say about this variety of Knorr's pasta line besides stay away. It's not very cheesy and there's no real bacon flavor. I can only be grateful that I bought two packs of this at the grocery store to try first before ordering a case from Amazon, because it was so bad I couldn't even finish the first packet. If you've got to buy a cheesy Knorr side, go for the Knorr/Lipton Rice & Sauce, Cheddar Broccoli, 5.7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12). It's average, but unlike this pasta, edible.
209659209659B0035MZ6JKA3UWKTIHZUL9MXHillary A. Jacobs "Hilly"1141314489600My sisters loved it....My sisters really like this kind of Pasta Sides, but personally I'm not a huge fan. That may be because we tried to eat it as a main dish, but I wasn't able to stand eating it like that (unlike all the other flavors of pasta sides) until I made some buttered toast to pair with it. If I eat each bite with a bite of toast, then it's tasty. If its plain though, I don't think I could eat very much of it. So my suggestion for those who weren't crazy about it but didn't hate it: try making some plain toast with butter, OR make some texas toast in the oven and pile some of the pasta on top of it before serving. You might like it a little more then :)
209660209660B0035MZ6JKA3CZ6ZJLNFON7IW. G. Randall1121311811200A case of, "I should have listened to the reviews."I've been a lover of Knorr pasta sides and rice sides for a long time. This is the first one I simply do not like in the least.

I had the EXACT same result as reviewer "Lee_Dailey" did. There is a hint of bacon smell, but no bacon to be seen. Literally none.

As far as the "cheese" flavor tastes exactly like the amount of bacon I found (zilch). Without a hint of bacon, the nastiness of the noodles and "cheese" shines through wonderfully! ;) If there was even HINT of bacon it would have helped a little bit.

I give it two stars rather than one because if you add other stuff to it, it becomes at least edible. It's just not edible on its own.
209661209661B0035MZ6JKA3QN3KAS2DUMNAMisty Harshman2351283212800Excellent product!This has become my favorite flavor of Pasta Sides. It has spring pasta and little pieces of bacon in a cheese sauce and makes a great alternative to regular macaroni and cheese. Quick and easy to make, it can be a meal for one or be a side dish along with a larger meal for the family.

Shipping was quick, and the pouches come packed in the box they are packed in when shipped to stores so they don't get damaged during transit. I highly recommend this to anybody who is a fan of mac and cheese!
209662209662B0035MZ6JKA3TD1O4EC26NT2swootchie0051338940800fabulous buttered noodles... with a twist (literally)Ok. Let's cover what this is NOT. this is NOT a macaroni and cheese dish. This IS a wonderful buttered noodle side dish, with a hint of cheese & a sniff of bacon.

So if you are wanting mac & cheese - take a pass. BUT... if you are looking for a wonderful side for a beef dish? PERFECTION!
209663209663B0035MZ6JKA1Y5U2LHAX9D45Bucket Weeble0051327017600Misleading but delicious.This isn't really macaroni, and it isn't really bacon-y. What it IS is a creamy pasta dish with scant bacon bits and delightful little cellentani noodles. That said, it's one of my favorite pasta sides. It has a little extra sauce and I love the texture of the noodles.

Listen, if you're looking for actual bacon-bit macaroni with lots of rich cheese and bacon, look elsewhere. But if you just want a mild, creamy pasta, it's good. Definitely try one pouch locally before you buy them.
209664209664B0035MZ6JKA2B25B0TFOR0AGThe Mandylion1211278979200Save your family the agony, and pass on this!HORRIBLE! That's the first word that comes to mind after trying this. Knorr introduced three new Sides recently, and the other two are just fine. This? YUCK! The Knorr Cheddar Broccoli Pasta Sides, which APPEARS to be similar to this, is delicious. This, however, I really don't know how to describe it specifically. Perhaps as badly prepared generic mac & cheese? My family tried it this evening, and not one of us finished it.

I am so glad we bought this locally before ordering a case from (we order lots of cases of Knorr Sides).

Knorr has many fine Pasta & Rice Sides. This is not one of them.
209665209665B000VK6MYCAWH79USX9CMAXL. May "Crunchy Mom"0051246924800Perfect sizeThese juice boxes are perfect for my kids' school lunches. They are also priced reasonably.
209666209666B00437AALKACI9GRRCQ1T0FJames P. Hanrahan "onpointe"2241332374400great sauce. bad packagingI have been ordering this through Amazon and direct from Muir Glen for almost a year and every shipment has at least 1 broken jar. Besides paying for 6 and getting 5, it's a mess to cleanup since all the jars end up covered in sauce and i have to carefully remove the broken glass. But i prefer to order it since it's hard to get the exact sauces I want in the supermarket and I order several 6 packs at a time so I don't have to constantly buy it. If you don't mind paying for 6 and getting 5, it's an excellent product and it arrives quickly.
209667209667B005GXIKDAA2SRZZOQHO8U1WL. B. Barbee0031341100800More marshmallows please! And chocolate!This "breakfast" mix is okay, but not fabulous. It could use more chocolaty goodness and more marshmallows before the taste would remind you of s'mores. For me, the coconut doesn't really help either...and is not what I want in something labelled like this.
209668209668B00474JKPGA2E94Q2HFK6SP0Sheathe "sheathe"7841300838400Expensive but goodThese lemon crystals add a delicious punch to so many dishes. I wish the price would come down a little, but considering I don't waste money or shelf space buying lemons any more (and them watching them rot), I guess it balances out. An icy-cold vodka and tonic sprinkled with a packet of True Lemon is summertime in a highball glass!
209669209669B00474JKPGA2X9T0XQCY4VFZSharon Losey1151315094400True LemonI usually ask for water with lemon when dining out, but after a newsclip on how germy and disgusting the lemons are, I gave it up. A friend introduced this product to me and it has solved the problem. Easily portable packets and a light lemon flavor.
209670209670B00474JKPGA3F3WCH2IG3K7L.G.2351311984000True LemonVery happy with the product. It is always sold out when I go to the store so I was glad that I could buy it in bulk through Amazon.

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